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  1. Chapter 21

    mindful_explosions: YES! NEW READER! I LOVE ALL MY READERS! SO WELCOME! :w00t:
    I guess Bee is kinda paranoid as its her first time at a normal high school but I guess we will just have to find out.
    I'm so happy I have a new reader! I'm literally doing a happy dance! :w00t:

    SO HERE IS A VERY SHORT CHAPTER 21 (sorry guys)! ENJOY! love you guys! :hearts:
    Chapter 21

    P.O.V Ray

    The drive was silent apart from the hum of my old engine and the small beat of the music that I had zoned out.
    “Do you remember that one summer when we were kids, we decided to be ninjas and Gerard convinced me to swing on the jungle gym and ended up swinging upside-down because I got my foot stuck?” she laughed just looking out the window.
    “Of course, and Mikey said his super unicorn would be able to help you but instead it just got you more stuck because he lodged it next to your foot... you looked like a piñata!” I laughed remembering the small brown haired ninja hanging by her foot from a jungle gym.
    “You and Gerard had to finally get me down by tickling me so I wriggled out, Your mom found the 3 of us in a pile underneath it giggling with a hysterical Mikey celebrating with his stuffed unicorn.” She laughed again.
    Mikey’s unicorn went everywhere with him and every time we got stuck in a situation he would somehow fit the unicorn in and when it was fixed he would praise the unicorn.
    “Yeah I miss those times, that was our last summer, after that going to the park just wasn’t the same without you.” I sighed.
    “I know.” She replied blankly. “But I’m not that girl anymore, I’ve changed.”
    “No you’re not that girl anymore Bee, you are mature sensible and broken but that makes you who you are. You know I’ve never seen you as a friend or my best friends sister, I’ve always seen you as my sister because you are closest I’m ever gonna get.” I just looked ahead at the road. It was true.
    “That means alot to me... even if you are f**king my brother.” She laughed wiping a stray tear away.
    “That makes it sound so perverted.” I rolled my eyes.
    “Well it may sound perverted but I think it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to him, thank you.” She smiled at me, a smile that I returned still looking at the road.

    I pulled into the warehouse car park where she told me to and before she got out the car she thanked me and told me to wait in the car and not follow her.
    She looked so on edge; her hands were shaking as she leant over to me and gave me a little peck on the cheek.
    okay short as said but it's Ray and I'm saving the next chapter 'cus it's kinda suprising :devil:
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    Oh poop. When you say things are surprising, they usually are.

    Its kinda hard for me to do any type of review for the previous chapter; but aw, I love Nan. :$:

    That memory was really funny, but cute, to imagine. :3
    Just, Bee hanging from the jungle gym, and Mikey and his unicorn.
    Its just aww.

    "even if you're f**king my brother."
    I laughed sooo f**king hard. XD

    I really am sorry for my lack of a better comment, but its 700a and I'm on my phone, soo.
  3. Chapter 22

    It's time for an update I think! .... it may be short but it's kinda important.:)

    Chapter 22
    P.O.V Rebandit

    I got out of Rays car and made my way over to the warehouse, it smelt like something had died and the stench of piss, where I first met him, Kurt.
    He was stood against the wall as I rounded the corner; he was there with a client so I waited for them to leave before walking up to him without that bounce in my step that I had some years ago when I pleaded for him to help me get through.
    I was shaking, I was so nervous, what if Ray followed me?
    I reached him and he looked at me his furrowed eyebrows raised. “Hey, you’re out.”
    He had gotten older since I last saw him, but he still had those weird eyes, one was black and the other blue... his hair had darkened to a deep brown and he was alot paler with some young wrinkles.
    “They chucked me out.” I smirked,not sure why but I felt so smug when I said I was chucked out of school... I guess it kinda reminded me of jail.
    “Bad butt, so what ya’ doing here?” he asked stubbing out his cigarette to light another one, he offered me one and I accepted... I don’t smoke alot only on rare occasions as I think they’re just cancer in a wrapper and I can’t stand what they do to you.
    “I came to say thank you and to give you this.” I reached into my back pocket to pull out the $200 I had saved from my wages at the store and placed it in his hand.
    “Thank you Rebecca but I don’t need this, I did you a favour there was no need to give me all this money.” He looked down at his hand shaking his head.
    “It’s only fair if I pay you, Kurt, can I have a little something to keep me going for a bit?” I asked hoping he will say yes and that I would be quick.
    “Sure baby doll, here it’s on the house, now you can repay me a different way.” I took the bag he had extended out to me but as soon as I put it into my pocket he grabbed my wrists and pulled me along stopping at the corner to peer around and spot Ray. “That your boyfriend?” he snapped.
    “Nope but if you try anything he will kick your butt.” I snarled... not today... not again!
    “Well if he’s not your boyfriend he will be fine with this.” He dropped his hands the grope my chest.
    I gasped anger over striking me, I still had the money in my hands so I shoved it at him before... I brought my hand up and smacked him in the face, bringing my knee up at the same time to get him off me and without a second glance I ran to Ray’s car a relief I didnt come alone.

    I jumped in and turned to Ray who was staring at the guy crawling away on the floor; his knuckles were white on the steering wheel and angry that he was trying to hold in lingered in his deep brown eyes.
    “Please don’t tell Bob... or Mikey... or anyone... please!” I begged.
    “Did you give him the money?” he asked snapping his head to me.
    “Yes.” I nodded my head looking down.
    “Good, then we can get out of here, seatbelt.” He ordered and turned up his music before turning and heading home.
    “I’m sorry.” I sobbed my hoddie stretched over my fist came ot my eyes to try and stop him from seeing me destraut like this.
    “Why are you apologising?” he asked his voice almost a whisper.
    “Because you shouldn’t have seen that, I always thought he’s not like that... he obviously is.” I sighed, I felt a bit dirty and used, no one has ever touched me like that not even Bob... once someone in school had tried but they decided against it and used words against me instead, I was young and I dint have a clue what was happening but I was so gad that nothing did, I could never go through that.
    “Don’t apologise for that, that guy was out of line, you are lucky I didn’t get out and do something more than a slap in the face and a knee in the balls, I don’t want you in danger Bee just- I won’t tell anyone as long as you promise me you won’t go and see him again.” He had a crease in his forehead as he looked out of the road.
    “I won’t I promise.”I answered shakily knowing in some way I might break it but I didn’t want that.

    “Okay, now let’s not mention it again but if you need any help or need to talk to someone about anything and I mean anything you come to me.” he smiled about looking serious.
    Anything? Let’s have some fun. My mind let out an evil laugh. “Seeing as you said anything... recently I have this thing where I just get really really horny...” I smirked evil-ly.
    “No not that!” Ray interrupted me.
    “But you said anything.” I wiggled my eyebrows.
    “Ha f**king ha!” he looked at me with narrowed eyes clear sarcasm in his voice.
    “You know ever since I’ve come home I’ve realised I have a sense of humour.” I giggle slightly making me sound like a fangirl, for some reason, my humour may be a dirty or rude sense but then again I am a little kid at heart.
    “You and Frank must be best buds when it comes to that.” He smirked.
    We pulled in at Starbucks.
    “Might as well get some coffee for them to soften ‘em up a bit... and also to explain why we were so long.” Ray sighed getting out the car with a creak that I cringed at due to the sound of the metal scrape and clunk and I followed him into a waft of coffee enough to send anyone over the edge.
    Not long, not detailed but I hope it satisfied your needs of updation.
    I shall update when I can and I hope it's soon seeing as after this chapter they get longer.... and longer... and longer.. and more exciting! :)
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    ._. Kurt. I can honestly say I hate 'im.
    I'm glad Bee was able to do that to him. He deserved it.

    xD Bee's a smartass, eh? As am I.
    Every update I love her more and more. c:

    Sorry for the uber-late comment. I only just noticed the update. o_e
  5. Chapter 23

    This chapter is uber long so I left it for a while so I could take time in posting.
    Kaitlynn: I hate Kurt too, to be honest I dont know where Bee got this strength from... like physically and emotionally and I find it amazing how she is like clean and a changed person from when she first came home and stuff.:'(
    Bee definatly has my sense of humour a very perverted and rude one... you're both super smartasses :) :smartass:
    A late comment for me is better than none at all :) :wub:

    So anyway here is Chapter 23... I had a laugh writing this chapter ;)
    Chapter 23

    P.O.V Bob

    Sure Ray had called and said he found Bee but they still aren’t home yet!
    I was even shoved out the house by Gerard; he was moody as f**k ‘cus Frank had to go, I decided to go home anyway.
    I got into my car with a huff and drove to my house on the other side of town, I almost ran over a couple of people as I was too deep into thought.

    Why didn’t Bee come straight home? Why hadn’t she used the car? Where did she go? Was it to see someone else? Did she have someone else? Was it that f**ker from work? How could she! She knows how much I love her! I can’t believe she could do that to me! Why the f**k am I even doubting her? I trust her... she wouldn’t do that... no she wouldn’t... she loves you and you love her.
    I am losing it
    One thing I’m defiantly going to do is buy her a cell.

    I pulled into the drive way of my old Jersey home, I really wanted to pull back out and drive back but I hadn’t really been home in a while.
    I walked up the porch to open the door only to find it was locked, I had no key with me but I could see the upstairs light on.
    “Ma!” I shouted.
    No answer.
    “Hey Mom can you let me in!?” I shouted again.
    I looked around to see if any of the neighbours were outside, lucky for me they weren’t.
    “Bob you better get your butt in here now! Your dad called and he said he saw you with a f**king girl! You’ve got some explaining to do!” her head was now out the window, still dressed in her work clothes, I had never seen or heard her act like this.
    “You locked the door!” I shouted walking back a bit so I didn’t have to strain my neck.
    “Yes I f**king did! Now get in here!” she shouted.
    Oh my god she is so dumb at times, this wasnt her though something was up. “I can’t get in mom you locked the door, what do you want me to do climb up the vine you insist on growing up the house?” I called.
    “Kids these days!” was my answer.
    She shut the window and I waited for her to come and unlock the door, it was about 5 minutes before she opened the door and dragged me in.
    She pulled me into the dark lounge and pushed me to the couch. “Now you explain who this girl is!” was her first words.
    “Bee, you know I told you about her, shes my girlfriend... and where was dad to see me?” I asked shocked... my dad lived across town near Newark and I hadn’t really been around anywhere with Bee except to pick her up from work after my shift at Starbucks or at school.
    “He said he was looking for a job the other day and he saw you and this girl kissing, why don’t I meet her? I know I’m in my office all the time but you can’t just expect me to run around school looking for a girl called mee!” she flustered.
    “It’s Bee mom and of course I want you to meet her, it’s just I don’t want to rush things. Just for now please let it go.” I begged.
    “Bob, I understand she is your first girlfriend and it’s new to you but you need to come home and stay and stop being with her all the time you need to make time for me too.” Her voice was calmer and didn’t have much cursing in it.
    I couldn’t not see Bee, I love her, and I couldn’t be without her. Even now I missed her, my whole body ached, and I wanted her with me to hug and kiss or at least be in the same house with. She is my everything and I felt like crying just at the thought of me not seeing her anymore, she had fixed me up nice and good but if I had to leave her I know the stitches in my heart will unravel... No I won’t let that happen! If it means abandoning my mom then I would... for my Bee. I’ve spent so long waiting for someone special and now she was here and I’m not going to let her slip away.
    “No mom, she may be my first girlfriend but I love her so much, I can’t stand to be away from her and you aren’t going to make me! I feel complete when I’m with her, it’s like she’s holding me together and if she let go I would just fall apart, even now I wanna cry because I’m not with her. Mom I’m happy, my grades are up, I don’t skip class and I don’t drink anymore... she has done that and do you really want me to just banish all that to be with you 24-7?” I just let my feelings rush out.
    Her face just held shock. “Yes I do! But I’m sorry, you must really love her.” She sighed.
    “I do mom, I gotta go.” I realised I hadn’t really said it to her alot since our first day together, I needed to tell her, I needed her... my legs just went with my thoughts and almost ran to my car.
    “Go to your Dads tonight, I’m sick!” she called after me still shocked; the words flew out my brain before I drove back across town... yes she was sick, she wasn’t normal.

    Luckily all the lights were on green and the traffic was good so I got there quicker than earlier, I ran up to the Way’s familiar door and knocked it waiting for an answer.
    Gerard opened it seconds later with a glint of hope in his eyes but that flashed away into confusion.
    “I couldn’t do it, I just wanted to come back and make sure she was safe.” I admitted staring at my feet.
    “I knew you would, come in Mikey is a bit hyper I gave him some coffee and I really regret it now, we got a text from Ray saying they would be home in a minute.” He ushered me in and onto the couch next to a bouncing Mikey, I didn’t want to sit though I wanted to run... run for the sake of running... something was building up inside and I needed to release it to know what it is.
    “My mom is so crazy, you should be glad you have a mom who works away.” I made random conversation only wanting to pass time till Bee got home, it was weird with the guys now it was hard to get back to our old ways because I had realised that when I was single they all just acted and hung out with me to not make me feel left out... to be honest I don’t want things to go back, no not me sitting the floor with my controller and Mikey being distracted by Ray or Gerard watch a movie with me but turn it into a make out session with Frank... now it was my turn.
    “Why what’s she done now?” Mikey rolled his eyes before jumping up and grabbing a games controller for each of us.
    “Well basically she locked me out the house and w-“ I began to explain when the front door opened and shut, my head snapped towards the door and I got up to greet her but Mikey beat me rushing in and all I could hear was Bee squirm a bit and Ray nagging to watch something.
    “Hey watch it hot coffee here!” the familiar comforting voice soothed me giggling.
    I walked in to see Mikey jumping onto her as she settled the coffee into Ray’s hands. Mikey had hugged her to tight she gasped out, his arms wrapped around her twice and it made me realise how thin she actually was.
    “You scared the poop out of all of us, some warning next time where were you?” Mikey let his worry overtake his hyper activeness.
    “I was at the park, sorry, I lost track of time.” she blushed and gave her goofy smile matching Mikey’s... wow they looked the same with that smile.
    “Okay, now coffee!” Mikey sighed but changed his tune unwrapping his arms from Bee to jump on Ray who staggered back a bit but attached his lips to Mikey’s.
    I drew my eyes away from them and back to Bee, I realised I hadn’t completely emerged but waited for Gerard to whisper in her ear.
    She looked at him and snarled. “No I wouldn’t, I’ve changed, trust me.” she frowned.
    What had he said?
    “Sorry, yeah, listen I’m going upstairs if anyone needs me, oh and Bee don’t wonder out again.” He walked to the stairs with a hint of humour in his smirk and continued upstairs to finish some of his sketches.

    I fully emerged and smiled, before either of us could say anything our lips collided and my hands knotted in her hair, her hands trailing under my shirt.
    “I love you so f**king much.” I mumbled into the kiss as she deepened it biting slightly on my lip ring making me let out a small moan.
    “I love you too, so much.” She pulled away and whispered in my ear. “I need you.”
    I tingled at her whisper and she jumped up onto me wrapping her legs around my waist, I carried her down the stairs.
    “We’ll leave you two in peace.” I said to Mikey and Ray who were doing the same getting a bit carried away in the hall pressed up against the wall.
    Then Bee put her tongue in my ear making me shudder and rush stumbling into her bedroom pressing her against the bed and leaning on top of her.
    My hand just trailed down her body and she seemed to tense up a bit when I got near her chest, her lip trembled so I decided to just continue kissing slipping tongue into it.
    “I missed you so much, I was freaking out, and I just wanted you with me so much... but Gerard and Mikey sent me home kinda and when I got there all I could think about was you and how I wanted to be with you all the time.” I admitted moaning in places when her hand travelled to a sensitive area.
    “I sat in that park and I just knew all I wanted was you, as much as I thought of my past and my childhood, I wanted to be home with you.” She began to circle her hips making me moan and fall lower onto her.
    “I love you, I won’t let anyone hurt you, and I won’t let you go. I promise.” I broke the kiss just staring into those familiar eyes, the eyes I had been looking into since I was a kid... same colour, same shape... but different, these weren’t Mikey’s or Gerard’s eyes. These were my Bee’s eyes... my beautiful Bee’s eyes, perfect brown with a hint of blue. Her eyelashes were so thick they looked like a black wisp curling up.
    “Thank you.” Her hand stroked my cheek.
    She was staring into my dull blue eyes and I couldn’t help but blush... I am way too ugly to be with her, no wonder all the jocks are after her.

    My eyes were still boring into hers as we finished what we started off, a little bit too loud but Gerard had put his music on extra loud to drown out Mikey and Ray and Bee and I... poor Gerard listening to 4 people have sex (2 of them his siblings) mourning life without Frank like he had died... I mean come on!
    Actually I shouldn’t be like that with him... I was the same about an hour ago, I couldn’t blame him... it hurt without the one you love by your side (especially if it’s Frank and his problems at home)

    I felt slightly embarrassed about nudity and after sex... like pulling out and taking off the condom and stuff... eewww! See what I mean it just makes me shiver. But it made me feel slightly better when Bee just kept staring into my eyes as we moved under her sheets then lay her head, drumming her fingers in time with my speeding heartbeat on my bare chest.
    “Like a speeding train.” She smiled and kissed on the skin above my heart.
    I ran my hands down her back. “Like a sly cat.” I chuckled.
    She narrowed her eyes before giggling, her eyes fixed on mine. “I’m glad I lost everything to you, because you are my everything.” She smiled with only the left side of her mouth lifting up making her look adorable.
    “I shall treasure that in my heart forever, my first girlfriend my first love.” I smirked to really see if she was listening, she was because she blushed.
    “Just stay a bit longer.” She sighed snuggling into my chest.
    “I will.” I sighed too relaxing completely, just looking over her perfect body.
    Wow, I really didn’t deserve her, she was gorgeous, and I mean it.
    She had soft pale white skin clinging to her extremely skinny frame (which worried me, Mikey was skinny but not like her but she wasn’t anorexic. She barely ate and I blame that on her old school, she needed to be looked after) she had old scars on her upper thighs but didn’t draw attention to themselves along with the ones on her wrist. She barely had any spots or markings on her face, except the mole under her eye of course, she had the perfect button nose like Gerard and soft plump red lips.
    She was perfect all over, her body that I just wanted to run my hands over was mine, the beautiful shaggy black fading into light brown hair that you could run your hands through was all mine, those soft lips you just want to run your tongue over and kiss all mine.
    She was so self conscious of her body but when she was with me she didn’t mind, she would just open up to me.
    “You make me feel so beautiful.” She grinned noticing me checking her out.
    “You make me feel so ugly; I mean... you see someone as insanely beautiful as you stood next to a scruffy, bulky, blonde guy with a lip ring, sticky out ears and a tuft-y beard, you are too good for me.... but I wouldn’t have it any other way.” I ran my hand through her hair stopping myself from feeling jolts of self loath.
    “Well, lucky for you, I like scruffy bulky blonde guys with lip rings, sticky out ears, a cute cotton beard and shocking blue eyes.” She crawled up my body kissing along my jaw.
    My eyes strayed from the small bruise bite mark I had made on her neck to my cell that was lay on the bedside draw... it flashed.
    I reached my arm out and grabbed it reading the text I revived from my mom.
    'Hey darling, sorry about earlier I think I might be coming down with something but I’m okay now, like I said earlier go to your dads ‘cus I’m busy and you need to see him... that is if you’re not staying with your gf. Night, Mom x’
    Busy... that means crying at some soppy movies... I know it’s probly more normal if she was getting poop faced or out on a date... but no, movies! My mom is just sad!
    Her saying go to my dad’s meant I HAD to go as I only see him once or twice a month. I don’t want to leave her; it felt like I had only just got her back and I had to leave.
    I guess I could stay a little while, maybe she could come with me... no, she needed her sleep.
    My face must have fallen and Bee rubbed circles in my arms.
    “I’ve got to go, but I can stay for a bit longer if you want me to.” I sighed shutting my cell.
    “At least stay for your coffee I bought, it might be kinda cold but we can always put it in the microwave.” She lifted herself up from my chest and put on her pyjamas while I got dressed again.

    After reheating our coffee and talking a bit about her recent disappearance. Then I got another text from my dad worrying on my whereabouts.
    I headed off home kissing Bee goodbye and driving to my dad’s in the rain.
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    Bob's mom, omg. xD
    And Mikey. xD

    Gerard, lighten up. I know, you miss Frankie, but he's alright. His grandma's there.

    I laughed so hard at the fact that Gerard had to hear four people going at it. xD
    At least theres music to help. xD
    I wonder whats up with Bob's mom? Is she alright? or..?
  7. Chapter 24

    Kaitlynn: I think Bob's mom was just a bit lonely and it was getting to her, she'll be okay, might not be appearing for a bit though :unsure: .... but no I actaully dont think she is okay at heart... but you'll have to wait and see. ;)

    This chapter is digging up a few skeletons from the Way's closet also what Gee had said to Bee.
    Anyway here it is! Chapter 24!
    Chapter 24

    Gerard P.O.V

    I sat in my room blocking out the sex moans of my 2 younger siblings, I had heard downstairs go quiet and quiet giggling entering the kitchen, I got back to my drawing hoping Bee would accept my offer and talk to me.
    I missed Frank but I was once again sucked into my art just like I used to be, I was accepted into the art college but I really wanted to decline, maybe this wasn’t right for me after all.
    After I heard a car pull away and the rain quicken outside, I heard light feet run up the stairs stopping outside my door.
    A small knock echoed through my room and I opened my door to Bee.
    “Hey, you wanted to talk?” she mumbled looking at her feet.
    “Yeah, Bee can I ask you something?” I guided her to my bed and we both sat on it turning to each other.
    “Sure.” She fiddled with her thumbs.
    “I know what you got, why Bee?” I shook my head, when I gave her a welcome hug I felt the plastic bag in her back pocket of her jeans looking over her shoulder to see it peaking out of her pocket filled with a white powder... I knew what it was.
    “What are you talking about?” she blushed still avoiding eye contact.
    “That white little bag of... cocaine... in your back pocket of your jeans?” I raised my eyebrows.
    “Oh that, well ummm... it is basically my vice, I need it Gee, I’ve been doing that poop for so long I’m afraid if I stop it will hurt me more than I was when I started. Please don’t tell anyone Gee, please. I’m such a mess.” She begged finally looking up with a tear in her eye.
    “You’re not a mess Bandit; you’re just a teen who had their childhood taken away from them, its usual to be doing this poop. I’ve never done this before but sure I’ve done alcohol and self harm, but no matter what I will always help you.” I wanted her to stop, but if it was gonna hurt her we gotta figure out the best way to stop... withdrawal was gonna suck.
    “Thank you Gee thank you!” she jumped into my arms... I had no clue what she was thanking me for.
    “What for?” I asked the wind knocked out of me.
    “For helping me with the harm and for understanding, No one else is as awesome as you, I love you Gee.” She squeezed me a bit too hard but I finally felt warm.
    “I love you too, I’m gonna help you to get rid of all these feelings I promise.” I bit my lip to stop the tears from brimming over.
    “I trust you Gee, like that first night... if it wasn’t you I would never had let you help me, I wouldn’t have told you those things, just like when we were kids... you were the one always fixing me up or brushing me off when I fell.” She wiped away her tears that had run down her cheek.
    “I’m so glad you’re safe, I was so worried everyone was worried. All I could think about was that one time you ran away, it was your last night, you ran and dad took you to that place the next day, where did you go?” I asked cringing at the memory of the anger our dad blew into when we said Rebecca-Bandit wasn’t in her room... back then there was no nicknames with our dad, he didn’t want us to call someone something they’re not.
    “The cemetery.” She confessed.


    “Where the f**k is she, I know you know where she is, she is your sister after all, and you know everything I can see it in your f**king eyes, now tell me!” Our dad shouted downstairs, I knew this was bad, I had to save my brother from him because no one knew where she went... but we knew why.
    “I don’t know.” Mikey’s young voice trembled.
    “Don’t lie to me boy!” he bellowed, I ran from my room and down stairs.
    “Dad, I think I know!” I shouted stopping him from doing any damage to anyone... truth was I had no clue.
    “Where? Tell me boy!” he switched from Mikey to me, the 8 year old ran into the kitchen where our mom was sat at the counter crying... it was dad that made her life a living hell but she was too afraid to admit it.
    “Nans... try nans... if not maybe the grave place thing or the park.” I waved my hands unknowingly which annoyed him but didn’t focus of it marching to get his daughter.
    “I’ll be back with her! Donna call the f**king school tell them we got one and shes going in the morning!” he marched out the door leaving my mom in a mess of sobs.

    I sat on the other side of mom and wiped the tears away with my finger.
    “What did she do this time?” she sobbed.
    “She didn’t want to draw or paint or sing, dad just blew, and she ran when he wasn’t looking. What did he mean school?” I asked on the bridge of tears.
    “Our Bandits going away for a while, we will get her back I promise.” She rubbed our backs soothingly.
    “But I don’t want Bee to go away.” Mikey mumbled biting on his quivering lip.
    “Neither do I honey but she might have to just for a while, now go upstairs and get ready for bed it’s getting late.” She removed her hands from our backs and turned away.
    “Goodnight mom.” I kissed her cheek before Mikey did and walked upstairs.

    It wasn’t long later after I heard the front door open the more shouting started. “Why the f**k did we have to have twins? The boys a pansy and the girls a freak! All she wants to do is read f**king comics and draw stupid bloody drawings!” he shouted at our mother.
    “It’s not their fault!” our mother shouted in defence.
    “You, go up to your room and stop crying it wasn’t that hard!” our father ignored our mother and I heard sobs creep upstairs and into her bedroom.
    I wanted to go and check on her but I was afraid that if I did what I’d find, what he’d done to her.

    A little while after when I was just about to fall asleep, I felt a small warm ball drop on the bed and cuddle up to me, I didn’t want to open my eyes to see what he had done.
    “Gee, I’m scared, they said they were gonna take me away.” She whispered and I wrapped my arms around her.
    “Mom said it was only for a little while and you will be back in no time.” I tried to convince both of us.
    I opened my eyes to examine her, her cheek was slightly red, and she had finger marks on her wrists and a graze on her knee.
    She flinched when I lightly pressed my hand to her cheek. “Did he hit you?”
    “Not hard... well it was more of a slap, he found me and griped me so tight and pulled me to the car so rough I fell and he slapped me for running away and to stop me crying. It hurts Gee, in here.” She pointed to her chest where her heart was.
    “Let me help.” I got out of bed and tiptoed out of my room and into the bathroom listening to Mikey’s little snores and our parent’s quickened shouting.
    I grabbed a cold towel and a plaster before heading back to my room to see a shaking duvet; she was scared this time... she was going away for real.
    I got back in my side and she immediately relaxed. “Hey, it’s okay, listen it’s not the best of things but the cold will help with the soreness.” I placed the towel on her cheek.
    “Thanks, you always know what to do Gee.” She smiled holding the towel.

    It wasn’t long after that she took away the towel and we fell asleep.
    I woke up in the morning to find she had gone.
    # End Flashback #

    As I drifted back to reality I realised I was crying.
    “Are you okay Gee?” Bee asked putting a hand on my shoulder.
    “I’m fine, I was just thinking, Bob gone?” I asked distracting her.
    “Yeah, he’s gone to his dads.” She nodded.
    “Oh.” I nodded.
    “This is really good!” she praised looking on my desk at the current piece I had drawn.
    “It’s not finished.” I sighed looking over her shoulder at the soldier I had drawn.
    She looked at the wall space above my desk plastered in all my sketches. Her eyes roamed over the old sketches I drew of the mystery girl... which I had realised were her. I blushed as she leant in closer to it and smiled. Her eyes drifted back to the one on my desk. “This is my favourite so far.” She smiled at it.
    “Mine too.” I nodded.
    “I’m going to bed, thanks again and I’m here too if you need me at all.” she turned and headed out turning to smile.
    “Night Bee.” I beamed.
    “Night Gee.” She sighed and retreated downstairs.

    I lay on my bed, Bee in my mind; I should have done something to our father sooner. He never really hit us or mom only Bee or me if I was annoying him... and when I told him I was gay.
    It didn’t seem right him hitting Bee, the weakest, what did he have against her?I’m glad he f**ked off, because now I couldn’t be happier.

    My cell bleeped ‘Frankie <3: Hey, I’m tired as f**k, wuu2? Xxx’
    I quickly replied. ‘Me 2, was drawing but I in bed now xxx’
    I didn’t wait long till my cell bleeped. ‘Frankie <3: Kwl, feels weird without you lay next to me xxx’
    I knew what he meant I was so cold without him ‘I know I miss you, how’d it go? Xxx
    It took longer this time. ‘Frankie <3: Nan was okay, the other f**kers piss me off all the time, Mom gone out with M now. All I can hear my A + U f**king in the guest bed... HELP!’
    I chuckled and replied. ‘Same with M + R... B + B were too but Bob left to go to dads. It was torture!
    In an instant I got my cheeky replied I hoped for. ‘Frankie <3: Well we’ll have to make it torture for them too next time. ;D’
    I blushed for no reason and my lids felt heavy. ‘You know we will, but I gotta go to bed :( ‘Cus I’m so tired, I’ll see you tomorrow gorgeous xxx’
    I waited for a reply slowly drifting to sleep when Frank text back waking me up again. ‘Frankie <3: Okay me 2, gud night, love you, cya 2moz xx’
    I drifted off to a dreamless sleep.
    Sooo there we go afew secrets revealed :whistling:
    I've got to chapter 30 and I really need to keep writing but I spent all last night on 'Never Wanted It To Be This Way' and tonight I'm gunna write my one shots.... 'Playground eyes' and 'Marching Band' I should post up soon!
    But it's my birthday on monday! (also Franks) and I'm posting a special.
    I had an awesome weekend! I went to a concert! and met the bands! and I had a hug! and Autographs! ahhh! :lol:
    anyway :rockon:
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    I never even realized you updated. omg, I feel so bad.
    Anyways; I'm on a computer this time, so I can leave you a good comment. c:

    I sat in my room blocking out the sex moans of my 2 younger siblings,

    “Oh that, well ummm... it is basically my vice, I need it Gee, I’ve been doing that poop for so long I’m afraid if I stop it will hurt me more than I was when I started. Please don’t tell anyone Gee, please. I’m such a mess.” She begged finally looking up with a tear in her eye.
    “You’re not a mess Bandit; you’re just a teen who had their childhood taken away from them, its usual to be doing this poop. I’ve never done this before but sure I’ve done alcohol and self harm, but no matter what I will always help you.” I wanted her to stop, but if it was gonna hurt her we gotta figure out the best way to stop... withdrawal was gonna suck.

    I wish Gerard was my older brother.

    “The cemetery.” She confessed.
    I love cemeteries.

    “Our Bandits going away for a while, we will get her back I promise.”
    That got the tears. :'(

    “Why the f**k did we have to have twins? The boys a pansy and the girls a freak! All she wants to do is read f**king comics and draw stupid bloody drawings!”
    Too-f**king-bad. Not all kids are normal, man.

    “Thanks, you always know what to do Gee.”
    Yeah, he does, even still.

    She looked at the wall space above my desk plastered in all my sketches. Her eyes roamed over the old sketches I drew of the mystery girl... which I had realised were her. I blushed as she leant in closer to it and smiled. Her eyes drifted back to the one on my desk. “This is my favourite so far.” She smiled at it.
    “Mine too.” I nodded.

    Aw. c:


    Can't wait for the next update, :3
  10. Chapter 25

    Kaitlynn: Aww dont feel bad, I havent been updating a lot lately or writing... stupid school.
    I guess I made Gerard like my older brother as he is way too over protective but also very caring and there for you... we can share him if you want. lol... My brother is also Mr Tyrer Rebandit and Mikey's homeroom teacher he he :$:
    I have a thing with cemetery's too! sometimes I have this weird urge to go to the cemetery and just sit and watch the stars or sit and feel the wet grass... that makes me sound so weird.
    Thanks for the birthday wishes! I had an awesome day... even though I fell in a bush... maybe I might add that in the fic some time lol... I hope it hurts whoever falls in as much as it did me! lol!

    Here's an update! I have got to Chapter 30 and still not started that! ahhh! but I wanna update so I will!
    Chapter 25

    P.O.V Mikey

    I couldn’t sleep, I lay awake on Ray’s chest, the house was quiet... only a soft faint voice of a TV.
    I wriggled out of bed, put on the closest clothes I had which were one of Rays shirts and my boxers along with my glasses, and made my way down stairs.
    I lazily walked to see who the non sleeper was and as I expected it was Bee, she was sat in the middle of the couch snuggled up with her duvet and a notebook.
    She was just staring mindlessly at the TV when I sat down next to her snuggling up under the sheets.
    “Couldn’t sleep either huh?” she sighed turning back to her notebook and handing me the remote.
    “No not really.”I tried to peer over her shoulder to see what she and wrote but I couldn’t quite see it before she moved it away. “What are you writing?”
    “A poem thing, it’s nothing.” Her blush was blended into the darkness of the room.
    “Oh, I never knew you liked to write.” That felt dumb, she was my twin sister and I didn’t know what she liked to do.
    “Well between school, Bob, you guys and work I like to write... sometimes if I can’t sleep or I have a really good feeling I can write clearer, it’s nothing though most of it is crap.” She just stared at the page scribbled with notes.
    “Did you used to do this sort of thing in school?” I asked not using the proper name of that catholic school.
    “No, it was coming here when it started, it’s like I feel something I’ve never felt before and it makes me so happy that all these feelings create words and songs in my head and it’s unbelievable.” She was lost in thought smiling to the one side of her mouth like the way she talked.
    “Are you in love?” I asked, I knew her feeling of where she is now, I know Bob and her told each other they loved each other the morning after they met and once or twice now and then but did they mean it...did they ever talk about these feelings?
    “Yes, I think... I hope so.” She sighed uncertainly.
    “What do you mean you hope so?” I took off my glasses and rubbed them on Ray’s shirt which I realised was now his favourite iron maiden shirt that he never wanted to get dirty or be worn by anyone else... well tough Mr. Teddy bear don’t leave your stuff on my floor.
    “Well, we say it so much and it feels so right but then sometimes it just doesn’t, you know what I mean? But like the feeling when I’m with him it’s beautiful it makes me feel beautiful, like no one else is there just me and him and that’s all that matters. I found it sweet that he came back for me tonight; I would have done the same, I just care too much to let him go. I love him, we’ve been through everything together and to be honest with you Mike’s I’ve never felt this way about anyone before.” She bit into her pen.
    “You love him Bee just like I love Ray... and do you know why he stays here all the time?” I asked putting my arm around her shoulder pulling her to me.
    “I don’t know... to have crazy and passionate sex with him?” she smirked sarcastically.
    “Maybe...” I smirked before continuing. “But actually because I can’t be away from him too long before I just break down, I miss him so much and sometimes this one feeling builds up inside so much that it wants to explode and when it explodes it makes me so happy that I have to share it with him. Love is so hard to explain and is so different in people but I just think it’s beautiful and unique and unconditional, don’t let it get in your way to tell the person you love that you do. Sometimes you can’t explain how you feel.”
    “I know it’s hard, but what I’m afraid of is that I’ll lose him.” she took in a deep breath looking at me, her eyes were big and wide, they glazed over and looked slightly tired.
    “You won’t I swear, I think he has the same fear and that he already thinks you are too good for him, but you guys shouldn’t be worrying about poop like that and just be happy like you two have been for the past 6 weeks.”
    It wasn’t long before we both fell asleep in front of the glow of the TV and the warmth of the duvet. My mind was working over time, it was full of memories and feelings, and it was winding me up inside twisting and turning; it felt like every vein in my body throbbed and every organ and tissue melted. Then I awaken by a nightmare, everyone was hung by a rope around thier necks and thier blood ran into words... Your fault, boy, and your next.
    My eyes flashed open vanishing the image in front of them, my heart was pounding in my chest and my body was aching, I wanted to run upstairs and tell Ray what I had dreamt... but no, staying with Bee reminded me of being young again and being in a place where we’re together all the time.

    I looked over the sleeping Bee, her eyes looked sore and her nose had a dribble of red leaking out of it but I didn’t want to wake her to worry her, instead my eyes drifted to the open book on her lap.

    I didn’t believe in angels
    Until the day I found you,
    I said what they told me were myths
    But the stories must be true.

    Your perfect ocean blue eyes that glimmer
    Bore into my mixed brown orbs,
    In our minds we write songs
    As our kisses play the cords.

    I’d never thought I’d get out of my school hell
    Using pain and drowning as a friend,
    But it all changed when I got my wish
    And I left to let my heart mend.

    I have to say I’ve loved you
    Right from the start,
    Not because you helped me
    But because you fixed my unused heart.

    And as I lay in your arms at night
    Feeling so warm and complete again,
    It makes me want to be with you forever holding you tight
    Knowing when we part we’ll meet again.

    You saved me and yourself from something so cold
    These feelings I have are strange and new,
    It’s like I don’t need to fit a mould
    Because you are my angel and I love you.

    -Bee x

    My heart melted, wow she is amazing! If she wrote something like that she doesn’t need to explain how she loves him with words just give her some paper and a pen and she will write it.
    She hadn’t told anyone she liked to write, I had never really seen this notebook around apart from at school I just thought it was a school book, why hadn’t she told anyone she liked to write poems?

    I woke up by the smell of coffee. My eyes opened to Gerard wafting it under my nose. “Hey sleepy head.”
    “Hey Gee that for me?” I asked as he tempted the coffee more under my nose.
    “Nope, I got the last of it, serves you right for giving me the musical to your love life yesterday!” he snapped and ran upstairs, he already had his clothes for school on and Frank was stood in the hall along with Ray and Bee they just stared at me.
    I blushed and ran up the stairs falling over my own feet not properly awake yet. Damn you feet work!
    I rushed to get dressed and joined then all in the hallway giving Ray a peck on the lips and Rebandit a small hug.

    We arrived just in time as the bell for homeroom rang.
    Bee's poem is actually writen by me! :tongue:
    edit---- I just realised Mikey hasnt picked a set name to Bee... He is like mized up in what to call her its cute!
  11. Hi, I'm loving this :) and happy late birthday! I really like the poem.
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    YAY! I'm more than happy to share. xD
    You're welcome. c:

    “Yes, I think... I hope so.” She sighed uncertainly.
    I said that a lot when I was in a relationship..

    well tough Mr. Teddy bear don’t leave your stuff on my floor.
    omg, I started cracking up. xD

    to have crazy and passionate sex with him?”

    “You won’t I swear, I think he has the same fear and that he already thinks you are too good for him, but you guys shouldn’t be worrying about poop like that and just be happy like you two have been for the past 6 weeks.”
    Is Mikey taking lessons from Gerard?

    O_O that dream sounds freaky.

    That poem is amazing, hon. c:

    she doesn’t need to explain how she loves him with words just give her some paper and a pen and she will write it.
    I'm like that.

    “Nope, I got the last of it, serves you right for giving me the musical to your love life yesterday!”

    We arrived just in time as the bell for homeroom rang.
    /nudge. Do I appear in the next chapter? :3
  13. Chapter 26

    Omg I feel like I havent updated in years! .... Well it is for your own good because I have been rewriting 28-30 because I wrote it and I didnt stick ot my plan so now I am and I'm on track again!

    Cyanide Sparks: I'm glad you like it! Thanks for the birthday wishes and I'm glad you like the poem... because I am planning a sequel when I have finished the whole story and it has a lot of Bee's poems in it *Given too much away but anyway* Keep on reading! :thumbsup:

    Kaitlynn: You are mentioned but only by name... you do actually become very big in changer 28! ;) even if it is as a bad guy.... This chapter is a bit more :wub: and ALOT OF :drool:
    If you do or laughed at a lot of those things in that chapter you are alot like me and Bee! So welcome into the world of weirdness!
    At least Mikey is being nicer to Bee then when she first turned up!
    I did that with the coffee when I was on holiday with my best friend... I dont sleep well and she kept me up all night nudging me and drooling on me! (we like to hug) and I drank like 6 cups of coffee to make sure there was non left and woke her up with it x but god I love her :$:
    This chapter is a mix of emotions... A screwed up side of Bee you would never of guessed she'd have... SOME FRERARD (that I am super :$: about).... Some Ray!.... f**ked up Bee.... Calm Bee...
    And thats how I eat my wagon wheel... hmmm Wagon Wheels :drool: xxx
    (super long)
    Chapter 26
    P.O.V Rebandit OR Bee

    I sat next to Mikey again in homeroom ignoring the comments from the cheerleaders. Mikey had a thing about eyes, he was good at drawing them but they kinda freaked me out, they were just plastered everywhere in his doodles.
    I found out more about Mr. Tyrer too. Turns out he lived in the midlands in England, in Worcester, yes like the sauce. He had moved to Jersey when he was 21 years old and bought a house and got a job in teaching kindergartens. He said he hasn’t seen his family in almost 9 years... something I can relate to but I had no choice, whereas he could go home I couldn’t.
    He told me about how he had stolen his sister’s dreams in moving over here and becoming everything she wanted, he told me how he hated living in England and he told me to keep my nose out of his business.

    I had no more notes from Kaitlynn in languages or every other subject she sat behind me in... That seemed like everything.
    I was happy today; I didnt have that packet of white powder in my jeans that were discarded on my bedroom floor anymore. After last night I had decided to flush it as soon as I got home, last night I sniffed a bit but I had constant nose bleeds after realising it wasn’t the cocaine I was told it was... it was sherbet! f**king sherbet! It made my nose itch and my mind tingle... f**king Kurt. But this morning I found out something about my big brother he never told me about.
    In the bathroom cabinet I found a pot of pills subscribed to a ‘Mr. Gerard Arthur Way.’ They were antidepressants... it was obviously something to do with the depression he had told me about; he never told me about pills or anything.
    I really wanted to take one and try it out but I didn’t, instead I put them back and went to ask him about it. I told him about the sherbet and how I was silly to get it in the first place. Then I told him about back when I used to have the same pills delivered to me, he said take one if I really needed it but I didn’t think I would.
    Frank had a faint bruise on his eye and cheek and he explained to us that it was Matt but luckily his Nan (go grandma Iero!) had stopped anything too bad from happening, I was glad but it worried me and it sure as f**k worried Gee too as he was all over Frank, kissing and giggling... I even caught them sneaking into the bathrooms at school. Cheeky f**kers! unforunatly Mikey didn't.

    P.O.V Frank

    I dragged Gerard into a bathroom stall after checking no one was in there, locking the door and pressing him back against it.
    Gerard hungrily attacked my lips with a viscous sharp kiss. It's not a sweet slow kiss like the ones he’s been giving me all day. No, this kiss is wild and animalistic. I found a moan escape against Gerard's lips, as he began to grind his hips against mine; causing that much needed friction we both needed and wanted so much.
    He placed soft kisses the corner of my mouth and left a trail of kisses down my flushed cheek and jawbone. My head tilted back, giving him more access to my pale neck and throat. Im sure Gerard could feel the pulsing of blood in my jugular and licks his way up and down it a few times, causing a slight shiver that I had been holding inside, switching positions so that my back was against the tile cubicle wall.
    One of my shaking hands tangled itself in Gerard's beautiful silky raven black hair and shoved my other slightly calmer hand up his shirt in anticipation of feeling his skin to play with his nipple, causing a moan from Gerard. I found myself moving my hand from Gerard's hair down his back and resting itself on the curve of his butt.

    Gerard's hands move everywhere over my cold and tingling body, touching my flushed and bruised face then my teased neck. Running a hand up the inside of my thy so close to my bulging erection in my extremely tight black skinny jeans then up my side causing me to arch my back from the wall.
    Then Gee’s hands are on my belt unfastening it and his lips are away from mine and travelling down my body to my hips stopping at the waistband of my pants.
    My hands have left Gerard’s body and are back flat against the cold tile.
    I felt the button on my jeans pop open and the zip being tugged down along with them to my knees, I felt Gerard’s hot breath through my briefs (who wore boxers with skinny jeans anyway?) my hard on was painful now and my knees were shaking just wanting to be touched.
    I looked down at Gerard, who was looking up at me with his hand on the waistband of the thin layer that covered my bulge; he licked his lips and tugged them down his mouth instantly on my chicken.
    It felt amazing just to feel him around me wet and hot, I let out a gust of air from my lungs and my hands left the wall to Gerard’s hair as his head bobbed and his tongue teased me sending soft shivers down my spine and moans escape my chest.
    “f**k Gee.” I gasped as he took me in deeper looking down to see him jerking himself off moaning around me bringing butterflies in the pit of my stomach and I knew I was close and so was he.
    “f**k, I think- I’m gonna come.” I breathed out at his pace quickened.
    A few more licks and I was coming into him mouth with a “f**k Gee.”
    I heard the door open and a gasp, I would have gone rigid but I couldn’t care less. “Eewww, brother! brother!” it was Mikey in a grossed out panicked voice maybe embarrassed and the door close again. I chuckled and blushed while Gerard groaned slightly embarrassed. I helped Gerard finish himself and it wasn’t long before he came onto his own hand which I brought up to my face when he straightened and lent against me, I licked off all the come and then dropped his hand so I could do up our pants.
    “I love you, thank you.” I kissed Gerard unsure of why I whispered.
    “I love you too, shame Mikey interrupted us but I don’t think he will mention it again, not after last night... pay back is f**king sweet.” He kissed back.
    We slivered out of the cubicle and straightened ourselves back up before heading back out into the crowded hallway avoiding Mikey’s grossed out glares.

    P.O.V Ray

    I was worried about Bee since yesterday. I had caught her this morning stuffing blood stained pillows in the washer, she told me it was just a nose bleed but I’m not sure if I believe her.
    I was worried about Mikey too, he hadn’t slept much last night ending up on the couch till last minute this morning, and he looked so dopey without any caffeine in his blood it was funny to watch. Through his eyes everything was dull and wrong and nothing was gonna get better, he was acting as if the world was gonna end.
    Everyone felt very distant, I had disappeared to the band room at lunch with Frank and we jammed a bit but it didn’t feel right. I had lost my mojo... even my fro the king AND queen of all afro’s seemed deflated.
    I felt like crying all day.
    Great now I feel like a stupid teenage girl on her period crying over her hair and her stupid nails... complaining how she looked fat!
    Oh god I’m even complaining about that!

    I jumped at the chance later that night to talk to Bee, she was in her room staring at the wall, she looked in shock about something... maybe the fact she hadn’t really seen Bob that much.
    “Hey Bee can I talk to you about something?” I asked in the doorway.
    She didn’t look at me or change position... didn’t even blink. “Sure go ahead.” She answered blankly.
    “Are you okay?” I asked moving from the stairs to her bed sitting next to her on the edge.
    “Fine, what do you want?” she snapped.
    I flinched at her tone; it was obvious she was not fine. “About yesterday, that guy, does he know where you live, does he know what school you go to, does he know Gerard or Mikey, was that the first time that had ever happened?” I asked a word vomit of questions.
    I didn’t reply to her yells instead I got up to walk to the stairs stopping to turn and face her again.
    “I’m sorry.” She whispered as if she had no voice left.
    That made me completely change my state of mind from ‘get the f**k out’ to ‘hug her and make sure she’s okay’ I rushed to her jumping on the bed and holding her tight.
    “Bee, Shhh.... it’s okay, I’m here. Tell me make what stop?” I rubbed her back calming her.
    “The feeling of self hate.” She whispered her lips quivering as she sucked in a breath stopping from crying.
    “There is no reason to hate yourself, it was a mistake, I’m sorry for mentioning it again. I didn’t mean to, you just need some sleep.” I tried to pull her back to lie on the bed and relax so she was calm and could sleep.
    “Ephesians 5:32 ‘…be kind and tender-hearted to one another, and forgive one another, as God has forgiven you through Christ.’ Every day reading that f**king bible and I can recite about 4 pages before I give up... I’d have been smacked if I hadn’t remembered that before... they never said I was forgiven for my mistakes of suicide but they gave me a second chance telling me I was lucky to be given a second chance... they never treated me like I was lucky.” She looked at her knees.
    “You know what my great grandma would say?” I asked smoothing her feathery chopped hair.
    “What, sumut like back in the day like our grandma used to?” she finally looked up at me through reddened eyes.
    “Nope, Quando a vida lhe dá limões, você não faça uma limonada, você fazer um bolo.” I smiled still stroking her stoft hair.
    Her eyes met mine and she smiled ear to ear... she remembered. “When life gives you lemons, you don’t make lemonade, you bake a cake.” She laughed.
    “She’s looking down from heaven or whereever she is now and truly happy seeing that beautiful smile on your face, the one she always loved.” I looked up at the ceiling, she had only been in my life until I turned 6 but every time I saw her she made me repeat those beautiful words that always put a smile on someone’s face.
    “I can’t believe I remember her so clearly.” she finally laid back her eyes not focusing like they just were.
    “You know what?” I asked letting her lay her head on my chest.
    “What?” she asked trying to blink her eyes still.
    “She always thought we’d be together, she always hoped... but she knew I was gay when I used to dress up as a girl on Halloween.” I laughed.
    “Really?” she sounded surprised.
    “Really what, us or dress up?” I asked confused.
    “Dress up... wait are you the girl in the Halloween photo montage on Gerard’s wall?” Gerard had a little space on his wall, where it wasn’t art or band stuff, where it was just pictures of all our Halloween costumes each year since we were kids.
    “Yup.” I laughed.
    There was a long pause where she had fully calmed down and she could finally focus on something, while I just stroked her soft choppy hair that still had faint mixes of black into her beautiful light brown that I loved not only because Mikey shared the same hair and I could run my fingers through it forever but the brown was so capturing it was the same colour as their eyes if you took the blue out and it was a colour that just mesmerises you by its combination of blonde, black, ginger and brown to make this perfect colour, it was just beautiful.
    “Thank you Ray, I’m sorry I don’t know what got into me then.” She sighed twiddling the hem of her shirt that had a loose thread.
    Lately I had one of Bee's meltdowns it was extremly stressful as I was on my own... and I was close on Friday at school when I felt so sick that I had a panic attack whilst crying.... now that was a downer :thumbsdown:
    .... OH YEAH BET NO ONE ELSE KNEW I COULD SPEAK PORTUGUESE! .... AND ITALIAN. :mosh: ..... (If I have put anything wrong please like inform me so I can be slapped by my grandmother for not phrasing it right) :wub:
    LOVE YOU GUYS! :wub:
  14. Chapter 27

    Hey guys! sorry I havent updated in what feels like donkey's years but all good things come to those who wait... meaning I have overcame my writers block and produced 5 new cracking chapters! :mosh: but now here is the the one I love the most :wub: chapter 27! a bit of Bob and a smidge of Bee x
    might be a while for another update and also the same with 'Never Wanted It To Be This Way' because it is so hard to write sometimes x especially when I have exams and I am currently just doodling and going into dream world in them about this story x
    Anyway! here it is! :rockon:
    Chapter 27
    P.O.V- Bob

    I didn’t see much of Bee yesterday only glimpses of her rushing back and forth to class looking at her feet and stumbling a few times never meeting anyone’s eyes, I wanted to stop her and just hung and kiss her but I couldn’t, I not only needed to prove to myself that I could be away from her without feeling so empty, so lost and incomplete that I needed to go back, I needed to prove myself that I was strong enough to hold on for her.
    But the real reason for me not seeing her was that I was busy, I was spending all my time writing or practising drums... it was killing me to be away from her. I missed her so much, that by second lesson I was almost in tears I was just yearning for her. I missed her.
    I felt depressed and she sure looked it.

    My dad’s the night before last was complete shock horror, my dad’s new girlfriend became a new mom, no one told me anything about her being pregnant even my mom knew.


    I pulled into my dad’s drive to look at the big 3 story house, his job was what made him and mom split up; she said he worked too much and didn’t have time for us, but I think it was for a completely different thing when she found him and his current girlfriend doing it in my room... after that I swear I had to bleach everything and buy a new bed... couldn’t they at least make it to the bathroom!
    I shivered and got out my car walking up the big driveway to the large porch.
    I opened the door and walked into the big hallway. “DAD! LUCY!” I called into the silence.
    “You’re home, so you got yourself a girlfriend, she looks pretty nice, get lucky?” my dad asked walking from the kitchen to join me in the large lounge.
    “Yeah dad ‘cus love is all about sex, and yes she’s really nice, she’s Gerard and Mikey Way’s sister.” I slouched on the couch thinking about the beautiful girl hopefully lay asleep in her soft bed right now... the one I could call my girlfriend, Rebecca-Bandit Way.
    “Oh her.” He responded looking down at his jeans.
    “What do you mean ‘oh her’?” I asked defensively, he hasn’t even met her and he’s passing judgement already, he doesn’t even know her.
    “It’s just I remember her from when she was a kid, your mom and I used to be dear friends with her parents, her dad always used to bad mouth her always commenting she had done something wrong and that he’d had enough. Her mom she was always silent and never stopped him from saying anything, that’s why we stopped you from getting involved with any of them until before high school, we thought she was trouble. Then they didn’t talk about her anymore it was just Michael or Gerard. Then we lost touch. I didn’t mean anything bad by it son it’s just we thought it was best not to get involved.” He was now up and looking in the mirror over the marble white fireplace, staring back at those ocean blue eyes I had taken from him.
    “Why did mom act like she didn’t know who she was?” I asked my eyes boring into the back of his deep purple sweater he was wearing over his white crisp shirt.
    “We made a promise with Don, we said we wouldn’t mention anything they had said to anyone else, but I guess now it’s different. She’d back, he’s gone, she is happy.” He turned from the mirror to look at me his face pale and his blonde hair in a sweep making him look about 20 not this actual age of 37.
    “She is.” I gave a small smile, I had just found out something I never thought would happen or I never thought my parents would do to anyone.
    “I’m glad, the one time I saw her I could see she was happy... with you. And I could see you are happy with her... and you are smiling for the first time in a long time that isn’t forced or pushed from us. I’m so happy for you Bob.” He pulled me in for a not as man-ly as I’d like hug but it felt so real and so right that I was happy.
    “Thanks dad, but I think we really need to man up a bit, it’s not good for our health.” I chuckled and pulled away both of us dropping back on the couch.
    It was silent for a while, I wondered where Lucy was as usually she was the one who greeted me and hung out with as she was 26 and she was easy to talk to.
    “Listen Bob, I gotta tell you something.” I turned to look at my dad as his hands shook and his legs bounced.
    “What’s up dad?” I asked concerned as he looked extremely nervous.
    “I can’t believe I didn’t tell you this sooner.” He sighed almost in a whisper; he put his head to his hands as I stared at him in worry. “You’re a brother.”
    It was silent and my jaw dropped, I just stared at the bowl of glassy pebbles on the fancy coffee table in front of me.
    This was unbelievable, how did I not notice? I stay at my dad’s nearly every 2 weeks surely I would have seen something different in 9 months!
    Why didn’t they tell me!?

    It wasn’t until I heard a loud shriek cry from upstairs, a unfamiliar babies shriek, it was one of almost pain but loneliness... one I had cried myself for so long I had recognised it.
    I don’t know what happened but I found myself moving almost running up the stairs to seek where the ear-splitting cry bellowed from.
    I rushed down the cream corridor covered in family photographs hung on the walls with one person missing in each one to the small white wooden door at the end of the hall next to the master bedroom. It had ‘Leo’ painted in light blue pain and a little car border underneath.
    I froze not wanting to open it; I recognised my dad’s footsteps behind me and the sound of Lucy’s strangled singing echo from the bathroom.
    “Go ahead.” My dad sighed sounding as if it was a sin or something to be ashamed about... I couldn’t disagree more.
    I took a deep breath before opening the white wooden door, the carpet was cream with a light blue rug, the walls were white with cars bordering it like on the door and the furniture was luxury there was everything a baby would need... Maybe even a toddler, there was everything I didn’t have that Leo did. I was kinda jealous.
    Then I saw the white and pale pastel blue cot at the side of the room, my shaky legs wandered up to it and I peered over the edge.
    The smile on my face must have been massive to make it hurt so much, I was completely surprised.
    I was staring back at me, a little mini version of me... only with a little paler skin that mine which I didn’t think could get paler and minus the prickly beard.
    Those ocean blue eyes I knew and loved that sparked when he blinked and the little tuft of hair he had that was a little darker than mine but surely blonde, he was chubby and dribbled. I was nervous to put my hand in but when I did and the skin connected with mine the nervous disappeared and I had more confidence to stroke at his cheek where a stray tear was frozen from his shriek.
    “Hey little man, I’m Bob, I’m your big bro, but you can call me Super Bob.” I cooed, I never thought someone this small could make me feel so soft inside.
    My dad chuckled and Leo let out a small adorable laugh, he was beaming at me bringing little dimples to his cheeks but then his smile dropped and the loud shriek escaped from his lungs.
    “I think he wants a hug.” My dad smiled and I looked at him a little worried, what if I dropped him?
    But then I had a bolt of concern as he whimpered and began to cry in a repeating screech.
    I picked him up cradling him carefully, holding him as if he was a delicate crinkly leaf in winter like if I did one little thing wrong he would shatter or break or crumble into little shards of leaf.
    As soon as I held him he stopped crying and his little lips formed a little ‘o’ and his eyelids fluttered, I thought he would sleep but no, he kept fluttering his eyelids and waved his arms a little, I didn’t think he would be able to move them very fast just yet.
    “How old is he?” I asked my free hand stroking his cheek.
    “Umm 4 weeks.” My dad sighed.
    I hadn’t seen him in about 5 weeks since being with Bee a lot and he never offered to have me over or spend time with me, I guess it was a something so obvious but I was so blind.
    “He’s awesome, it’s gonna be awesome to be a big brother, I could kick any jock’s who lay a finger on him's butt! Not like he is gonna need it, ‘cus he’s gonna be the most popular kid in school and he won’t take anyone’s poop.” I beamed holding his small little chubby hand in mine.
    “Oh I’m sure with a big brother like Super Bob.” My dad laughed at me sarcastically and sat in the small leather chair by the crib.
    “You know it’s true.” I smirked looking at him with cunning eyes.
    “You read way too many comics son, come on let’s take him down stairs and watch some TV, Lucy is in the bath so I think she will be in there for a while marvelling over her stretch marks.” He stood from the chair patting my shoulder and walking down the corridor.
    “Hey Bob! Don’t listen to him, I DON’T HAVE STRETCH MARKS!” Lucy’s voice shouted from the bathroom through the door.
    “Yeah, sure you don’t honey.” Dad smirked sarcastically and disappeared down the stairs.
    I looked down at the little being in my arms and I swear I saw him roll his eyes at me.
    I laughed and carried him delicately down stairs.

    I sat on the white leather couch for a long time just staring at my new half brother. He was perfect, just perfect.
    Maybe Bee and I could have one of these, I mean not now but in the future, one with her beautiful melted blue and burnt brown eyes and with her perfect light brown hair... nothing of mine just her... just Bee, MY Bee... wait but they gotta have an awesome name like scooter or flash or zippy! That would be awesome!
    “I want one of these.” I smiled to Lucy as she joined us on the couch.
    “A baby, really?” she raised her eyebrows.
    “Yup, I think I could handle it.” I picked Leo up and levelled him with my face above me bringing him back and forth to my face making sounds like the ones I heard women coo while stopping to look at babies walking down the street.
    “Yeah right Bob you can’t even tie your shoe laces I very much doubt you could take care of a baby, plus at your age, dude I swear to god you better not do anything stupid.” Lucy laughed but with a serious note.
    “Chillax I swear I was just thinking that’s all, but it looks like I don’t really need one of my own just yet, ‘cus I’ve got this little pumpkin to fuss over.” I snuggled Leo into my chest.
    “Okay now I seriously wish I had the old tough-guy Bob back.” Lucy laughed.
    “Well don’t look at me, not my problem we have cuddly Super Bob now.” My dad smirked as he grabbed a beer.

    After that I was left to put Leo to bed while my dad and Lucy got some rest. I loved the little guy and I was intrigued to just watch him sleep softly before returning to my room down the hall past the photographs, none of them had me in them, they were either my dad and Lucy or Lucy’s family... I know they think of me as family it’s just that I don’t want to be included... I want to be out of the picture.

    #End Flashback#

    After deciding to go home to shower and shave off my stupid beard after school I went to the Way’s house, I needed to be with her again... I had proved to myself I could be without her it’s just that I don’t want to be.
    I knocked on the door to be met with Mikey who was biting his nails.
    “Hey Mikey, is Bee home?” I asked running my hand through my tangled hair.
    “Hey, yeah, she’s in her room with Ray I’d go down but I think they needed to talk.” Mikey carried on biting his nails.
    “You okay Mike’s you look worried?” I asked stepping in and looking at him closely.
    “Yeah, it’s just not been getting much sleep.” He sighed and disappeared in the kitchen.
    “I hope you get some Mike’s you look like poop, see you later.” I called as I opened the door down to the basement bedroom.

    I got to the bottom of the stairs to see Bee and Ray asleep hugging each other, I didn’t want to interrupt so I turned to leave but Ray jolted awake.
    “Bob wait.” Ray yawned and I turned to see him escape from Bee’s grip.
    “Is she okay?” I asked noticing his tear stained shirt.
    “Just a little bit emotional but I think she’s okay, she really missed you today.” Ray sighed patting me on the shoulder and turning for the stairs. “Oh and congrats you’re a big bro now.” He smiled turning around then disappearing.
    “Thanks.” I sighed and walked to Bee’s bed.
    I waited for the door to close before I pulled down the blankets and snuggled us both inside.
    She noticed the change in weight and snuggled into me kissing my clothed chest and rubbing her hand on my side as if to relax every muscle.

    Tomorrow she had stupid work at that DVD comic book store place which means less time with her, then I have to baby sit which I will love... maybe I could bring Leo here so I could still be with Bee... but then again she hasn’t met my parents yet would it be weird if I sprung a kid on her... I don’t know anymore.
    4 days into school and Bee had settled in okay for someone who hangs with us, I was pleased but it might just be the fact that everyone thought if they lay a finger on her I would beat them to a pulp... which was true.
    2 more days till their mom is home and I guess they will want to catch up which means even more time apart.

    My lids felt heavy and with one last blink I gave in, the black behind them didn’t last long and before I knew it I was into a whirl of dream.
    Bee was sat on the steps alone in her perfect catholic uniform, she had something clutched in her palm as she sat and stared into space just rocking back and forth. Looking in at her closer, her hand revealed a small silver blade sharpened and taken from its current position which was a pencil sharpener, she was lost in her own world as she pressed the blade into her palm and smirked in feeling.
    A nun was walking slowly up to her carrying a large bible and a pair of glasses, Bee snapped her head down and stuffed the blade into her pocket on her cardigan ignoring the murky red blood that trickled from her hand. The nun who was soft in facial features had certain strength in her back which made her look stern and evil; she dropped the bible down in Bee’s lap and snapped at her to read.
    Bee put on the glasses straining to see through them and began to read, though she was hit on the back of the head several times whist doing so she managed to keep a steady pace in reading and flicking through pages leaving slight red drips every now and then as her hand bled from the deep open cut, her face stayed emotionless.
    This wasn’t the Bee that had just returned, this was the Bee who had just been dumped. She was about 9 years old and had medium length hair that flowed down her back in a soft waterfall, she looked like she was about to cry but in looking closer to her eyes you could tell she had never shed one of the tears that were locked in the corner, she had to be strong.
    This wasn’t Bee... this was Rebecca.
    The other kids around her sneered and shot evil glares at her as she read while they played hop scotch or jump rope, she sat in silence under the watchful eye of the nun.
    She whimpered as something hit her in the temple and sniffled back the tears as the blood began to run from her forehead where the large rock had hit her.
    The blood began to flood and everything washed away in a solid sea of red until everything was gone and the blood stained everything black.
    Then it was focused again as if they had just whipped down the screen and started over, this time Bee was Bee, she was a lot older maybe 27 and she was stood at the front of a noisy classroom full of kids running around and drawing and drooling.
    She had short hair dyed a striking red and had a tattoo on her wrist that read ‘We made it through all but one.’ It was centred where the faint scars stained her wrists and there was one permanent tattooed one underneath.
    She had a small desk in the corner of the room where there lay a picture of Gerard, Mikey, Ray and Frank looking older and then another frame with a picture of me with a little note saying ‘I’m sorry, I loved you too much.’ ... I was the but one... I didn’t make it

    P.O.V- Bee

    ‘I’m sorry, I didn’t love you enough.’ I didn’t make it... I was the but one.I jumped awake to see Bob lay restless next to me, his hair in little tufts... I looked at him in disbelief.
    He isn’t there; he’s probably off with some cheerleader witch f**king her. My mind snarled and somehow I believed it.
    I got up from the bed and ran the the bathroom that was already installed from our grandma in the basement.
    I washed off my face with cold water trying to abandon the dreams I just had and the fate they made for me.
    I stared at the pale skin of my arms on show... this time it wasn’t my wrist or my legs, it didn’t matter.
  15. (continued)

    As I stared at it it began to tingle making it extremely itchy and I couldn’t stop myself from scratching hard down into the skin, feeling the skin break slightly under the sharp pressure of my nails and my heart beat extra brining the blood to the surface but not breaking out through the skin just colouring it in a dark red and I knew something bad has gone wrong and it would defiantly leave a big bruise or eventually leak out.

    I looked at the mess I had made of my arm and it made me sick, I had done it again; Bob or Gee would never forgive me.
    I watched at the blood began to leak through the skin and my stomach flipped. I bolted to the toilet and spilled the almost empty contense of my stomach out into it, my hair fell in front of my face and my eyes and throat were sore. I tried to lift my arm to push the hair back and rub at my eyes but I shook and my body almost fell in a lump on the floor as I tried to support my body with one arm... I was too weak.
    What have I done? I’ve been thinking that alot lately, everything I do isn’t right; there is nothing I do without getting hurt or hurting someone else. I can’t do this anymore.

    I managed to drag myself back to be hoping my hallucination of Bob would be gone but instead he is still lay there with a tear in his eye holding himself in a ball sobbing in his sleep.
    Oh god I’ve hurt him like everyone else.
    I lay back in bed as far away from his as possible rocking back and forth crying staring at my damaged arm.

    P.O.V Bob

    I woke up from my nightmare with tears in my eyes, I hadn’t noticed I was curled in a ball until I looked next to me and Bee was on the edge of the bed crying.
    I sat up and shuffled closer to her pressing her to me tightly.
    “Hey, why are you crying?” I asked whipping the tears away with my cold hand.
    “Because I’ve hurt you and I’ve betrayed you and I’ve hurt myself.” She sobbed not looking into my eyes.
    “What do you mean, you haven’t hurt me, you haven’t betrayed me, please tell me what have you done?” I asked trying to look over her but she wouldn’t let me.
    “I have Bob! I have in so many ways! Just don’t look at me!” she cried her voice rising.
    It felt like I was slowly dying inside as if someone had grabbed a knife and slowly cut into my skin, it was painful on every level.
    I looked at her small body and my eyes shot to the arm she was cradling into her chest, it was a bright red and blood was leaking out in scratchy lines onto her white t-shirt mixing in with the puke already on there. “Oh baby, please just let me help you.” I gasped and tried to see her arm, it was bruised and puffy- it bet it stung like a witch.
    “It burns.” She sobbed tears running from her cheek and into her hair that was in a mess and falling in front of her face.
    “Please just let me help you, please.” I pleaded as she still held her arm to her chest.
    Eventually she held her arm out looking away from me in shame, I looked down at it, it was probably burning because the amount of blood under the skin and she would defiantly have a bruise the size of f**king Jupiter.
    I scooped her up into my arms and carried her gently into the bathroom, soaking a towel in cold water and placing it onto her arm washing away a little but of the blood that was wanting to escape the small scrapes, she flinched and I gently kissed her assuring her it was okay.
    “I love you.” She whispered looking up at me.
    “I love you too.” I smiled whispering and picking her back up to place her in bed where we talked about the recent events we had missed telling each other I didn’t stress to ask her why she did it, I didn’t want to, we all make mistakes. She was excited that I have a little brother and wanted to meet him, I told her all about him but I didn’t mention my little dream of us having a family one day... I wish and hope but something inside me was telling me maybe she didn’t want the same as I did... she wanted adventure and travel.
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  18. Chapter 28 (Part 1)

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    Chapter 28 (Part 1)

    Gee’s P.O.V

    The morning was a rainy one again which wasn’t a surprise, I had gotten a good sleep last night but I was more worried about Frank.
    I was the first awake and in the kitchen, I was joined by Bob who smiled and sat down next to me sipping the coffee I poured when I heard him shuffle up the stairs.
    “Listen last night Bee had a funny turn and I don’t want you to worry, she did something she regrets but we sorted it out, so don’t say anything about her arm when she comes upstairs okay?” he asked me his eyes flashing back and forth towards the basement door.
    “You mean she started cutting again?” I asked shocked, she had done so well... better than I did but maybe it was the antidepressants I had allowed her to take, I made myself a job to flush them when I got home, no one needed them anymore and hopefully no one will.
    “No, well not really, it’s just on her forearm a few scrapes but it’s more bruised than anything. Don’t give her poop about it Gee ‘cus I know you will and right now she is in an amazing mood and has the most amazing smile of her face and I don’t want to bring her down.” He stared into his coffee looking guilty and almost angry.
    “I’m her brother not a f**king idiot Bob.” I remarked binning my toast and leaving him to go and watch my morning cartoons.

    It wasn’t long after when I heard the patter of light feet enter the kitchen, I wanted to see what she had done but I knew that any attention would set her off crying or angry... she was emotional and we all knew why... it must be hard going into a really public high school and just seeing the place would make you poop yourself if you were like Bee to only live in one place for such a long time of their life.
    I re-entered the kitchen when Mikey and Ray were up and moaning about it being Friday and how school should be abolished when it was so close to the weekend. It was quite funny to watch them moan at everything even the coffee was too hot for them so they had to start bitching about that. I sat on the stool next to Bob who had Bee positioned on his lap so his head was on her shoulder and nuzzling into her long choppy freshly washed hair.
    We watched the couple faffle around the kitchen like they were a TV show: dropping things then watching them check each other out when they bent over without the other one knowing through droopy eyes, not being able to open a box of pop tarts, bitching about their hair being wild and then bitching about us watching them... Bee was in hysterics.
    Watching Bee and Bob sneak little kisses was cute, they didn’t want me to see in case I felt left out or grossed out but I didn’t mind ‘cus I would be seeing Frank in exactly an hour and I really hope to repeat what happened yesterday at some point of the day... just hopefully without Mikey interrupting.

    Mikey shoved a pop tart under Bee’s nose and she looked at it disapprovingly, everyone knew Bee didn’t eat much... anything really apart from the little sandwich’s Bob made her which were horrible or the little meals Frank or Ray’s mom brought over. It wasn’t like we can’t cook or anything, we always have a full refrigerator even if we don’t usually shop to stock it up, Mom knows what we eat and the ingredients for the stuff we could make for ourselves or what Frank would make for us so she buys everything and stocks us up well, it’s never really eaten by me but the rest of the guys can clear it before they expire and before Mom gets back to restock. That’s all she did for us shop, pay bills, wash clothes if she had too and the occasional parent consultation.
    Bee looked a Bob a little biting her lip, he gave her a little encouraging nod like almost every time she had a meal put in front of her, we expected her to push it away as usual but instead she picked it up in her pale slightly chubby and small hands and took a bite nibbling it her eyes wide tasting the amazing flavours of pop tart... yummy.

    Everyone’s eyes were on her as she ate bite after bite, when she looked up she blushed and we all smiled at her inwardly sighing in relief she was eating.
    She didn’t finish it completely as she looked like she was gonna puke but after a few cups of coffee she suggested something.
    “Hey, why don’t I cook for you guys tonight after work?” she asked picking on one of the stitches on her long sleeved t-shirt.
    “Seriously?” Mikey snorted. I wanted to scowl at him as Bee’s smile dropped into a shaking frown as she latched onto her bottom lip.
    “Ignore him, sure that’d be awesome!” Ray pushed Mikey with his hip with force sending him flying across the room.
    “Yeah, want me to pick you up after so we can go shopping or sumut?” I asked wondering how much money we have left in the jar for the week.
    “Umm yeah sure.” She smiled and her eyes darted towards Mikey who was stood holding his hip being a pansy.
    “That’s awesome but we should probably get ready.” Bob looked at the clock in the hall leaning back to check what time it was.
    We all grumbled and fled to our rooms to get ready.

    My hair was a definite issue, the black dye was coming out and it was getting long, not as long as I have had it in the past but long enough for it to get greasy easily.
    I could probably cut it myself again but I don’t know if it would look right, maybe Frank could cut it like he did with Bee’s... maybe I should dye it a different colour like ginger or green! f**k green would be totally awesome!
    I had asked Bee if I could pick her up and take her shopping or something so I could spend some time with her, it felt like we didn’t really talk anymore, I needed to catch up with her and see who my little sister has become.

    After I got changed and I heard Mikey’s laughing I jumped down the stairs to see Ray sat on the floor with a shocked face.
    “What happened here?” I asked folding my arms across my chest and looking at Bob and Mikey who were almost of the floor with laughter.
    “I fell on my butt because I slipped on some syrup on the floor so ha ha!” he explained sarcastically... to be honest it was kinda funny but it was kinda lame.
    Ray was sat in a little pile of syrup sticking to his feet and a little on his jeans; he got up with a groan and sulked off upstairs.
    “Guys?” I looked at Bob and Mikey who were still laughing.
    “Don’t look at me dude! It’s your sister that has crap pranks even if they are f**king funny!” Bob laughed clutching onto his stomach.
    “Rebecca-Bandit!” I shouted and realised as her head popped round the corner with a smirk she wasn’t far away.
    “Yes Gerard?” she smirked looking to the floor where Ray had been.
    “When are you gonna learn some new tricks my dear?” I asked smiling back followed by a laugh rattling through my chest.
    “You can laugh when I glue your toilet lids together!” Ray shouted coming down the stairs with a new pair of socks and his shoes on. “Seriously Bee you fail at pranks.” He grumbled.
    “Okay lets go before prank wars break out.” I sighed and grabbed my car keys before opening the door and heading outside to my Subaru that needed a serious wash.

    The ride was quiet, Bee was talking to Bob about how she had wants a car so she can drive (as she had passed all her tests in the summer and had a licence but no car) saying she wanted a Trans-Am like Grant Morison had on a poster in my room, Bob was humming along with Black Flag and I was busy looking for Franks car as I pulled into the school car park next to Ray’s who had gotten there before us even though they left after us.
    I felt happy today for some reason... not like I was complaining about it.... it’s nice to feel generally happy for one, taken what I knew had happened the night before with Bee and my nagging brain trying to stop from asking her if it hurt or why she did it.

    Bee’s P.O.V

    I felt a change in today, I felt happy and I felt like the past few days hadn’t even happened.
    It was cool working at ‘The Zone’ after school even if it was only for an hour, I got to read and watch whatever I wanted and I got to hang out with Brian who like me hate’s Marilyn Manson.
    I guess I liked being away from the guys for a while... as much as I loved them it was nice to feel some fresh air.
    My arm was kinda sore but it was nothing I hadn’t felt before... being a girl and all.

    I had managed to keep the seat I took in art last lesson; it was right by the door and close to the supplies... Alisha sat next to me admiring my work every now and then and also her nervousness was gone from when I first met her.
    “So are you like into the same stuff as Mikey?” she asked as she absentmindedly twirled her wet paintbrush in her water drenched pallet.
    “Yeah like comic books and stuff yeah.” I poked my tongue out a bit as I smudged some of my pencil on my sketch of a rose... I had an obsession with roses.
    “Are you... umm... gay... like a lesbian?” she asked closing her eyes as she waited for my answer... hadn’t she seen me with Bob?
    “Umm no, I have a boyfriend.” I found myself just staring at the side of her face as her facial features began to look drained.
    “But you’re okay with gay people right, not like homophobic or anything?” she asked sitting up straight to stare at her very detailed butterfly that she had painted blue and red.
    “Dude, My brothers are gay, what kind of sister would I be if I was against them both being in love.” I took a closer look at her butterfly’s wings at how they merged together to make it look like it was bleeding.
    “It’s just that you went to catholic school shouldn’t you be all against poop like that?” she asked splattering drops of blue on the corners of her page.
    “Yup I did and I didn’t learn a single f**king thing, so chillax I’m not a holy water flicking nun that wants to burn everything god says is wrong, to me I don’t care what or who you are as long as you’re a good person... I spent long enough having to deal with all that poop and I don’t wanna put that on anyone else.” I felt so preacher-y but I didn’t want to talk anymore.
    “Okay, it’s just that I really like your art, I didn’t wanna come across creep or anything but I knew if you are anything like Mikey I just want to make a good impression.” She finally met my eyes revealing some of the green that had been hiding the first time I met her.
    “It’s fine Alisha seriously, you don’t have to impress me or anything, you’re a pretty good artist yourself, you going to number four for work experience?” I asked changing the subject and hoping to maybe sit by her on the bus.
    “No, I have to do gym but Kaitlynn is going... you’ve met her right?” she frowned whilst trying to rub some of the paint that had flicked onto her cheek off.
    “Not exactly but we have sent notes in class.” I shrugged.
    “Oh, I’m just gonna tell you before she does so you don’t act all stupid and dumb... her boyfriend killed himself last year, he had so much poop taken out on him that he killed himself in his bedroom and they found him a month later... turns out his father used to rape him and his mother tried to drown him.” her voice was only but a whisper.
    “f**k.” I breathed out at once the breath I had been holding in as she told me. That could f**k up anyone’s head... poor Kaitlynn.

    I was lost in thought for the rest of the lesson, waiting for the bell for next lesson to ring so I could get to the cue for the bus to the local elementary school... I don’t see why we can’t just walk it was like what 2 blocks from here.
    (to be continued....)
    Ha yeah I know I fail at pranks... I have no clue to them as with Bee x
    There we go Kaitlynns history... in Part 2 things get NASTY! :scared::whistling:
  19. IDon'tLoveYou11

    IDon'tLoveYou11 New Member

    You're not the first to think I'm dead. :p
    Damn, I have to suck up to you to get the next part? fine. I'll do well, ;)

    I re-entered the kitchen when Mikey and Ray were up and moaning about it being Friday and how school should be abolished when it was so close to the weekend. It was quite funny to watch them moan at everything even the coffee was too hot for them so they had to start bitching about that.
    We watched the couple faffle around the kitchen like they were a TV show: dropping things then watching them check each other out when they bent over without the other one knowing through droopy eyes, not being able to open a box of pop tarts, bitching about their hair being wild and then bitching about us watching them... Bee was in hysterics.

    I don't know, but they seem like they'd be loads of fun.

    her eyes darted towards Mikey, who was stood holding his hip being a pansy.
    A hip bump from the 'Fro might hurt a bit, actually.

    “Guys?” I looked at Bob and Mikey who were still laughing.
    “Don’t look at me dude! It’s your sister that has crap pranks even if they are f**king funny!” Bob laughed clutching onto his stomach.
    “Rebecca-Bandit!” I shouted and realised as her head popped round the corner with a smirk she wasn’t far away.
    “Yes Gerard?” she smirked looking to the floor where Ray had been.
    “When are you gonna learn some new tricks my dear?” I asked smiling back followed by a laugh rattling through my chest.
    “You can laugh when I glue your toilet lids together!” Ray shouted coming down the stairs with a new pair of socks and his shoes on. “Seriously Bee you fail at pranks.” He grumbled.


    I got to read and watch whatever I wanted and I got to hang out with Brian who like me hates Marilyn Manson.

    so chillax I’m not a holy water flicking nun that wants to burn everything god says is wrong, to me I don’t care what or who you are as long as you’re a good person... I spent long enough having to deal with all that poop and I don’t wanna put that on anyone else.”
    I kinda really liked that line.

    “Oh, I’m just gonna tell you before she does so you don’t act all stupid and dumb... her boyfriend killed himself last year, he had so much poop taken out on him that he killed himself in his bedroom and they found him a month later... turns out his father used to rape him and his mother tried to drown him.” her voice was only but a whisper.
    “f**k.” I breathed out at once the breath I had been holding in as she told me. That could f**k up anyone’s head... poor Kaitlynn.

    OH. That would f**k anyone's head up.

    I don't wanna be the bad guy, jus' saying.
  20. Chapter 28 (part 2)

    Kaitlynn: No one wants to be that bad guy... but she is only for a while and then she's actually quite nice x i think at the moment she's just hung up on her boyfriend or something... anyways you'll get to know her alot for the rest of the chapter.
    if you like what I write you pretty much read alot about me and the things i do or say from my world onto a screen.

    In this chapter Bee has work experience which is kinda cute and almost killing someone.
    so here is Chapter 28 (part 2)
    (Chapter 28 (Part 2))
    (Still Bee's P.O.V)

    As soon as the bell rang and the class was dismissed I said goodbye to Alisha and almost ran to the entrance.
    I signed my stupid release sheet and sat in a seat, I loved kids... they are always so jumpy and funny and always excited... I loved how some of them can’t speak properly and miss pronounced words.
    Kaitlynn sat next to me, an awkward silence was creeping over, and the tension was thick I think she could tell I had been told.
    “Hey, I’m Bee.” I smiled stopping the silence and looking away from out of the window and at her; she was kinda like me but darker and ‘gothic’ and had sleepy eyes and numerous piercings that I would be to chicken scared to get.
    “Kaitlynn and I know you know so don’t even try to get me to talk about it okay?” she snapped grumbling a bit.
    “Okay sorry, so you wanna be a teacher or something?” I asked changing the subject and not looking her in the eyes.
    “Not really, I know I won’t make it but doing this is better than gym right, how about you?” She sighed biting her stubby black nails that grew close to bleeding.
    “yeah, I kinda hate kids that are like babies but I love like 4 or 5 year olds ‘cus I guess I’m a little kid myself.” I laughed but stopped when I realised I was the only one.
    “you are seriously like your freaky brothers it’s weird, why do you even hang out with them, if my brother attended here I wouldn’t be seen dead with him let alone have a boyfriend with one of his f**king disciples, why don’t you hang out with the lesbo Alisha?” she snarled and I have to admit I was kinda scared of her, she had a look in her eyes that could kill and she looked kinda angry.
    “I kinda wanna catch up that’s all and so what if Alisha’s a lesbian I wouldn’t mind either way... if I did that would kinda be weird seeing as my brothers are gay too.” I didn’t want sound rude but my voice had risen and I snapped abruptly back at her, I didn’t give a f**k about how her boyfriend killed himself anymore if she was gonna slag off my brothers, boyfriend and friends she was gonna get harsh Bee.
    “Why the f**k would you need to catch up if you spend all the f**king time with them, apart from that sad job you have you never leave their side, I know you went to a boarding school but f**king grow a pair and cut the umbilical cord!” she whined and I felt my lip tremble.
    “You don’t understand.” I whispered and cut myself off from her agitated grunt and eye roll by lifting my hood up and lent my head on the window as we pulled up outside Belleville no. 4.
    Miss. Simmons stood at the front of the bus as it came to a standstill and looked at the 6 of the people who were volunteering. “Okay guys, I’m gonna take you inside to your classes and then we will be back in about an hour and a half to pick you up and collect your first experience report.” She sighed before opening the doors and walking ahead.

    I kept my hood up until I reached my designated class, peaking in the door I saw the herd of kids running around and doing f**k all, it shocked me but I snorted with a laugh and opened the door to ‘Mr Wentz’s’ classroom.
    A man who was in a fit of laughed turned to look at me stood in the door of the hectic classroom he stood up from where he was crouched in front of a little kid and straightened himself up before coming up to me with a bright smile.
    He was tan and had black hair that slightly swooped over his face; he had deep brown eyes that had remainders of last night’s eyeliner smudged around them, he was dressed casually and had blobs of paint in random places.
    “Hey, you must be Rebecca-Bandit Way, I’m Mr. Wentz.” He offered me his hand and I shook it nervously then ran my hands through my short choppy hair that I hope hadn’t gone static to my hood.
    “Yeah, umm could you call me Bandit or Bee ‘cus I really hate the sound of my full name?” I asked my eyes settling on the bright green splodge of paint on his cheek.
    “Oh sure I was going to ask I think it would have been way too formal, so... if you wanna just do whatever and stuff, we have a lesson plan on the wall if you need to think of routine and stuff, if you have any problems come and find me.” he smiled a really toothy cheeky smile and I nodded before he turned back around and began to talk with the tear brimmed kid he was before.
    I stood a bit lost on what to do and I thought about looking at the routine but I was taken back when I felt something tug on my tight red skinny jeans.
    I looked down to see a little girl with black hair in pig tails wearing a red t-shirt and black jeans with cute little purple converse that didn’t go with her outfit but make her look cool anyways, she had her thumb in her mouth on one hand with her arm wrapped around a black blanket and the other hand still on my jeans.
    I crouched down so I was eyelevel. “Hey, I’m Bee, I’m a helper.” I grinned childishly.
    “Hi, I’m Lyn-z, will you play with me?” she mumbled around her thumb and the way her light brown eyes glimmered made me nod my head and take her offered hand.
    “Sure what do you want to do Lyn-z?” I asked my hand lightly tickling her side like a claw.
    “Come draw with me!” she jumped making her pigtails bob up and down and she pulled me slightly to the corner where there was paint and crayons cluttered everywhere as well as coloured paper and glitter.
    She sat me down and I pulled her to sit on my lap grabbing us some paper and a crayon each. I chose black of course and I offered her a red which she took and tried to balance it in between her nose and top lip, her eyes scrunched up and looked down in concentration. “I’m magical look!” she giggled then frowned as the crayon fell and her hands flew up to catch it.
    “Very cool! So what are you going to draw?” I asked pointing towards the paper in front of us.
    “A unicorn just like my unicorn but Theo has my unicorn so I can’t draw him exactly perfect, my unicorn is special but he can’t fly, no, he helps people sleep and if he flied then he wouldn’t be doing his job!” she nodded before starting her drawing with her tongue poking out.
    “My brother, Mikey, had a unicorn once, he was a special unicorn like yours that helped solved everyone’s problems.” I smiled and began to draw what was my attempt of a cat that was on her hair grips.
    “Really, your brother sounds super cool!” she cheered a little and jumped up and down in my lap.
    “Yeah he is.” I held her still resting my head on her little shoulder to peak at her drawing to find she had only drawn the unicorns horn and the beginning of it eyes that looked like buttons.

    It wasn’t long before I had another kid tug on my sleeve, which turned out to be Theo introducing himself; he had blonde hair and chubby cheeks with a cute button nose and bright blue eyes.
    He joined us drawing a random transformer thing and then gave me his drawing to keep along with Lyn-z’s. I smiled and handed them the two drawings I had done: the cat that was in Lyn-z’s hair and the bat that Theo had on his t-shirt.
    They thanked me before running off holding hands and giggling, I beamed watching them disappear and stood up from the small beanbag I had been sat it for the hour.
    I looked around trying to find Mr Wentz and found him sat at his desk reading something on his cell phone.
    “Should you have that out in class?” I asked stood in front of his desk and he jumped looking up at me.
    “No but I just wanted to check that my partner was okay, do you know what it’s like to be away from the one you love?” he asked in a dream like state.
    “Yeah I do, don’t worry I’m not gonna grass on you, my times almost up and I was wondering if I could have my report?” I gestured towards the evaluation form on his desk.
    “Sure hold on.” He quickly grabbed it setting his phone aside and jotting down some random crap about playing my role as an aid and how great I was with the kids. He signed it and handed it back to me with a smile.
    “See you soon.” I sighed and started to walk towards the door.
    “Bye.” He said with a grin and picked his phone back up.
    “Bye Bee!” Lyn-z and Theo shouted and waved as I stepped out the classroom door.
    That wasn’t bad, now I just wanted to be with Bob and the guys for a bit to relax and rewind and maybe forget about what Kaitlynn had said.

    I sat in the place on the bus I was before and as I thought she sat next to me again but this time I wasn’t the first one to speak.
    “So that wasn’t bad was it?” she asked in her mumble of a voice.
    “I guess.” I shrugged still looking out the window I had my head on, I knew it probably wasn’t the most hygienic place to put my head against but I didn’t care right now as long as I didn’t meet her vicious eyes.
    “Still missing gym I guess.” She mumbled and it went silent for a while.
    I hadn’t taken my head off from against the window, I had managed to pick up a habit of biting my lip and making them sore and almost bleed the metallic taste against my tongue.
    “I know alot about you Way, I mean the old you, Rebecca-Bandit Way frail 8 year old with no family or friends, the one who tried to kill herself and took up booze, the one who stayed with the teachers on holidays and never went out on weekends. I know alot about her.” Kaitlynn’s voice sniggered and snarled that made the hair on my neck stand up and my blood run cold.
    “What are you talking about?” I carried on looking out the window trying to ignore the fact she sounded like a stalker.
    “Oh you know Rebecca-Bandit, I know about your past, how your parents never loved you and dumped you in a boarding school to get rid of you and how your dad would beat you if you didn’t play girl or wanted to play with the guys... the day you got chucked out of your aunties for being on anti depressants... the day you got caught by Ray’s grandma in the park after you ran away... how last night you completely destroyed your arm without thinking.” She spat harshly in a whisper into my ear.
    I was shaking physically and mentally, how did she know about me, how did she know what I had done, was she a stalker or something, was I an obsession?
    My heart was beating fast and my head was throbbing, I lay my head on my hands and tried to take some deep breaths wishing her to go away and leave me alone.
    “Not getting rid of me that easily.” She smirked into my ear, my hair forming a long dark brown curtain around me.
    I heard the sound of people moving around me and noticed we had stopped; I rubbed the tears away from my eyes and cheeks that had spilled over started to run, I looked out the window to see Bob stood waiting for me. With a teary smile I gathered my things.
    “f**k you.” I snarled to Kaitlynn who was still next to me and jumped from my seat and out of the bus.
    I ran to Bob and pounced on him wrapping my arms around him and nuzzling my face into his neck.
    “Are you okay you look upset?” his silky soft voice soothed me as he ran his hand in a circle on my back.
    “No not really but I’ve got you and I feel better now.” I sniffled and jumped up a bit to wrap my legs around Bob’s waist and he span me around.
    I un-nuzzled my head and met my lips with his, soft and chapped with the cool of his lip ring on my sore rough ones, I felt his heart quicken and his breath gasp into my mouth as our tongues danced and my hands clutched onto him.
    We were lost in the moment when I heard someone clear there throat behind me.
    I turned my head around to see Kaitlynn stood with her head down but clear she had a disgusted look on her face, I wiggled out of Bobs grasp and stood in front of her, hands on my hips.
    “What do you want?” I snarled.
    “I wanted to ask if you could stop being so f**king affectionate in front of people they don’t want to throw up before having lunch.” She growled.
    “Well I’m f**king sorry for kissing my BOYFRIEND in front of a sad stalking loser.” I snapped and grabbed Bob’s wrist turning around and storming off.
    “What the f**k was that for Bee, she hasn’t done anything to you, you know about her boyfriend right?” Bob frowned at my attitude.
    “She just said some things.” I frowned at myself in confusion.
    Maybe this thing she does about the stupid mourn over dead boyfriend is just an act? Maybe she is really mean and wants the attention? Maybe she is just fake all over?
    “She says those kinds of things to everyone, babe, I mean she’s in grief.” He shrugged and put his arm around my waist as we walked.
    “You don’t understand.” I sighed in almost a whisper.
    Who wants to kill Bee for being kinda harsh and who wants to kill Kaitlynn (who is in no way like they amazing Kaitlynn in real life) :guns:?

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