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    Dammit. I didn't get to read chapter 11 until today. XP
    Didn't realize there was an update.

    I'll definitely check out your other stuff, =J
    Your name is cute, but it is a bit posh, haha.

    N'aww! They kissed. :wub:
    I thought it was cute. :3

    Oh gosh, I hug my pillow when I'm sleeping too. :L

    God, both their dreams must have been terror.

    Bob's taking Bee to the mall, eh?
    Hopefully Bee likes the mall.

    Can't wait for tomorrow then! :3
  2. Chapter 13

    Hey, kinda had a mental breakdown today... I feel REALLY down :(
    IDon'tLoveYou11: My other stuff might be up in a bit but if not then soon.
    Names 'ey? :$: thing is with my name people can call me by like a million nick names... Like Bee:$:
    I hate going shopping... too many people and I get really like 'OMG! Too many people! What am I doing here? Why did I come?' it's just not MY thing :nono:

    Anyway here is Chapter 13! YAY!:thumbsup:
    Chapter 13


    I slumped downstairs... I was hung-over but not as bad as Bob would be.
    I walked into the lounge to find Bob half falling off the couch and Bee clutching on to a pillow for dear life on the floor below him.
    I couldn’t help but laugh and notice a large pile of wet comics on the radiator... all ruined... I guess Bee was right about her little property.
    I looked down at my sister, she was pale like me and had our original light hazel brown hair colour, and she was so skinny... not Mikey skinny but she was Frank skinny. Last time I called the school to see how she was they told me she wasn’t eating anything and that she was on antidepressants to drive the devil from her body and for our lord to forgive her sins as she had tried to commit a big sin and wasn’t happy with her but still wanted to give her a second chance. At the time I thought they were nuts but I could see what they meant about not eating.
    I felt a lump in my throat and continued on my way to the kitchen. I made some coffee and sat at the counter with a pop tart. It was 11:30 and I’m sure they would be sleeping a little longer.
    Frank was still asleep, I presumed Mikey and Ray were too as I heard their snoring as I walked past. Why was I the only one up? That made me agitated. I binned my half eaten pop tart and poured myself more coffee.

    I heard a little stumbled and light feet patter on the cold tile flooring. I looked up to see Bee stood awkwardly in the doorway. Her hair slightly knotted and her pjs twisted slightly from the way she hugged her pillow.
    "Hey." her voice croaked.
    "What you doing up so early?" I asked gesturing towards the stool next to me to sit.
    "I couldn’t sleep." she sighed sitting next to me and put her head on the counter.
    I ran my fingers through her hair unknotting it and patting it down "What’s up, you talk to Bob yet?"
    "Yeah he said we'll help each other get through this but that isn’t my problem... I’m just so confused." she groaned looking fed up.
    "What’s up?" I took a sip of coffee and lay my head on the counter next to hers.
    "Don't be mad but last night we kisses and I loved it but I don’t know what it means now, I don’t know what to do, what if it was because he was drunk?" She stared blankly at her coffee.
    I suddenly felt like a therapist. "Listen Bob’s a great guy and if it both felt right talk it over and go for it, when you first met Bob he wasn’t drunk and he was pretty much drawling over you." I chuckled.
    "Thanks Gee but I think I’m just going to talk to him about it." she realised her coffee was cold and got up to pour it into the sink.
    "No breakfast?" I asked raising my eyebrow.
    "I’m not hungry." was her simple reply.
    "Mom will be home tomorrow do you want us to talk to her first?" I was feeling slightly apprehensive about her finding out Bee was home and expelled.
    “Yeah, I don’t know how she’ll take it.” she sighed.
    “Well firstly we gotta get you a room or something sorted out, you can’t sleep on the couch for the rest of your life.” maybe she could have the basement.
    “For the rest of my life my butt, you know that as soon as I turn 18 I’m leaving.” she scoffed.
    “How about the basement?” I carried on; I didn’t want her to leave just yet.
    “Sure.” she ruffled her hair in her hands. “Frank’s a nice guy by the way.”
    “Yeah he is, I love him.” I smiled.
    “I’m glad you and Mikey are happy!” she pulled me into a big hug.
    I heard slightly heavier footsteps on the tile floor; I looked over Bees shoulder to see a much drained Bob.
    “Hey, you’re up early.” I chuckled as he groaned a response.
    “Need coffee.” he groaned zombie like.
    I could see Bee was uncomftable and she started to scratch her arms. “I’ll be right back.”
    My eyes followed her as she disappeared into the hall.
    “I kissed her, Gee, I really like her.” Bob got my attention.
    “I know, she likes you too, go after her tell her how you feel.” I could see a sparkle in his eyes, Frank explained to me that Bob felt unloved and that he wanted someone to make him feel special and I think he finally has.
    With that Bob left the room and I couldn’t help but follow slightly to listen in.

    “Hey, Bee, wait. Can I talk to you about something?” I heard Bob whisper.
    “Sure.” she whispered an uncomftable reply.
    “I think I’m in love with you.” then it fell into silence.
    “I think I’m in love with you too.” she broke the ice.
    Then I peeked my head around the door to see them both passionately kissing, not making out but kissing, their arms wrapped around each other reminding me of Frank and I.
    I returned to my coffee. Young f**king love ‘ey.It wasn’t long before Ray, Mikey and Frank all slumped down the stairs and joined me in the kitchen two of them giggling except Mikey.
    “Do you know what they are doing out there?” Frank giggled.
    “Yeah now get over it, I can explain.” I looked at the three of them sipping their coffees they had just poured.
    “No need, we know, and I’m glad to be honest… even if it is my twin sister.” Mikey blushed as I noticed Ray had snaked his arm around his waist.
    Frank sat on my lap and I ran my hand up the back of his shirt.
    Soo you gotta wait till Chapter 15 for the mall experience.... I might post Chapter 14 tonight but I feel like I just want to lay on the floor and curl up.... 'why did I tell you that?'
    Anyways! I shall update when I can!
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    Aw, whats wrong? /:

    I hate shopping too. Ha.

    Anyways, I like how everyone's okay with Bob and Bee. :$: and mikey's 'and i'm glad, even if it is my twin sister.' I n'aww-ed out loud.

    I can't wait for the next two chapters then! Haha.

    It was a cute update, by the way. :wub:

    Ohohoh, if you want, you can call me Kaitlynn, haha. Its easier than typing out my cheesy username. (X
  4. Chapter 14

    Chapter 14!
    Kaitlynn: Nothings wrong really, it's just one of those times when I feel really depressed and emotional for a couple of days.:'( so I might be slow posting... I hate to say it but the last 10 or so hours have been the hardest in my life and it has taken me alot to overcome that :(

    Due to my little struggle this next chapter isn't exactly very good so dont shoot me... It's also very short. :$:

    So here is Chapter 14!
    Chapter 14

    P.O.V- Bob

    I had just admitted they way I felt to Bee and as Gee said she loved me back… the rest of the guys had interrupted us and we both turned a tomato red.

    I took her hand and intertwined our fingers. We walked back into the kitchen to the unsurprising scene of make out city… this time I didn’t feel the need to look away or cut myself up about it, I just looked at Bee and squeezed her hand tightly.
    We both coughed breaking the tension of us just awkwardly staring; we walked to the counter… Bee hopped up onto it and I just leant against it deciding now was the best time to suggest a trip to the mall.
    “So I was thinking maybe we could go to the mall today.” I looked at Bee and the guys.
    “I can’t.” Bee looked down.
    “What do you mean?” I asked turning to her.
    “I don’t have any clothes, I’m 16 years old and I don’t have clothes.” she frowned.
    “You can borrow mine, you’re about my size and we can buy you some at the mall, don’t cry Bee.” Frank rubbed Bee’s back as she burst into tears.
    “You would do that?” she sobbed looking up at Frank surprised her eyes had a twinkle to them as her tears moistened the colour in them.
    “Yeah, we’re friends aren’t we?” Frank carried on rubbing her back as her tears slowly held off.
    “Yeah of course.” she sniffled.
    Frank pulled her into a big hug and led her upstairs.

    An hour later everyone was ready and they separated into each other’s cars. Ray and Mikey in Ray’s car… Frank, Gerard, Bee and I into Gerard’s car.
    Bee was staring out the window taking in the streets of New Jersey, her eyes glinting as she saw the mall.
    “It’s so big!” she gasped completely amazed.
    “Not when you get in come on.” I tugged on her arm and we got out the car to join hands.
    As said SUPER SHORT!.... might post soon you will have to wait :tongue:
    (I was just sat here thinking when I realised something 'Oh my Gee! My birthday is in 25 days!' cant wait but I also got school and a form assembly on that day:blink:)
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    OH. One of those. I have plenty of days like that.

    I can just imagine them going tomato red, and then I can see them doing exactly what they did. XD
    N'AWW! Frankie! He's really nice, isn't he?

    Don't fret, it doesn't matter to me that it was short, it was more of a filler anyways, I presume?
    I'm quite excited for this part coming up. :D
    I just wanna see if Bee has fun shopping. xD

  6. Chapter 15

    Hey Chapter 15!
    I havent updated as quick as I usually do so here it is!
    Kaitlynn: Yeah chapter 14 was kinda a filler I just wanted to show how Bob felt about it and the fact that Bee really has been out of it for a long time that she doesnt own hardly anything and Frankie is really sweet and understanding. :$: I had to prepare to write this next chapter, I went into my town alone and I mentaly noted how I felt and what I didnt so I hope this is extra special 'cus it is coming from me :$:.... even though it's still poop :tongue:

    Anyway here is Chapter 15!
    Chapter 15


    Wow I’d never been here before; sure I had been in malls but not one as big as this.
    That was when I was aloud out on weekends and I went for some smaller essentials and sometimes to give my outsider friend who sent me my alcohol and sometimes drugs his pay… he used to say he didn’t want it but I knew he did.
    As I walked around clutching Bobs hand I noticed a few people our age stare at us making me uneasy and slightly shake not wanting people to stare at me, the girl who didn’t own her own clothes.
    “Bobs got a girlfriend!” someone gasped behind us by the fountain.
    “I thought he was a fag like the others he hangs round with!” another one sneered.
    I quickly shot my head round wishing to run up to them and punch them in the face for saying that about my friends and my brothers.
    “Calm down Bee, just ignore them.” Bob whispered in my ear, I turned my head back to him and kissed his cheek causing more uproar from behind us.

    There were so many stores; I wasn’t interested in any of them in particular. Most of them had glitzy clothes and way too short skirts. After giving up of trying getting me to wear girly clothes they look me to a store more to my liking.
    As I entered I was relieved to see some clothes I liked, the store smelt really sterilised and the guy behind the counter looked at me like I was an alien linked to Bobs arm.
    “Hey Bob who’s this?” the man behind the counter with brown hair and a several nose rings looked at Bob.
    “Luke, this is Bee, Mikey Way’s twin sister she just got out of boarding school and could you fix us up with some clothes?” Bob had a roughness in his voice I hadn’t heard before, Frank had said he was a rough guy to people and don’t freak out if he gets a bit fierce it’s fine because he is just like that sometimes… that kinda worried me but I knew he was a teddy bear. My teddy bear.
    “Umm sure I think we can hook you up a good deal as you’re my friend… What we thinking?” the man came from behind the counter and put his arm round my shoulder… oh great now I’m freaked.
    “Umm simple? Jeans? Band t-shirts? Hoddies?” I shrugged.
    “Okay you got it... let me guess you’re a medium right?” he looked over me.
    “Yeah, last time I checked but that was about 4 years ago.” I blushed from embarrassment my head dropping down. I didn’t even know what size I was.
    When I looked back up he had disappeared. I turned towards Frank.
    “I haven’t got any money.” I whispered.
    He took out his wallet I was about to decline but he handed me a shiny credit card. “Gee gave me this this morning, he said it has alot on and not to spend it all or mom will kill you.”
    I looked in the corner and saw my name stamped onto the front ‘Miss Rebecca-Bandit Way’ I smiled and put it in my pocket. “Thanks.”
    The creepy guy called Luke returned with a pile of clothes in his arms. “Jeans.” he handed me the pile of blue, black and grey denim. “Come this way and you can pick out some t-shirts.” he beckoned me to the room in the back.
    I stepped through and saw an array of t-shirts. “I’ll leave you to pick, I’ll be right back.” he rushed back behind the counter.
    I instantly grabbed an array… Misfits, Black Flag, Iron Maiden, Smashing Pumpkins, Escape the fate, Get scared, Runaways and Metallica t-shirts looking back at Frank and Bob who looked back at me in shock…
    “I may have been out of the world for 8 years doesn’t mean I don’t know bands.” I looked at their shocked faces.
    “I love you so much right now.” Bob snapped out of his shock and smirked at me.
    “They don’t have any Queen.” I frowned.
    “Don’t worry we got some on order.” Luke returned with a pile of more funny looking non band t-shirts.
    “Okay cool.” I smiled.
    “Here, I know you’ll like them.” Luke handed me the pile to flick through… they were actually really nice. Some of them were pandas covered in blood and ripped apart others were voodoo and my favourite were random logos that described me in so many ways... I mean who doesn’t dig a chick wearing a ‘Yep I wear clothes.’ T-shirt?
    “I’ll take ‘em.” I smiled and put them on the pile of jeans in Bob’s arms and kissed his forehead.
    “Anything else?” Luke asked.
    “Just these.” I pulled a red and black studded belt and a black zip hoodie off the rail.
    Bob stumbled to the counter and dropped the load.
    “As you look a really awesome girl and you are a close friends sister I will give you all this for $65.” Luke smiled.
    “Really?” I jumped excitedly this guy sounds nice.
    “Yep, I think I know the boarding school you’re talking about, catholic poop?” he asked bagging my clothes.
    “Yep.” I gritted my teeth.
    “Never knew Mikey had a twin, him or Gerard never mentioned you.” he smiled but his brow was furrowed in confusion.
    “So I’ve heard.” I sighed.
    I paid and said thanks to Luke before grabbing a few bags and left the rest for Frank and Bob… Gerard and the others had just disappeared.

    We walked back through the mall and sat on the edge of the fountain… it was my time to think…
    My mind zoned back to the store… The guy Luke said he was Mikey’s close friend… I wonder what that meant… he looked a nice guy but I could see by the way he looked at me he was probably rougher than he let on.

    My thoughts were interrupted by Mikey jumping at me for a hug. “Hey, I just thought I haven’t had a hug in years and I didn’t even have one yesterday, you’re so huggable bumble bee!”
    “Whoa someone’s hyper Mikey moo!” I chuckled.
    “Starbucks.” Gerard rolled his eyes.
    “I missed you Bee I really did.” Mikey sighed still in a death grip hug.
    “I missed you too Mikes.” I pulled back and slightly smiled at him.
    “Come on we have some horror movies to get.” Bob smiled and took my hand.

    They led me to a small store near the store I bought my clothes from and I instantly smiled at the rows of DVDs on shelves… Bob let go of my hand and ran to the horror section. Instead of following him I went to the comic book rack and flicked through them. I saw other things in the horror section and when Bob wasn’t looking I grabbed them before turning back to the comic section. I found some that looked interesting and bought them at the counter. The guy behind it looked shy but punk, he wore a name badge pinned into his Marilyn Manson t-shirt (a guy who has scared the poop out of me since I was a kid and who I do not like at all) on the badge was scrawled ‘Brian’ he noticed my stare and frowned.
    “Not a fan hu?” he asked handing me back my card.
    “Not really guy ‘as always given me the creeps.” I shuddered.
    “Same here, I spilt coffee on mine and this is the only f**king thing I could find.” he frowned.
    “Oh explains the big puddle of coffee.” I pointed out to the puddle of coffee on the counter.
    “Oh thanks for reminding me, we are so short of staff I have no time to clean” he whipped down the counter.
    “If you think it would help I could do some shifts over the holidays and after school?” I asked, if I got a job I could save my bank money for more important things.
    “Sure thanks pop by anytime and we can arrange something.” he smiled before turning towards the the door. “I hope you don’t mind but I gotta get back to work, see you later.” he smiled before heading out back.
    I turned round and noticed the guys were gone. I grabbed my bags and rushed out the store. Did they forget me?
    I quickly rushed back on my footsteps from earlier in hope to find them… I was beginning to panic when I saw 4 guys stood back to me near the fountain.

    I ran over to see Bob holding down a guy that was bigger than Bob but he looked like an ant under a shoe, Bob was snarling at him.
    “You ever talk about my friends or my girlfriend like that again I swear I will kill you!” Bob snarled.
    I looked at the almost jock sized boy with blood gushing from his nose as he squirmed.
    “You hear me?” Bob snapped again.
    “Yeah, sorry Bob, I’ll back off.” he quivered.
    Bob stood up and brushed himself off. He turned around to see me, a look of worry swept over his face and we all walked back in the direction of the cars.
    “What was that about?” I asked him clutching onto his hand.
    “He was talking poop about the guys through the window then he was talking poop about you.” Bob snarled still not calm enough to not talk through gritted teeth.
    “Calm down Bob, what poop?” I stopped him to look at me, the guys had disappeared from behind us, what is it with these guys and disappearing?
    He sighed relaxing a bit “They said you where a sexy butt witch that he would gladly f**k your brains out if I was too Fag to satisfy your needs.” it cut like ice.
    “He’s just an insensitive butthole.” I growled and my lips met his in an instant. My arms wrapped around his neck and his arms settled on my waist pulling me in closer.
    I heard a chorus of wooing from the fountain and Bob kindly responded but flipping them off and getting deeper into the kiss slowly adding tongue and he was wanting to grope my butt but I mumbled “Don’t you dare.” into our kiss and he just rested his hand on my lower back giving up with a chuckle.

    I was so angry at those jerks… I was a little angry at Bob but only for what he did to the guy but he had it coming anyway… I was confused to where the guys had gone because every time I was with them they all disappeared and it made me feel slightly unwanted.
    I knew that now I was ‘free’ I would have to get used to all the jocks and cheerleaders giving me poop, also I would have to get over the feeling of anxiousness and panic when I was in public and probably have to get that job.
    I loved the feeling of Bob’s lips on mine, his tongue pushing in my mouth, his breath grazing over my skin. Oh f**k I’d never felt like this before, I’d never been kissed before and this was the first ever time I had kissed Bob with such passion.

    We were interrupted when I felt a tap on my shoulder I jumped and slowly turned around to see Ray, who I hadn’t really spoken much too.
    “Jesus Ray, you made me jump!” I chuckled.
    “Gee just wanted to know if you wanted milk in your coffee?” He smiled.
    “No thanks Ray, I thought we were going?” I asked a bit confused to why he was asking about coffee.
    “Well Mikey and Gee needed a coffee break so we are quick ordering from Starbucks.” Ray chuckled as I rolled my eyes.
    I rolled my eyes “Typical Way brothers for you.”
    We all began to walk in the direction of which Ray was pointing.

    (Continued in the next post)
  7. Chapter 15

    (Continued read previous post)

    Time laps

    We got in the car to return ‘home’ after Bob and I watched my brothers and their boyfriend’s gulp down at least 8 cups of coffee one after the other, Gerard was buzzed he was still alert to drive but kept giggling along with Frank… Bob and I sat in the back, I rested my hand on his knee and Bob just sat on edge as ever, I realised what was happening and was slightly blushing arguing with myself in my mind if I should travel it up his leg or pull it away… I chose the second one and placed my hand back on my lap staring down at my rough finger tips and started picking at a thread on the jeans Frank lent me. I was such a lame weirdo, why couldn’t I just do what I wanted without thinking about the consequences? I sat there with my hands in my lap just staring down at them, I could feel a pair of eyes look round at me, I looked up to see Frank with a worried look.
    “You okay Bee?” He asked and I noticed a tear had fallen down my cheek and dripped onto his jeans.
    “Yep.” I struggled to hold it in.
    Then Bob was all over me, he was holding me so tight it was bone crushing, he was soothing me but I have no idea why I was crying.
    “Bee what’s wrong?” Bob soothed speaking into my ear.
    “I don’t know why I’m crying I’m sorry, I guess I haven’t been out in a while and it just got a bit too over powering.” I sobbed, I was going to have to get used to being around alot of people especially if I was going to attend school like I was planning… that’s if I was going to stay at ‘home’ or if Mom won’t let me stay and I’ll end up on the streets… I could do that I could live on the streets.
    “It’s okay if you don’t want to do it again, we understand.” Bob rubbed smoothing circles in my back.
    “No I can do this, I’m okay, I’m sorry.” I gave one last squeeze on Bobs hold before we broke apart and Bob’s lips attached onto mine.

    We arrived ‘home’ Ray pulling in behind us, Mikey jumped out of the car and caught up with Ray who had already gotten out jumping onto Ray’s back. I chuckled and grabbed the bags from the back of Gerard’s car my head was in the boot and all I could hear was Mikey’s laughing and Gerard opening the door with a surprised. “Mom?”
    Oh no. I stiffened and sunk down wishing I could hide or the ground swallow me up.
    “Mom what are you doing home early?” I heard Mikey jump from Ray’s back and rush into the doorway.
    “Hey boys, someone over, there are wet comic books on the radiator and the couch is set up?” my mom’s unfamiliar voice made me stiffen. I felt Bob sit next to me and pull me to him, I kept listening.
    “Yeah Mom, Bee’s home, they kicked her out of school and she had nowhere else to go, please let her stay Mom she can have the basement or something, please?” I heard Mikey beg.
    “Where is she I want to see her?” she sounded calm… did she actually love me now?
    I felt four sets of hands pull me up no matter how much I resisted they got me up and I was being pulled to the soft, kind looking woman on the porch.
    “Oh Honey you look so thin and so pale!” she had a soft motherly voice and looked over me; I don’t think shes ever been so nice to me.
    “My little Rebandit’s home, why honey, why did they expel you?” She jumped into a hug and I just stood there emotionless.
    “They didn’t like me, they said I was daughter of the devil, they said mean stuff… you never visited or called… you sent me to Aunt Marie’s on the holidays, you gave up on me… why mom?” I was close to tears… she just stared at me.
    “It was your father, I wanted to contact you so much but he wouldn’t let me, he told the school not to let me in either… I’m so sorry my baby!” she started to cry and I looked round to Gerard and Mikey.
    They nodded and I tried to comfort her. She wasn’t the poop, spineless mother I thought she was.
    “So you’ll let me stay?” I asked hoping she would.
    “Yes of course, it may be the basement but as long as your here and safe.” She rubbed up and down my arm and turned towards the guys all staring shocked at each other. “Come on in guys, it’s gonna rain and I gotta be off soon.” she beckoned us in and I turned to see Bob with my bags and a smirk on his face.
    I was pulled by our mom into the lounge and sat on the couch she turned to me with awe. “I thought I’d never see you again but look at you all grown up beautiful long hair your brothers colour too and you have your mole… so pale and so thin, you are like Mikey it’s hard to believe… my beautiful daughter.” she smiled and reached up to touch my face.
    That was when I realised everything I had in my head that I had seen and thought of my mother was just our father, how bitter he was and how spiteful he was when I was born… I had forgotten how she was kind and graceful and replaced her with my father’s characteristics… I felt bad about how I had her put down.
    “I thought the same Mom but Frankie here said she was more like me in ways… she sure like’s guys and gets them quick as well another common occurrence with the Way kids.” We all chuckled at Gerard’s remark.
    “Oh really and who is this guy you’re talking about?” she raised an eyebrow and looked around the room, I blushed and she noticed Bob blushing too. “Oh?” she smiled.
    Bob walked over from where he was standing almost shaking with nerves; he sat next to me and held my hand. “Yeah.” I breathed out all the air I was sucking in.
    “I’m glad for both of you, and I know I came home early but I was so excited because I have a new job and I had to come home and tell you and I have to leave again though but now I’m even more happier… no I’m ecstatic!” she beamed, jumped up and made her way around the room giving everyone hugs and kisses leaving a cherry red lipstick mark on their cheeks.
    “Oh honey welcome home… but I really gotta rush! By darlings!” she turned to me while grabbing her coat and rushed out the door.
    After she left I sat there completely shocked. Wow I had never remembered her to be like that… I guess I’ll have to wait until next week till I can ask her something important that’s been playing on my mind since I got here...

    30 minutes later

    I had decided to look down in the basement where my grandmother used to have a room down there. I expected it to still have all her things in there but instead it was empty with a few boxes scattered around. I picked one up and sat in a clear space on the black carpet. I read the scrawl of my mom’s handwriting ‘Baby Bee’s stuff’ and I looked inside… there I took out all my drawings that Nana had helped me with, my little red shoes, my dummies and a photo album. I was anxious to pull open the book and flick through the pages… all of them either me with Mikey or Me with Gerard and Mikey… not a single one of them were with anyone else in them. I started to cry at one of the photographs… it was Mikey and I when we were about 5 sat on Gerard’s lap looking like triplets and behind you could see our grandma sat in her rocking chair on the porch… she probly didn’t remember me before she died, she probly had to sit in this room with those boxes in the corner just staring at her.
    I quickly stuffed everything back in the box before wiping away my tears so that whoever was walking down the stairs wouldn’t see me crying.
    “Everyone’s gone out to get some stuff and I was wondering if you’d like some lunch?” Bob asked crouching down behind me pulling me back onto him to kiss my neck.
    “I’m not hungry.” I answered… my answer to everything.
    “I’m sure you are, come on, we have the place to ourselves.” he wriggled his eyebrows making him look cheeky but dorky at the same time. I couldn’t resist as he started to pout.
    “Okay, come on Mr cheeky.” I chuckled and he pulled me up with him picking me up and putting me over his shoulder. I squealed a bit and Bob started laughing. He got me upstairs and all I could see with everything upside-down… and maybe Bobs butt which I wasn’t complaining about ‘cus it looked really peachy… oh my god I sound like my brothers.
    Bob put me down on the couch and he disappeared… I took my chance and rushed to one of the bags and got my surprise. I sat back on the couch with a big smile on my face; bob joined me with half a sandwich each. “I don’t know what you like so I just put in what I like… try it.” he pushed my half on the plate towards me.
    “What’s in it first?” I asked a bit picky on what I eat if I eat.
    “Salad, chicken, pickle, skittles and peanut butter.” Bob smiled and took a bit of his half.
    I put on a smile at is attempt to make me something to eat and took a bite… it actually taste nice… it was sugary and somehow bitter… it kinda tasted like you had just eaten and ice cream after having a sandwich from a market deli.
    “It kinda tastes okay, making me feel a bit sick though.” I admitted swallowing my bite and setting my sandwich back on the plate. “Im sorry, it’s really cute and sweet you made me a sandwich but I’m just not used to eating much.” I felt slightly mean for rejecting his food.
    “It tastes like ice cream and feet.” he admitted and set the rest on the plate and picked out the skittles.
    I took the plate off him and set in down on the coffee table that had bits of popcorn and the movies we watched last night still left on it. I grabbed my surprise from behind my back and moved to straddle Bob’s legs… something I’d never done before to anyone… I leaned in and kissed him full force I took my tongue and slithered it over his lip ring and started to play making him moan slightly and his hands moved to place on my hips.
    I pulled back not wanting him to already discover my present for him. “You taste like skittles.” I giggled and he licked his lips.
    “You taste like peanut butter.” he chuckled and his hands finally landed on my hips.
    I whipped my arm around. “I got you a present happy birthday!” I handed it him.
    “You didn’t have to do that.” he blushed and looked at the cover, not having wrapped it; I made sure it wasn’t in the DVD cabinet before I went out and got it… Zombieland… it wasn’t super horror but it made me laugh and I knew Bob would like it since I kinda crashed his party and it was his birthday.
    “I watched it with a friend at school on a day out and I thought you’d like it, you haven’t got it have you? Oh god you have, I should have got something else, and I can change it.” I was about to take it back because of Bob’s face confused me it was like he was gonna cry but then he had happiness and then he had lust maybe?
    “No don’t, thank you, that’s the sweetest thing a girls ever done!” he smiled and it looked like he was holding back a tear.
    “I just wanted to give my boyfriend something special.” I purred in his ear.
    I had changed into my pjs when I got home as Franks clothes were really baggy… I could feel Bobs hand on the back of my thigh as I knelt up and kissed him bringing goose bumps up on my skin.
    We were deep in the kiss tongues in each other’s mouth’s exploring… another thing I had never done before but my body acted before my mind… I had grown attached to Bob’s lip ring and I liked to feel it against my lips. I liked to feel Bob’s lips on mine and kiss down to my neck biting it slightly both of us running our hands through each other’s hair. Then an uncontrolled unexpected moan escaped my chest and I blushed, Bob had been nipping at my soft skin and I knew he was leaving his mark oh god it was gonna be big and I’m gonna have to explain to Gee or Mikey.
    Bob pulled back from my neck and looked at me with dilated eyes late no beautiful ocean blue iris was left but covered with black pupils dying in lust.
    “We need to stop.” he panted.
    “Why?” I asked wishing to continue with my new experience and touch him and kiss him.
    “’Cus I’ve got a problem and I need to like solve it.” he blushed beetroot… I still didn’t get it until I looked down and Bob’s jeans were tight enough to show a growing bulge in the crotch area.
    “Oh.” I giggled and my hand let me do something I had never thought about or done before…
    My hand snaked down his body and started to cup him through his jeans making him moan.
    His head fell back but he tried to resist making a huge smile creep back up on my face.
    “You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.” he held back a moan whilst trying to bring his head back up.
    I just bent my head and kissed him pure lust and passion taking over, there were no stops for me and I knew where I was going and when I wanted to stop. “I want to, I want to help you.” I moaned in the kiss.
    Then my hand did the thing I never thought it would… it undid Bob’s belt buckle and slipped its way into his pants and started to move.

    Bob and I were cuddling on the couch when the guys returned and disappeared into the basement saying it was no problem and that they will sort it.
    I had no idea or care what they were talking about I was just socked and trying to get over what I had just done, I was grinning from ear to ear… I had just given my amazing boyfriend an amazing hand job and spent the remainder of the hour we had on our own making out and watching his present. It had taken me alot of strength to stop myself from going further but I knew I wasn’t exactly ready and now wasn’t the time.
    I liked having a boyfriend… Bob was just amazing and I loved him so much… he wasn’t pressuring and he was cuddly like a teddy bear… Bobby bear… Skittles… maybe I should give him a nickname.
    Nah I like Bob… My Bob

    A few clattering and many coffee’s later they allowed me into my new room… or my grandma’s old one.
    It was amazing! The walls were painting black and Gee had painted intricate designs on the walls… like red roses, a freaky very simple black widow spider, hearts and random art he had decided to paint… I couldn’t thank him enough.
    There was a new bed taking up most the room that Frankie had bought black sheets and red pillows that were covered in sequins for, it was now big enough for Bob and me to fit on together. The carpet was still black which I liked and boxes had been moved so they could fit in a small wardrobe for my clothes… there was a mirror that hit you as soon as you walked into the room, I didn’t like it but I think it’d be useful when im late in the mornings for school… if I ever was going to one.
    I thanked them BIG TIME! And they left me and Bob to just lie back on the soft bed; he had to leave so he kissed me passionately my arms pulling him closer and left promising to return as soon as he can.
    Okay it is seriously long! I hope you liked it... I kinda imagined Bee's bedroom like mine but just more unprepared... and I'm kinda sad that I dont have roses on my walls and that poop or that would be awesome... but I have second best I have my artwork and MCR posters.... soz for offtopic on ym own post.:whistling:
    It's been a LONG time since I have ever had something close to a guy look at me let alone kiss me so I hope it's okay... I will post the next chapter soon I just need to write more.:$:
  8. Chapter 16

    Seeing as Chapter 15 was extra long... here is Chapter 16 which is a little short.
    This is just a little filler :^_^:
    Chapter 17 should be up tomorrow :lol::tongue:;):rockon:
    Chapter 16

    Rebandit P.O.V

    I sat in a room and signed my school forms with my mom. She still hadn’t returned home after the first day I was home, that was 4 weeks ago and we were in our 3rd week of holidays, I understood she was working but I didn’t know what she did. We had to meet up at the school to enquire and I think she looked happy...or constipated.
    I had to recite the rules and look over my classes; I figured I only had... what a year or so left? It was soon gonna be Mikey and I birthdays but I didn’t want people fussing over me at all...
    4 weeks ago I didn’t think I’d ever have a boyfriend or my first kiss or even have sex with a guy that I loved and trusted with all my heart.
    I would have slapped myself for even thinking about stuff like that, knowing no one wanted me and that I was fat and ugly. I had stopped myself harm and so had Bob, we slept together in the same bed almost every night just like Mikey and Gerard did, I understood that when you love someone you needed them there all the time and even when I was asleep just knowing he was there and I was wrapped preciously around him made me feel warm and loved. Back at school I used to scrunch up my sheets and hug it to death or do the same to my pillows just wanting something there and something to really hold onto. I felt depressed with myself to look back on how unloved I felt, but I know I’ve found the one to fill in for that pillow or sheet... I had My Bob.
    When I wasn’t with him I felt empty but I knew it wasn’t long until he was back into my arms, my heart ached for him all I wanted was him.
    Today was one of those days, his Mom had wanted some time with him as she was alone in her house for days on end without anyone, and I knew his dad was living with his girlfriend. From what Bob had described her to me she was nice. She sounded like lady that always had some sort of dessert mix on her apron every time you saw her which always made me smile to think of as she sent Bob to our home with a box of cookies each time he came over in the holidays, I could see where Bobs protective and cuddly side came from and I was glad. I just wish I could meet her... in some ways I can remember a Mrs Bryar from when I was little but I very much doubt it.

    Today was a day where my heart ached and I just wanted curl up in a ball and melt away. I lay on my bed after the school visit and just lay back into the sheets... tonight I shall sleep alone without anyone by my side or in my arms.
    I like Bobs mom :lol: I think Bee is getting better! but I just hope she doesnt become too inderpendant on Bob :wub:
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    N'aww, both those chapters :^_^:

    I really liked the mall experience, and that guy was nice to let her have all of the stuff for cheap. I'd like for someone to do that for me!
    I know how it is for Bee, only having maybe one or two stores in a mall that she likes. Happens to me all the time.
    I love how bee's upset about there being no Queen, that reminded me of me. XD
    Oh gosh, the coffee. xD
    Aww, see Bee! Your mom and brothers love you, even if you dad doesn't. He's probably a bastard anyways.
    Her room sounds really f**king amazing. And that means yours must be epic.
    It ended up amazing, don't worry yourself about it. :3

    Oh, bee, I know how that feels, the emptiness. :L
    Even if it was short, it was good. :wub:
  10. Chapter 17

    Seeing as I am bored and Chapter 17 is short I thought.. Oh f**k it I'm gonna post 2 in one night! :^_^: Dont say I dont do anything for you guys :lol:

    Kaitlynn: Wondered where you'd gone lol. God my town is really poop, I have one shop I actualy go in and that is exactly like the one Bee went in... only that I never go out so I dont really know anyone... apart from the guy behind the counter who liked my My Chemical Romance t-shirt and the red skinny jeans I bought. He recognises me when I go in there but I dont get disscount :(
    I thought 'Hey I like Queen, Gerard likes Queen... So Bee will like Queen too!' My room has just recently got amazing-er! I've got atleast 50 posters now and no room for anything else lol I might post some Images up later of my room or some drawings of what I think Bee would look like.
    I'm slightly worried about how Bee will be in school now... will she be like the guys and be regected?
    I totaly go hyper from coffee by the way... it's like I'm drunk, it's the same with skittles!
    But what can I say... 'I'm a skittle hore witch!'

    Sooo... here is Chapter 17!
    Chapter 17

    Mikey P.O.V

    Bob and Bee were inseparable, I was so glad that he wasn’t alone anymore and especially that it was Bee, they both craved the same things that i think one by one they both for filled them.
    Rebandit had changed alot since that drunken night, I noticed she hadn’t had a drop of alcohol since then, I was so proud she had told me she had started to become dependent on things that caused pain. It worried me a bit but I knew what she meant. It felt weird just introducing her back into my life. I could feel her inside my heart again that latch from birth that we as twins held for each other, I had missed her so much it was impossible to believe she was real sometimes.
    Ray and I had grown closer since the time she had arrived, we didn’t just lay in bed at night... we kissed with that fire we were missing, we felt the need to explore each other’s bodies, my hands always lost in his wild hair and always the lust as our bodies fit together like a jigsaw.
    She had brought something in me alive and set it on fire, something I had been waiting for for a long time was to be my sister again.
    We were almost 17 soon and I had known Gee had set up a party for me (and me only originally) and it just felt to right to think I could share it with Rebecca. Another thing about me is that I couldn’t decide what to call her in my mind so I just went for it.

    Ray and I went on a date every chance we could and as the weeks blurred into another they became more needing and romantic. I had never seen Ray like this before that’s why it freaked me out slightly, but I loved the way his face lit up from his little dates he arranged, it was just us.
    Bee had started a job at the DVD place and she was paid quite alot... not to mention the flirting.
    It was coming to the last week of the holidays and I noticed Gee was always watching Bee… it was like he was waiting for something maybe a sign of panic or the look of lost? I don’t know but he was waiting for some other form of emotion than her current blank look.

    Not only had I felt better about having Bee home, Gerard had stopped taking his anti depressants and now he was even happier than when he was on them, he spent more time with Frank than being asleep and he also joined our band ‘My Romantic Chemicals’ we weren’t sure if we liked it yet but it was the only thing we could come up with.
    Frank looked so happy in re-modelling Bee, giving her mini make over’s and cutting her hair… which had gone from limp extremely long brown hair to puffy black mid length layered hair it was beautiful. She was coming out of the shell she had built around her, she wasn’t shy like she first was, she wasn’t sad or crying all the time… she was bold and funny and sweet and kind… but she still didn’t go out.
    Yay Mikey's P.O.V! :wub:
    It was kinda another over view :wub:
    In the mean time...:rockon: bitches!
    (Okay bare/bear? in mind I am hyper off of Coke and I think I am still going to be when I wake up tomorrow and I just cant stop typing! ahhh :lol:)
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    I had a (small) comment all ready, and then my phone decided to be a witch. :L

    Anywaaays; YAY MIKEY'S POV! :^_^:
    oh, My Romantic Chemicals, god I love that. xD
    I have to say, Bee sounds like she's pretty, :$:

    Okay, thats basically what I had. I'm pretty sure there was more that I just can't think of, though. :L
    Can't wait for.the next part. :D
  12. Chapter 18

    Kaitlynn: If Bee looks anything like me then shes not... but if you imagine Gerard as a girl then yeah she does look really pretty.
    My Romantic Chemicals is the name I came up for my band but we ended cus our singer was poop and wouldnt any form of rock or punk music. (I play Bass by the way) but anyways... here is Chapter 18!
    CHECK OUT MY NEW FIC I AM WRITING CALLED 'Never Wanted It To Be This Way' .... If you want :wub:
    Chapter 18

    Rebandit P.O.V

    “Bee…Bee…Wake up baby.” Bob whispered in my ear.
    “nhmuhg.” I mumbled it was so warm in bed especially with Bob next to me.
    “Becky bug, wake up, we’ve got school.” He whispered in my ear again ruffling the hair by my ears.
    “That tickles.” I giggled.
    Then I felt soft lips just bellow my ear and soft hands brush through my hair.
    “Wake up or no more me.” Bob tried to threaten he sounded like suck a girl.
    Then the lips were away and I couldn’t feel Bob beside me anymore.
    “Fine I’m up, since when has anyone called me Becky bug?” I rubbed my eyes and sat up to see Bob sat on the end of the bed with a pile of clothes and a smug look on his face.
    “Since about 3 minutes ago, now put these on and join me upstairs.” He through the pile at me and ran upstairs shouting. “She’s up! Now you lazy lumps better be down here in 5 minutes or I’ll come up there and kick your asses!”
    I chuckled and quickly dressed in the clothes Bob had given me, his favourite Red super tight skinny jeans and my Misfits t-shirt. I looked in the small mirror and saw my pale face looking very tiered and my dyed black hair in a nest on the top of my head; I grabbed my brush and tugged out the knots leaving it looking puffy but lifeless around my face. I gave a half hearted smile and carried on upstairs after Bob, it was my first day at a public high school… f**k am I gonna get the poop beaten outta me.

    After Bob regretting going upstairs to ‘kick someone’s butt’ and trying to forget what he witnessed when walking into both Gerard and Mikey’s rooms he drove me to school, I wanted to walk but I figured I didn’t know the way and I get to spend more time with Bob in his new car… which wasn’t really new in fact it was his moms old one.

    We parked a couple of streets away from the school and walked hand in hand up the the big building that instantly gave me the shakes, a sudden fear pulsed through me as Bob took me in through the school to assistance where I got my induction pamphlet and time table. Bob was still holding my hand through the corridors making small loops with his thumb over my pale cold skin. I looked over my time table a few times… I don’t have gym! My mom had booked me extra tuition because of the shitty teaching standards in my old school and my lovely mother booked it on the gym period! Result! Even if it is tuition on poop like math or English... I still get to miss running around New Jerseys biggest sporting track! Kind of a downer that I don’t get to see the guys doing lunges though, I might have spent half my life wasting away in a catholic school with nuns and poop but I am a woman and a pretty sly one in mind.
    I noticed the corridors were almost empty and Bob had stopped me in front of my homeroom ‘MA13 MR TYRER’ I guess this was it.
    “Listen, I shall try and meet you after every class, if not there is always someone in your class too. Homeroom” he pointed behind him at the door. “Mikey is in there and he will show you to science and Frank will take you after to English, then its break.” He locked his eyes on mine which were swirling around the place.
    He held my face in his hands and gave me a small peck. “Now relax, everything is okay and I shall see you after second lesson.”
    “Okay, I’ll see you then.” I took a deep breath watching him smile and wave before walking down the hall with his tough guy look which made me giggle slightly.

    I entered the classroom which was fairly empty; I was scanning it to see who to stay away from and who it was safe for me to talk to. So far all I could see was cheerleaders and jocks, and then Mikey who was sat at the back his head down doodling. There was a girl on the other side of the class in the corner, she was covered by a black hoodie but you could see her beautiful dyed black hair and her piercing over tired blue eyes.
    I walked over to the teacher (who was very handsome) and introduced myself. “Hey, sir. I’m Rebecca-Bandit Way, I’m new.”
    The man stood up with a friendly smile and broad shoulders. “Hello Bee, nice to meet you, I’m Mr Tyrer.” He flashed his pearly white teeth… how the hell are they that white!? Wait… he said Bee.“You called me Bee, how’d you know I liked that?” I asked shocked.
    “Well, Mikey there wouldn’t shut up about you this morning before everyone else came in when I said we had a new student… I take it you are twins?” He asked in a British accent which was weird as it was 100% British but had the Jersey twang to it.
    “Oh, I’m sorry about that I had to give him extra coffee to get out of bed this morning he may be a little hyper. Yep another Way.” I giggled then sighed as I looked over at Mikey who was concentrating so hard his tongue was sticking out.
    “No one ever mentioned he had a twin.” He smiled at me.
    “So I’m told” I mumbled looking at my shoes.
    The bell rang and Mr Tyrer started to shuffle a few papers on his desk. “You can go sit by him no one else does.” He looked at me again and I smiled before walking to the back corner to sit down next to Mikey who was still concentrating.
    As I walked to the back I heard a mumble of voices that had filled the spaces that were empty when I first came in.
    “Oh god another one of those emo’s, better hide the pencil sharpeners never know she might crack one open and take out the blades.” One of the cheerleaders sneered.
    “I hear she’s Ways sister… I never knew he had a sister how weird.” One of the jocks responded the the cheerleader.
    “I give her a week before someone finds her in her bathroom dead.” Another one sneered joining in.
    “Who’s up for a beat this lunch, tell her who the real queens in this school are?” the head cheerleader gave me a death glare as I quickly shot her a panicked look from the corner of my eye. f**k me.
    “Didn’t you know she’s Bob Bryar’s f**king girlfriend? He’ll skin you alive and beat you to death if you did anything!” A friend of the guy Bob had beaten up at the mall had overheard and quickly interrupted their conversation.
    “What like Kaitlynn’s boyfriend, look where that got him, look where that got her? I still bet she can’t take it anymore by the end of the week and pops her own clog, Bob Bryar or not.” One of cheerleaders looked over her shoulder at the girl before looking back at me with that fierce look in her eyes.
    If they wanna try anything let them, I’ll cut out those silicone puppies they call boobs and shave their f**king heads if they come near me. Wow I had a mean side to me… I never knew that! Of course knowing me I’d wuss out and get my butt kicked.
    “Why’d he want her shes a f**king no body?” the head cheerleader sneered.
    Sounds like someone’s jealous. My mind chuckled.
    “Hey cut her some slack shes pretty hot, look at that butt and those legs… I’d teach her a few tricks.” One of the jocks checked me out… sorry boys but this hot butt is for my boyfriend who would beat the poop out of you if he ever heard you say something like that again. Oh my mind voice isn’t only meanly aggressive but also confident.
    Okay I have seriously got to stop talking to myself!

    I sat next to Mikey and looked at what he was doodling, it was an eye… it was pretty good too!
    “Hey.” I smiled at him.
    “Hey?” he looked surprised as he turned to look at me. “I was totally right! I knew you were gonna be in my homeroom!”
    “Calm down Mike’s you’re kinda freaking me out.” I put my hand on his shoulder trying to keep him still.
    “Told you, you shouldn’t have given me that damn coffee!” He bounced.
    “Mikey did you know ‘I told you so’ had a big brother? It’s called Shut the hell up!” I chuckled… kinda stole that from Twilight that stole that from the Simpsons. I’m so glad Ray had convinced me to not only watch the movies but read the books just so I could say that line.... well maybe not... my brain got mashed into a pulp after the first movie and by the second book I was as bored as bums, I guess teen vampire romance novels don’t exactly float my boat. Plus you totally laughed when Bella got bit you freak! My mind laughed at me. Hey it’s true I found that part hilarious.
    We sat there for a little while slightly talking to each other before Mikey shot me a sudden question. “So you had the death wall appear yet?” he asked scratching his nose.
    “The what?” I looked at him confused.
    “When your mind speaks to you when bitches talk about you or you get mad... your mind just snarls angry stuff at you its kinda freaky.” He chuckled.
    “Wow, yeah I have it freaked me out at first but I kinda like it.” I was shocked but I couldn’t help but smirk to myself.
    “Just don’t take their poop, don’t listen to what they say, they don’t know poop.” Mikey gave me a stern look.
    “I believe you there... even though I kinda heard someone complement my butt.” I laughed turning back towards Mr Tyrer who had just called our names in reg.
    “Nice to know.” Mikey looked embarrassed.
    The bell rang and Mikey grabbed my elbow escorting me to science.

    It was constant remarks on Mikey not mentioning me; it kinda knocked me down a bit... Gee had said they didn’t forget me, I was beginning to think different. I was his twin! I mentioned Mikey all the time at school, he was one of the only reasons I wanted to get out of that poop whole so much! Well and Gee... and the fact that I still hadn’t watched all the friends episodes and I really wanted to find out if that Palo dick married Rachael.
    I had sat on my own in science and also in English, my teachers looked down at me but I was used to that, I can already tell I’m going to hate this place... at least I don’t have to live in it.
    I had already got catch up projects to complete and it was only just break.

    The bell rang and I didn’t rush to go, I sighed and packed away my new book and file of extension along with my other one. I was the last out, as soon as I saw Bob waiting for me leaning against the lockers on the left side of the door; I beamed the first smile since homeroom. He pulled me into a hug and I sighed into his chest taking in his perfect musky smell. I didn’t want to let him go but I eventually released my grip and he wrapped his arm around my waist walking me to his break spot.
    I noticed the stares and gasps coming from a few of the watchers and I couldn’t help but blush. Bob was so perfect.
    He seemed to be more protective in school than before, maybe it was his reputation or he was tough... tough enough to take that guy to the floor.
    We headed outside into the cold air and directed me to a tree where the guys were sat underneath it, Gerard with his sketch pad with Frankie over his shoulder watching him intently and Mikey and Ray both sat against the tree looking at each other whispering innocent conversations to each other both staring at their perfect faces.
    As we sat down my head rested against Bobs shoulder nestling in his neck, it was unbelievable how comftable he was... he was so soft and cuddly and I couldn’t resist wrapping my arms around him and pressing into him tightly.
    “I missed you.” I sighed kissing his neck.
    “I know, only two and a half hours without you and I felt like a part of me had died, now that I’ve got you I don’t want to let you go.” He whispered and planted a kiss softly on my lips.
    “Aww!” the guys chorused behind us.
    Bob gave them the finger before giving me a long tongue tied kiss.

    It wasn’t long before I was being prized away from Bob and escorted to my next lesson which was surprisingly Art.
    This wouldn’t be that bad... at least they can’t be meaner than my old teachers. “You devil child! There are no such things as vampires! You young lady will go to hell!” Sister Rowan bellowed in my ear... that was when I was 10 years old, I never drew anything like that after that, and I kept a sketchbook under my bed and drew my releases until I was found out and I hadn’t drawn anything like that since.
    I entered the class a bit edgy, everyone was already sat in their places and yet again I was placed at the back. Everyone looked at me like I had bird poop on my head, it freaked me out alot!
    I was told I could draw whatever I wanted and to my surprise I picked up the pencil and began to lightly sketch the outline of a rose.
    It was open and slightly dead. I was fascinated by death, blood and roses. I didn’t like normal red roses, I liked white roses or dyed black roses the stems entwined in ribbon and petals dotted with red like splatters of blood.

    I was taken in by drawing and I found my talent again, I found that break away. I knew why Gerard liked to draw so much but the difference was he could draw, I couldn’t.
    I was interrupted in my trance by someone tapping me on my shoulder. I turned around to see a girl with brown frizzy hair, blue eyes and pale skin. She looked nervous and small, about the same height as me.
    “Hey, I’m Alisha; you must be Rebecca-Bandit.” She held out her shaking hand.
    I took it. “Hey, yeah that’s me you can call me Rebandit though it’s in the middle. How’d you know my name?”
    “Oh Mikey told me, I used to sit by him in Religious studies you were all he talked about. He was right though you are really pretty.” She blushed, was this girl blind.
    “Nah I’m not, so what did Mikey tell you exactly?” I asked brushing off the fact she was turning bright red.
    “Oh...umm...just that you were in a catholic school and you were really beautiful and you had that adorable little mole under your eye. He also said you were really nice and we would get along.” She seemed to sway from side to side.
    “Oh, it was nice meeting you Alisha but I really have to finish this.” I gave her a small smile turning around as she turned to walk away.
    I had begun to concentrate again when I felt something over my shoulder. “That’s really good.” The voice startled me making me jump.
    “Oh my god you scared me, don’t sneak up on people like that.” I steadied myself before turning to look at her. I don’t know why but she was really beginning to piss me off.
    “Sorry, I’m just really interested in you.” She said it in a dream like state.
    Holy f**k what was that meant to mean!?... Okay Bee stop being so paranoid all she meant was she wanted to find about more about you. I had a funny feeling about this.
    Just in time the bell rang and I grabbed my stuff. “Oh I gotta go y’know languages.” I jumped up and ran out of class. For some reason I really didn’t like that girl, Mikey was wrong.

    As I walked down the corridor I was pushed and shoved surprised that no one had met me outside the door, I guess I needed to do this on my own, a few jocks looked me up and down and I gave them a repulsed look. Cheerleaders pushed and barged past almost knocking me over, I scowled at them as they flicked their hair and strutted off... why couldn’t Bob have a girl like them who had enough confidence to walk down a corridor not looking at their feet or focusing not to trip over and make a fool of themselves?
    I sat in class I had a feeling I was being watched and I didn’t like it... I was suddenly very panicked and over paranoid.
    Half way through I had a note passed from behind me. ‘Hey I’m Kaitlynn, I’m in your homeroom don’t listen to those douches you look pretty awesome to me!’ I read the note before turning it over and scribbling on the other side.
    ‘I’m Bee, nice to err meet you? I say the same about you, you sound pretty cool, whatever went on with your boyfriend or sumut just ignore them, they are just plastic.’ I flung it over my shoulder hoping it landed on her desk.
    It was a while after when I got my reply on a new piece of paper with doodles on it. ‘Yeah I know, I think you should ignore them or you might just end up like I am... a nobody... Btw- My boyfriend killed himself.’
    I felt all the air burst in my lungs; I hadn’t noticed I was holding my breath... all I could reply was ‘I’m sorry.’ And the notes stopped.

    It came to lunch and all I wanted was to see Bob, I rushed outside hoping to see him waiting for me, nope. I began to walk through the corridors again figuring my way around.
    Again I was pushed and shoved, people sneered names and poked me making comments about my appearance.
    I was walking to the classroom I recognised as homeroom to work my way from there when I was grabbed and shoved against a locker. “Hey gorgeous.” The jock smirked making me afraid as f**k. “Why are you walking the corridors all by yourself, don’t you know it’s dangerous?” he smirked his face getting closer.
    “Get off me you pathetic butthole!” I snarled squirming.
    “You kiss with that mouth?” he purred and edged in closer.
    “f**k you!” I spat at him. Oh poop. I quickly made my get away running as fast as I ever f**king could and outside to the tree we sat under at break.
    I hid behind it watching the jock walk out rubbing his face off before turning around and marching off smashing another kid against a locker.
    My back ached and I was really freaking out... I was not meant for this place.
    (Continues next post)
  13. (Continued)

    The guys had finally found me claiming they were looking everywhere for me, I shrugged it off and sat there with my head on my hand that was propped up by my elbow on my knee.
    This school is f**ked up... weird girls and try it on jocks... I don’t think I will make it through the end of the year at this rate... I just pray to god that no more poop happens.
    I was still sat there lazily, Bob trying to get me to eat and Mikey looking at me in worry. I kept telling them I wasn’t hungry but they ignored me.

    We were then interrupted by a tall shadow blocking the light; I looked up to see the jerk of a jock towering over me. He had that smirk and all my mind could comprehend was, oh f**k.
    “Why you hanging out with these losers?” he snarled and I jumped up getting ready to spit again.
    “These ‘losers’ are my friends! So don’t talk poop about them or I’ll cut your f**king throat!” I screamed at him realising all my anger and worries that were building up and twisting round and round inside me like and elastic band being stretched to its limit... I had finally snapped.
    “Okay jeez, I was only asking.” He jumped back in defence.
    I could feel everyone look at me. “What’s it got to you?” my top lip curled up.
    “It’s just that you are way to pretty to be hanging around with these f**king fags... why don’t you come and sit with me?” he had that stupid smirk on his face again.
    I couldn’t take this! “f**k you! Don’t you ever call them fags again! You don’t know poop! You don’t know me or my family! So back the hell off!” I was fuming my fists clenching and they turned white as I squeezed so slight I thought the bones would break through the skin at any second... ha ha... Like wolverine.
    “Fine, I don’t wanna be seen with you f**king wh**e!” he snarled looking offended as he turned away.
    At those words I froze.
    Then I saw Bob fly at him, knocking him to the ground and trampling on him positioning himself like he had done in the mall. He held the jocks collar almost choking him.
    Not so tough now pretty boy. The voice in the back of my head returned.
    “Don’t you ever talk about my girlfriend like that again; didn’t your coach ever tell you not to turn your back on the enemy? You stay away from her! Or I swear to f**king god I will beat you to a slow and painful death and all your butthole football gang will just stand and watch your pussy butt get kicked!” Bob snarled making the jock shake in fear and nod.
    “I’m sorry Bob I didn’t know she was your girlfriend, I’ll back off I promise, just watch out shes hot.” He looked at me and winked.
    Bob swung his fist back to hit him before deciding not to and drag the jock up by his collar and push him away.
    “Now f**k off Sam!” he snarled and we watched the scared jock return to patrol the hallways.
    Bob turned to me with a smile to match mine on his face. He pulled me into a close hug and I lifted my head up from his chest to kiss his jaw.
    He lowered his head to look down at me and as I titled my head up our lips met and fireworks exploded in front of my eyes, all I could see was stars and the rest of my mind blurred over. Every time Bob kissed me over the past 6 weeks we’ve been together my mind has always been like that. Even when it was on the cheek or on the head I could feel his lips linger for longer than they planned and leave the skin tingling at the touch, the skin was hot under it and blood filled my cheeks.
    My hands flew to the back of his neck pressing him closer but we pulled our heads away just staring into each other’s perfect eyes.
    “I won’t let them hurt you, I promise.” He whispered as his fingertips slightly brushed over my cheek and he cupped my face pulling me back into a kiss.
    I sighed against his lips and I got that fluttering tingling in the pit of my stomach and the feeling of numbness as my heartbeat quickened.
    I can make it through the day knowing I had this whenever I wanted, he was all mine,

    All through the last lesson, Math, my mind was off in the clouds. All I could think about was that annoying jock and the other 6 that had also tried something on with me.
    But what thought really entered my mind was Kurt, my friend in Newark that supplied me with my weekly stash and was my weekly phone call, I had told him I would give him the money for my stuff he sent me and I still hadn’t. Maybe I didn’t have to stop my weekly supplies; maybe I could just change them for something stronger. But how will I get there? I was taking lessons but I haven’t got a test yet... I don’t even have a car... I’d just have to walk.
    What am I thinking!? Why do you think you need to take drugs Bee!? You are happy! You have stopped harm and pills even alcohol! You have changed, you don’t need it anymore, you promised Gee you would help Bob... are you really gonna be able to help him if you’re stoned!?
    Maybe Bob didn’t have to find out or Gerard... everyone will be happy then.
    If I could get away with it at my old school I could get away with it now... and soon, the feeling of guilt in not giving him his money and also the feeling of desperation for a little more high.

    2 days later and I was still thinking about those drugs... I had the money stuffed in my pocket and it was ready for him... I was going to walk there after school and just hope no one follows me.
    Kaitlynn: Hey... So your character is in this chapter and she is like kinda a loner 'cus of her boyfriend... amybe we might hear more from her soon. :whistling:
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    Yes, I absolutely love the role. :$:
    I 'm kinda curious to see what more comes from her. :D
    I'm sorta a loner too, so its perfect.

    Those jocks. v_v
    And the cheerleaders.
    They would definately get on my nerves.

    I was holding my breath during that whole note passing thing, by the way.
    I'd probably end up like my character if my boyfriend killed himself too.

    Well, I've gotta go, cake time. :^_^:
  15. Chapter 19

    I have taken a little break at writing for abit I've gotten to Chapter 28 (I think) and I may not be updating as quick as I used to... My new Fic is up and I have still got to write the next chapter... I'm also writing some one-shots that I will try to post nearer to the end of October ... as one is very special... I'm really stressed at the moment too and it's just that I really have alot to handle right now... so this is just quickly saying I wont be updating very often and if you dont hear back from me thats why.


    Kaitlynn: As much as I love your character she wont be apearing alot, I needed someone to write more on so that Bee could maybe see that high school isnt the best of things when you are different to others. I definatly have something planned for her tohugh, it might not be yet but in future.
    I live in England so we dont have Jocks or Cheerleaders but the 'Chavs' and popular kids are like really mean! :unsure:
    It's kinda mean BUT ever since I started high school me any my group of mates always get stuff thrown at us... once I had a slice of pizza thrown at me and it wouldnt come out my hair and I had to spend all day with it in my hair and that sucked! and the other day we had rocks thrown at us! and apples! :swear2: :(
    I guess we are kinda used to it....

    We are doing essays and assesments in my current school classes which I find VERY boring BUT now we have one to create a story called 'The Outsider'... guess what came into my head? -THIS! - It may effect my grades but it's kinda gonna be a very simpler version of the story! I'M EXCITED! :lol:

    okay Chapter 19!
    Chapter 19

    P.O.V Frank

    In those 3 days of school we had no one dare to come near us and I was glad, Bee and Bob were like body guards.
    Gee had told me, one night lay together in bed trying to warm ourselves up, that Bee was just getting over self harm, I could see she had changed to that night she was first revealed to us, Gee had told me she came through the door drunk looking stoned and blood seeping through her cardigan... I’m glad I didn’t see that Bee and that she cleaned up before meeting us.
    She was happy, she was with Bob, and she had found love.

    It was that 3rd day I questioned that for a moment, she had declined getting in Gee or Bobs car to drive home instead she insisted on walking home, I could see a tear in her eyes and she shook her head as if trying to forget something.

    We returned to the Way house which was basically my home and I instantly ran upstairs to Gerard’s bedroom without explanation.
    I jumped on his soft bed and lay completely back, it felt so amazing under my touch. I could feel the soft covers under my hands and the back of my neck, my whole body just seemed to melt into the bed and I closed my eyes remembering the beautiful feeling of nothing but cool and silk.
    It had been a long time since I had lay back like this on my own, it gave me time to think things over in my life and straighten up all the knots in my head... I didn’t have many knots anymore, I had to thank Bee as she was the one who really helped, and she helped Gee though she may not know it. Ever since she came home Gee has been happy, super happy, it made me jealous but I knew she had been missing for a long time.

    My own problems were the key to my knots... my mom has a new boyfriend, Matt, he is 21! 5 f**king years older than me! I’m not even 17 yet! The thing is I can’t go home anymore, he won’t let me home, bastard, I guess I’m lucky to have such a caring most beautiful boyfriend in the world to curl up at night with.
    Every few weeks we have to have a ‘Family meeting’ which is really my mom and her boyfriend inviting my family over to talk when all they do is grope and judge me on being gay. They didn’t like me at all; they said I was trash and ‘unclean’ to them.
    f**k them!
    Make it through the week is all I have to do before I can be home, my problem was that I was running out of clothes and my phone has been ran out of battery for the past 2 weeks, I might have to sneak my way in if I have to... just please to god make sure I don’t walk in on them doing it.

    It wasn’t long before I heard a light pair of footsteps enter the room, I felt slightly like I shouldn’t be on his bed or even in his room without asking him or him inviting me in.
    I didn’t open my eyes or move I just waited for the person I was certain was Gee to speak.
    It wasn’t long before I heard footsteps creep up closer and lean over me bringing lips to mine.
    I pressed my lips against his tighter and my hand caressed the back of his neck pulling him fully onto the bed next to me.
    “I thought you were asleep, you looked so peaceful I didn’t want to wake you if you were.” He whispered against my cheek.
    “Sometimes I like to just lay here and think about things... about my mom or you or the guys... or Matt...” I trailed off not wanting to get into the subject of what happened last week when I went home.
    Matt had punched me in the ribs as I was about to talk to my mom stopping me and pointing me to my room, when I returned downstairs he continued first a kick in the shin then as I fell to the floor he repeated all over my body except my face, instead he slapped me (a really girly one too) and scratched just above my eye. When I came back to the Way house (which I now call home) Gee had fixed me up and promised he wouldn’t let him hurt me anymore, he can’t do that to me.
    “You don’t need to think about him anymore I’m here, and you don’t need to worry about me anymore, I’m fine. I may not say I’m fine alot but I am, I couldn’t be happier. I’ve just gotten out of a depression and it’s all thanks to you.” He stroked my hair and slowly caressed my cheek.
    “Don’t thank me, thank yourself, you made it Gee. We made it through this and we are going to stay strong.” I knew I had done nothing but comfort him and persuade him to stop or not do anything stupid.
    “I know baby I know, I promise you I will never get like that again.” He placed his head on my shoulder and stared his eyes transfixing on the small piece of paper stuck to the ceiling.
    ‘We made it’ I had scribbled onto that piece of paper and stuck it to the ceiling... I knew that one day it would come in use.
    “Gee, are you still taking your antidepressants?” I asked eyes still fixed on the paper.
    “No. I stopped for you, it was so hard but I had Bee back and it was so much easier before I was complete, I had you, Mikey, Bee and the Guys that’s all I needed, I guess in a way I knew she would come home, ‘cus the weeks before Bee returned I had dreams and I drew this girl. I had no clue who she was until I remembered and I looked into the eyes I had drawn and saw her, I knew she was coming back to me, I could feel it in my veins.” his arm ran up and down mine.
    “I love you.” I sighed and turned on my side to face him.
    He copied and our eyes met and locked hollowing into each other. “I love you too.” He smiled and our lips met.
    When we broke apart I couldn’t help but let my mind release. “I never thought being in love with someone so perfect, handsome and so caring would be so amazing, you are the most amazing boyfriend and I don’t deserve you.” I curled into his side and stared at our entwined hands on our chest.
    “No, you deserve someone that can take care of you... maybe even someone who your mom will like.” Gerard frowned and my smile instantly turned into a frown.
    “Now you listen to me and listen good... you have done everything for me, it is so hard to word how amazingly perfect you are because you are so much more, you are worth the world to me Gee, I don’t care what my mom thinks or her shitty boyfriend... you are my Gee and I love you.” I looked him in the eyes and attacked his lips with a kiss to pull away minutes later and resting my head back on his chest.
    “My beautiful Frankie, I love you too so f**king much.” He sighed in relief.

    P.O.V- Rebandit

    I couldn’t bring it to myself to go to find my friend, I had settled in the park I knew well from a child. I sat under the slide huddled into a ball thinking... I need my Bob.
    I needed Bob to come and sit with me and snap me out of my day dream and current thoughts. Things were playing on my mind alot, Kaitlynn was she gonna be okay? Alisha was she a f**king stalker? I had not only noticed the sore cuts on Kaitlynns arms but I had also noticed the bouncing curly haired girl that followed me around school... I needed Bob more than ever. To tell me everythings okay, to kiss me, to touch me, to hold me tight... to make me feel that jolt of electricity pulse though me.
    I looked around the empty park, just how I remembered it.
    I remember when we were little Mikey and I would run around after school, Gee would sit in the sandbox building castles then destroying them, we would swing back and forth on the swings and jump up and down on the merry-go-round just for the hell of it. Then if things got a bit too bad or rough with the other kids I would sit here under the slide.
    Gee would usually join me and we would just sit and play noughts and crosses with a rock on the tar. We would be safe there and Mikey would always end up running up to us his knees turning inwards as he stood in front of us and he would scrunch up his shirt as he asked us to play.
    We would have hours of fun and we could finally be ourselves running riot, we could be little kids.
    Until someone came to pick us up, mostly our dad who would grab me by the arm and pull us all away saying we were dirty and little girls don’t play in the dirt.
    All I could remember were those rare occasions I was aloud in the park where I would sit under the slide all the time we were there just watching the guys play with tears in my eyes.

    P.O.V Frank

    It was getting late, it was almost 2 hours after we let Bee walk home... it only to 15 minutes to get from school to the house... something was up and the house house was on edge every now and then threatening they would go and look but then decline and say they wanted to stay in case she showed up.
    I had to leave, my mom called and wanted me home, my Nan was coming over and Matt was out of town. I love my Nan she total adored Gee and she was totally cool with me being gay.
    I don’t know but I think tonight may be the night I don’t come back to the Way house in the morning with bruises.
    Kinda short I dont know.... my mind isnt with it so it isnt very good :(
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    Oh, okay! Thats okay with me, as long as she shows up at least a couple times. xD

    There aren't many jocks or cheerleaders yet as far as I know. But I'm home schooled until next year (which is high school). So.
    Thats rude of them, but, y'know, its like.. a food chain. The kids at the top think they can pick on the ones 'lower down.' Its idiotic, and just plain barbaric, but, we gotta learn to live with it.

    Now to the update;
    The bed sounds like f**kin' heaven.
    Frank's mom's boyfriend is a bastard.
    Gerard and frank are just adorable.
    Frankie's Nan's coming! Do we get to meet her? :^_^:

    Bee, good. Thank you for stopping in the park and not going to find Kurt.
    Alisha is a f**king stalker. :eek: does she have a thing for Bee!? Oh, she probably does!
    Aw. The memories of Mikes, Gee, and Bee playing in the park.
    And Mikey's adorably awkward knees! Awwww!
  17. Kaitlynn: Alisha (real life) is my best friend x she is awesome x She isnt as creepy as I make her out to be but apearance wise she looks like a teen female version of Ray :mosh: I dont know about Alisha yet... may not hear form her for a while...but might pop up some time.
    Franks nan wasnt originaly in the story line... BUT as you have gave me a bit of inspiration I shall quickly note a few pointers and write a short chapter :yes:
    :rockon: :wub:
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    Oh, cool!
    Ooh, well, now I'm all proud of myself! ^_^
    I rarely can get people to post a chapter thatI inspired. Lol.
  19. Chapter 20

    I'm updating! here is chapter 20 for you guys.:tongue:
    Inspired by Kaitlynn x :$:
    I hope you like it as some of it is in Rays P.O.V for a change! :w00t:
    Chapter 20

    P.O.V Frank

    I got home in time that my Nan had just arrived and was just settling into the couch when I walked through the door beaming at her, I ignored the snarls and stares as I walked over and sat next to my fragile Nan. “Hey, Nonna, when did you get so ravishing?” I played with her sweater sleeve twisting the soft red cotton with my fingers.
    “Frankie when did you get so handsome?” she replied stroking my hair making me feel so warm inside.
    “It’s taken a long time to perfect this handsomeness.” I joked back dramatically.
    “Frank get up those stairs!” my mom’s bellowing voice came from the kitchen making me jump.
    I frowned and did as she said; I looked around the room and saw my auntie and Matt staring at me disapprovingly.
    I lightly tapped my Nans hand and stood up, looking at her with fear in my eyes as I saw Mat move from his position and closer towards me.
    “Go now kid! I will deal with you in a minute.” Matt glared at me and I whimpered giving one last look towards my weak mini saviour. I ran to the stairs and then up them and towards my dark black room with walls covered in photographs and band posters.
    I sighed and sat on my bed. Things are changing, sometimes they never used to do anything in front of my Nan only shout a little bit if I brought up Gerard... but now it seems as if I have no family.
    I lay back on my bed and stared up at the ceiling above me where in Gee’s handwriting he had written ‘You say I’m beautiful and you love my smile but I smile because you’re beautiful and you’re mine.’
    To me it made sense but to others it confused them.... I can’t really explain it without sounding cheesy but I guess it doesn’t have to make sense if it’s love.

    My thoughts were interrupted by the well known slam of my door opening and hitting against the wall. I sat up waiting.
    “Hey Fag, Frankie Fag, Faggy Frank... screw that boyfriend of yours recently?” he smirked but looked angry.
    “Stop.” I whispered without thinking.
    “Don’t you dare speak to me like that!” he snarled and punched me across the face smacking me off the bed and onto the floor with a thump.
    “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” I whimpered clutching my left cheek he had punched in a heavy force.
    “Sorry for being gay? A fag? A fag like your dad? Sorry for being born?” he snapped his voice becoming the loudest I had heard him shout with company. “For messing you your mom’s life, for chasing your father away, for being a freak... why can’t you be a normal kid?” he spat.
    He was towering over me raising his fist to connect it with my jaw and pulling back his leg to give me a fast kick at the same time, he released and repeated.
    Until a suck in of breath from the door way distracted him, “Back away from my grandson, Matt, because I swear if you touch one more hair on his head your balls will be chopped off with rusty garden shears got it!” her surprising voice made the angry man step back.
    I looked through sore eyes to the door where I saw my grandma stood with anger in her eyes.
    Matt walked away from me and scowled, his fist was clenched tightly leaving the room with a venomous. “Not gonna have nanny to protect you next time, you wait, you’ll pay for being a f**king fag just like your f**king dad. You wait you’ll pay. BIG TIME!” and he disappeared down the stairs followed by the sound of the TV blearing to block everything out, even my mom’s angry shouts up the stairs and telling my Nan to return.

    I pulled myself off the floor and slumped on my bed, this wasn’t the worst and I was lucky I wasn’t in a lot of pain like I usually am and that all I’d get is a black eye.
    She joined me and pulled me to her lifting my face up to see my eye. “This is not the first time he’s done this to you is it?” she asked with a sigh.
    “Can we just forget it?” I asked through a gulp as my throat felt raw and dry.
    “Okay, so how’s Gerard doing?” she asked changing the subject. That’s a reason I loved her, she wouldn’t linger on anything, just like when I grew into the ‘punk’ ‘emo’ style and when I came out of the closet leaving Aslan and my other half gay half animal friends... Mr. Tumnus wasn’t as fun as I thought he would be. Oh f**k my mental jokes with myself are getting worse! Must be because I’m back at school and I’ve had the fun drained out of me... apart from bathroom fun- nudge nudge wink wink.
    “Good, alot better since his sister came home.” I smiled remembering the instant lift I saw when he introduced us... after dealing with drunken Bee and sobering her up a bit... actually alot as that night she didn’t act at all drunk that Gee explained she was like when she came in.
    “Oh really, you didn’t mention he had a sister where was she?” she asked shuffling on my uncomftable bed.
    “They put her in a catholic boarding school when she was 8, they finally had enough of her and chucked her out, she is really nice Nan and no trouble. And boy is she beautiful, she really is, it’s like Gerard and Mikey, if I was straight boy...” I trailed off realising I was getting a little over the top.
    “Too much information Frankie, but I bet she is really pretty, can I meet her?” she looked excited.
    “I don’t know, we’ve kinda lost her.” I sniffled feeling as if I should have stayed or gone out looking for her.
    “Lost her, where would she go, why would she just disappear?” she looked confused but the snapped out of it seeing that I was having doubts on coming home “I’m sure she’ll be fine my lovely.” She pressed a kiss to my forehead and laid me back cuddling me in a hug on the bed.
    “Bee is just Bee.” I sighed and started to fall asleep against her.

    P.O.V Ray

    Bee wasn’t home yet and everyone was worried, Frank had gone home and Gerard was panic station. We had no clue where she would be, she didn’t have a cell phone and she didn’t go out to know anyone.
    Bob was nagging me he was shouting and traipsing back and forth. I had to do something!
    Mikey and I were sat on the couch my head in his lap; he sat twirling my curls with his finger and biting his nails with his other hand. It felt so soothing and bouncy but it didn’t rest my agitated thoughts and my worry.
    “I’m worried babe.” He sighed leaning down to kiss my forehead. He had never called me babe before but I liked it.
    “I know sweetie so am I, we all are.” My hand stroked his arm.
    “Why doesn’t she have a cell phone? We know Jersey is the local slaughter house! She could be anywhere! Why the f**k hasn’t she got a cell?!” Bob shouted pacing back and forth in the hall.
    “Because we f**ked up a little in personal shopping, now stop pacing you look retarded and maybe go look for her!” Gerard shouted back growing agitated at how he didn’t have his Frank and that how no one had already gone out looking for her... you could see it in his eyes.
    I looked at them both and their eyes were on fire like they were gonna start world war f**king three!
    “I’ve got a f**king headache thanks to all of you shouting!” Mikey raised his voice stopping from twirling my curls to rubbing the bridge of his nose.
    “Oh my f**king god I can’t believe you guys! If no one else is going to go look for her then I will! Juro por Deus se não fosse por mim nada poderia ser feito por aqui!” I got from Mikeys lap and stormed out the door, it seriously annoyed me that no one had done anything... this was their sister and girlfriend... Ishould have started looking sooner. I got so angry that I even spoke Portuguese something I hadn’t done in a long time.
    I stormed out to my car in the driveway and almost jumped in listening to the guys calling me. “Wait Ray sorry! We didn’t mean to get you mad!” Mikey called.
    I wasn’t listening to them; I pulled out the drive way in my old second hand Volvo and headed to the place I would go... to the place she may only remember. The park.

    Growing up in Jersey isn’t the safest place, the park wasn’t always the safest place to leave your kid but the Way’s were always left there for hours in the dangers of the streets. Of course my devoting mom would always watch over us, it was unsafe and she knew she had to watch them. It would be weekly we would find a body in the park or in the lake, I was afraid to go sometimes but I knew it was my escape and I could run and play with Gerard, my best friend.
    Mikey was always by himself or looking after Bee, we were all so young and innocent back then... no one knew where we’d turn out. Rebandit to catholic boarding school, Gerard artistic and shy, and Mikey and I going from friends to boyfriends... nope... no one would have thought.
    I guess we have changed alot but the only thing that doesn’t change is our hiding place, Mikey will always be the skinny, tall, awkward kneed dreamer who is obsessed in comics and coffee, Gerard will always be the shy, button nosed story teller, twinkle eyed artist who has an obsession with death and bats, I will always be the frizzy haired thinker who only wants best for the people I love... and Rebecca- Bandit will always be Bee, the shy insecure listener, lost in her world, completely eccentric without the childhood she always wanted, who will always be a child at heart.

    I came closer to her weeping frame under the slide; I knew she would be there... I knew she would return to her den.
    Under that slide was our bible... it was covered in crayon drawings she had drawn when we first came here... each one a different story.
    It was still light out; a few kids looked at me when I sat next to her under the slide.
    “Hey, I knew I’d find you here.” I smiled when she turned to look at me with a crayon in her hand.
    “This is the only place I know, it’s close to home but far enough to disappear, I’m surprised you found me.” she chuckled.
    “You may think I hardly speak or do anything anymore but I can sense things and I can remember you Rebandit, I know you are still that little kid inside... I also know something is up that you’ve been crying... that’s why you’ve got tearstains on your cheeks and sore eyes... tell me what’s wrong.” I shuffled up closer looking at the tar she had drawn on.
    “Ray-ray, I’m so messed up.” She sniffled laughing slightly as she whipped her nose. “I’m too chicken to go see a guy I’ve been in contact with for 2 years, I have to find him Ray, back in that school... I did some shitty things and I need to pay for them.” She sniffled.
    “Pay for them in what way? What happened?” I asked knowing she wouldn’t tell me unless I spoke soon.
    “Not in that way Ray, I have to give the guy money, back in school I used to get the guy to send me alcohol and drugs seeing as I never went out and they wouldn’t let me buy them anyway.” She just stared at the crayon in her hand.
    “So you took drugs?” I asked shocked, I knew she liked alcohol but I didn’t know about drugs.
    “Yep a whole lot of ‘em, my roommate would join me once in a while but she actually had a life... it’s just on my mind all the time Ray, I have to give his guys the money to say thank you or to at least pay him for all the trouble he’s gone through.” She sobbed slightly.
    “Don’t worry Bee-cake when the time is right you will, now what did you draw exactly?” I asked looking at the scribble of lines and swirls.
    “I was playing noughts and crosses with myself.” We both laughed.

    My cell began to vibrate furiously in my pocket and I answered it as it was Mikey on the caller I.D.
    “Yellope?” I answered.
    “Where the f**k are you? I’m worried sick, first Bee now you! I’m so sorry about the guys and neither of us going to look for her we really are.” Mikey almost shouted at me through the phone.
    “I’ve found her don’t worry, we’ll be back soon just give us some time, okay?” I asked pleading.
    “Okay, I’m so glad you found her and make sure you both are home soon. I love you.” He sounded as if he was smiling.
    “Okay I love you, bye.” I smiled snapping the phone shut.

    I looked at Rebandit who was staring at me like I had an octopus on my head. I tried to avoid blushing but it came out naturally.
    “Did you come in the car?” she asked snapping out her mini world of imagination.
    “Yes why?” I asked stunned to this question.
    “Can you do me a big favour?” she asked her whole frame shaking slightly.
    “Depends what it is.” I smirked.
    “Could you maybe drive me to this place please?” she asked handing me a piece of note paper with an address scribbled on the front of it.
    “Sure.” I knew where that was... it was the old warehouses.
    “Thank you.” She smiled and I helped her up, I gave her a small hug and we walked to my car.
    Ray was speaking Portuguese By the way he said I swear to God if it were not for me nothing could be done around here!
    I hope... I havent really checked as I dont 100% speak the language but I know enough. :$:
    I shall update when I can :)
  20. I guess technically, i'm a new reader :)
    and i do really like this story, i think that it's nice of bee to want to repay her old friend...but i hope he doesn't get her to take any more drugs...
    And alisha doesn't really seem that creepy to me, just a bit shy and lonely...maybe bee's just being paranoid :)

    keep writing, and keep running!

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