Tell The Truth And God Will Save You (killjoy fiction)

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    i love this story deathshineXD, i was nervous about what people would think of my story. what will happen next?
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    Thankyou Static Scream! I have read your story but my mum made me get off my laptop before i could comment. I was waiting for someone to comment on this story before i posted the next chapter, so now someone has commented, here is the chapter! Yay

    Chapter 7: Asha
    We all waited for Mikey to say something. Ray had walked to the door, leaning against the frame for support and loosening his armour beneath his shirt, breathing deeply. His armour was probably dented too, and restricting his breathing.

    “He’s alive,” said Mikey, and we all exhaled in relief.
    Over the last three days Asha had seen the others all take charge at least once but it was clear that Gerard was the leader. They would have been lost without him.
    Me too, I realised. I’m part of this group now as well…

    “…so I think the force of the shot might have broken his jaw,” Mikey was saying as she zoned back in. “I’ve loosened the plates on his neck but I really reckon we need to skedaddle before more Dracs show up, they know we’re here, I’m sure of it…”

    “Okay,” said Frank. “Let’s blow this joint then.”

    Mikey holstered his gun, and, throwing his brother’s arm around his shoulders, hoisted him to his feet. Frank replaced his gun too and went to Gerard’s other side. Ray was already at the Trans-am , opening the doors and starting the engine. Asha fell back, covering her friends’ backs, and they started towards the car.

    They had barely taken three steps when a calm female voice boomed out from hidden speakers.

    “Intruder alert. Intruder alert. Five trespassers have entered the facility, ground floor. They are very dangerous. Shoot to kill. Intruder alert. Intruder alert…”

    “f**k,” said Frank, and they ran to the car.

    Already the sounds of running footsteps and ray gun fire had began behind them. Asha ran too, shooting over her shoulder. She turned forward, aware of how close she was to the car, the engine started and the guys yelling, “Hurry Asha! C’mon!” She was less than ten metres from the car-

    The force of the bullet which struck her right leg caused her to fly forward and land on her knees. Conscious of how close the Dracs were now, still firing, she struggled to her feet and took a few shaky steps forward, feeling blood pouring down from the wound on her thigh.

    Then suddenly, as if from nowhere, Mikey was standing beside her. In one effortless motion, he scooped her into his arms and ran towards the car, ducking shots. Seeing them coming, Ray started the car and it had began rolling forward. They were only a metre away but the Dracs were very close.

    Mikey leapt through the open door on the driver’s side and Ray floored the gas. Frank leant out the window, shooting madly at the Draculoids and laughing.

    “Freedom, bitches!” he screamed joyfully, the Dracs falling back as they sped past the boom gates, now unoccupied as the Dracs that were there before had been run over by Gerard.

    Inside the car Asha was leaning back, gripping her leg, her eyes closed. Slowly she opened her eyes.

    “Thanks for saving me,” she whispered. “I thought I was a goner for sure. You were really brave.”

    Mikey blushed slightly. “Hey, you’re one of us now. I’d go back for any one of you. Now lets look at your leg.”

    She shook her head, struggling to sit up properly. “N-no,” she said, “I’ll heal Gee first, his injuries are w-worse than mine…”

    “No!” cried Mikey, “Worry about yourself for once! C’mon, we’ve gotta bandage that or something…there’s blood everywhere.”

    “I’m a fast healer!” replied Asha. “I’ll just wrap my bandana around it -- “

    “OKAY!!” yelled Ray, making everyone jump. “I’m over this now! Gerard’s out, so I’M making the decisions! Frank, get inside. You can shoot Dracs later when they follow us ‘cause no doubt they’re gonna start a chase. For now, though, you can take off Gee’s armour and see if his jaw is broken. Mikey, help Asha take of her armour and tend to her leg. Everyone know what their doing? Good!”

    A silence greeted Ray’s words. Frank finally spoke.

    “I don’t like it when your in charge. It’s weird…” he said, leaning forward to Gerard, who was in the passenger seat in front of him. Ray sighed.

    Asha smiled. It was going to be an interesting ride.
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    Well finally you updated! :)
    Hehe Go Emi!!! <3
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    Lol, i told you when someone commented i would post :)
    Thankyou Tiarna :p have some imaginary skittle cupcakes. *gives skittle cupcake*
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    Imaginary skittle cupcakes!
    Can't wait to go to supanova with ya <3
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    im glad that gee is alive and the killjoys got out safley. more soon??? and btw thank you for the comment on my story, im glad i have another reader, an i hope u like it :)
    *gives puppy dog eyes*
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    Thankyou Tiarna and Static Scream for posting :) *gives more skittle cupcakes* I love your story Static, i've posted more now.
    Btw, the updates will start to get a little slower now, i am no longer prepared :cool:

    Ray’s POV
    Later that night
    Ray sighed, watching the road. It was dark, and dangerous at night in the Californian wilderness. He was tired, but he wasn’t going to stop driving. Not until he’d had put the desert between us and them.

    The drive hadn’t been too hectic. They had done what he’d told them to- and once Asha’s leg was bandaged by Mikey(which had been quite a process as they had to make Asha’s skinny-leg jeans into shorts just to reach the wound. This she had not been happy about; she didn't have any other jeans) she'd leant forward to inspect Gerard and told them he not only had a broken jaw, but also a broken collarbone and it was restricting his breathing greatly.

    She healed him without to much difficultly and he now slept comfortably, not having woken up yet. Then she healed Frank, Mikey and himself. She then leant back and promptly passed out with her head on Mikey’s shoulder. They were followed by Draculoids a short part of the way, but a quick fire-fight left their message that they did not want to be followed.

    Ray stared forward, humming quietly and tapping the wheel. He jumped somewhat when he heard someone stir behind him – everyone had fallen asleep hours ago.

    “Where we at?” whispered Asha.

    “We’re on our way to Dr D’s hideout,” explained Ray. “We’re gonna catch up with Grace and the others there.”

    “Okay,” replied Asha. She paused slightly, then said, “I would offer to drive so you can get some rest, but I don’t know how. Sorry Ray… I wish I could be more helpful.”

    “You can’t drive?!” asked Frank, displaying his consciousness. “Why’s that? Your what…21? Shouldn’t you know how to drive by now?”

    “I don’t really know how old I am,” she said, smiling gently. “And I don’t know how because where I grew up…well, there wasn’t much access to driving instructors or lessons.”

    “Well we get to the Doctor’s place we’re gonna teach you,” said Mikey, also awake now. “Ray, you wanna pull over? One of us can take it from here.”

    “Nah,” said Ray. He turned his head slightly so he could see Asha and the others out of the corner of his eye. “Could you drive after this? I need to ask Asha something first.”

    When Asha answered, she sounded curious. “What is it…?”

    “It’s about your healing.” Understanding dawned on her face. “Why do I get that weird feeling every time you do it?”

    “Didn’t I tell you this before?” asked Asha blankly. They all shook their heads, listening intently. The others obviously knew the feeling too.

    “Wow,” said Asha. “Sorry ‘bout that. I really thought I told you. Well the healing thing…” she was quiet for a second, struggling to find the right words to explain it. “Healing is a positive thing. And I don’t jut healing the body, I can heal the mind and the soul too. So the feeling or mental image you experience is the happiest you’ve ever had…for children its often something simple like the hug of a parent but for older people...well, most of the time it’s a little dirtier.” She finished cheekily.

    “Well that explains a lot,” said Frank, with a perverted grin. Mikey rolled his eyes. He looked at Ray.

    “What’d you feel, Ray? I know it freaked you out cause you don’t speak your mind much.”

    Ray paused, remembering. It felt kinda personal, but he was curious to know if Mikey had felt the same. He didn’t want to know what Frank had felt, though. So when Ray spoke he directed his words to Mikey.

    “Christa.” He said, blushing slightly but at the same time fighting the overwhelming sadness that was engulfing his heart and threating to pull him under. “We’re just lying next to each other. That’s all.” He sighed. “You?”

    Mikey sighed too. “Same, but Alicia. Just her face. That’s all I saw.”
    It was quiet in the car for a few minutes, but momentarily Asha spoke. She had the air of someone treading very lightly.

    “Uh…I don’t want to…to intrude, but who are Christa and Alicia…?”

    It was quiet for a bit longer. Ray could practically hear Asha mentally kicking herself for asking the question at all, so he answered for her sake.

    “They were our wives.” I said bluntly.

    “Oh,” Asha paused, then realised what Ray had said said. “Were…?”

    “They were killed,” muttered Mikey, “When BLI first came to power. They were a warning to us who weren’t taking the pills. They took pictures of their bodies, put them on the TV, the internet…it was awful. But the ones who were taking the pills didn’t care, cause that’s the point of them, to stop caring.”

    Asha looked on the verge on tears. “Did they get… your wife too Frank? Do you have a wife? Does Gee?”

    “Yeah, I have a wife,” said Frank. “Jamia. We have twin daughters. She’s in hiding at the moment, I don’t want her or my kids hanging around with us. We’re too dangerous. And Gerard did have a wife and a kid too. Lyn-Z and Bandit. But no one knows what happened to them, or where they are.”

    It was quiet in the car for the longest time. Frank was the first to speak again.

    “Okay, Ray, pull over. You’ve been driving since seven and it’s one now.”
    “How do you know it’s one? We don’t have clocks,” asked Ray, pulling over to the side of the road and unbuckling his seatbelt.

    “The one o’clock droop in your hair.” replied Frank, grinning slightly. Ray rolled his eyes and got out of the car. He swapped spots with Frank, who started up the engine. Before they got moving though, he turned to his friends in the back.

    “Okay kiddies, get some sleep. Especially you, Ray. I want your hair light and poufy for tomorrow.”

    Ray smiled, then leant back and shut his eyes. His last thoughts that night were of Christa, and he fell asleep with a small smile on his face.
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    Awwww this is so nice!
    I havent read up to here yet.
    I'm glad you updated!
    Keep going Emi! It was sad though :'(
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    Thanks for that. :^_^: That chapter took me longer to write, i wanted to get thier background stories straight :)
    Writing chapter nine xx
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    YAY XD
    Can't wait!
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    ^agreed cant wait to read more
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    Hey everyone!! Here's an update :) Enjoy
    Chapter 9: Asha
    I was curled up on the floor of a horribly dirty, small cell. My hands clenched the filthy blankets beneath me in fear as I heard the unmistakable sounds of shoes walking down the rows of cages. As they got closer, I shrank back further to the corner of my cell, praying they were going to go past me, to someone else, anyone else…
    The shoes stopped to the left of my enclosure. The shoes’ owners spoke.
    “Here it is. Cage 42, Experiment 651. You’ll be testing our newest drug today, my dear.” Pathetic relief washed over me. 651 wasn’t my number. I looked at my neighbour sadly. I knew he wouldn’t come back. When a new drug was found, they used the most terminal cases, those that didn’t have much longer to live anyway.
    The boy in the cage couldn’t have been a year younger than me. He didn’t look like a boy, though. With all the experiments done to him, he didn’t even look human.
    The woman who spoke laughed lightly. “Come now, dear. You might be the first to live from this one…”
    Her laughter echoed in my ears
    …”Asha.”…I was shaking…”ASHA.”…crying, begging for them to leave the boy alone…”ASHA!!”

    Asha’s eyes flew open and just like in her dream she felt pathetic relief. She wasn’t in the dirty cell, she was in the Trans-Am, Mikey, Ray and Gerard all looking at her with concerned expressions. Frank was driving still, but had his head turned slightly and was watching her out of the corner of his eye.

    “What’s up?” asked Mikey urgently. “Did you have another vision?”

    “N-no,” Asha whispered, surprised to hear her voice unnaturally high-pitched. She coughed to clear her voice. “No, that time it really was just a bad dream. Why? What’d I do?”

    Frank turned forward, watching the road. “You were just shaking and saying things like, ‘Stop’ and ‘Leave him alone,’” he explained.

    “Oh,” she said. “Sorry…” She tried to focus properly. “Gerard! You’re awake! How are you feeling?”

    “I’m fine,” said Gerard, smiling cheerfully. Asha’s grinned back, a little surprised. This had to be the happiest she’d ever seen Gerard. Stress must do that to him, She thought.

    “Okay guys, we’re almost at Dr D’s,” said Frank. “just up here. Oh, and by the way Asha?”

    “Mmm?” said Asha, not paying attention very much again.

    “Dr D doesn’t know you so he’ll probably threaten you a little.”

    “Oh, okay…wait, what?!”

    “We’re here!”

    They pulled onto the withering grass in front of old, shabby house. There was no evidence at all that there was anyone there at all.

    They climbed out of the car and walked to the front door. Mikey noticed Asha limping, so he threw her arm around his shoulder. Asha noticed Frank grinning at them, and she turned away, blushing slightly.

    We walked up to the broken doors, guns raised and cautious.

    Gerard walked in before Mikey and Asha, but when we took a step through the door it was us who felt the cold steel of the butt of a gun against our temples.

    “Poison. Kobra. Who’s this?” a gruff voice spoke from the shadows. It was Dr Death Defying, in his wheelchair and pointing his guns lazily at Asha.

    “This is Asha. She’s with us. Why are you pointing a gun at me too, Show Pony?” asked Mikey, looking forward. Gerard turned around, observing calmly the two people on either side of the door, pointing guns at his brother and Asha.

    “You’re supposed to be dead. All of you are.” replied the one called Show Pony quietly. “Forgive me for not trusting the deceased.”

    “Well, I think it should be obvious, Pony, but we lived,” said Frank, poking his head through the door way.

    “How did you-” began Dr Death Defying, but he was interrupted by the sounds of little footsteps down the hall directly to the left of the door. Everyone stopped to look.

    “Gerard...?” asked a young girl’s voice from down the hall faintly.

    “Grace.” said Gerard just as faintly.

    “GEE!” screamed the voice, and in two seconds Gerard was on his knees and a curly-headed girl was wrapped in his arms, crying her eyes out.

    “Gee…” she sobbed. “I thought you…were dead…and Uncle Mikey too, and Frankie and Ray…I saw you die…how did you l-live? Is this just a dream?”

    “No,” whispered Gerard. “No, you’re awake.”

    Dr D observed the scene critically, then sighed and lowered his weapons. Show Pony mirrored his actions.

    “I thought I said to wait till I said it was safe to come out, Grace.” groaned Dr D. “Ah well. Come into the kitchen, we’ll see if we can’t rustle up come coffee and you can tell us how you’re alive.”
    “Okay,” said Dr Death Defying, seated at the head of the table with the other killjoys scattered on chairs around the room. “So you just had a feeling you’d need armour?”

    Mikey squirmed guiltily beside Asha, but she kept a straight face. For reasons unknown to them, Gerard had not told Dr D about Asha’s abilities. However, for this Asha was grateful. Of course they had found out because she actually healed them, but she was a little self-conscious of it. She didn’t want more people than what was absolutely necessary to know.

    “Yeah,” Gerard was saying, Grace sitting quietly on his lap. “I just had a feeling, ya know…”

    Dr. D looked around the room, inspecting all the killjoys. He must know were lying, we all look pretty shifty, thought Asha.

    Dr. D sighed, defeated. “I know you guys are hiding something, but I’ll trust you so I’ll let it slide…”

    Gerard smiled. “Thanks D. Appreciate it.”

    Dr. D grunted, then turned to Asha. “So who are you, where are you from? Got a killjoy name? Is she a good shooter?” he added, rounding on the others.

    Asha, feeling a little unnerved by this interrogation, replied, “My name is Asha. I don’t know where I’m from, and what’s a killjoy name? Is it those names that you guys asked me to call you?”

    “There’s no real names in my house. Your new name is Screaming Bullet.” Ignoring her bewildered expression, Dr. D turned to the other killjoys. “so? Is she a good shot?”

    “Yeah, she is,” said Frank, “but she doesn’t know how to drive…”

    “You don’t know how to drive?” interrupted Gerard. “How do you not know how to drive?!”

    “If you were conscious you’d know we’ve had this conversation,” replied Asha distantly.

    “Whatever,” Gerard said in a bored tone. “’Least I know how to drive.”
    Frank snorted slightly. Dr. D disregarded this conversation.

    “In any case,” he said, “I’ll teach you how to drive tomorrow. We’ll find somewhere for you guys to sleep for now.”

    “Yeah,” said Frank, “Then I challenge you all to lose your glory to me in poker.”

    Everyone smiled, nodding in agreement. But as they stood up Asha announced “Like hell I will. Prepare to lose YOUR glory, Fun Ghoul, AND your dignity.”

    They spent the rest of the night playing poker, and in the end it was neither Frank nor Asha that won, but Show Pony. But it marked to Asha as one of the last times she felt completely normal in their group.
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    This was such a good chapter! XD
    I loved it how her past was explained a little in her dream.
    I want to know more about her background.
    And also I know where you got the name Screaming Bullet from!
    Haha Lol ;)
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    excellent chapter, and what dose it mean 'one of the last times Asha felt completely normal in the group?'
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    when will the next chapter be posted???
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    i've nearly finished writing it, but tomorrow? Day after?? :/
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    Awwww Cool! XD
    Can't wait for the next chapter!
    And yes good point Static Scream! Very observant!
    XD Can't wait Emi!!!!! <3
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    Well guys, heres the update!! I'm doing it in two parts cuz it took up 7 pages on Word :)

    Chapter 10: Narrator
    The Asian woman strode into the spacious meeting room, her eyes passing over the 5 Draculoids standing in line, obediently
    awaiting her arrival. She came to a halt in front of them.

    “So?” she barked. “Reports?”

    One of the Dracs stepped forward, somewhat boldly. “Yes, Mam! Patrolling was down in Zone 4, and there was a fire-fight with a small group of outlaws in Zone 6. We last 4 men and took down 2 of theirs.”

    The woman’s head whipped at the mention of a ‘fire-fight’ and her hand immediately jumped to her sword, her katana, which was strapped around her waist.

    “Was it the killjoys I told you of?” she said sharply. “Party Poison and the other four?”

    The first Drac stepped back and another walked forward, looking less confident than the first. “No, Miss, it was not the killjoys we were told to capture. We do, however, have information on that group.”

    “Yes?” she said tersely.

    “We can confirmed Experiment 434 is indeed travelling with them.”

    “Excellent,” said the woman briskly. “but what of the others? As I recall when she escaped it was with about six others?”

    “There have been no reports of the other experiments in the area she is known to be hiding,” replied the Drac nervously.

    The woman was quiet for a few moments, thinking. “She will know where the others are,” she stated finally. “Next time they are sighted, I want our best men down there. I want those troublesome killjoys dead and I want our experiments back.”
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    Sorry for the double post, here's part two anyway
    Four Days Later

    “Can I drive?” asked Asha.

    Mikey looked at the alarmed looks on the other killjoys faces and stifled a laugh. Asha wasn’t the best driver in the world, despite their intense training.

    “Uh,” started Gerard. Asha looked pleadingly at him. Frank tried to help.

    “Ah, well it just…you see…well you nearly hit a tree yesterday.”

    “Hey!” cried Asha. “Its any easy mistake to make!”

    “No, its not.” Replied Frank. “We’re in a desert. There is only one tree for miles around. And you found it.”

    Asha bit the inside of her cheek grumpily. Mikey found himself noting how adorable she looked when she did that before mentally slapping himself. What’s the matter with you? He thought. Won’t happen, can’t happen.

    “Pleasssseeeeeee?” she begged. “Poisssonnnnnnn? Please?”

    Gerard looked at her for a moment, then his shoulders slumped. “Fine,” he said.

    “Yay!!” yelled Asha, grabbing the keys and skipping out to the car. The others groaned and walked more slowly out to the car.

    “You’re mending the dents, Poison,” said Ray tiredly.

    Gerard sighed. “I know I will,” he said, then in a louder voice, “D! We’re just going to get those supplies!”

    There was a pause and then a reply, “Okay! Don’t forget to fill up the Trans.”

    “Kay, Later D!”

    They slouched out to the car, where Asha was already in the driver’s seat, hanging out the window.
    “C’mon, guys! It’ll be sunset in 3 hours and it takes two hours to get there and back.”

    “Shotgun not death seat!” cried Frank unexpectedly, shortly followed by Mikey, Gerard and Ray. Asha rolled her eyes, muttered “f**kers,” and started up the car, promptly bunny-hopping it a couple of metres forward.

    Aw, poop,” moaned Ray, who was stuck with the passenger seat.

    A hair-raising hour later, they pulled in at the petrol station with it’s old country style antique diner attachment. There were no other cars parked, but the killjoys still exited their car cautiously, masks on and guns raised. However there was no-one in sight, so they replaced their weapons and began preparations.

    “I think you’ve taken years out of the Trans and me,” sighed Gerard, running his hand along the side of their beloved car.

    “The Trans will be fine, Poison,” replied Asha cheerfully.

    “And what about me?” asked Gerard.

    “Lets go get some food and supplies, you guys,” said Asha, skilfully avoiding Gerard’s question. The others laughed, and while Gerard filled up the Trans-Am, they headed inside to grab as many supplies as they could.

    After 10 minutes of rummaging, they had hardly found anything to eat. It was obvious the diner had been ransacked many times before, and although the other killjoys to search had left some food, it was not much.

    “So what have we got?” asked Ray, still looking through the huge restaurant cupboards.

    “Two packets of pasta, a few cans of soup,” responded Mikey, looking through the pathetic pile on the island bench.

    “And an onion!” cried Frank, leaping to his feet. Presently he had been lying flat on his stomach looking under the counter-tops.

    “Well, that something, I guess,” he said, taking the onion.

    They persevered for 5 more minutes, but they soon gave up. Putting their food in a plastic bag, they strode out into the dining part of the restaurant.

    Three Dracs and an Asian woman stood in 3 metres from the door, their guns pointed directly at them.

    Mikey stared. We didn’t hear them come in at all, he thought, completely and utterly shocked. He turned to look at his friends, While Asha was in a similar state of shock, Ray and Frank looked utterly calm, a little bored even. Mikey quickly composed himself. He wouldn’t let his friends down.

    “Hello killjoys,” said the Asian woman silkily. “You know, I’m not going to lie to you, with your status I did expect more of a fight. This is a bit of a disappointment really.”

    None of them spoke. The continued to watch her and the other warily, preparing to jump out of the way if they shot.

    “Nothing to say?” she asked merrily. Her enjoyment of catching us is sick to watch, thought Mikey disgustedly. However, he remained silent.

    “Well I suppose this make it easier for me then. You, girl. Come here or I’ll shoot your friends.” She beckoned to Asha.
    Mikey looked with confusion at Asha. She still looked shocked, but now he looked more closely, he saw the true emotion - fear. Downright, horrible fear.

    As if on cue to the woman’s words, the Dracs cocked their guns, pointing them now directly at Mikey’s, Frank’s and Ray’s foreheads.

    “Now,” said the woman menacingly.

    Asha began walking forward slowly. Mikey’s mind raced. What was she going to do to her? How could they get out of this? He could practically hear his friends’ doing the same beside him.

    “Wait,” cried the woman suddenly. “One is missing! Where is…Party Poison?”

    Almost instantly after she spoke the glass on the window panes of the door exploded; And in the space of 5 seconds the three Dracs fell. Gerard ran through the door, his gun raised high, aiming for the woman, but in the confusion she had somehow crossed the room to Asha.
    Holding Asha by her hair, she was using her as a shield.
    The room was quiet. No one dared to breathe.

    Then the Asian woman began to cackle manically.
    “You can’t shoot me!” she laughed. “Or you’ll shoot your friend! Now,” and her voice dropped to a business-like tone, all hint of laughter gone. “Drop your weapons.” And she drew her sword and pressed it hard to Asha’s neck.
    It was quiet again. “NOW!” shrieked the woman, a thin line of blood now appearing on Asha’s neck. They all dropped their guns as one.

    “Now that wasn’t so hard, was it?” said the woman pleasantly. She sheathed her sword and now drew the gun, pointing it at Gerard. “I am going to kill you all now. Except you of course, my dear,” she said to Asha, whose eyes were closed. She gave a soft whimpering noise. “You will be coming back to the lab with me, won’t you?”

    Mikey found his voice. “What do you mean, the lab?”

    The Asian woman paused, then began laughing insanely again. “You didn’t TELL them?” she laughed. “Well then, I think they should know the truth, before they die, don’t you? That way, they can die feeling betrayed by someone who they thought was their friend, and you can live with that memory. I think this can be the beginning of your punishment for escaping.”

    “No…” whispered Asha.

    “You are of the 400 experiment range, are you not? That would mean you are equipped with the restraining device…yes, here it is.” Her hand closed around Asha’s dog tag.

    “No, please…” moaned Asha.

    “Look on, killjoys. You will see what TRUE science is.”
    “NO!” screamed Asha, but at those words the woman grabbed the dog-tag and yanked, the clasp popping off at the back.

    Immediately Asha began screaming. The woman let go off her hair and she fell with a thud to her knees. With the same look of pain she had when experiencing a vision, her hands clasped the sides of her head as she screamed. The woman watched, smirking, as Asha moaned. The killjoys stared in shock.
    And then suddenly two huge black objects forced their way out of Asha’s back. Blood splattered everywhere. Her screaming stopped immediately and she lay panting on the floor.

    Mikey gaped. Whatever the objects were, they were still attached to her, and, is it just my imagination? He thought. The right one moved.
    He heard Ray gasp beside him, and five seconds later, Gerard too. Then he realised.

    Wings. Asha has wings.

    He gasped too, he couldn’t help it. How? Is it something she was born with? His thoughts raced insanely around his head, but suddenly they matched up. The lab…Asha’s an experiment.
    Horror surged through him. He felt sick as he watched her slowly crawl to her knees, the things on her back were attached to her, they could move.

    The Asian woman was laughing at Asha, now kneeling at her feet. “Look at your friends! They think you're a freak! You will never find someone who’ll accept you! What’s the point of running if there’s no one to run to?”

    Asha looked at them, pain and hurt across her face. But no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t stop staring with horror. He saw a tear roll down her cheek.

    The woman turned to the killjoys. “Time to die. You’ll be coming with me now,” she said to Asha.

    Asha wiped her face then looked up, pure hatred on her face.
    “Not today,” she said.
    ^this is what I imagined the diner to look like, except a little wider. The kitchen is to the right of where the picture is taken from.

    Oh, SNAP. poop's 'bout to go DOWNNNNNN! So what do you guys think?? Did you expect it? (Not including you Tiarna)

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