Tell Me Where We Go From Here [Frerard]

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    Tell Me Where We Go From Here

    Rating: 18+
    Main Characters: Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way
    Pairing: Frank Iero/Gerard Way

    My Disclaimer:
    I don't own any of these amazing people. Nor do I know them personally. This is completely fictional. None of this has ever happened. And I don't think this should ever happen. Though I still love the Frerardness. :tongue:


    Frank is all stressed out and depressed for some reason and is finally trying to seek help. He wants to know exactly why he's desperate. But when he meets his therapist, his plan into living the rest of his life happy again does just the opposite... until he does something about it.


    Chapter Index

    Prologue - Page 1
    Chapter 1 - Page 1
    Chapter 2 - Page 2


    Frank's POV

    "Quit it Mikey! High school life was enough. I don't want to go to another place over and over again!" Mikey followed me as I carelessly shoved my shoulder against his and walked passed him. He grabbed my arm to stop me. I didn't turn around.

    "Come on Frank. Two years- For two f**king years, you've been acting really harsh. And just really... different. Like at one point you get really excited about something, then after about 10 minutes you are nowhere to be found but in your room either staring at the ceiling or crying your eyes out." He turned me around and held me by my shoulders at arms length. "What is going on?"

    I sighed and closed my eyes in defeat. "Mikey, I know that you were always there, but during those two years after graduation, I was just feeling too empty. I'm sorry. And I really don't want to talk to a f**king shrink about this." I turned around and walked down to the basement and didn't come back out.

    **umm... comments... ?**
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    I'm liking this.
    #1 Fan Spot!
    Poor Mikey...
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    I f**king love this!
    You are an amazing writer!
    Wow. Update soon pretty please with Frankie on top?

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    this sounds awesome :]
    update soon x
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    sounds awesome i reali like it..its differenet in a gud way!!
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    thanks a frankie bunch ! ;]

    but the.. first chapter.. will be up either tomorrow or on saturday.
    im hoping tomorrow.

    sorry for the lack of updates for both this fic and my other one.
    ive just been going through some things that are causing me to miss the school bus,
    which usually causes me to miss a whole day of school.
    its complicated.

    but anyway,
    updates will be up on friday or saturday.
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    wow that prologue was amazing xD

    i cant wait to read more xD it sounds like a really interesting story
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    You okay?

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    it links to my upcoming move and insomnia.

    Chapter 1

    I was woken up from my late afternoon nap by a few knocks on the basement door. "Frank! Just so you know, I left a third of a pizza for you on the table in case you get hungry. I have to go and bring the rest with me so my brother and I can have our dinner. I'll come back tomorrow. 'Kay?"

    I only managed to give him an 'mhmm'. After a few moments, I heard the front door open and close. Mikey was out. Then I was too. Off to another dreamless night.

    When I woke up, I didn't bother to check the time so that I could debate on whether I should stay up or keep sleeping. I tried to go back to sleep, but my mind didn't let me. My thoughts swirled around my head like a monster storm. "Why did you have to go, J?" I whined into my pillow. When 10 minutes went by, I gave up on trying to go back to sleep. I went upstairs and into the living room and decided to do nothing at all today and just wait until Mikey comes by with some Starbucks and hopefully something to talk about. So I sat down on the couch and turned the television on, but I didn't pay much attention to what's going on.

    Then I remembered Mikey mentioning his brother. He never really talks about him much. I don't even know the guy's name. I was really curious. Now we have something to discuss. I looked up at the clock. It was 10:13 am. Mikey should already be here.

    I heard the front door open up. Mikey stepped in. Good timing. He called out to me and asked me, "Don't you ever lock your door?"

    I ignored his question. "Can I ask you something?"

    "Sure. What is it? Oh, and here's your daily dose of coffee."

    He handed me the warm styrofoam cup and I took a sip out of it. I gave him a quick 'thanks'. "You never talk about your brother. How is he?"

    "Oh, Gee? He's doing fine. This morning he was fairly happy, as usual. We're always talking about things we're looking forward to when I drive him to work.
    And he likes to relive moments from our past, like a human journal in a way. He's the best in the world. You should meet him. But he's not going to be open for a while. He said that he's seeing three people today at the hospital."

    I paused. "The hospital?"

    Mikey took a sip from his cup. "Yeah, Geetard works at the hospital. He's a therapist."

    "What made him want to be a therapist?" I took huge gulps of coffee and waited for his response.

    "I guess he decided to become one after realizing that when I come to him for help, he really gets me through it all. College was what he wanted, so he got it. And now he's saving lives. He could probably help you out with... whatever is bothering you." He looked down at his warm cup.

    I sighed. "I don't know, Mikey. Don't you think that I should just meet him when he's off instead of getting an appointment? And I already told you, I don't want to see a f**king shrink." He was really getting on my nerves. Not that he hasn't before.

    He gave me a face. "So you don't want to see my brother?"

    I got up to set my half empty cup on the coffee table. Then I sat back down. "I want to see your brother. But I don't want to see him as a therapist. You know, you really have to stop it with the whole 'go see the therapist' thing already. You just make me want to avoid them a whole lot more each time."

    He raised his eyebrows. "So a small part of you says that you want to see one?"

    "MIKEY!" I shouted as if I was scolding a little kid for saying something rude.

    He raised his hands so that his palms were facing me. "Fine!" He said right after. "Just asking." I just groaned. "What do you want to do to temporarily keep you're 'sad feelings' away, Mr. Anti-social?"

    "I don't know..." I thought for a moment. "Stay in here?" I suggested.

    Mikey shook his head. "Nope. Not today. You need to get out more. Staying in will only make things worse. Trust me."

    I leaned my head to the side while I thought, again. "I guess I feel like looking for some comics."

    "Ok then. The comics store it is."

    We both got up and walked to the front door. Then I remembered that I was still wearing the same clothes from yesterday. I didn't leave this place yesterday. So I just shrugged and walked out the door. I closed it and turned around to walk to Mikey's car. But Mikey stood in his place. "Aren't you going to lock the door?" he asked me, nodding his head towards the door.

    "There's nothing that special in there. Let's go." I walked past him.

    "Okay then. I guess Pansy isn't good enough for you anymore." He smirked. His feet were still planted on the ground.

    I paused. "I'll lock it." I entered the house to grab my keys. I came out and locked the front door. "Happy now?"

    He just smiled. "Yeah. And I'm sure Pansy is too." We walked over to his car and got in. Moments after the car roared to life, we were off.

    **sorry for the delay peoples. i had to catch up on homework last week. soo... comments ? questions ? constructive criticism ?**
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    I freaking love this story so far.
    Its amazing, and I WANT AN UPDATE!
    Haha =DD

    Happy Halloween, also!
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    thanks^ =]]
    and happy halloweenie.
    buuut its the day of the dead todayss !!

    HAPPY DIA DE LOS MUERTOS !!!! :clap:

    i have that written on my arm. x]

    idk when i'll be able to update again.
    im still trying to sort things out.
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    I'm actually learning about that in spanish and I love the whole concept of it.
    Happy Dia de los Muertos to you!
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    ^i do too.
    and my US history teacher is actually teaching us stuff about the natives from back then.
    but he never really mentioned dia de los muertos. [i think im going to be saying that all day. its actually fun to say. haha]


    i think i need an idea for the next update.
    like what should happen at the comics store.
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    Maybe they can run into someone.
    Like... Gerard...?
    Unless you dont want to do that yet.
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    actually no, not yet.
    i was thinking about that,
    but then i wouldnt really know what would happen in the future.
    so im saving that part for later.

    oooh i JUST thought of something. x]]
    i know what to write now.
    YAY !!!
    but i dont have any paper..
    and its almost time for me to go and meet up with my parents at the 2nd day of the autumnfest.
    so i cant really type much right now.
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    You shouldnt really ask me for ideas >.<
    I never usualy have any to share.
    And I hope you have fun =]]
    I'm probably just gonna make myself sick with candy all today.
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    ^ okee then.
    but no worries, cuz i have and idea. =]]
    i'll write it tomorrow. im going to be too tired to do anything once i get home from the fest.
    and i'll have fun.
    at least i hope so.
    this is the very last day of my very last autumnfest ever.

    well when u get sick from eating candy,
    just remember that i said 'get well soon !' ;]

    i guess its time for me to meet up with the parents now.
    so beebye for now.
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    loved the update, sorry for the delay in reading, i havent been on in like 2weeks
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    well, im finally finished.
    sorry for the huge wait. =/

    Chapter 2

    The ride from my house to the store was pretty smooth. When we reached th small parking space by the comics store, I started to get anxious. I wanted to tell him something. "Mikey?" I said. "What would you say if I wanted to see your brother while he's at work?"

    He turned his head toward my direction. "You mean finally going to see someone?"

    "No." I looked over to the comics store. "Just to see him. You never metion him that much. It even came to the point where I forgot that you ever had a brother. Everytime you mention him, which by the way is something you hardly ever do, I just feel as if I have to know who he is."

    He played around with his keys. "Well, what do you know about him so far?"

    I thought for a moment. "Umm... he's three years older than you, and that he's a shrink. That's everything, I guess."

    He sighed and went back to the original subject. "I don't know if he's going to be open. He doesn't really tell me about how things work over where he is. So I don't know his schedule. And even if I did know his regular schedule, I still wouldn't know what his day would be like. He said that he has to see three other people today and it wouldn't be a good idea to interupt anything, right?"

    "So you've never visited him at work before?" I started wondering about how long that has been going on.

    "No. I keep forgetting to ask him for his schedule. I don't always feel like visiting him. Because most of the time, I'm at your place."

    I was still staring at the building in front of us. "Why don't we try to visit him?" I asked.

    "I don't know, Frank."

    "You'll never know unless you try." I just now noticed that I really wanted to meet that guy.

    Mikey gave me a suspicious look. "Okay then. If you want to. But why not check out the comics first?"

    "Sure," I said, plainly.

    We stepped out of Mikey's car and walked toward the store.
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    I really like where this is going.
    I cant wait for more =]]

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