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    Aw, i feel sorry for Adriana, Nate should just break up with her!
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    YAY! *big grins*
    You are very welcome, wifey. I missed it lots.
    Stupid Nate. *shakes fist at Nate* You're a right little f**ker, you know that?!

    ... *giggles*
    I know what's gonna happen later, & I likes it.
    Great update, Gabster, can't wait for more.
    Love you, wifey. <3
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    I feel really bad for Adriana. She doesn't deserve that. Nobody deserves to love someone who's just leading them on.
    Awesome update!
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    Sorry it's been so long guys.
    Kay, I'm done putting a time limit on updates, cuz I honestly never know when I'll be able to.
    So I'm sorry if I take a while, and I hope I haven't lost too many readers, cuz you guys are truly amazing and I appreciate your patience more than you can imagine, thanks so much <3

    CHAPTER 31 [Part 1]

    Frank had fallen back to sleep again once he finished his soup. He had knocked out as soon as he set the bowl down on the coffee table in the living room, and was now sleeping soundly on my shoulder, snoring slightly due to his congestion. It wasn't an annoying snore though, it was actually quite peaceful and soothing and I soon found myself zoning out, stroking his hair absent-mindedly.

    I tried so hard to block out the images of Frank and Nate in my mind, but they kept flooding back. Attempting to block the images out with no avail was starting to give me a headache, that's how hard I was trying. I squeezed my eyes shut and willed them to erase from my mind, but they stayed, taunting me, mocking me, driving me crazy, up until the point where I literally felt like I was just falling, falling, falling into a black abyss, feeling hopeless, lost and insane.

    I let my eyelids flicker open, and I was hit by a wave of dizziness, my vision blurring, my head spinning. My head lolled to the side, but I snapped it back up quickly and tried and gather my thoughts and clarify my vision. After about a few seconds of this, I was finally able to see the room in front of me, the dizziness had passed for the most part, but thoughts of Frank and Nate were still filling my brain, more and more by the second. If it was possible to have brain leakage, it was happening to me right now.

    You know what, I think I'm gonna go check if such a thing exists, maybe there's a cure for it ...

    I glanced around me, at my surroundings, Frank's house. My eyes caught sight of a wooden door a few feet to the left of the entrance of the kitchen.

    Huh, I've never noticed that door before.

    I started to get up ever so slowly, making sure not to wake the sleeping beauty that was resting on my shoulder. I grabbed a pillow from the couch, rested it under his head and lowered him gently, delicately, onto the couch. He did not stir.

    I made my way over to the mysterious door, glancing around to make sure no one was around. Then I felt like an idiot, realizing there was only me and Frank in the house. I made a face.

    Get yourself together Gerard, you're losing it.

    I was face-to-face with the door. Taking a deep breath, I pushed down on the handle and pushed. The door creaked open and the smell of mold and moist air filled my nostrils, making my stomach flip a little bit. I peered into the doorway, but all I saw was darkness. The lights from upstairs brightened the entrance a little bit though, and I was able to make out that there was a staircase leading downstairs.

    So this was Frank's basement. He had to have a computer down here somewhere. Yes, I'm still hooked on finding out if brain leakage is a possible disorder.

    I stepped down onto the first stair, making it creak. Not loudly, but not exactly silently either. I whipped my head backwards, checking to see if I had disrupted Frank's slumber. I didn't.

    Taking another shaky breath, I took another step. And another. And another, And another ... finally my foot hit wood instead of the scruffy staircase carpet.

    Suddenly, I realized I was just standing alone, in the dark, in a basement that I didn't know my way around. I almost had a panic attack.

    poop, what the f**k am I doing down here? Oh my God, I don't know where the f**k to go! Okay, breathe Gerard, breathe ...

    I breathed in. Breathed out. Okay, that helped.

    I fumbled around, feeling for a wall. I felt like a blind man. I might as well have been.


    I stumbled backwards in surprise, furiously massaging my forehead. Dammit.

    My hand still resting against my pounding head, I felt around the wall.

    Oh, here's the lightswitch.

    I flicked it on and soon the room was flooded with a dim yellow light. I squinted, making my eyes slowly adjust to the change.

    I rubbed my eyelids and opened my eyes up. Sure enough, I was right. The basement.

    I let my eyes travel around the tiny room. There wasn't much down here. It looked as though it hadn't been inhabited for quite a few years. I shivered. It wasn't cold, if anything it was humid, but something about the small basement caused a chill to run up and a down my spine. Probably because I was the first person back down here in a while.

    I saw a wilted plant in a dark corner. An old, worn brown leather couch, sitting by itself in the middle of the room. It looked lonely. A bookshelf in the corner to the right of the plant. Books overflowed the shelves, and quite a few heavy-looking documents littered the floor close to the bookshelf. Then finally, I found what I was looking for and my eyes lit up. Bingo! An old laptop sitting on a desk across the room from the leather couch.

    I started walking towards it, but then I stopped abruptly in my tracks. Everything in this room was ancient, who said the computer would still work?

    I cocked my eyebrow. Ah well, might as well check?

    I walked quickly over to it and pressed the power button. It whirred loudly to life. Wow, this computer really is ancient, no modern computers are this loud. At least it works.

    I smiled to myself and sat down on the rolling computer chair situated in front of the desk. I wiped some dust off the screen and keyboard. I wiped it off on my pants and sighed softly.

    Alright, let's see what this baby can do.
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    With an update just as amazing as all the rest x]
    I feel privaliged knowing what's gonna happen next.. well it was my idea, but like.

    Amazing update, honey! More soon! <3
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    f**k YES, an update!!!!
    I have a feeling Gerard's snooping habits are going to bite him in the butt eventually.
    I wonder what he's going to find on the computer.
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    omg!!! i can´t believe you´re updating this again!!!!!!!
    please don´t stop!
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    Oh my god...
    I have not read an update in AGES! :L
    They are amazing though :D
    And I think that Gee is not doing himself good at all with all this snooping...
    He'll end up finding out something he doesn't like...
    Argh.. LOVE IT :D
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    Thanks you guys, that means a lot to me :)
    I'm glad I haven't lost my readers <3
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    see i think im al little bit late as this story was started a while ago but im still gonna write and say well done this story is the shizznitzz :D i love it :D
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    Please at a genre at your fiction.
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    Hello lovely people. I know it's been what, 2 years since I've updated this fic, but it's been recently brought to my attention once again by my lovely wifey, Lauzz. I've realized how much I want to finish it, this story is my baby, and I'm determined to not leave it unfinished. I honestly don't know how many of you are still interested in reading this, but I'm continuing on anyway. It'd be a shame if I left this story hanging. This update is dedicated to Lauzz White, because if it weren't for her, I wouldn't be writing this right now. This one's for you wifey, I love you.
    *I don't remember what Nate's last name was, so I'm gonna change it from this update on, because I don't know where to go back and check haha.

    CHAPTER 32 [PART 2]

    It took a while for the computer to boot up. The screen was a little foggy, and the mouse felt slightly crusty, but hey, beggars can't be choosers. I sat there in the darkness of Frank's basement just browsing on the internet, trying to do any little thing to pass the time until my angel awoke from his beauty sleep.

    After about 2 hours of mindlessly playing a game of solitaire, my eyes began to sting. One can only go so long staring at a fluorescent white screen in a inky dark room before their precious eyeballs begin to tire.

    I leaned back in the computer chair, practically having a heart attack as a leaned too far back. Gasping in shock and quickly setting myself upright again, I shook my head at my own stupidity.

    Damn it Gerard, what are you doing leaning backwards on ancient pieces of furniture at this early hour of the morning? You should know better.

    My heart beat fast as I struggled to regain my composure. I sighed loudly, strumming my fingers on the computer desk for what seemed like hours, squinting in the pitch black of the room.

    I turned my head slowly towards the computer screen, slowly raising an eyebrow.

    Frank has to have some interesting things saved on his hard drive. What harm would it do to look? This thing must be 20 years old.

    My ever-present curiosity got the best of me.

    Ah, what the hell. I'm sure he wouldn't mind.

    With only a string of guilt beginning to conceive in my conscious, I snuck a peek over my shoulder, knowing damn well that Frank would not be standing behind me.

    You never know Gerard, and it's better to be safe than sorry, right? Right.

    I browsed through Frank's files on his hard drive, carefully selecting which files I wanted to open, making sure to skip over the ones that seemed boring. No one likes reading boring computer files.

    After 45 minutes of searching, the most interesting things I can say I found were some of Frank's old school assignments, some pictures from a family vacation 10 years ago, and a few stupid Paint creations that looked as though Frank thought them up while he was high.

    It became harder to stay awake. My eyes felt dry, my eyelids felt like they weighed 8 pounds, and my arm was becoming numb from me resting my head on it for such a long time. There's only so long a person can stay awake without any source of entertainment.

    I was completely unaware of what I was clicking on anymore, I would just drag the cursor to random areas on the foggy computer screen and open whatever it would lead me to. Usually, it was just a boring old bunch of important files and such.

    When I finally regained the slightest bit of strength to creak my eyelids open a few more centimeters, my attention was caught by the document that was on the screen. I wasn't completely sure, but it looked like an old bank statement. The only thing was, the statement wasn't addressed to Frank. It was addressed to Nate.

    I shot up in my seat, feeling as though I had struck gold, hungrily running my dry eyes over the screen. There was every single piece of information about Nate on this statement. It was fairly recent, and although the address on it was obviously not his current one because it was addressed to Frank's house, back when they were living together, I assumed, the mobile number was possibly still the one he had now.

    A sinister smile crept over my chapped lips. I gazed at Nate's name, hatred filling my gut every time my eyes would brush over it.

    Nate Trenton.


    Nate Trenton.


    Nate Trenton.


    Nate Trenton.

    I couldn't stop myself. I opened up a new internet window, getting onto the white pages website. I typed in every single possible combination that would lead me to his name. I took quite a few tries. There were thousands of Nate Trentons in the US. I made sure to include that he had recently changed address, his mobile number, which I hoped was still the same, his old address, his old town, his full name. I didn't think it'd be possible, but a single name showed up after I typed in all this information. A single name, and a single address. The name and number matched the same as on the bank statement.

    I've found you, you son of a witch.
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    Oh, Gabz, how I have missed you!! <3
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    CHAPTER 33

    My eyes scanned hungrily over the computer screen, taking in the multiple letters and numbers of Nate's address. They lingered there, until it was imprinted into my brain, like a stamp, as if written in pen.

    I wasn't sure how long I stared at that computer screen, unblinking, my mind completely vacant, except for that one thought:

    I'm going to find Nate.

    That single thought swirled in my head continuously, until my head was practically spinning. I felt as though I were in some kind of trance, like my thoughts wouldn't change their course, as if I were paralyzed and cemented to my chair.

    The sound of a table leg scraping against the hardwood floor upstairs made my entire body twitch violently. My heart clattered against my chest. I felt my heartbeat in my throat.

    I gasped, trying to suck in as much air into my lungs as possible. I felt light-headed, dizzy.

    Everything in the house went silent, then I heard Frank groan softly, sniffling a little bit. My hands slowly began to stop shivering. If an angel were to groan, it would sound just like Frank had in that moment.

    I stood up, shaky on my feet, but eager finally get the chance to see my angel after a long and confusing night. I didn't care how much I wobbled, I rushed up those stairs at lightening speed.

    When I reached the top of the stairs, I felt the corners of my mouth twitch into a smile as the sight of Frank. He was sitting up on the couch, puffy-eyed, messy-haired, yawning, staring around at his surroundings with those puppy dog eyes. He was easily the most adorable sight that I had ever laid eyes on.

    "Good morning Sleeping Beauty," I cooed slyly, making my way over to him and snaking my arm around his waist. I kissed him on the cheek. It was warm and felt like a marshmallow. I shivered with delight.

    "Hi Gee," he responded, his voice still raspy from the soreness of his throat. He leaned his head on my shoulder, nudging his way into the crook of my neck. I felt him breathe in my scent.

    "Feeling any better, Frankie?"

    "Not really, I still feel like a sack of horse poop."

    I wrapped my arms around him as tightly as I could, squeezing his entire torso.

    "Feeling better now?"

    "I ... can't ... BREATHE," he gasped, breaking free from my hold. He lost his balance and fell on his back down on the couch. I hooted with laughter.

    "Yeah, laugh it up," he scowled jokingly, sticking out his lower lip, giving me the cutest pout that I have ever seen on a human face.

    I laughed again. "C'mon, I'll go get you some breakfast, cutie."

    He looked at me with his sleepy hazel eyes. "You must have been bored all night long, what did you get around to doing?"

    I froze in the doorway of his kitchen, swallowing hard.

    "Uhhh, y-you know, just watched some TV, read a few books, stuff to, uh, pass the time by."

    "Oh, okay. I feel kinda bad for crashing out on you like that."

    "N-no really, Frankie, it's fine. I had a pretty relaxing night to myself, nothing really special went on. Just me and the darkness."

    I turned back to the kitchen and sighed softly.

    Well, what he doesn't know won't hurt him.
  16. *New reader* Haai :3 i love this story, i've just read the whole thing up to this point in about an hour xD i really hope you update soon *puppy dog eyes*
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    Mannn, this is so good!
    I managed to get this site on my phone and this was the first fic that came up, so i started reading it... without knowing it was in this sub-section. :(
    I hope you get more time to write soon, It really is an amazingly written story :)
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    I miss you, wifey.
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    Hi everyone. I know it's been 7 years since I last updated, but I just re-discovered this fic and decided I am damn well finishing it, even if it takes me another 7, which hopefully it won't. Even if there's no one else here reading this anymore, I will finish it.


    CHAPTER 34

    Days later, Frank was feeling well enough to go to work again. I had left his house after the beautiful night we spent together because well, to be honest, I didn't want to overstay my welcome or crowd his space while he was ill. What we were experiencing together was still incredibly new and fragile, and we both needed time on our own to process it. I know I spent the better part of my day alone in a euphoric state, thrilled that the man I had fallen for so quickly and strongly was opening up his heart to me.

    Of course, the guilt still sat in my gut. The guilt of invading his privacy, of finding Nate without Frank knowing... It was the only part of the entire experience that hung over everything else like a black cloud, taunting me with the idea that if Frank ever found out…

    No, he couldn’t find out. But what if he did? Why was I hiding things from him so early on? I don’t know exactly what it is we have, but I sure as hell know that keeping secrets is a sure-fire way to shatter it. I know I loved him. I know that the mere feeling of his presence next to me sent me over the moon with sheer ecstasy. But I also knew Frank more than I ever imagined I would. I knew he was broken, and although I felt like our companionship was truly something he had not experienced in many years, it felt like it was still just a Band-aid over a gaping wound. Still so delicate and unsteady – at least for Frank. I couldn’t forget what my main intention was here, which was just to be there for Frank. That became a lot more complicated when love got in the way, I could see that now. The thoughts swirling in my head were loud and relentless.

    But it was time to get back to work, and I had to go pick up Frank. It felt like it had been ages since our shiny dress shoes had graced the floors of Monroeville High, despite the fact that mere days had passed. had also felt like years since I had last seen Mikey. He wasn’t home when I was – or if he was, he had certainly done a fantastic job of avoiding me. I hated to admit it because of how shitty he’s been but I missed my brother. I really f**king did. The next opportunity that arose for us to just talk, I was taking it no matter what.

    My tires crunched on the asphalt as my car slowed to a stop in front of Frank’s house. My stomach knotted up as I honked the horn twice, anticipating seeing his beautiful face at the door. Seconds later, there he was, done up in a nice dress shirt and pants, awkwardly adjusting his tie as he hobbled over to my car. He opened the passenger door and smiled widely at me, looking much healthier than the last time I saw him. God, it hurt to be on the receiving end of that smile when I knew I had betrayed his trust without him even knowing.

    “Hey Gee.”

    I smiled weakly back at him, hoping my expression didn’t betray the awful emotions that were swirling around inside me.

    “Hey Frankie! How are you feeling? You look so much better,” I said back, perhaps a little too enthusiastically.

    If Frank noticed my odd demeanour, he didn’t let on. “Ugh, so much better. All thanks to you and your mastering nursing skills, of course.” He flashed that smile at me again and squeezed my hand. My heart thudded against my chest so hard that I felt it in my throat.

    “You know I’m always here for you. Whatever you need, whenever. Always.”

    I held onto his hand, the other one on the steering wheel as we started towards Monroeville High. I was nervous about the day I had ahead but feeling Frank next to as I drove on was comforting. I really did feel invincible when he was with me.

    We drove in comfortable silence, the humming of the tires and the low-volume Misfits CD playing in the background keeping us extra company. I noticed Frank stealing a few glances at me from my peripheral vision but pretend to ignore them.

    “So, about what I told you the other night…”

    I froze, feeling sweat beading at the top of my forehead.

    “We didn’t have time to talk much about it but…if you have any questions or anything…about Nate…” Frank starts.

    My ears start buzzing at the sound of his name. I shook my head and turned to look at him. His forehead was creased in worry as he stared at me.

    “All I know is that I just want to protect you and never, ever be like how he was with you. I never want to hurt you like that Frank. I care about you too much.” And yet, here you are, lying straight to his face. I pushed the thought of my head.

    Frank smiled sadly, as if to say, “yeah, I’ve heard that one before.” But he also squeezed my hand tighter as if to also say “but I hope you’re right.”

    We pulled into the parking lot and made our way to the front door together. We unlaced our hands sadly, knowing that we had better not – at least not yet.

    When we finally reached the staff lounge, I got two coffee cups out of the cupboard and poured some of the sweet caffeinated drink for Frank and myself. Only a couple of other teachers were there so far, who were too pre-occupied with their own work to even glance our way. No one showed any interest in Frank and I anymore, which I was grateful for.

    I sipped my coffee nervously, still plagued with my guilt over the Nate situation. Frank stared at me, concerned. God, the look in his eyes made me want to throw up everywhere.

    “Okay, spill it Gee. Why are you shaking like a leaf?”

    I could sit here and lie, saying I could keep a secret. Truthfully, I’m a pretty decent liar. But when it comes to Frank, all of my defenses come crashing down like a sandcastle in a hurricane. My mouth was open and babbling before I even had time to think about what I was saying.

    “I don’t want to lie to you. I promised myself I would never do it as long as I live. I’ve been keeping something from you, but I don’t want to do it anymore. I need to be honest because I…” I trailed off, deciding that claiming my love for Frank right then and there was the worst idea I’ve ever had.

    Frank’s eyes widen a little bit, then harden. But he stays silent as he waits for me to go on.

    “I…I found Nate. After you told me your story and passed out, I stayed awake and found your old photo album. I swear to God, I wasn’t looking for it, I just found it and…and…it opened up a f**king Pandora’s box and I found him Frank. I…I don’t know why but something inside me just needs to know…that he won’t be a problem for you anymore and that we can have something together without Nate ever getting in the way. I’m so f**king sorry I kept it from you for days. I’m so f**king sorry that I lied when I swore I wouldn’t.”

    Frank just stared at me blankly after I finished rambling. My heart was in my throat again as I waited for him to say something, to do anything that would break this silence.

    Finally, he spoke.

    “You did lie to me, but…at least you told the truth now. Let me be clear, Gerard. I…don’t know how to feel after you lied to me so blatantly right after I told you about my trust issues. That’s a pretty f**ked up thing for you to do and I’ll be honest…it’s going to take some time for me to forgive this. But I know a place you can start.”

    I gaped at him, feeling tears pricking my eyes. Wow, what a way to start the day off, huh Gerard?

    “Anything, I’ll do anything. And I swear on my f**king life Frank, I will never lie to you again. If I do…I don’t even need to make a statement there. I just won’t. I swear it. You have my word.”

    Frank nodded slowly.

    “Here’s my condition. If you’re going to see Nate, if you need that closure…I’m going with you.”
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