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  1. Evenstar

    Evenstar New Member

    I've missed this story so I got excited when I saw you updated. I can't believe Nate still loves Frank. Didn't he leave him though? Oh..there's more to his story; can't wait for more =]
  2. bachillerata

    bachillerata Active Member

    Naate if you loved him so much then why did you f**kin leave him!?
  3. MCRxParader

    MCRxParader Active Member

    You'll all find out why soon ;)
    And thank you for the comments, they make me smillleeee :D

  4. Christine

    Christine Guest

    So Nate still loves Frank, yet he left him? And now he's with some girl named Adrianna?
    Whoa dude...
    I'm happy that it was in Nate's POV. Even though we didn't really find a lot out, I've been wanting to know what his deal was for a while now.
  5. Lovesong

    Lovesong She's a Rebel

    Great great :)!
    Nate, i don't know.
    I can't like him, he has hurt Frank so bad :(
  6. Nellie

    Nellie New Member

    * New Reader *

    Absolutley AMAZING so far.
    Cannot wait for the next update!

    - Nellie!
  7. WeAreTBP

    WeAreTBP Active Member

    Nate. You little son of a witch.
    If you "love" Frank so much, then why did you leave him, you attention seeking little bastard!
    You don't give a toss, you wh**e.
    Dump this Adrianna chick, crawl back under your rock and stay there, motherf**ker! Gr, people like you make my blood boil!
    Man, I hate you bad!

    Okay, why am I trying to talk to Nate as if he's a real person.
    Okay, anyway. I think that proved my point.

    All I can say is, what a f**king sod!
    Yeah, rant over.

    Update soon.
  8. Boo_rawr.x

    Boo_rawr.x New Member

    *new blooooddd*

    okay, i just finished reading, and i'm speechless.
    This whole fic is just so....theres not even a word for it!
    brilliant,amazing,moving,depressing oh god so many words and emotions all mashed up into one.

    ^^ i agree with everything that WeAreTBP said about this Nate fellow. I'm not a fan of him at all. And now i'm scared since he's sorta back in the picture and he'll come to his senses or something and find frank and frank'll cave and they'll be all happy & together again even though frank said there was no chance and then gee will be all loner-ie and heartbroken and OVERDOSE ON UNICORNS!

    ehm, random out burst there..heh.

    update when you can. :]
  9. Disenchanted_Parade

    Disenchanted_Parade New Member

    *new blood*
    This story is just.. amazing!
    You're writing is unbelievble.
    You made me feel tons of different emotions when I read this.
    I'm looking forward to seeing what happens.
    This has to be one of my favourite fic's.

    Update soon? :$:
  10. AstroZombiee

    AstroZombiee New Member

    Ok... I am now offically confused..!!
    I just generally agree with the rest of the bitching about Nate :p
    He's a complete bastard... And I just cfan't feel sorry for him; He got himself in this mess...
    idiot... *sigh*

  11. Christine

    Christine Guest

    I'm not gonna go bitching about Nate because I don't know why he left Frank. If it was something like fear of other people judging him for being gay, then yeah, he's an idiot. If it's because of something life threatening, like his father beating him and threatening to skin him alive if he didn't dump Frank and get with a woman, that's a different story.
  12. AstroZombiee

    AstroZombiee New Member

    That's actually a good point...

  13. WeAreTBP

    WeAreTBP Active Member

    ^ Yeah it is but if he loved Frank as much as he makes out he does, like, everything revolves around Frank then surely Nate would be prepared to take that risk, right? I would.
    And he could have at least left a note, instead of just disappearing.
  14. AstroZombiee

    AstroZombiee New Member

    Again, i think that that is a good point... :/
    I'm so confused... Please update soon..!! (Y)
  15. WeAreTBP

    WeAreTBP Active Member

    ^ I'm good!

    Yeah, Gabster, come on dear. We're dying here!
    Updaaaaaaaaate, love!

    No pressure :)
  16. Christine

    Christine Guest

    So you'd let someone skin you alive just so you could be with someone you love, even though their life is not at risk and you'd die anyway so you couldn't be with them? Whoa. I credit you a lot for that. You have guts that I will never have.

    Oh, and I just came up with another theory. What if someone threatened to kill Frank if Nate didn't leave him? It's just a thought...
  17. Nikki Marie

    Nikki Marie New Member

    updateeeee :(

  18. MCRxParader

    MCRxParader Active Member

    oh my God.
    words CANNOT explain how sorry I am for making you guys wait this long :(
    BUT since it's spring break, and I most probably don't have plans tonight, AN UPDATE IS ON ITS WAY.
    again, I'm SO sorry everyone for making you all wait so long :(
  19. MCRxParader

    MCRxParader Active Member

    I'm so sorry to all of you. I hope this makes up for the extreme lack up updates. Special thanks to Laura [WeAreTBP] for pushing me to write this update :) Honestly, without her, I would've forgotten about this completely. Thanks for dear, I LOVE YOU (L)(L)--------------------------------------------------------------------------

    CHAPTER 30 [Part 3]

    Nate's POV

    I swallowed back my nerves and plastered on the best fake smile I could possibly achieve as I saw her make her way into the main room, wiping her hands on the thighs of her dark skinny jeans. The second she saw my face, her eyes lit up, like they always did when we were together. The guilt tore at me. I didn't deserve to be looked at with such starry eyes. I was disgusting, a disgrace to humanity, a disgrace to everything, living and non-living.

    Especially even considering the fact that no, I didn't love her like I said I did, Adriana was beautiful, she really was. Long dark hair, sparkling green eyes, amazing figure... she could easily get anyone she wanted. Yet, she chose me. The one person on this earth who didn't want her like that. What a slimy, insensitive coward I was. I don't know how I managed to lead her on for all this time and still be able to look at myself in the mirror everyday.

    She walked up to me, eyes still sparkling, and wrapped her arms around my neck. I raised my arms and wrapped them around her waist, robotically, automatically.

    She raised her head off my shoulder and kissed my lips softly, passionately. I kissed back, but there was no feeling whatsoever. You know those butterflies you're supposed to get when kissing the one you love? You know how you always get weak in the knees? That never happened to me anymore. Ever.

    After a few seconds, I pulled away. I couldn't take this anymore. Pulling my lips from hers, I sighed. A confused expression crossed her face.

    "Are you okay baby?"

    "Yeah, I'm fine. Just had a tough day at work, that's all. I'm gonna go upstairs and lie down, okay?"

    Her face fell. "Well, okay. I'll call you when dinner's ready."

    I nodeed and proceeded to climb slowly up the stairs, one at a time.


    I turned around.

    "I love you."

    Oh no. This was the part of the day that I dreaded the most. Dreaded so much it hurt.

    Just spit it out, goddamit.

    "I love you too, Adri." The words tasted sour and stale as the rolled off my tongue.

    Now, just try not to break down.


    Short, I know.
    But there will be more.
    I love you all <3
  20. Evenstar

    Evenstar New Member

    Yay you're back! =]
    I think Nate and Adri should talk this out; lying to her isn't right. Looking foward to read more.

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