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  1. Lovesong

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    The nagging needs to leave Gerard's head.
    he can't leave Frankie just like Nate did.
    Amazing <3
  2. MCRxParader

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    I loveeeeee you guys! :D
    Thank you so much for your comments, they make me smile like an idiot <3
    You guys are all so amazing. :]
  3. AstroZombiee

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    OMG! I loved it :)
    Gee needs to realise that Nate was Frank's past, not his present. Or, hopefully, future.

  4. MCRxParader

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    Thank you so much :D
  5. AstroZombiee

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    'Tis Okayy...
    I really love this story! :D

  6. awake-and-unafraid

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    love this fic!!! why did Gee have to read the book... =/ .... post when ever you can :)
  7. MCRxParader

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    OH MY GOD, you guys, i'm SO sorry i haven't updated in like, a lifetime!
    i've just been super busy these days with school, it hadn't even crossed my mind that i haven't updated in forever!
    as soon as i get the time, i WILL update this story.
    i miss writing it!
    and i miss reading all your lovely comments :D
    hope you could all wait a little longer.
    love you all <3
  8. REASONx346

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    Of course we can love <3 =].
    This story is absolutely incredible<3.
    DEFINITLY worth the wait<333.
  9. MCRxParader

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    Thank you so much Lindsey <3
  10. AstroZombiee

    AstroZombiee New Member

    Sure we will..!!
    This story is just amazing..!! :)

  11. MCRxParader

    MCRxParader Active Member

    thank you :D!
    i might update sometime next week, since im off school for 2 days! :)

  12. MCRxParader

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    it's been too long...

    CHAPTER 30 [Part 1]

    [Nate's POV]

    "See you tomorrow Brad!" I called through the door of the corner shop as I stepped outside into the cold December air. The bitter air swiped across my face. I shivered, pulling my coat tighter around my body and pulling my hat down over my ears to protect them against the biting cold.

    Shoving my numb fingers in my jacket pocket, I fumbled around for my car keys, grunting every now and then when they slipped from my fragile grasp. When I finally got a hold of them, I shoved them into the lock and climbed into the drover's seat, eager to escape the freezing Montreal climate.

    I sat in the driver's seat for a moment, just basking in the silence. Silence was something I rarely had the advantage of these days. After sighing shakily, I slipped the key in the ignition and made my home, to a woman who thought I was in love with her.


    yes yes, this was very short, but it's just a filler!
    the rest will be posted tomorrow!
    i love you all <3
  13. bachillerata

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    Woaa who's that girl he's with??And why he doesnt love her?? omg great update =)
  14. mikeylover23

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    Yay for great fics!!!!
  15. WeAreTBP

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    I wonder what Nate's problem really is...

    (*also wonders if Gabs shall use my idea*)
    I love you, Gabbage.

    Can't wait for the update.
  16. MCRxParader

    MCRxParader Active Member

    Thank you guysss, I love you :D
    An update is probably on the way soon ;)
  17. REASONx346

    REASONx346 Guest

    Very interesting xDDDD.
    Take all the time you need =]<3.
  18. MCRJunkie

    MCRJunkie New Member

    Why he left frankie!!1
    Thanks for the update, hope you can continue soon
  19. bachillerata

    bachillerata Active Member

    Lol On the Way xD sorry...
  20. MCRxParader

    MCRxParader Active Member

    CHAPTER 30 [Part 2]

    [Nate's POV]

    I pulled up in front of my small cottage, the tires of my car squeaking on the frosty concrete ground. I gripped my gloved hands tighter on the steering wheel and closed my eyes for a second. Here I was again, just like every other day. About to walk up those steps and into that house, where I would lie right to her face, like always. I was a coward. And I hated myself for it.

    Sighing, I pulled the key out of the ignition, unlocked the door and stepped out of the car. I walked towards the front door briskly, wanting to escape the bitter cold air, yet I wanted to slow down, delay what I wanted to put off for a little bit longer.

    I pulled the keys from my pocket and jammed them into the lock, pushing the front door open. I was greeted with a wave of warm air on my face. I sighed contentedly and stepped inside, taking advantage of the shocking, yet relieving change of temperature.

    "Nate? Is that you baby?" I heard her call from the kitchen.

    My gut twisted. I hated hearing her voice. I hated hearing her say my name with such love, such passion. She didn't deserve me, someone who she thought loved her just as much as she loved me.

    Don't get me wrong, Adriana is an amazing person, and I really consider her to be one of my closest friends. But, that's all she is to me. A friend. No more than that, and me, being the selfish coward that I am led her on until she thought we had this special bond called love. And that's not right. Because there's only one person in this entire f**king world that I would want to spend forever with. And I lost that person a long time ago. Even to this day, it kills me. Every day that goes by without that person makes my heart decay a little bit more. Soon, there's gonna be nothing left. But I guess I'll be happier that way. If I can't spend the rest of my life with that person, I'm better off dead. I'll be way happier dead.


    ahh, sorry I'm just posting up little bits at a time.
    but everytime I try to continue, I always have somewhere to go xD
    Next part will either be up later tonight, tomorrow or Wednesday, for sure :D

    loveyouall <3

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