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Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Archive' started by MCRxParader, Apr 26, 2008.

  1. Dreamerism

    Dreamerism New Member

    Man, Nate sounds like one hot motherf**ker.
    Too bad he was enough of a dick to leave Frank in shreds.
    Gee should have never flicked through that album, it was like internal suicide ):

    I love that update :)
  2. Christine

    Christine Guest

    Does anyone else think the whole Nate leaving thing has more to it than Nate just being an butthole? I think there's something else going on.
    Poor Frank... Being sick sucks.
    Loved it!
  3. MCRxParader

    MCRxParader Active Member

    You guys are all too amazing :D
    I f**king love youuuuuu.

    Oh and CowSpottedSnail, in a way, you are right.
    There's more to the story than Nate just being an butthole.
    It's a pretty stupid reason, but I might explain it later on.
  4. MCRJunkie

    MCRJunkie New Member

    I totally agree!!!!!
  5. Evenstar

    Evenstar New Member

    I had a feeling there was more to the Nate story, but please don't bring him back :)
  6. Sussak

    Sussak Guest

    Completely agree. I think not everything was Nate's fault, either Frankie's. But there's something, for sure, that's been untold.
  7. MCRxParader

    MCRxParader Active Member

    Don't worry, he's not coming back. xD
    But before I tell you guys why he really left, I have to think of the right way to tell it, or else it's gonna sound stupid.
    But then again, it's the only logical explanation.
    You guys might not think Nate's such an butthole after hearing his story.
    Maybe one day I'll write a chapter in his point of view explaining what happened.
    It'll probably make more sense.
  8. 0punkrocker0

    0punkrocker0 Member

    i think that would help all of us.
  9. Lovesong

    Lovesong She's a Rebel

    Leaving Frankie always makes you an butthole ;D
    Great updates <3!
  10. MCRxParader

    MCRxParader Active Member

    Thank you so so much :D
  11. MCRJunkie

    MCRJunkie New Member

    will you update soon? no pressure, just asking
  12. MCRxParader

    MCRxParader Active Member

    Soon hopefully Lucia...
    I've only got like, half an update thought up.

    Sorry guys. :[
  13. MCRJunkie

    MCRJunkie New Member

    not pressure! I repeat! just wondering, I know how hard it is sometime.
    take your time honey!
  14. MCRxParader

    MCRxParader Active Member

    Thanks hun <3
  15. gracie9746

    gracie9746 New Member

    YAY!!!! i love this, update when you can!
  16. MCRxParader

    MCRxParader Active Member

    Thank youuu :D
  17. bachillerata

    bachillerata Active Member

    Update when you can... I can wait patiently as always :p
  18. REASONx346

    REASONx346 Guest

    Your doing your best and we all know that hun.
    Take all the time in the world<3
    No rush.<3
    No pressure.<3
    Just support =].
    And I hope your doing well =]].
  19. MCRxParader

    MCRxParader Active Member

    Thank you so effing much guys! :D
  20. MCRxParader

    MCRxParader Active Member

    Hey guysss.
    Okay, here's the deal, and I hope you all understand.
    You guys might get an update by the end of the week, but sadly I'm gonna have to put this fic on hiatus for a while.
    Because now that school started for me, I don't know when I'm ever going to get the time to even think up updates, let alone post them.
    And as sorry as I am, school comes first for me. :[
    So you guys might get a few updates every now and then, but don't get your hopes up too much.

    I'm more sorry than you guys can even begin to think because I feel terrible about making you wait around.
    But I'm gonna be getting tons of work being handed over to me, and I'm not good at multi-tasking, tbh.

    I'll try to keep up with the site as much as possible, because you guys are just all so amazing and have been so good to me from the beginning, so I at least owe you guys that. :]

    If you want to keep in touch more, just PM me your emails.
    It's easier to communicate over MSN. :p

    So, that pretty much wraps it up.
    I hope I don't lose any of you guys, because you've all been so incredible to me since the beginning, and I'd hate to lose any of you guys as readers and friends, because you're all so damn loyal and I love every single one of you very much :D

    I'll be seeing you around <3

    Much love forever,
    Gabby/Vicky <3

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