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  1. Lenore

    Lenore Inked and Sexy Staff Member

    I love the Placebo tatt. idea!
    That song is so good,
    and I love the movie, for what is was made for.
    Cruel Intensions <3

    I want the heart that Ville has on his right wrist
    and then I want Gerard to draw something on it,
    dunno what yet, and let it make into a tatt. ^_^
  2. mildread

    mildread New Member

    i have 5 so far. I've got: a bat on my right wrist, writing in french on my right foot, a star on my left hand, 11 stars on my left foot, and the avenged sevenfold logo on my left wrist. I also want some mcr related ones like 'thank you for the venom' in french, the cover from their first cd and a few other undecided ones yet. i also want the heartagram on the back of my neck or behind my ear.
  3. ParanoidPyro

    ParanoidPyro New Member

    i can't wait to get my tattoos, whenever that will be. Still deciding on what i want =/
  4. FrankMonster

    FrankMonster New Member

  5. Lenore

    Lenore Inked and Sexy Staff Member

    Aaawh, it's cute.

    And a heartagram on your wrist?
    Cool. :)
  6. FrankMonster

    FrankMonster New Member

    I love the Headfirst For Halos angel :D

    yes, and now I've got a J in the middle of the heartagram, because my soulmate is Jenn :D
  7. Lenore

    Lenore Inked and Sexy Staff Member

    Aaawh, that's cute.
    Reminds me of Ville and Jonna =].

    Do you know the heart Ville has on his right wrist?
    I want that too. :)
  8. FrankMonster

    FrankMonster New Member

    yeah I know. I love it!
    I was planning on getting it, but it hurts so f**king much to tattoo the inside of your wrist xD

    So I'm satisfied with my heartagram there.
    Gonna tattoo a heartagram behind my ear someday too.

    MCR4EVER New Member

    tattoo's is really cool... but on me, umm ....nah, mabey not =/
    but i reeeally piercings!! i just have 1 in each ear =/
    i want moore!!
  10. FrankMonster

    FrankMonster New Member

    piercings rock too!
    but I love tattooes.
    I have like the next 5 of them planned out already :D

    and piercings.. yeah I got one in my lip, one in my tongue and one in septum.
  11. hellsxbells

    hellsxbells Guest

    Can't wait until I'm old enough to get tattooed.
    I want:
    Three Cheers cover design on my lower back.
    Five stars across the back of my neck (under the neck piercing I'm going to get).
    A black parade soldier on my shoulder blade or hip.
    And a heart (like one The Used ones) on either my hip or foot.
    And a dragonfly on my ankle.
    And then something Iron Maiden related.
    And something Trivium related.
    And something Enter Shikari related.

    Too much?
    I want to be covered in ink.
  12. mildread

    mildread New Member

    They all sound amazing! i'd also love loads of tattoos. I'm thinking sleeves maybe. I want something of Jack Skellington too
  13. hellsxbells

    hellsxbells Guest

    Forget to mention that.

    +Something Nighmare Before Christmas related.
    I want Jack and the dog xD!
  14. mildread

    mildread New Member

    Yeah me too, i love Zero :D
  15. Umbrella

    Umbrella New Member

    I have my umbrella (my avatar / icon whatever you call it) on my left wrist. =)
  16. Artemis

    Artemis New Member

    Lmao. I want a Jack Skeleton on my arm once I have money.
  17. soulkeeper

    soulkeeper New Member

    iron maiden!!

    get eddie on yor arm :p
  18. hellsxbells

    hellsxbells Guest

    Was going to anyway.
    I've loved Iron Maiden ever since I was little.
    So I think that'll be the first tattoo I get.
    Then maybe my dad won't be too mad, seeing as he loves them too.

    And me and my friend Craig were discussing tattoos today, and I've changed my mind about the one on my neck.
    I now want a barcode with either;
    53R14L K1LL3R underneath or 5M00TH CR1M1N4L
    I think I like the serial killer one better though.
    Hahaaa, don't worry, I'm not a serial killer.
  19. My parents won't let me get a tattoo yet, but when I turn 18, I'm getting:
    -a barcode on the inside of my right wrist.
    I'm not sure what numbers to put under yet.

    -A microphone on my foot with the cord wrapping around my ankle.

    -maybe 'Love' and 'Hate' on my knuckles.

    -Music notes somewhere.

    -and if I were skinnier, I'd get something like Frank's 'Search and Destroy' tattoo only with wings where the birds are and where it says 'And' I'd get lyrics of some sort. Possibly the word 'Disenchanted'

  20. soulkeeper

    soulkeeper New Member


    trust me!!!
    it's going to end up being a waste of money because all tattoos bleed. and since barcodes are just lines close together when it bleeds it will jsut become a rectangle yo'll regret it. i actually almost went to get one but than the tattoo artist told me this that he knows people to many who have them nd that happens and in the end they get it coverd up costing them more just to cover it or they laer it of becasue it looks bad

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