Taking Care of Olivia

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    Taking Care of Olivia
    Rating: 15

    Characters: Gerard Way, Olivia 'Way', Katmandu, Mikey Way, Ray Toro, Frank Iero, Matt Pelissier, Bob Bryar,

    Pairing: Gerard/Kat , Mikey/Frank, Gerard/Frank, Gerard/Bert, Matt/Jimmy Urine

    “To Katmandu, All my love, and take care of Olivia while I’m on the road.I’ll be back soon… XoXo Gee”
    Gerard Way is trying to fix his life, but at the same time he's f**king it up big time and it's becoming to much. He's engaged to a woman (kat) he no longer loves, Kat's 6 year old daughter, Olivia, might be his but also might not be; he's falling for his band's rhythm guitarist (Frank), and to top it all off - he can't fight his addictions. The only thing that's holding him up right not is his band and the look on Olivia's adoring face. Can he ever fix his mess?

    Based off rumors about Gerard's life from 2000-2005.

    Genre: Romance, comedy, slice-of-life


    Page 1:
    Chapter 1: 'Going to change the world'
    Chapter 2: Butterflies​
    Page 2:
    Chapter 3: Dreams
    Chapter 4: First Show
    Chapter 5: Enigmatic Kisses​
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    Chapter 1

    “To Katmandu,
    All my love, and take care of Olivia while I’m on the road.
    I’ll be back soon…
    XoXo Gee”

    I placed the note on her bedside table, before quickly scooting out our bedroom. I closed the brown bedroom door quietly behind me.

    “You’re going now?” chirped a weak voice from behind me. I whizzed round to face the tanned skinned child, her brown eyes; so much like my own, staring up at me sadly.

    “Yeah Olly… Sorry sweet heart…” I gave her a weak smile.


    “No Olly…” I sighed, bending down to her and scooping her up into a hug. “Not daddy…”

    “Daddy” She protested, pushing out her bottom lip before burying her head in my neck. I held her close, her tiny arms wrapped round my neck as I felt something wet trickle down my shoulder…

    “Come on sugar, don’t cry.”

    “I don’t want you to go!” she wailed

    I shushed her, “mummy’s asleep. Let’s not wake her okay?”

    She became silent and I felt her head nod. I carried Olivia to her bedroom, pushing the red door fully open before sitting down on Olivia’s bed still holding her.

    “Time for bed now, okay?” I whispered in her little ear.

    She nodded again and let her arms become limp, allowing me to pull her gently away and lay her down back in her bed. I pulled the red cherry-patterned covers over her and tucked in.


    “Gerard” I insisted once again.

    She bit her lip and hummed “Gerard… Come back, okay?”

    “Of course I will!” I laughed slightly.

    “You don’t always… Dee other day you said’d you would come b-back at night time but you didn’t- you came back two days later in da morning!” she argued back.

    “I know, I know. But I will back. I always do come back eventually, don’t I?” I said softly.

    “Yes…Tomorrow?” Olivia said hopefully.

    “No… Not tomorrow. In a few weeks-“

    “Weeks?!” she sat up in horror, her eyes widening.

    “Yes, weeks. Me and my mates are going to change the world” I smiled.

    “Really?” She looked at me in wonder.

    “Yes, really. We’re going to save lives with music!” I giggled.

    Olivia cocked her head to one side.

    “Gerard, will you sing me a song before you go?”

    I looked down at her sweet little face, her auburn hair a curly mess round her head.

    “Alright, what do you want me to sing?”

    “Misfits!” she cheered happily.

    “Deal. What song?” I asked, pushing her gently back down into her bed, and re-covering her in her duvet.


    “Die my darling?”


    She grabbed my pale hand with her own two, and pulled it down next to her face and snuggled to it. Her eyes close as I began to sing.

    “Die, die my darling
    Don’t utter a single word
    Die, die my darling
    Just shut your pretty mouth
    I’ll be seeing you again
    I’ll be seeing you in hell!-“

    Her breathing became steady and the smile began to fade as sleep took over her.

    “Don’t cry to me oh baby!
    Your future’s in an oblong box, yeah
    Don’t cry to me oh baby
    Should have seen it a-comin’ on…”

    I stopped as soon as I was sure she was asleep. I slowly unravelled my hand from her own, causing her to frown slightly in her sleep, and backed out the room, keeping an eye on her in case she awoke.

    I really was going to try and save lives with music.

    A year ago, I was working at Cartoon Network as an upcoming artist. One day, on the train to my office, I saw the twin towers fall… Just to see it was a horror, big enough for me to rethink my whole way of life.
    I didn’t like what my life was at the time. My job wasn’t as amazing as you would have thought, and everything thing I created was twisted out of shape by others, ruining my originally genius idea. If only they’d left them alone. They could have been big! Instead my ideas were cancelled because they were too close to other ideas that were in further process then my own- the bitches…

    My home life wasn’t all that either. Even though I was already in my early 20s, that fact that my parents were divorcing took a toll on me. When I needed them at the same time, I could only have one or the other, for they would fight right in front of me- over me. My little brother Mikey took it worse. He was still a teenager at 18 and still lived in the family home. He moved out when things got too much, and shared at flat with our friend Frank. I, unlike Mikey, lived half the time in my parent’s home (that later became just my mother’s home) and the other half with my girlfriend Kat and HER daughter Olivia. Notice the underlined HER. The explanation for this is because, as much as the witch insists Olivia is mine, I know she isn’t. You’ll find out all about that story later, readers, for now all you need to know is that I decided to change all that. I left my job, and moved out of my-now-mum’s-home (only using it as a base when I was kicked out of me and Kat’s), ignored my f**ked-up parents, treated Olivia as my daughter (though I will never let her call me ‘daddy’); asked Kat to marry me; and tried to get over something else- drug and alcohol addiction. While I did all this, I did something I had, deep down, always wanted to do since I was 7- start a band. I grabbed my best friend Matt, a drummer, and wrote a few songs to start with. I then called on my friend Ray and asked if he was in a band currently. He was, actually, and denied at first, before phoning back the next day announcing he’d been kicked out for pissing off the lead singer- how he never specified. I phoned my little brother next, knowing that he played bass. He accepted at once and immediately started talking about band names, something I hadn’t thought about yet. I left him with the job of finding a band name, while I began phoning other people to try and get gigs.

    So now here I am, a year later. I’m achieved just about everything I aimed to do. The only thing that hasn’t really changed is the drugs and booze, but I’ll try and sort that out later. Right now, the only things I really need to worry about is getting my band from baby-band to super-band, and making sure my fiancé and apparent child were okay.

    I crept down the stairs, and headed to the kitchen. I picked up my bags from the kitchen table before heading out the back door, locking it behind me. I headed round the side of the house and to the front. The tour bus was already parked there. Mikey was asleep in the back seat; Ray flicking through a magazine in the front; Matt drinking a can of beer from the seat next him, and little Frankie, sitting crossed-legged on the top of the van, smoking a cigarette. They all looked a mess. Mikey had drool dripping from his lips; Ray’s afro was greasy, Matt looked, well, like Matt- baggy clothes and grubby skin; and Frank had his right arm bandaged after another accident. No surprise at the sight of any of them was set upon my face.

    “Gee Gee!” cheered Frankie with a clown-like grin. “You look, erm, s-sexy!” he licked his lips as his eyes ran over me.

    I smirked at him, before opening the door to the middle seats and climbing in, leaving the door open for the 19 year old on the roof.
    I threw my bags across Mikey and into the boot, a strap lashed his arm causing him to awake abruptly.

    “W-what?” He mumbled, wiping the saliva from his lips.

    “Come on boys!” I clapped my hands “let’s get this show on the road!”

    The band whooped while Frank jumped to his feet on top of the van, causing the whole thing to shake.

    “Wah-hooo! Yeah, mother f**kers!” he jeered into the night.

    “Get in the bloody car Frankie!” order Ray in a fatherly manor.

    “Alright, granddad!” laughed Frank.

    Frank’s tiny body shot down from the van’s top and to the concrete, before bouncing onto the seat next to me, shutting the door with a loud slam.
    Ray started the van and Matt turned the radio on, allowing some pop crap to crowd the van. We groaned at the sound of Britney, accept for Frank, who began doing a rather good impression of the pop star.

    “Hit me baby one more time!” he sang in a high voice.

    “I already hit you once, and you just weren’t satisfying” I laughed at bad sex joke.

    “Frank, stop that voice I will literally hit you” bossed Matt.

    Frank stuck his tongue out at him and pouted.
    Matt slotted a disk into the player, replacing the annoying ‘oh baby, baby’ and replacing it with Green Day.

    “And relax” breathed Mikey, snuggling down in the back seat.

    We set off, singing along to Green Day, making jokes about Mikey’s glasses, Frank’s height (and sexuality for that matter, bless him), Ray’s ‘fro, Matt’s face and my mouth. All of us trying to stay cheery and lively at the depressing thought of a 14 hour non-stop car journey to our destination…
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    Woah dude. This is good. Olivia sounds awesome :D
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    Thanks alot! It should get better :)
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    Sounds good so far! I like the stories where Gee is all fatherly-like :)
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    Is it all good now? :)
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    Yep, looks much better. Thanks. :thumbsup:
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    Chapter 2 : Butterflies

    I yawned, my head lolling against the window tiredly. We were 6 hours into the journey and already Ray and Matt had swapped round from driver to passenger about 3 times. Mikey was now wide awake and jabbering on about something, though no one was listening. He knew this too, but he was so bored he just didn’t care. Frank, who had been hyper on skittles for the last 5 hours, was now heading to dream world. He was curled up on the two seating places next to me, holding my hand, his head on my lap. He was mumbling, but whether he was asleep or just heading that way wasn’t certain. Mikey looked over to us from the back seat and down at Frank.

    “Aww” he cooed “bless him. He looks so sweet”

    I raised an eyebrow at his comment but didn’t look him straight in the eye.

    “f**k off Michael” grumbled Frank, turning over, still gripping my hand.
    I gave a little smile at him, and made my fingers rub a circle in his grip. He giggled slightly and gave my hand a squeeze.

    “I can’t drive much more. I need a decent bloody sleep” groaned Matt “Ray, will ya-“

    “No, man I can’t. I’m tired as f**k myself.” Ray rubbed his forehead tiredly

    “I’ll drive. Frank will come in the front with me and you guys can take middle” I sighed.

    Matt nodded, and parked the van on the side of the road. I shook Frank to wake him full up so we could swap places with the tired two. I climbed out the van, stretching my arms as I did so, before taking Matt’s place as driver. I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding as I strapped myself in and adjusted the seat. I moments, Frank appear adjacent to me, still half asleep. He strapped himself in before bring his knees under his chin and yawning.

    “God this is taking so f**king long” I muttered as I turned on the engine and began to drive.
    I switched the CD player off and put the radio on and turned the volume down.

    I’d been driving for an hour in silence before conversation started. Out of the blue it was, as well! Mikey had fallen back to sleep, and Ray and Matt’s snores filled the van. Their monstrous snores must have eventually awoke Frank, who I hadn’t noticed was even awake until I felt the feeling I was being watched.

    “Are you that bored or am I just fascinating?” I asked him.
    He shrugged “a bit of both I guess” he breathed as I took his feet down from the seat. “So…” he sighed, crossing his arms over his chest “You missing Kat and Olivia yet?”

    “Of course I am.” I said with no feeling.
    Frank nodded at my reply, and stared at the road in front of us.

    “You love that little girl, don’t you?” he states.

    I raise an eyebrow “I guess I do.”

    Frank laughed at me “Of course you do, she’s your daughter!”

    “She isn’t” I mumble, feeling the corners of my mouth fall.

    “Of course she is. I mean, she’d call you daddy if you let her”

    “That’s because she doesn’t know any better”

    “She looks like you…” he insisted “Her eyes are exactly like yours. Browny-yellow in the middle, with a blacky-blue outline round the edge and yellow round the iris…” He told me.

    I was a little taken aback. I knew Frank was the kind of person who really took things in, along with having a great memory, but I wasn’t aware he had taken in my appearance that much; or Olivia’s for that matter.

    “We do?” I said in surprise.

    “Yeah… She reminds me more of you than Kat.” He paused “but you can argue with me if you want. That’s just my opinion”
    I kept my eyes on the road. Were me and Olivia really that similar? We couldn’t be, she wasn’t mine…

    Of course, there was the possibility she was mine, but with my luck she wasn’t. Actually, it would still be bad luck if she was mine. I think my parents would be very disappointed and angry at the thought of me fathering a child when I was only 19; even if it is now 6 years on. I and Kat, Olivia’s mother, had been going through a rough part in our relationship in 1995, when I was 18, Kat 17. We were on and off for about two months until after a big argument at one of Ray’s parties, leading us to break up. We didn’t communicate for three weeks, and then suddenly she began phoning me. Of course, the immature teenaged me found ways to stop her from ever reaching me, but a week of her trying, all calls stopped. I thought my plan had succeeded and she’d got the message that I wanted nothing to do with her, until she appeared soaking wet outside my house. My parents we’re out on the day, same going for little Mikey, and I had expected it to be one of their friends. I went to the door ready to tell them the person they wanted was out. But, when I got to the door I saw a tearful and soaked Kat standing there. I yelled at her to leave me alone, but she begged me to let her talk, so I let her in. We sat on the sofa as she began to tell me her story. I don’t know why I hadn’t guessed immediately what she was trying to say. Tears flowed down her cheeks as she told me she was over a month pregnant and didn’t know who the father was, exactly. She told me she was 90% sure it was me, since in the week she would have got pregnant, she only had sex with me five times, and some one-off dude once. I yelled her and kicked her out my house in a rage, but she hadn’t given up hope. She kept coming back, begging me to come back to her. I don’t know why I gave in; though I didn’t give in lightly. It was only when I found she in hospital and something had apparently ‘gone wrong’. I guess, deep down, I loved her back then. I didn’t go to the hospital because of Olivia, but just to check Kat was okay. She was, near enough. She weak and frightened, and immediately began sobbing as I wrapped my arms round her.

    I didn’t tell my family I was back with Kat until Olivia was 4 months old, and even then I didn’t tell them the possibility she was mine. I made Kat look like a common wh**e in front of my parents, and made myself look like a Good Samaritan who had just fallen for the wrong person. Kat didn’t mind, she just wanted me with her and Olivia. Though for the six years we’ve been together, and the six years Olivia has been on this planet, I have never let her call me daddy. I guess I’m scared that if I actually let her called my daddy, and she turned out not to be mine, it would kill me. I love her, I admit it, but for the past 6 years I’ve prepared myself for the moment when my little butterfly runs off to the man whose blood really runs through her tiny body…

    “So, Frank-“I cleared my throat, he turned his head from road and to me “How’s Jamia?”

    Frank shrugged “She’s alright I guess.”

    “Just alright?” I asked a little worried.

    “Yeah… I don’t know… She's just… How to put it… A bit boring sometimes” he said honestly, guilt swimming in his voice.

    “I know what you mean…” I sighed “Sometimes I feel like that with Kat”

    “You do?” Frank sounded surprised.

    “Yeah, I feel like that with a lot of things though” I sniggered.

    Frank nodded “I don’t… When something means a lot to me truly, I never get bored with it. They always… Intrigue me.”

    I laughed at his choice of words “You are one in a million Frankie”

    He smiled at me, his green-brown eyes glittering.

    Lil Frankie, at 20 years old he was still so cute as how he must have been at four. At first glance, I bet he scares the living day lights out of people. Red and black eye-liner, and orange Mohawk, lip piercing; nose piercing; tattoos; ripped jeans; t-shirts with skulls on them; but I still found him adorable. I think Olivia made me go soft on people…

    “Hey Gerard” smiled Frank “What do you think of me getting ‘HALLOWEEN’ tattooed across my knuckles?” He asked happily.

    “Awesome, Dude!”

    “I know, right?” he said proudly. “Why don’t you have any tats?” He asked.

    “I’m afraid of needles” I replied with a smirk “if I wasn’t, my arm would be a comic strip of art!”

    “Awesome! Hey, since you draw a lot, will you design me a tattoo? Please!” I pleaded, making his huge eyes turn into saucers.

    “Get a scorpion on your neck” I blurted out.

    He blinked at me, before a smile stretched across his face “Awesome, Gee!” he cheered happily.
    I couldn’t help but smile at his childish ways.

    “So how far do we have left?” asked Frank, referring to the drive.

    “About another bloody 7 or 8 hours” I huffed, depressed by the thought.
    Frank sighed sadly.

    “Why don’t you go back to sleep?” I asked.

    “Can’t be f**ked” he laughed.

    Frank yawned, and scooted his body closer to me and cleaned his head on my shoulder. I bit my tongue as a strange sensation fluttered around my insides at his touch…
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    “Why don’t you go back to sleep?” I asked.

    “Can’t be f**ked” he laughed.

    That made me laugh, I think everyone can relate. Good chapter. Poor Gerard :(
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    Chapter 3​

    I drove for another hour, before Mikey took over. Frank did offer to drive, but I think you, reader, will fully understand why we politely refused his offer.

    I took Mikey’s place in the back seat on my own, and relaxed happily in the pace I had there. Frank, who had been by my side throughout the whole journey, remained in the front with Mikey, declaring he had finally made himself comfortable and ‘f**k us all, (he’s) not moving’. I didn’t have a problem with that, not saying I didn’t want Frank’s company, I just enjoyed the space. I fell asleep peacefully in the back, and entered a beautiful dream.

    I have to say, I don’t have a clue why I had red hair in my dream, but I’m not complaining. I was on stage, with the whole band. Thousands, maybe millions were watching us and cheering our names. Matt was at his drum kit, standing on his seat, arms in the air and cheering himself. Ray was a few feet behind me on my left, cool and calm; just waving. Mikey was near Matts drum kit, bass in hand, a Mona Lisa smile and just looking round at the crowd. Frank was holding his guitar, Bela, and leaning on my right shoulder. I looked down to my left and saw that I was holding a little girl with very dark brown hair, almost black, and big brown eyes. Her hair was in pigtails, tied with bows; she wore a blue dress with a white skull pattern, and a pair of shiny red shoes with bows on them. She smiled at me and waved a tiny hand.

    “Happy!” she cried with a toothy grin, her eyes sparkling at me.

    I smiled at her looked out into the crowd.

    “We’re all happy, Suse” laughed Frank, as he stopped leaning on my arm and waved at the crowd.
    I smiled at the crowd.

    “Everyone, I want you guys to meet MCR youngest member-“ I began, taking the little girl of my hip and holding round the waist with two hands “Susan!” I raised her above my head and-

    “Gerard, we’re here!”
    Mikey shook my violently.

    “Huh, what?” I asked sleepily.

    “We is at the des-ti-nay-shon!” Said Frank, my syllable at a time, doing a chicken movement with his head.

    “We are?!” I asked in alarm. Had I really slept that long?
    I sat up from lying down and looked out the van’s back window. Outside, I saw a large black tour bus, and ten people running round busily.

    “Er, who we opening for?” I asked as my mind fell blank.

    “Avenged Sevenfold” Matt said, lighting a cigarette in the front seat.

    “Awesome” I sighed, running my fingers through my already greasy black hair.

    “Doesn’t take you long to look a mess!” Laughed Frank

    “Thanks dude” I replied flatly

    “Hey, Honesty is the key, so no need to thank” He smiled, opening a can of lager

    “I was being sarcastic” I told him rudely.

    “I wasn’t…”

    “Alright, you two” Ray said in a fatherly tone, turning to us.

    “f**k You, Toro! I’m older then you!” I argued back.

    “Yet you’re not as mature” he stated.

    I stuck my tongue out at him and gave him two middle fingers, while Frank and Mikey sniggered at me.

    Matt sighed tiredly.

    “Right, here’s how he works-“ Matt began, turning round from the front seat.
    It was that moment when I realised him and Frank had swapped seats while I was asleep…

    “I’m the dad, Ray’s the mom-“


    “Mikey is the teenaged daughter-“

    “f**k you, Matteo!”

    “Gerard’s the 4 year old, and Frank’s the baby.”

    “Goo goo, ga ga, daddy smells of whiskey” Frank said in a cheap imitation of a baby.

    “Yesh, Fwankie.” I said joining in “daddy is stupid. He should give us whiskey too!”

    Frank gasped “Yes Geegee, daddy must give us dwinky or we’ll call child line and accuse him of lake of attention!”

    Mikey sniggered at us

    “Oh mummy!” Mikey said to Ray “me and Ryan are going on a date and I need a new dress!”

    We all burst out laughing accept for Ray who just blinked at Mikey.

    “I want a knew teddy bear!” cried Frank in a high voice.

    “I want spider man pyjamas!” I cried.

    “Don’t you actually have a pair, Gee?” giggled Mikey.

    “Yeah, but they have a rip in the crotch. I’m being serious, I really do want new ones!” I said seriously, causing the whole van to burst into laughter once again.

    The chorus of giggles was interrupted by a serious looking lady tapping on Ray’s window. He rolled down the window and said-


    “Are you the opening group?” she asked with a think, upper class voice.

    “Yes we are!” announced Matt.

    “Ah good, well, if you’d like to bring you equipment round through that back door-“ she pointed towards a brown door that had a man smoke a cigarette standing right next to it “and we’ll set you up. You should be on stage in 2 to 2 and half hour time, okay? Good” and set off, not waiting for an answer.

    There was a pause in the van.

    “She reminds me of my nan” piped up Frank with a poker face, causing the van to be filled with laughter once again…
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    I laughed so much I think I'm getting a six-pack. I swear you are some sort of comical and writing genius :D
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    Thank you so much :D I try my best
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    That was a bit of a cute chapter ^_^ Interseting dream, a vision of the future maybe?? :D
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    Chapter 4:First Snow

    “Calm it, Gee. f**k, if you drink much more you won’t be able to sing!” insisted Mikey, holding me up from behind. I giggled at him in moronic way, letting my body wall to the floor so I was sitting in front of him, legs spaced out. I looked up with a childish, wonky grin; my body swaying slightly.

    “I’ll be fine… It’ll be easy peasy pumpkin peasy!” I cackled. Then I paused and leaned back on to my little brother’s skinny legs. “Mikey, can we have Pumpkin pie for lunch?”

    Mikey sighed, growing tiresome of my drunken ways. He took to large steps back, causing me to fall backwards. I lay there on the floor, slightly confused about why I was there…

    “Is Geegee tires?” teased Frank, walking over from the other side of the hall, a bottle of vodka in one hand, and bending down to me. “You okay, dude?” I asked, a hint of a serious tone slipping into his voice.

    I smiled and laughed at him, before planting my hands on either side of his face and pulled him down to my level. A look pure confusion was painted on his face. I giggled at him again.

    “Er, Gee, Wha-“Before he could finish, I smashed my lips forcefully on to his hungrily, taking advantage of his open mouth. I heard Mikey scoff at this and walk off in disgust.

    For a few seconds, he didn’t move, letting my tongue roam curiously round his mouth. Then, just for a second, he replied to it, moving his mouth to my own. It didn’t last; his body became tense and he pulled away from me, dropping the vodka bottle and pushing my down on the floor by my shoulders.

    “Frankie, no…” I said sadly, trying to force myself back up. I pushed my chest and shoulders up as best I could; pushing my head on the floor, trying to beat Frank’s strength, but I failed. Frank’s face was serious now.

    “Stop” he commanded. His face softened and he smirked. He moved my hand to the centre of my chest, and the other to my forehead, stopping me moving anything above my waist; accept my eyes and mouth of course. He bent down to my ear, the smirk still on his perfect lips, and whispered “Save for the stage. That’ll send the crowd wild… and scare the f**k out mummy and daddy. Not to mention big sister Mikey.” He giggled evilly as he moved his head away from my ear. He stared right down at me, our noses inches away from each other. He planted one last kiss on my lips. It was so sweet and simple. Our mouths were shut, and there was no moaning just a kiss with a bit of pressure. I follow the urge that raved inside me and pushed back with a tiny bit of force. It was nothing like the one I gave him. The feeling that had fluttered around in my stomach when he had leaned on me on the drive here returned. Only it was so much more powerful.

    When he broke the kiss, he looked at me with worried eyes.

    “You’re too drunk” he stated. “You won’t be able to perform without falling over of puking on stage. That or you will forget your lines” He stood up and held a hand out to me “Come on, up you get. I’ll give you something that’ll help.”

    I took his hand and he pulled me up, before leading me to our dressing room. He shut the door behind us and put his finger to his lips.
    “Don’t tell the others” he whispered with a wink, before going over to his guitar bag and opening the front zip. He pulled a red put with a blue lid and prized it open. In side were some blue oval tablets. He walked over to me, still holding the put.
    “Take five.” He told me, taking a few himself and pouring them into his mouth, swallowing them whole without any liquid.

    I did as he said, taking a five and then swallowing them whole.

    “Good boy…” Frank said as if Gerard was a puppy

    “My Chemical Romance to stage now!” called someone from outside the door.

    Frank smiled at me, before leading us out the room and heading towards the stage.

    “Ray came running over to us excitedly “I was wondering where you two were!” he puffed

    “We was-ah ka’noodling in a bush…” I drooled, wobbling on the spot.

    “He’s really drunk tonight” Ray said to Frank, raising an eyebrow at me sadly

    “He’ll be fine, trust me” Frank reassured him.

    Ray merely nodded, before we all headed to the stage…

    I stumbled off stage, sweat dribbling down my face from the heat of the stage lights.

    “Nice one you lot!” cheered a tall, muscly man. He had to be about 3 or 4 heads taller than me with a very masculine face, his eyes covered by a pair of huge sunglasses.

    “Thanks dude” I puffed, smearing away some sweat from my cheek.

    “M. Shadows” said the dude, referring to himself “lead vocalist of Avenged Sevenfold”

    I held a hand as I forced myself to stand up properly “Gerard Way. As you’ve probably already know, I’m the lead singer of My Chemical Romance.”

    “Are you?” he said with fake shock “I thought the drummer who kept his mouth shut the entire performances was your singer”

    I laughed at him, before calling the rest of the band over.

    “Guys, this is M.Shadows” I told them.

    Frank’s mouth dropped, and he pushed in front of me

    “I… Love you…” he said, shaking Shadow’s hand, his mouth wide open, his eyes like saucers. When the friend hand shake ended he stared at his hand. “Oh my god. Oh my f**king god…” he mumbled.

    “Anyway, it’s nice to meet you guys. You certainly have some talent” Shadow said with a smile “Good lyrics too. You got a CD out yet?”

    “Yeah, released a few weeks ago”

    “Awesome. I’ll get hold of that then.”

    “Actually, if you just ask our manager, Brian, he’ll give you a free copy.

    “Cool, I’ll do that”
    We ended up in a quite an interesting conversation with the singer. Well, everyone did except for Frank, who just stared at him in awe the whole time.

    After a while, we went with Shadow to meet the rest of the band. They were all quite cool actually. I’d expected them to be a load of snobby nutcases, but actually they were awesome.

    It was handy that we all go along, since we’d be opening for them again in a week’s time. We parted ways, them for the stage, me and gang for a hotel.
    We don’t make a habit of staying in hotels, but sometimes sleeping in a cramped van can be a bit too much. We ordered three rooms; One for Ray and Matt, one for me and Frank, and one for Mikey. Originally, me and Mikey was sharing a room, but Mikey was apparently ‘fed up of me’ so asked to swap. Frank took the offer, saying the parents, a.k.a Ray and Matt, should stay together and ‘get some action’. I didn’t have a problem. I was relieved in a sense, since no Mikey meant no whining.

    I thought me and Frank would have mucked around a bit, got a bit drunk, thrown a tele out the hotel window, you know the type of thing, and fallen asleep at some point. What actually happened was something I, drunk or sober, hadn’t counted on…
  16. oooo cliffhanger nice story
    please up date soon ^-^
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    Ooo, i bet they're going to play monopoly or something else raunchy like that... :O
    Awesome chapter xx
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    Oooh, ^haha play monopoly :p
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    Chapter 5 - Enigmatic Kisses

    Kisses on my lips, my neck, my chest, my stomach. Lower and Low and Lower. I breath tickles gently against my snowy white skin, sending shivers down my skin. I looked down at him, my eyes instantly meeting his alluring irises…

    My head pounded as if someone was drilling into my skull as I sat up in bed. The sheet fell from my front, revealing the odd fact that I was naked and sticky. Well, the naked part wasn’t exactly what bothered me, since I often sleep naked, whether I’m sharing a room or not, I don’t care. It was the sticky part that struck me as peculiar. A light white substance was painted on my stomach and hand. I give you three chances, dear reader, to guess what it was. Hint: It isn’t glue!
    I know my body pretty well, so just by looking at the two splashing of gunk, I recognised one as my own bodily fluid and the other… Well, I didn’t recognise it! That’s when it hit me. I turned my head to looking at the sleeping man next to me as my mind began to tie the strings of last night together…

    Hands in my hair, on my cheeks, running down my chest, moving lower and lower. Touching me, sending my body crazy with lust and passion, as my drunken eyes caused me to see the teenager in a new light. A real new light; I no longer saw him as the sweet guitarist or the baby of the band. Frank Iero had become something more, and way he moves, God, the words that left his f**king comely mouth proved that he wasn’t as innocent and immature as we had all believed. Years of playing guitar had taken its effect and given him a fast hand and good rhythm, meaning it didn’t take him long to make me scream like banshee.
    “You so drunk… You so f**king weird, you know that Gerard way?” He whispered to me, straddling me and eyeing me up and down as we caught out breath.
    “You say like its bad” I smirked, licking my lips.
    “Never meant it to. You’re so interesting, Gerard. You don’t make complete sense. You’re a puzzle with a missing piece.” He placed a kiss on my lips.
    He pulled away after a few seconds with a sheepish grin. He grabbed the bottle of vodka from the bed side table and gulped a third of it down in a flash.
    “You wanna know what you are?” He said in a husky voice.
    “An emo?” I half joked. Frank ignored my comment
    “A living piece of enigmatic art. You are living enigma, made from acrylic and glitter and a dictionary…” I placed the bottle on the side.
    I blinked at him. I’d never heard such words come from his mouth. They alarmed and intrigued me all at once. I tried to think of a reply, a great reply, but none came.
    Frank smiled at me again and kissed my lips once again. I felt him smile into the kiss. His body weakened and slowly laid on top of me as sleep took over…

    “Frank…” I mumbled.
    Said boy sterred in his sleep, before opening his eyes and blinking at me.
    “I’m naked…” he said in a confused, childish tone.
    “I know… SO am I”
    “Why am I naked?” He asked foolishly.
    I looked away from him and began collecting up my clothes that had been lazily thrown on the carpet.
    “Gee?” squeaked Frank worriedly.
    I didn’t reply and simply began getting dressed, perched on the edge of the bed,
    “Gerard, I’m sorry, please don’t ignore me, man…”
    I sighed and looked back round at him.
    “I’m not ignoring you; I just don’t know what to say.” I heaved a large sigh as I saw his fall to the ground.
    “Gerard…” Frank squeaked my name again. “Please don’t tell Jamia…”
    “Don’t tell Kat ”

    Ray threw the last of the stuff into the back of the van, before disappearing back into the hotel. I looked over at the hotel’s water feature. Angels with over flowing vases surrounded spitting dolphins that surrounded a Greek goddess holding a small harp. It was beautiful, but it was who was sitting on the rim of the feature’s bowl that I had been watching. I walked swiftly over to him, going over in my mind what I was going to say, what I could say, but nothing seemed great. I stood in front of him. His head was lying in his hands so I could see him beautiful green/brown eyes – scratch that- just eyes. Why beautiful?! There’s only two people in this world who I’ve ever said had beautiful eyes; Kat and Olivia.

    “You okay, sugar?”
    “Never better” came Frank’s voice, muffled by the palms of his hand. He heaved a large sigh, letting his hands fall from his face and sitting up properly. “Why and what did we do last night?”

    “You know-“ Began Frank, drying his carrot hair on a towel “We didn’t get much down on stage, did we?” He giggled.
    I gave him a confused look, as I did the zip up on my skeleton Pjs. Olivia loves these Pjs, so I guess it’s good on her part that they are really baggy on me, meaning there’s enough room for her to join me in its warmth.
    “What do you mean, Frankie?”
    He giggled, and walked slowly over to me in a cocky manor, a smirk planted on his face. I swear to you, that Frank has about a million different types of smirks. He should write a book!
    He stood right in front of me, our noses only little way apart. He shrugged, wanting me to saying to him, knowing that I actually knew perfectly what he meant.
    I scanned his face. I could find a fault, a negative. He was cute, not Olivia cute, and not puppy dog cute- sexy cute. His mouth begged to be kissed, his neck to be bitten, and his eyes screamed at me desperation ‘come to bed’.
    “This?” I murmered, before giving his lips what they wanted in a gentle loving way, the kind of kiss I hadn’t given Kat in a year…

    “I don’t know why.” I lied.
    I sat down next to me and crossed one leg over the other.
    “I’m sorry, Frank… If it wasn’t emotionally damaging I’d say thanks”
    Frank laughed at me, his whole face lightening up like Christmas tree lights.
    “You’re very welcome Gee Gee! Thanks for doing something that Jamia and couldn’t and wouldn’t ever do” He laughed.
    “Butt sex?” I winked, before laughing.
    “No, you twat” Frank laughed with me.
    Once our laughter died, his face became serious, and his voice quickly followed.
    “Thanks for loving me for just once night” Frank got up quickly and ran over to the van and climbed in.
    I watched after him, confusion and alarm ran through my vans. What did he mean by that? I know he’s not a virgin-f**k, I walked in on him doing it twice (Once with Jamia, another time with a dude I don’t know. I believe Frank might be a bit of a man wh**e, but I would be if I had his body)! Jamia loved him, didn’t she? I don’t know, Frank certainly is a confusing one.

    3 weeks later
    “So you’re coming back when exactly?” Kat asked tiredly
    “Soon, sugar, soon. I-in about a week or so. I think we only have to open for Mindless Self Indulgence twice and then we’re off back home-“
    “Last week you said you be home, NOW! I need you Gerard, please! Talk to Brian, tell him I need you-“
    “What do you need me so bad?” I frowned as I spoke down the phone. “Is something wrong?”
    “Yes-No!” Kat stuttered and sighed “Please just come home, Gerard!”
    “I will soon.” I reassured her again. I looked up from my place in the driver’s seat, to see Frank waving in front of the mirror for my attention. “I gotta go babe. I love you” was my only excuse as I hung up the phone on Kat, and unlocked the car doors.
    Frank’s small body jumped in side in a panic.
    “I think Jamia knows something!”

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