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  1. FrankMonster

    FrankMonster New Member

    This is the Sequel to Sugar, We're Going Down - which you can find here.

    So it's called Taking Back the Life You Stole (obviously) and I even made a banner for it.

    Page 1: Prologue
    Page 2: Chapter 1 & 2
    Page 6: Chapter 3 & 4
    Page 24: Chapter 5 & 6
    Page 32: Chapter 7
    Page 56: Chapter 8
    Page 82: Chapter 9 - The End


    "Gerard I swear I heard something"
    "Okay, let's go downstairs to check"

    My arm on his shoulder stopped him from getting out of bed. My lips were shivering and my heart beating faster then ever. It felt like time had stopped, and there was nothing but me, Gerard and whoever was downstairs. "Lets call the police, I'm begging you" My voice was pleading, and I tried to pull off the cutest look I could.

    Gerard frowned, I guess he still thought it was nothing, but he wanted me to feel safe, so he just nodded. "Lets just open our bedroom door, and if we hear something else I'll call the police" It wasn't a question, it was a statement. He got out of bed, me closely behind, and then he made his way to the door. He opened it slowly, careful not to make a sound.

    But when we opened the door, we weren’t met by any noise; we were met by a smell. A smell of smoke. "f**k" Gerard hissed as he grabbed my hand and ran down the stairs. The smell of smoke grew stronger as we reached the foot of the stairs. I felt tears burn behind my eyes, and my vision was blurred. The floor was hot beneath my bare feet, and I jumped on the spot.

    "We have to get out of here" Gerard said and we ran into the living room. Only to find that the whole room was in flames. The cough was almost nothing but a huge pile of ashes, and all our beloved books where ruined as well.

    Gerard coughed and pulled me in the other direction. It was like my body had stopped functioning on its own. I wanted to move, I wanted to think, but I couldn't. Gerard had to drag me through the house towards the back door. When we reached it we found it was being eaten by the flames as well.

    It looked so amazing, in a sick kind of way. You know the feeling you have when you're having dinner/drinks in front of an open fireplace. How the flames licking the logs enchant you as you stare into it. That's the feeling I had. That, and the fear of being trapped in there with Gerard.

    "There's no way out" I said slowly. And I was right, there were no way out. The doors were consumed by fire, and the stairs to the upper floor was lost. Finally Gerard pushed me into the downstairs bathroom and quickly closed the door.

    The smoke had us coughing, and it felt like my throat was on fire. I bent over and placed my hands on my knees and just coughed. I almost thought I'd cough my lungs up.

    "We have to get out of here" Gerard mumbled between coughs and then he ran to the window. It was small, and we have nailed it shut, because of Riley. But that was the only escape we had. "I don't want to die" I shrieked as panic struck me. Up until now I had felt so alive, but now… now it felt like I was already dead, and I didn't want to die. I wasn't ready to die.

    I wanted to grow old together with Gerard. I wanted to have children with him, to get married to him, to wake up next to an 80 year old Gerard and still be able to kiss him good morning. I felt tears from both the smoke and my thoughts leak from my eyes.

    Gerard had grabbed a towel and was now in the middle of trying to break the small window. But a thought hit me like a ton of bricks as he started cleaning the broken window from shards.

    He would never be able to fit through that window, but I would.
  2. Holly

    Holly Active Member

    OH MY GOD :'(

    x i love you x
  3. FrankMonster

    FrankMonster New Member

    Thank you honey <3
  4. lithangel

    lithangel New Member

    i'm so glad u sequeled this!
  5. FrankMonster

    FrankMonster New Member

    Me too actually. It felt like the right thing to do, and I like the way this is going.
  6. lithangel

    lithangel New Member

    me too!

  7. FrankMonster

    FrankMonster New Member

    do you have any, I dunno, wishes about this sequel?
    my other fics I had figured out pretty much you know, but this one...
    I really don't know where to take it.

    so any suggestions would be great! :3
  8. lithangel

    lithangel New Member

    other than somebody needs to beat the living snot out of riley? but that's pretty much a given....i got nothing. let me think about....
  9. FrankMonster

    FrankMonster New Member

    haha no, I was thinking about maybe making Riley the star of the sequel ;3
  10. lithangel

    lithangel New Member

    eew...he's unpleasant. but it's ur story and ur a great author so i'll trust ur opinion.
  11. FrankMonster

    FrankMonster New Member

    He's gonna be the hero. and he's gonna have sex with gerard. and frank will kill himself, and then the story is over.

    HAHAHAHAHA okay, I'm lying :*
  12. lithangel

    lithangel New Member

    now ur just being evil...... ha ha! ;)
  13. The Broken

    The Broken New Member

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Please update really really soon! This is gonna be so good, I can tell! It's so f**king good already.
  14. FrankMonster

    FrankMonster New Member

    IIIIH I get so f**king happy when people say that!!!! :D
    I'm typing the next chapter as we speak, but my kitten is in a cuddly mood. and when she is, there really is nothing to do but to cuddle with her... or get torn to pieces xD

    anyway, next update should happen tonight!!!
    (now I have to try and sneak to the bathroom, I have to pee real bad... she won't even leave me alone in there haha! ) .___.
  15. MarieMistake

    MarieMistake Active Member


    This is sooo amazing!!
    I'm so glad the sequel is up already!!

  16. FrankMonster

    FrankMonster New Member

    I know, I wasn't gonna put the sequel out already, but then I listened to music and an idea struck me and I was like 'dude, this is so gonna happen' and well, when I started typing I just kept on going xD
  17. FrankMonster

    FrankMonster New Member

    Chapter 1 - Don't you dare

    As soon as I realized that Gerard would never fit through the window I ran up to him and grabbed him. His face was white and scared, and his eyes showed me one thing. He knew too that he wouldn't be able to fit through the window.

    The flames still hadn't reached the bathroom door, but we had no where to go. The hallway was probably in flames now, and the closet next to the bathroom had no windows.

    I grabbed his face between my hands and stared him dead in the eye. I saw the same pain in his eyes that I knew must show in mine. I took a deep breath, and caressed his face for a few seconds, not breaking the eye contact.

    "I'm not leaving without you!" My voice trembled with anger, because I knew what he was thinking. He wanted me to leave, and let him stay behind. But I couldn't do that. His eyes were filled with silent tears and he grabbed my hands, which were still resting at the sides of his face. "You can't stay" He said, finally letting his tears free. I wasn't surprised when my cheeks were drenched in tears as well.

    "You can't ask me to leave you here" I leaned my forehead against his, and I felt the commotion that was going on inside me. Outside of the bathroom door the fire was roaring, and we both knew it wouldn't be long before it came through the door. "I can't fit through that window" "You can try!" I said, my voice growing louder and stopped trebling. "Frank I-" "NO!" I cut him off. And I felt the desperation in his voice, burn inside me. "TRY!" I shouted and shoved him against the window sill. I was not going to let him be burned alive. Not alone. He had to try.

    With one final look of despair he nodded and grabbed a new towel, to join the old one. He wrapped them around his hands, with help from me. Then he looked at me, with his beautiful hazel eyes. The tears that were still pouring from his eyes, made tracks down his now dirty face. And the thing is, no matter how sad and anxious he looked, no matter how much ash he had on his face, and no matter how much he cried, he still looked like the most beautiful man alive.

    I knew what he was doing, he was trying to say goodbye. "Frank, you have to go first" He reasoned. I shook my head slowly, but he grabbed me by my upper arms. His grip so tight were hurt me through my t-shirt. "FRANK" His voice shook with anger, anger that I knew wasn't directed at me. "If I can't get through, if I get stuck…" He didn't finish, he didn't have to finish. I knew what he was saying. I had to go first, because if he was stuck then neither of us could get out. "I'm not gonna leave without you" I said again, this time in a whisper.

    The look in Gerard's eyes scared me. I had never seen him like this. His eyes were wild, and his breaths short. His hair was a mess, and he had pieces of glass in it. He tightened his already tight grip, which caused me to hiss in pain. He didn't show any sign that he had heard me, or that he realized he was hurting me. "You are going through that window right this moment Frank Anthony Iero"

    I didn't dare reply, or shake my head. I wanted to do something, I wanted to put my foot down, but the look in his eyes stopped me. I knew he was serious. Finally I nodded and he let me go. He took the towels and wrapped them around my hands instead. As we worked on freeing the window from all pieces of broken glass we felt it get warmer and the air thickened with poisonous smoke.

    Right before I climbed through the window, I turned around and kissed him deeply. "Don't you dare die in here Gerard" I said and then I climbed out.
  18. AnKKu

    AnKKu New Member

    I'm happy you continued this Frankie :) but...
    please don't kill gerard!
  19. FrankMonster

    FrankMonster New Member

    Chapter 2 - Live with you

    It was a tight squeeze, even for me. I felt small bits of glass rasp my skin and I gave out a few hisses from the pain. Finally my feet touched the ground and I was out. I tore the towels from my hands and gave them to Gerard.

    He took them but before we could do anything else an explosion shook the house. I fell on my back on the grass, and gave out a yelp. I got up as soon as I could, but I had to cover my face with my arms due to the intense heat. I backed up a few steps from the house, and then lowered my arms.

    I could see the bathroom window, but Gerard was nowhere in sight. He must have fallen down when something in the house exploded. I saw the flames eating our house up, and I knew that Gerard had to get out now.

    I heard sirens in the distance, since the neighbors had probably called 911. I didn't register though; my mind was only set on one thing. To get Gerard out!

    I started screaming his name, over and over and I tried to near the bathroom window. But the heat was too much, and I had to step back again. Finally I saw his face in the mirror, and I screamed his name again. "GERARD!" "FRANKIE!" I heard his hoarse reply, since the smoke was probably getting to him. I fisted my hair in my hands and screamed his name again. To be honest I had no idea what to do. The man I loved more then anything was trapped in our burning house.

    At first I didn't see what he was doing, and I couldn't hear him. The sounds of the fire drowned the sound of his voice. I knew I was crying, only by the fact that my cheeks were wet. I could no longer hear my own words. It was like in those movies, when everything slows down, and all you can hear is the sound of a fire. A fire that was going to kill Gerard.

    I saw his head and shoulders first, then his waist, and then… Finally I snapped out of my trancelike state and rushed forward. I grabbed his waving hand in mine, and ignored the intense heat on my face. I pulled the hardest I could, but I couldn't see if he actually got any further through the window. My fingers slipped and I lost my grip on his hand, and I fell back against the grass.

    I sat there and looked up swiftly and what I saw ripped my insides in two. Gerard was hanging from the window, sweat being mixed with tears on his dirty cheeks. His eyes wide in fear and his hair dangling around his face like a veil. His mouth was open and a silent scream were etched in his eyes. And the look in his eyes said 'I am going to die'.

    But I wouldn't let go, not yet. Once again ignoring the pain, fire and smoke I got up from the ground and grabbed his hand. "I want to die with you some day Gerard, but right now I want to f**king live with you!" With one final pull we landed on the grass, both of us gasping for air, since the smoke was all around us.

    At first I couldn't register what was happening, but then I saw them. The fire men and ambulance workers. I saw them fall to the knees next to us, and I felt them grabbing me and Gerard. But it was getting harder and harder to focus on anything except mine and Gerard's entwined hands.

    And finally, everything went dark.
  20. The Broken

    The Broken New Member

    Don't you let Gerard die!!!!
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