Take all the pain away from me [Frerard]

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    Rating: 18

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the members of My Chemical Romance and everything in this purely fictional and, to my knoladge, has never happened.

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    This is all i have so far and I'm not sure if I should continue it. Plese let me know what you think :)

    Chapter 1

    I shivered in the cold night air as I leaned against the wall of a cheep bar down town somewhere. A group of men walked past me on their way for a night out. I suppressed the shivering and stared at them, hoping that my tight leather pants and fish net top concealed nothing and showed them something that they wanted. They looked and exchanged comments before passing on their way without a backward glance. This was nothing new; I was as much a part of the place as the pealing paint on the walls and probably just as attractive. But I managed to scrape by.

    A guy came out of the bar and grabbed my butt as he passed. I shot him a cheeky smile. I hated doing that because I got nothing in return, but sometimes it paid off and they came back for more. You’ve probably guessed that I sold my body. I’m not proud of it, but it’s all I have left that I can sell. I have no friends or family any more; they all left when they found out that I'm gay. I was in a band, but the management decided I was bad for their image so they got rid of me. I have no qualifications and no one wanted to employ me. I lived in a boarded up house praying that the cops wouldn’t find me and chuck me out and every night I would do what I had to to get by. It seemed like I had no choice.

    I was no longer the person I had once been. Frank Iero died long ago. I’d drink or do whatever poop I could get my hands on to try and forget. No wander the money ever lasted. Each night blurred into the next. But, though I didn’t know it as I stood there shivering, that night would be different and it was to change my life forever.
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    This sounds really good so far. It's very well written.
    I'm interested.
    I vote an update.
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    I like this too :)
    you should definitely continue this and see where it goes. so,
    update? :p
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    OK I'll try, but that means I'm writing three now and I have a tone of school work! But I love you all too much not to update when you want it.
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    No pressure!
    Take your lovely little time.
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    yeah^ we can wait :)
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    it sounds good! more soon?
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    Please update its co0ool
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    Its really good! You should update really soon!!
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    yay! new story! i like it so far.
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    I'm having realy bad computer problems now and have to use my brothers. I would update but my stories are stuck on my other computer!!!!

    I'm having the worst day EVER!
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    OK, I don't know what's going on but I can use it now 0.o

    Chapter 2

    Another man came out of the bar and stood on the other side of the door. He lit a cigarette and stared out into the night. He obviously wasn’t interested. I began to shiver again. I was about to go find a better spot when he asked the night, “are you waiting for someone?”

    “In a way,” I replied. He must be new to the scene if he didn’t recognise me or know what I was.

    “Doesn’t look like there gonna show,” he commented, still staring into the night.

    He probably didn’t know how right he was. I’d been stood there for hours. I hated quiet nights, I hated it when I had to listen to my thoughts tell me how I should never have sunk so low. They also meant to money so that I could forget my situation. I chose to remain silent.

    “Can I buy you a drink?” he asked. He was definitely new! I should have said no but I wanted a drink so I agreed. As we entered the bar I noticed that he was quite a bit taller than me. He had a tangle of longish black hair and an innocent face but his eyes where bright and intelligent. He wasn’t stupid.

    He bought me a beer, though I would have preferred something stronger, and he got himself a coffee. I didn’t even know they sold coffee! He saw my questioning look.

    “I don’t drink,” he said as we sat down in a corner. “I’m an alcoholic.” I was surprised at how honest he was.

    “I guess that’s why I haven’t seen you here before,” I commented.

    “Why, do you know everyone that comes here?”

    “Most, some more than they’d like to admit,” I said in a bored tone downing half my beer in one. The man didn’t comment.

    “So how come you’re here now?” I asked though I really wasn’t interested. I was only putting up with him because if I kept him company I figured he might buy me another drink.

    “This probably sounds pathetic but I broke up with my boyfriend and my brother said that I should get out more.” Considering the way he was treating me I guessed his brother was right. It was clear this guy didn’t know he was meant to ignore me unless he wanted to f**k me. That’s the way it worked. He wasn’t meant to buy me a beer and then try to make conversation.

    We sat in silence for a while and I quickly finished my beer. “This might sound very forward,” he said. “But would you like to go grab something to eat?”

    “What?” I said looking up in surprise. I’d been staring at a cockroach crawling up the wall and thinking about how similar we where. God! That place really was cheap. What he said was the last ting I’d expected someone to say to me. I mean most guys just asked the price, not asked me out!

    “You look half starved!” he said smiling at the look on my face. I suddenly noticed how beautiful that smile was. That and that my stomach was tying to kill me at the mere though of food.

    “Alright,” I said quietly.

    “I was hoping you’d say that.”
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    yay you updated \o/ this is really great, I hope you can update soon :p
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    OH MY GOD!!! THAT WAS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!
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    that was good. can't wait for the next one.
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    well you get it =p
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    awwwwww great update!
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    update plz
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    SO good! More please *growls*.
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    Sorry, i can't update at the moment and I'm going away tomorow.

    So think of me in my tent freezing on a hill side with a tin of beans while your enjoying all this frerardy fun

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