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    okay. well i decided to write a newer fanfic because i ran out of ideas with my other one. [trust who put the words in your head]. hopefully this one will last longer. Frank and Gerard have main roles in it. I didn't want to use myself this time, so I'm using Katie [MCRxBABii] hopefully you like this =]
    chapter 1-page 1
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    KATIE'S P.O.V.

    I look up to the sky before I close my car door and whisper a message to my deceased mother. "Why Mom? Why would you leave me with him? He always relocates. At least when I was living with you after the divorce, I could stay in Massachusetts. I want my old friends back in Massachusetts. I want my old school back. I'm too afraid to start off new. It's only going to be pain coming my way."

    Damn drugs. Who even invented them? Damn divorce. Who even invented that? The divorce led to drugs which led to the death of my mother. My parents decided to get a divorce because my Dad was always away. He only came home on the weekends and whenever he did, he was too stressed out. My mother couldn't deal with it, so she left him. She regretted every minute of it and started the drugs. It got so bad to a point where I lost her because of overdosing. Now I have to live with my Dad. Don't get me wrong, I love my Dad so much. We get along great. It's just that relocating every year because of his damn job is getting to be downright painful.

    It's been about one year now since my mother's death. Before that, I lived with her and I could always stay in Massachusetts. I got to live in Massachusetts for one year after her death because my Dad's job just happened to have wanted him in Massachusetts at that time. Now I had to move to f**king Belleville, New Jersey. My new home in New Jersey already crushed my spirits. I miss Massachusetts already and it's only been six hours since I left there. I hate most parts, but it was my home and I loved saying that I lived there. At last, this is my last year moving away. College is next year. I can go back to Massachusetts and go to that university that I've dreamed of going to for so long. Sadly, I am one of those geeks that loves to think about her future. Journalism was my future. For some reason, it completed me. I was editor of my school newspaper every year in high school. Senior year was going to be different, however. I have to start off at a new high school. I can't even continue dance because I'll feel like a traitor to my old dance team. They were my life. The laughs, the amount of times I fell every class, going to dinner every Thursday between dance classes, it was all worth living. I hate my Dad's job. It's the one thing I could never stand about life. Well, that and the fact that my only mother is no longer alive. At least, my Dad never wanted to move on so I don't have to worry about having a new stepmom. He tried dating again and after my mother's death, he gave up on that. He just wants to die alone.

    "Dad, Can I just take a walk and look around?" I asked my Dad. Exploring this new town should be..interesting.

    "Sure, hun. Go right ahead. Come home soon, though so we can unpack." That was a typical response from him.

    "Yeah, yeah. Got ya." I gave him a quick hug and headed on my way. I just walked along and kicked this same tiny stone the whole way to show my anger. I could never really show much anger, though. It was impossible to. I heard some music playing from about five houses down. It sounded live, so I decided to go check it out. 'Hello Angel, tell me where are you?' I turned and looked to see this band playing in their garage. The one with the microphone in his hand was--I don't know how to explain him. He had this amazing jet black hair that went almost down to the shoulders. He was a little chubby, but the cute kind. He was wearing this Iron Maiden shirt and that excited me. Iron Maiden was my favorite band. I saw his hazel eyes staring at me. I didn't want to seem like a stalking idiot so I just said anything random.

    "Sweet tunes." What the f**k did I just say? Did I just say 'sweet tunes'? Okay, Katie. You're having some difficulties with sounding normal.

    "Thanks, I guess." He already thought I was a freak. Great. "Are you new here or something? Normally, people don't just walk any street in Belleville themselves." Wow. Is it that bad of a town?

    "Uhm, yeah. I just moved down there." I pointed into the direction of my house. "I'm Katie." He gave me this kind of dirty look.

    "Gerard." He pointed to each band member individually. "Ray's the one with the fro. Mikey's the one with the glasses. Frank's the short one. Matt's the one on drums."

    "Nice to meet you. So, how long have you been a band? What are you called?" I wanted to start conversation with him. He was the type of guy I've always loved.

    "My Chemical Romance and we kinda just started." Frank shook his head and Gerard spat a rude response at me."We're trying to have a practice now, so just take your little preppy self and go."

    Preppy? Wow. That was a slap in the face. Any stereotype is bullshit to me. I wanted to shout at him, but I didn't. I didn't want to make a bad impression, so I just walked away and back to my house. Living in Belleville was going to be a very interesting and somewhat painful experience. I think Gerard made it perfectly clear that I will be hated and rejected. Oh yes, it's just what I needed.

    alright. do you guys like this? comments please <3
  2. MCRxBABii

    MCRxBABii New Member

    it is just wonderful =].....i hope im not a sl*t in this fan fic =X
  3. Kayla?!

    Kayla?! Guest

    haha. i'll try not to make you a wh**e.
    i'm hoping this one will last a while so i wont make any plans before like i did with my other one. that made it go by so much quicker.

    thanks for reading <3
  4. BeccaMCR

    BeccaMCR New Member

    it's really good and really well written :)
    my mum left my dad cos he was always travelling in his overdose though..but i had to move schools n poop
  5. Kayla?!

    Kayla?! Guest

    aw im so sorry to hear that.
    *hugs* <3
  6. assassin

    assassin New Member

    Great start hun! I really love the way you write, I can imagine it so clearly in my head...
  7. Lepuske

    Lepuske Guest

    omg gee is so meanypie D| lol but i still love the story X3
  8. Kayla?!

    Kayla?! Guest

    why thank you <3
    i'll post chapter two now 'cause you all make me so happy XD



    "Okay guys, let's take it from the top without more interuptions." The guys just nodded their heads at me. They started to play. 'We could be perfect one last night and act like star-crossed lovers we fight.' I sang with all my might, as Frank screamed into his mic. Who was that damn girl? She was just this annoying witch. I hated preps. That dance jacket that she was wearing proved that she was a prep. If I see her again, I'll probably blow my brains against the ceiling. Annoying much?

    "Gee, you alright?" The band stopped playing as I went into a daze, thinking about that girl.

    "Yeah. I just can't concentrate on the lyrics now. I'm going to rest." I dropped the microphone and just went into the house and laid on my bed as I stared at the ceiling. I can't stand meeting new people. I really can't stand it when they force me to meet them.

    "Yo bro, you alright?" Mikey trying to be gangster, how typical.

    "Yeah." I got out my sketchpad and started to draw.

    "You don't seem it. Ever since that girl--" I cut him off.

    "Do not mention her. I hate preps and if you mention a prep, I will go crazy." It was true.

    "Okay, okay. Geez." He walked out and slammed the door. Whoops. I pissed him off and I could care less.

    Several minutes later, I heard a knock at the door. "Gerard, what the f**k?" I got up to open the door and I found Frank with a furious look on his face.

    "'What the f**k' what?" I questioned him. Is everyone going to hate on me now?

    "Don't witch at Mikey. And what's wrong with you? Do you like that chick or something?" What the hell type of question was that? Of course I don't like her.

    "Of course not." That was definitely not a lie. Why would he even ask?

    "Good." He got up and left, without saying another word. Ever since she came up to me, I can't concentrate. I feel more and more hate everytime I think of her. It's obvious why, too. I just hate having more friends than I already have. Maybe it's nothing personal to her, but I can't have more friends. My band is all I need. Besides, she would hate me by the second hour we spent together anyway.

    There is definitely something up with Gerard. I can't figure it out just yet, but I will. When she was trying to converse, I had to shake my head at Gerard. He was acting all nice to her. Gerard needed to get the point that he can't be involved with those types anymore. He can't do that, not after the way his last prep friend acted. She turned on him and called him emo and poop. Now, her boyfriend beats the poop out of the whole band. Katie did seem kind of cool though. f**k. I can't possibly be thinking that. She's too different. Isn't she? This question is haunting my mind. Is she really even the kind of girl we think she is?

    I just walked home and started to unpack some stuff. That word was circling my mind. Preppy. What is even the point of stereotyping? It's complete bullshit. I'm far from that girl that they think I am. That's not as important, though. What's so bad is the fact that I developed a crush on Gerard. I've only known him for like a few minutes. He already hates me. I want to change and make him like me. Normally, I would never do something like this to myself. However, it may be best to. I need friends and I have a feeling that I will not be making any. This is my first time relocating with my Dad and it's terrifying. Belleville is a different town than Middleton. I don't know anyone. I don't know the background. I only know that my heaven has turned to hell. I stared up at the ceiling and thought of my mom. She would've known how to make things better. This is crazy. Developing a crush on someone I just met and being willing to change for them? Wanting to have friends in this new town, no matter what it takes? This isn't the Katie I thought I was.

    yes? no? comment pleasee <3
  9. Lepuske

    Lepuske Guest

    that was awsome..
    when the next chapter is coming? :3
  10. Kayla?!

    Kayla?! Guest

    as soon as i get time to write it =]
    im going to start on the ending of my other story in a few.
    maybe an update later on tonight 'cause i have a snow day and im bored as hell! if not, then tomorrow. <3
  11. assassin

    assassin New Member

    yay for you and your updates! yay for all the drama that's going to happen, yay for Gee being mean, yay for Mikey being wannabe gansta, yay for Frank for being Frank and yay for Katie to liking Gee...

    And I'm bored too!
  12. Kayla?!

    Kayla?! Guest

    i can tell your bored and your comment just put me in the best mood ever.
    i seriously can't stop laughing! i choked on my water and that's making me laugh even more. lmfao.
  13. assassin

    assassin New Member

    Hah haa this is so weid talking to you here and on my fic... And I'm glad I made you laugh and that you're on a good mood!

    I seriously need something to do... my head is going to explode if I don't do anything soon... Well I should put my laundry to dry but nah it can be wet for little bit longer...
  14. Kayla?!

    Kayla?! Guest

    same here.
    our movie that we made at my friend's last night ended up being poop and we have no time to redo it so we're basically screwed.

    okay. let's stop spamming XD
    do you have a AIM sn or myspace account?
    if you do then PM me with em and we can talk on them =]

    im double posting but idc cause the stupid thing wont let me edit my other post.

    maybe an update tomorrow but it all depends on someone else and if i talk to them tomorrow cause i cant concentrate with talking to em and yeah. now im just blabbing xD hopefully an update tomorrow <3
  15. Mea

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    Uhmmm All I can say is wow!! that was great You need to update soon!! I wanna read more!!
    *gives Cookie*
  16. Kayla?!

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    thanks xD

    hopefully, i can concentrate again tomorrow and updatee <3
  17. Mea

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    yay that wosuld be awesome!!! concentration its what I need now that Im in My english Class!!
    anayways cant wait! I will update mine tonight too I dont have a class tonight which is really nice!!
    *gives cookies*
  18. Kayla?!

    Kayla?! Guest

    yay xD i cant wait until you update!

    im writing the epilogue for my other story now so IF i update this one today, it'll be in a couple/few hours <3
  19. BeccaMCR

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    hey...I wrote a poem...
    go to my thread to check it's on either the last page or the second to last page...
  20. Kayla?!

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    Becca, i read your poem && its amazing xD
    i hope you're feeling better <3


    "Katie, wake up." My eyes opened slightly and I saw my dad standing over me.

    "Why?" I pulled the quilt over my head.

    "School today!" He said in an excited voice. Why is he excited? I'm just going to come home and complain that school sucks because Belleville is poop.

    "Ugh." I groaned and got up. "Damn Belleville, piece of poop dad and his job" I muttered under my breath.

    "What was that?" He got a puzzled look on his face.

    "Nothing." I replied sharply. I got up and shut my door as he walked out.

    I thought about my thoughts from last night. Change. That word was running through my head. Apparently the way I appeared yesterday isn't welcome in Belleville. Remembering this, I went over to the boxes that I hadn't unpacked just yet. I pulled out a pair of black skinnys and my Iron Maiden tshirt, similar to the one I saw Gerard wearing. I wanted him to fall for me because I was already falling for him. I stared at myself in the mirror after putting my contacts in. Normally, I would wear smokey eyeliner. I never wanted my eyes to seem too dark, but I never wanted it too light. This time, I wore heavy black eyeliner. Take that, Gerard, I thought to myself. He's about to see what he wouldn't have expected. I'm not one to let stereotypes get to me. Why was this changing now? It was changing because of Gerard. This isn't like me. I stared at my new transformation in the mirror. I looked more dark, than I did before. My hair has been jet black for quite a long time now, but I've never worn this much dark before. Life is Hell. In order to survive, you have to fight. Stereotyping is a fight. That quote was haunting me. I had said that to my best friend, Missa, a while ago. She was always called "emo." I think it's so unfair that people could not care about what they say. Whatever. This is high school and when it comes to high school, you have to face reality.

    I walked out of the house, slamming the door. I was not looking forward to this day at a new school. I came to Belleville the last day of summer vacation. I had no chance to explore or anything. This is comple bullshit. I walked a mile down the road, to the school. The first five faces I saw were the band. I saw Gerard's jaw drop and I smirked. I think he was checking me out. Was he? "Oh, so she's not just prep. She's a poser as well." Okay, that rude remark obviously meant that he was not checking me out.

    "Shut up! I can dress however the f**k I want! You've known me for less than f**king twenty-four hours! We haven't even had a real f**king conversation! Get a f**king life, you piece of poop!" I screamed at him. The expression on his face made me fear that he would pull out a gun on me.

    "Well, toots, it seems like we have a bit of an attitude. Don't we?" He smirked and got right up in my face. "Keep that attitude away from me. I deal with enough poop in my life and your prissy girl attitude better not contribute. Got it?!" He screamed at me and flicked me. Wow. A flick.

    "Oh, aren't you a tough boy?" I said while raising my fist in the air. My eyes shut as I hit him and when I opened my eyes, I saw blood dripping from his nose.

    "You don't belong here." That was true.

    "Gerard, lay off!" I heard the short guy say. What was his name again? Oh yeah, Frank. I smiled because I thought he may have thought differently of me than Gerard did. "She's worthless. Save your breath. Here comes Tyler." Tyler? I was wondering who it was.

    "Girly girl, you may want to go somewhere else," Gerard said while holding his tshirt up to his nose.

    "Why?" I questioned him.

    "Just do it!" Frank and Gerard yelled at me in unison.

    I walked away as they said to. I didn't turn back, but I did hear someone falling to the ground and then a crack. I could even hear them groan in pain. Should I go back and see if they're alright?

    "f**k off, creep!" I heard the kid with glasses yell. Mikey was his name, I remember. Less than moments after he shouted that, I could hear him get punched.

    I decided to turn around and walk over to whoever that guy was. It must've been the Tyler they mentioned. "Hey, you!" I shouted at him. f**k. What am I getting myself into? These boys hate me anyway.

    "Kayla," Gerard remembered my name and it shocked me. Okay. Wow. Major crush obsession here. "I told you to go away. Just do so." It was difficult for him to speak. He was laying helplessly on the ground.

    "Sorry, but no." I took out my pen and jabbed it into Tyler's neck. "Whoops, my bad." I said to him. I saw him run away toward the opposite side of the school.

    "What the f**k did you do that for?!" Ray, the one with the fro, asked me. I just shrugged without a complete and accurate answer.

    "You're gonna get us in even more poop!" Matt yelled at me.

    "I'm sorry. I felt bad and wanted to help." I looked down to the ground.

    "Yeah, well don't." Gerard said to me with anger. "You don't belong here. Don't you get it? If you're a guy and you wear just one bit of black, you get the poop beaten out of you. That's Belleville. We choose to wear this stuff and accept the consequences. We're going to have to accept a whole lot more now because of you!" He screamed in my face and walked away with everyone else.

    I wanted to feel hate for him, but I couldn't. Did his anger make me fall for him more? I hardly knew him. I looked at my reflection in the car window. f**k this. He's right. I am a poser. This new look didn't last long and I need to change this attitude of mine. I looked up to the sky, wishing I could see my mom in heaven. "I wish I was up there with you. I f**k up so much. No one even cares about me and I'm just a screwup," I whispered to the sky, hoping she could hear.

    "I happen to take a liking to screw-ups." Did that mean I had a chance here? I suddenly felt a hand on my shoulder and turned around, stunned to see who it was.

    sorry if this story seems like poop at first.
    i promise it will get MUCH better!
    comment please? i love em xD

    also, please get some more people to read this. the more readers i have, the more often i'll update <3
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