Speak of the Devil

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    NuuReader :p

    This story is awesome.
    But drugs are very bad >:[
    I can sense them getting back together...
    I can sense it...
    I love this <33
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    - New reader -
    Ive read this fic for not to long, but i havn't commented yet o_O
    But i love it! it's really original and i just Love Gerard in this fic! And Frank is really funny XD
    Keep it up! : D
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    - back on track-
    I forgot about this story, got little updates every now and then but ignored them. Such sinner I am. But amy reminded me kinda of this story so I caught up. I like it, I like the combo with Frank being 'religius' and the drugs and being gay. And I always love druggy-times, or when they are drunk. And Gerard, he got something sexy. I know shallow but he has the thing. I don't know what more I should ramble but I am looking forward for more.
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    if you didnt get that it means im a new reader :D hazar this story is gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood :D please update sooon :D
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    that was great.... i love it how they all woke up in different places!

    and ohhhh... party time!! YES
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    First off I'd like to say hi to the new readers, and thank you very much for deciding to check this out. A special thanks to Amy, I told her I have this done by today or tomorrow, which gave me motivation to not stop writing until I finished. Hope you enjoy. It's not a long chapter but I put a few things in there, maybe too many things. Anyways...


    It didn't take me long to regret coming to the party. Mikey and Gerard had disappeared as soon as we arrived, leaving me with Ray and Bob. Five beers later Bob and I were still standing in the same spot, watching Ray chug beer through a funnel in the centre of a crowd. If I had of been in a better mood I would have found it amusing, but I just couldn't bring myself to laugh as half of it poured down his shirt. Eventually I just excused myself for a cigarette break, finding a spot alone in the backyard to basically feel sorry for myself. I had a splitting headache that I was hoping the nicotine would erase as it poisoned my system. I was leant against the fence rubbing my temples when I was bumped into. I looked up to see a girl in my class named Melanie. "Sorry about that." She said slow enough for me to hear the slight slur in her voice. I never really payed attention to this girl, but it didn't stop us from getting into a huge debate about which food is better, muffins or donuts. I was clearly on the donuts side. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted a pale face with dark hair, I didn't need to look any closer to know it was Gerard. I could spot him anywhere. I glanced over to see he was with the drama kid Travis again, Travis' arm loosely draped around his neck. I stared at his ugly tanned hand, wishing for the ability to make things burst into flames with my eyes. I pulled my eyes away from Travis and flicked them over to a face that will always make my stomach twist no matter what, to see that Gerard was also looking at me too. His face was blank, so I couldn't read him. It was only then that I noticed Melanie's face coming closer to mine. In my head all I could think was, 'No, that is so weird and gross and just no.' But knowing Gerard was watching, I kept my face still. When her lips reached mine, I let her hold my face so she could keep steady. As she began to kiss me, I wasn't surprised but was annoyed that her lips were nothing compared to Gerard's as they moved against my own. It's so typical that my first kisses would be with the world's hottest kisser, now all I have to look forward to are disappointments.

    I broke away soon after that, moving as quickly as possible to throw her drunken mind off guard so she couldn't chase after me. I peeked over to where Gerard had been standing only to find that both he and Travis were missing. Feeling even worse than I did before I headed back inside, the youngest Way finally making an appearance as I spotted him at the top of the stairs blocking Travis and Gerard from going up. It took ten seconds for me to register that Mikey wasn't letting them upstairs and upstairs is where the bedrooms are, and then to work out what Gerard's intentions were. I quickly turned around bumping into Bob who was standing behind me. Seeing my flushed face and watery eyes and then looking up at the situation above, told him everything. "Don't worry Frankie, that is not happening." And he immediately passed me and headed their way.

    The best way to fix any problem when your already drunk at a party, is to get more drunk, or at least that was my solution. By the time I ran into Mikey, I was missing my shirt and was winning the game of limbo that had been playing out in the living room. Mikey from there escorted me out of the house where Gerard was waiting propped up against the mailbox giggling to himself. "There you are f**ker." He said laughing as we came up beside them. "Your highness." I replied hitting him on the back of the head, hard. "Owww." He drawled out in a slur. "Dick." He commented to the back of my head. "FAG!" I yelled at him walking backwards to see his face. "Like you can talk, I clearly remember somebody herrre, asking me to f**k them." Now that was below the belt, that was private. "Maybe we shouldn't talk about this while you guys are drunk and you know, when I'm like, right here." Mikey suggested to us while we continued to stare each other down, while still walking. "Shut up you f**king wh**e." I snapped back low and harsh. "f**k off." He said looking away. 'wh**e' always seemed to hit a nerve. "If they hadn't stopped you, you would have f**ked him." I spat at him. Hoping he could feel the venom dripping from my words like poison. "Why do you care Frankie? Still want a bit?" He said quickening his pace so he was getting closer to me as we walked. "Please? No one wants something everyone else has already had." I said, stopping so he could walk straight up to me. "You motherf**k.." Before Gerard could finish Mikey jumped in between. "That is it, Gerard, you stand on my right, Frankie, on my left. No communication what so ever is to pass between you two. No names, no gestures, no glances, no nothing." Gerard and I, still intoxicated, nodded at Mikey, intimidated by the authority we could hear in his voice. We walked the rest of the way in silence, the only thought passing through my mind was after all that, I still hadn't been given any donuts.

    Sunday passed by uneventfully consisting of one big f**king hangover, causing Monday to come too soon. I was walking to class by myself, too tired to really function properly, when a kid I barely know runs at me shouting my name. "f**k, one of you will do, quick, come on." He runs off on me, expecting me to follow, which I do reluctantly. I slowly jogged behind him, fantasizing about my bed and how warm and comfy it is, but my thoughts quickly disappear and I feel myself become more alert as I see what I was needed for. There's blood on Gerard's face, I can't tell where it's coming from as he's standing behind Jason with his knife to his throat. Jason's friends are standing around them, some holding various parts of their bodies, looking helpless. I look at Gerard again, studying his face, his whispering something to Jason through clenched teeth, and I can only imagine how frightening it must be. We are still a fair distance away, so we pick up pace. "They jumped him all at the same time, they were waiting to get him alone, and he just went nuts." The boy pants out of breath. As soon as we're close enough I yell his name. "Gerard!" I say his name firmly, letting him know I'm not f**king around. He looks away from Jason and let's his eyes focus on me. He blinks a few times, as if he is seeing me for the first time in years. "Gerard." I say again. "Come here." Without even glancing back at Jason, Gerard removes his knife from his throat and starts towards me. I watch Jason as he scrambles backwards and runs off, well aware of the small cut over his Adam's apple of his throat and the blood that is seeping from it. Once Gerard is close enough to me, I take the knife from one hand and grab the other, leading him to the bathroom.

    "There's blood on your face." I say, not knowing what else to say. Gerard doesn't reply, but begins wetting some paper to clean his wounds with. I look down to the knife in my hands and see the red blood covering the edge in a line. "There's blood on your knife." He ignores me again, so I don't try to say anymore.

    "Mikey, he had a knife at his throat, he won't talk to me anymore, I was lucky to get him just to listen to me while it was happening. You need to talk to him and stop bull shitting me that his done enough of that, this poop is serious." Mikey and I were walking home together. He still doesn't feel the need to talk to Gerard about how he's been acting, maybe I was right, they are both crazy. "I mean, I took the knife off him and there was f**king blood on it, you don't do that kind of poop, there is a difference between getting in a fight and slitting someone's throat. A big difference." I said finishing. The usually very lethargic Mikey whipped his head to look at me. "Whether you believe this or not, Gerard would have had complete control over the situation, Gerard is very good at frightening people but wouldn't have hurt Jason anymore than he deserves. And as for your little talks Frankie, I'll let you in on a little secret, the happy carefree Gerard you know isn't around very often, Gerard suffers from depression constantly and always has, for me, this is the normal Gerard, the Gerard he was with you, was the happy one, the one that doesn't last very long. So yes, I let him drink and I let him f**k around, because honestly, it's the least I can do for him in his f**ked up life." And never before had I ever seen Mikey so sad or felt that bad myself.

    Thoughts? Oh and totally off topic, if you haven't looked up X-mess Detritus on youtube, do, I f**king love it.

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    shiverish. A blow in Frank's face so to speak. But a honest blow in the face. I'm very happy you updated, it was something very good to read and I really need that. So thanks and hope to read more of you in the near future

    X nuky
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    Ny name was in the A.N : D yay for that!
    And poop watha super fantastic update! i really loved it even though not much happy things happened.
    i love the fact that they have a fight, and that everythings is not just a dance on roses, cause then it makes it all so much more exciting and it makes me crazy not knowing what wil happen next!
    i wonder if Gee saw the kiss Frank and that other girl shared and if that was why he wanted to take that nasty boy upstairs.. huum...
    Its also really cool to se how Frank shange! from being the perfect chatolic boy to be like a bad butt one! and How Gee is when he and Frank is together and how he is when they are not. they need each other! and i think or hope that they still love each other and that things will sort themselves out soonish or latish!
    Loved the fight with the knife thing... Gerard is nuts... and Frank is his medesine, they so f**king need each other...
    i hope they will get back together soon cause it's sad when they're not! :(
    Loved the update much much much, you are an amazing writer and one of my favorites here!

    X Amy<3
  9. Ain'tJustForTheFamex

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    :/ Poor Gerard. But that's f**kin scary - first time I've ever felt sorry for Jason, and probably the last.
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    when Frank let that girl kiss him i was....shocked!!! NO!

    and i think Frank is right... Gerard is acting way outta order. holding a kife to someones throat... nomal mikey??! I don't think so.

    I loved the update....more when you have time please!!!
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    not trying to rush you or be mean but are you going to update?...you havent given this story up have you?
  12. stripes

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    I know it's been forever, for that I'm sorry. No I would never just give up on this fic. It's the last couple of weeks of my school term so it's been an overload of tests and assignments. Also I got over halfway in writing this chapter when my computer decided to update and restart itself before I saved, so that put me off. Anyway thanks to Kayla's little reminder, I decided to quit being dramatic and just re-write the damn thing. Enjoy....


    I don't care about Gerard anymore. I don't care about him when he goes out every night and comes home completely f**ked, I don't care about him when he gets into fights at school nearly killing everyone, I don't care about him when he brings out his bags full of drugs and decides to play lucky dip, and I certainly don't care about him and the random guy he dragged down to the basement twenty minutes ago. He's out all night, doesn't tell Mikey or me where he's going. And then comes home, with some blonde, tall guy. "What the hell happened to Travis, huh? That's what I want to know." I said more to myself than Mikey, who was playing the Xbox on the floor in front of me. "I thought Travis was his new f**k thing? Whatever happened to him? Did he just forget already that not even a week ago he was ready to drop his pants and bend him over?" I kept on rambling. "Okay, one, stop being so graphic when it involves sex and my brother. Two, Gerard will probably f**k him too despite who he may be f**king now. And three," He sighs to emphasize his point. "Stop talking about f**king, we are at a pivotal point in the game, this is the last level we need to pass, eyes on the prize Frankie, eyes on the prize."

    I walked the school halls with my eyes down. Today had started off badly and was proving to remain very consistent. My parents had started off the morning scolding me, telling me about what has happened to others who defied God and turned their back on Jesus, and all I had done was burn the toast. They seriously don't know how to handle me anymore. It won't be too long now until I have to have a meeting with the Reverend again. I was on my way to the Art room, a place I had not ventured near since the day Gerard and I would no longer be referred to as Gerard and I. My maths teacher had sent the ever reliable Frank Iero to give a note to Ms. Taylor, the art teacher. Upon entering the room I was met with silence, she was isn't there and nor was anyone else, but there was an opened sketchbook on the table hinting that not too long ago there used to be. I left the note on the desk at the front of the room and on passing glanced at the sketches I could see. A vampire stood out from the page, telling me just like that who the book belonged to. I shouldn't have been surprised, art is probably the only subject Gerard actually turns up to. I ran my fingers along the imprinted lines in the page imagining Gerard holding his pen and making them. Pale smooth hands with long white fingers. I shook my head trying to brush off the thought and flicked through some of the pages. A girl eating a bat, a man crawling out from the gutter and a page scrawled with writing.

    I stopped at the page and began to read some of the quickly written sentences in Gerard's messy handwriting. 'The slide of hips with the exchange of sweat, his pink tongue slipping into my mouth rolling with mine. The trails of saliva down my chest only to look up at me with big round eyes and a shy smile.' My mouth went dry. 'The light trail of hair down from his navel. The creaminess of his thighs. The biting of his lip. The color inked into his skin. The curve..' I hear sounds at the door and quickly move away from the open sketchbook before Gerard walks in with his head down. When he looks up we hold each other's gaze. It had been a long time since we had looked each other in the eyes so close. I finally decided to speak. "Do you know where Ms. Taylor is?" I asked in a wary voice, looking around the room as I spoke before returning my eyes to his face. "She's on an excursion. Won't be back until the end of the day." Gerard answers back, fiddling with his hair. "Oh... Well I had to give her a note, it's on her desk." I couldn't believe we were talking about this. I needed to hurry up and just get the f**k out of there. "I'll let her know then, you know, when she gets back." Gerard says awkwardly. "Cool, um thanks." I stayed standing where I was and Gerard and I just watched each other before I decided it was time to move. "Yep." I said nodding to myself and walked pass him to the door. Gerard did the same except moving over to his sketchbook. I paused at the door and watched him look at the page that was now on display. He tilted his head to the side and then began to turn around, I ran out of there before he could see I was still lingering.

    The color inked into his skin. The color inked into his skin. He had to be talking about me. The only other people in the school that had tattoos were a couple of jocks. But in saying that, I have no idea who he meets up with and f**ks when his out every night, I'm sure his met someone with tattoos along the way. It doesn't even matter though, what Gerard does now is none of my business and that's the way it has to stay.

    The color inked into his skin.

    Gerard walks home with Mikey and I, I've got a smoke in one hand and a coke in the other. Mikey's discussing the unfairness of males having their sex organs on the outside as compared to females, no kidding, his really talking about it, while Gerard and I walk silently beside him listening. I watch Gerard as he catches a whiff of my smoke and begins fumbling around in his pockets for his pack. When he finally finds it, he opens it only to see that it's empty. Without hesitation I put my cigarette between his lips and grab out another one for me. I don't say anything to him, he doesn't say anything to me, as if we're both trying to ignore the fact that a kind gesture actually passed between us. Gerard has a party to go to again tonight, but it's not till late. So while his here, he breaks out the weed and we all get incredibly high. I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy, but I'd also be lying if I said that I was completely okay with it. Everything is so much more funnier when your high, I don't even care that Gerard and I aren't together when I'm high. I get up and walk into the kitchen, looking for anything and everything to eat. Gerard must have followed me because his walked up behind me and is pressing me into the bench. I turn around and giggle, Gerard blinks slowly. He moves his head in and nuzzles my neck, nudging my chin with his nose for me to look up at him. We stare at each other through cloudy eyes, the only thing touching is our hips. We end up with our foreheads pressed together, eyes closed, breathing in each other's breath, until all of sudden he disappears, and reality soon hits.

    He was gone again. Who knows where. Mikey and I do our typical thing, pizza, Xbox and DVDs. "So are you actually gay?" Mikey asks in the middle of a movie, leaving me in complete shock. "What?" I knew what he said but I had no idea how to answer. "Well before Gerard, you were all girls and boobs, well at least I think you were. You never really showed much interest now that I think about it, but you definitely claimed straight. But now what do you claim?" My first instinct was to tell Mikey that I am not gay. But, now that I myself thought about it, I didn't really know. I mean, Gerard was the only person period that I've been attracted to. I've seen girls and thought that they were pretty, but that's very different to the way I look at Gerard. As for being attracted to other guys, I never would have even thought about looking at them in that way before Gerard, so I can't really know. "I've pictured myself f**king a girl, then f**king a guy other than Gerard, they both seem wrong." I answered honestly. Mikey nodded. "f**king a girl just seems gross to you, off limits yeah?" He asked. I nodded slowly, I just wasn't into that. "f**king a guy seems better, but still wrong?" He instead asks. I nod again and sigh. Maybe I'm just doomed to be alone forever, can't f**k girls, can't f**k guys. I'm not straight nor gay and I lost my only exception to this rule. "Well, then you're gay." Mikey says bluntly. I look at him skeptically, we just established I thought it was wrong to f**k both genders, how does that make me gay? "Well you said that to f**k a guy was better." He says. "Yes Mikey, but I'd still feel wrong about doing it, I can't be gay if I can't even f**k a dude." Imagine my mother hearing her sweet boy calmly discuss this with his best friend, she'd die. "Your gay Frank, you f**k dudes, it's just you're also in love, so you only think about f**king one particular dude."

    I couldn't stand it. Mikey and I had started taking turns in waiting up for a drunk Gerard. Tonight was my turn again. We usually just wait for him to get home, stay with him if he needs to vomit and then help him to bed. Unless that is if he has company, then we just make sure they don't start f**king until they're actually in the basement and not down the hall or in the kitchen. Tonight Gerard had brought home company again. "Thank you for helping me home." I heard Gerard slur. "No problem, how about I help you to your bed." It wasn't a question. I got up and headed towards them, just hoping that they would in fact make it to his bed. As I turned the corner though I recognized who he was with. His name was Liam, he beat me up one time for bumping into him. I couldn't stand it. He was a bad person, a bully. "Liam, I think you should go." I heard myself saying. He looked over to me, recognizing me from school. "I think you should f**k off Iero." He was still holding onto Gerard, but had no idea which way he should be pushing him. I walked closer to Gerard who looked at me and smiled, obviously not paying attention to the conversation. "Liam, let go of him and get out. His not f**king you tonight or any other night, so just leave." I said for once actually sounding intimidating. He let go of Gerard and walked over to me, telling me that I wasn't intimidating enough. "Listen you little punk butt piece of poop, why don't you leave, Gerard actually wants me here." He shoves me in the chest and I stumble back a few steps. "He does want me here." I say pathetically with my head down. "Whatever." He says, dismissing me and walking back over to Gerard, who's now leaning against the wall with his eyes shut. "What the f**k are you doing?" I say getting in between him and Gerard. "Get the f**k out I said. Leave already." It isn't till I hit the floor I realized I've been punched. Blood starting to pour from my nose. "Stupid midget f**k." He starts kicking me in the stomach. Gerard by then has tuned into what is going on.

    With desperate eyes I watch him grab Liam from behind and slam him into the ground. From there he drops his knee into his stomach and punches him the face. I can tell from Gerard's expression his having trouble seeing him clearly, who knows what his on right now or how much alcohol's in his system. And then as lethargic as always, Mikey Way comes down the stairs in his t-shirt and boxers obviously just woken from his dreams. He walks over to where Gerard is hovering over Liam and moves him out the way. "Gerard, Frankie and I were wondering, could you get the f**k out?" Mikey says monotonously, as if bored with the situation. Liam gets to his feet, but not in the 'I'm going to leave' kind of way, but the 'I'm going to knock you out' kind of way. He obviously could see he had a chance, I'm tiny compared to him, Mikey's a twig and Gerard is half passing out. With one fluid motion Liam flew his fist at Mikey. Mikey, to my amazement, steps to the side of him quickly, grabbing his outstretched arm and twisting it behind his back. "You going to leave now?" Mikey asked. "f**k you ahh." Mikey twisted his arm more and walks Liam towards the door. Before throwing him out he gives his arm one last twist and then kicks his foot into his back, causing Liam to fly out. I stared at Mikey in shock. "What?" He says smiling. "You didn't think Gerard wouldn't teach me how to take care of myself did you?" I continue to stare until I remember the blood pouring from my nose. "I need to get cleaned up." I say getting up from the ground and heading towards the bathroom. "Frankie?" I hear Gerard question. I turn and look at him now holding onto Mikey for support. "You know that kid?" He asked. I nod, "Yeah his name's Liam." "He go to our school?" I nod again. "He's so f**king dead tomorrow." I turn around again and keep walking, not wanting to think about the problems I will have to deal with tomorrow. "Come on Gee." I hear Mikey say. "Let's get you to bed."

    Your thoughts always appreciated.

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    aww and wow at mikeys super beaty upiness they both are not words but are now :D and i did love it and i love how frank and gerard both are still in love but i cant really remember what happened before soo i ll read again but ive got to do my home work first :(
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    I'm so glad you're still writing this fiction. This one is realy a fave of mine. I'm horrible that I don't comment much at all. But I really like what kind of realationship Gerard and Frank have. I mean it's a little bad boy romeo and julian. I like that there is more reason of rFrank not to be 'gay' (uhu yeah right) then just being scared what people will think. I mean it's his religion, he's ganna burn in hell for it. I like that through the story Frank changes in a good/bad way. I mean he's no longer a doormat, now he's som high gay kid. personally I think that's better then being a Christian doormat but that's just me.
    *sight* I really love that GErard is like the ruler of the school and not the sad emo kid that locks himself in the basment. Gerard really is the badboy anti hero savior and I love his sweet side love his bad side even more. I read most of the chapter three times so I really should be ashamed by now that I didnt comment much more. This story is really insperational not just on the slash level. It's really cute and sweet refreshing and something new.

    So I really really hope you will continue soon rather then late. and if stalking will help to get more soon, so be it. (that was a joke... or is it)

    Yeah basically I love what you are writing, love that you dont make it all sweet and puppy with rainbows, that Frank will CHANGE Gerard and turn him off drugs in a blink of the eye. It's real, yet you created your own little universum or something

    X Nuky
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    OMG, this story is f**king SICK!, im so glad you updated again, i love this story so much, it is my favorite one on this website. I tink Frank and Gee need to get back together and make Gee happy and good again, i hope Gee doesnt do anything to get him into a lot of trouble though!

    Great update

  16. Ain'tJustForTheFamex

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    Awesome :D GO MIKES!
    And Mikey's right, Frankie's just blinded by love :/
    Awesomeness :D
    So you gonna update regularly or what?
    Just wondering :)
  17. Ester

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    yey ! another update :D I missed this story !
    aaw. hope they're gonna get back together again.. :]
  18. XxPatchie97xX

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    ha ha, go MIKEY! great story,
    it's awesome! please, keep going!
  19. AdaliaWay

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    OK, so i just realized how long it has been since the last update so i have decided to tell you exactly why i love this story and why you should continue it....
    1. the characters actually have a personality!
    2. the storyline is unique and easy to follow
    3. when i read it i always feel sad when i finish cuz that means i have to wait for more
    4.i like that you havent rushed anything, you made the characters take time to do things and you have made Gerard take his time to ge better, it wasnt instantaneous like in most fics.
    5. it seems real, like i can actually see this happening
    6. you are an amazing writer, my fav on this site!
    7. this is my fav story on this site also!
    8. anddddddd i really cant wait for more, so i truely hope you have not given up on this story!

    Sorry, but sometimes ppl just need a reminder and i hope that this will help you remember this story :D

  20. Nukyster

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    ^I agree with all above. I haven't been a big replier on this fic and I should. *ashamed* Please update soon!

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