Speak of the Devil

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    justbumpingthisawesomeficsagain .

    hope you'll continue writing this one !

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    i love it you are so good at this :)
    xoxo Darcy
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    Ö ! is there gonna be some more of this story?
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    This is an awesome fic :D I've been reading it for two days straight :D I need more :)
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    Oh, poop! *W*
    This story is great!
    I`m a fan alredy!! ^_^
    Keep writing!
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    Well hello. I have no idea if anybody is still interested in this story or if anybody will read this comment but I guess I should explain myself. I had tried to update on the story multiple times for months, but the server kept saying my IP address was blocked. I tried writing emails, but none would go through so I eventually gave up. And then just now I randomly tried to access the website and here I am. It has been so long and I haven't thought about this story in some time. But I did have an ending for it, and if anybody has any interest in reading it let me know. Though it may take me a little time to get into it. But I don't like it when I read a story and then it is left unfinished, so I will do my best if anybody would still like to hear an ending. My original plan was to draw this story out for longer, but I don't connect with it as much anymore because I am at a different place in my life now. I will however write a chapter or two, giving it the conclusion it was always meant to have if anybody has any desire to hear it, so just let me know.
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    matter of fact, I recently thought of your story and getting in touch with you because really was addicted to this one. I like that you made Gerard the 'awsome gay dude' and how everything just sorta clicked. so yeah, please DO continue!!!

    X nuky
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    YAAYY! Im happy now ^_^
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    YEAAAAH ! Please continue! I used to looove reading this story :)
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    please please please continue this story, there are so many crappy stories on right now and I really need SOMETHING GOOD to come back! Save the Slash!

    X Nuky
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    Wow, I am really surprised that you guys even remember this since the last chapter I posted was in September a year ago. Since you guys would like me to finish it, I will. I've had to read over the whole story in order to get myself back into the frame of mind I was in when I was writing it. I am in the process of writing the next chapter for it now. I do have an exam tomorrow, my last for a very long time so don't worry about delays, but that means I probably won't have the next chapter completed in the next 24 hours.

    It feels a little strange coming back to this story. Once I realised I couldn't get back onto the site to post it I felt so uninspired that I just stopped writing. Hopefully though you will enjoy what I am able to come up with.
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    New reader...

    This is such a great story, I read the whole thing yesterday and when I got here I thought I was going to cry! I will check back for an update every day!! Please, please update :DD
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    WOW!! this story is really really good please please update im literally begging you too :) thanks bye x
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    wow!!!!!! !!!!
    I´ve just read this!! whata great story
    really" great caracthers1 great dialogs!
    I really hope you can update soon
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    New reader....
    Ahhhh! That awsome :D loving your story! :D :D :D
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    hope you can post something anytime some, I´ve been daydreming with this story LOL!
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    Sorry it took so long, sorry it's so short. Coming back to this fic after a year was harder than I thought. Here it is anyway and with more to come.


    They were all standing in the school yard behind the gym. Kids surrounded them from all sides. Gerard stood in the middle with his hand around Liam's throat. The kids chanted "FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!" I knew it wouldn't be too long now until a teacher would hear and arrive at the scene. Liam's friends stood behind him and made no move to intervene. I had hoped when Gerard found Liam, that Mikey, Ray and Bob would be there to deal with it. But so far there was no sign of any of them. Gerard hadn't spoken to me about what had happened when he woke up this morning, but I could tell when we were on the way to school by his determined walk and the constant clenching of his jaw that he had not forgotten. I pushed my way through the crowd and slowly approached Gerard. He had one of his hands at Liam's throat and the other was punching him in the stomach in between whispered words.

    I could barely recognise the Gerard in front of me anymore. His angelic features were distorted by the hatred that was painted all over his face as he stared at Liam. I couldn't put this boy in the same category as the one who had taken me, loved me all that time ago. I didn't want this Gerard, I wanted my old one back.

    "Gerard?" I called, my voice wavered but sounded strong enough. He shifted his eyes over to glance at me but did not release Liam from his grip. "Gerard, come on. Stop it, no more. Let's just go." I said. I wanted to reach out and stroke his arm, anything that would break him out of his rage. "Go where Frankie?" He asked. I looked around, all eyes were on me. "Um, anywhere. Away from here before someone comes." My voice had changed to one of pleading. Gerard snickered and as he spoke to me continued looking at Liam. "Who cares if someone comes? I don't care what they do to me. But pricks like this don't get the punishment they deserve. They think they can take advantage of anyone and do what they want." "Gerard tha-" "No Frankie." He cut me off. "If I had been completely f**ked last night and Mikey hadn't of been there he would have beaten the poop out of you, and your pretty little face would have been covered in bruises."

    I looked at Liam who had his eyes on Gerard, he looked terrified. "I don't care Gerard. Can we please just go?" This time I did touch him. I pulled on his arm and he retracted away from my touch like it had burnt him. He pushed Liam away and turned to me. "Do you care about anything? What would make you actually stand up and fight? Are you really that pathetic?" He walked closer to me as he spoke. "Are you really that weak?"

    Out of the corner of my eye I looked at the kids surrounding us, they were still chanting but it was now directed towards us. I stared at Gerard, open mouthed and panting. I didn't reply and I could see he was about to turn his attention back to Liam. I took one step towards him, grabbed him by the back of the neck and before he could pull away, I kissed him. In front of everyone I smashed my lips onto his. Gerard froze for a second at the shock of it, but he soon wrapped an arm around me to keep me glued to his chest. The kids around us were no longer chanting together, they were yelling different things together that I did not bother to decipher. Gerard used one of his hands to push my fringe out of my eyes and angle my face up towards him further so he could deepen the kiss. I could feel him melt beneath my lips, I could feel the tension leave his body and his muscles relax. I could feel my criminal returning to me. I eventually pulled away and rested my forehead against his. "Please Gerard, can we go?" I whispered.

    He grabbed my hand in his and began to pull me out of the crowd and towards the school gates. Everyone was silent as we walked away and I couldn't bear to glance back at their faces, afraid of what I might or might not see. I just let Gerard's gentle hands and firm grasp lead me away. Mikey appeared at the gates just as we were leaving as if he had been purposefully missing the fight and had timed his appearance perfectly. "I kissed Gerard in front of everyone." I said with a blank expression on my face, I wasn't quite sure whether I regretted it or not. He nodded in response. "Yep, it's gonna be a long day."

    Gerard and I walked silently hand in hand down the street towards my house. "You kissed me." He said. "Yes I did." Those were the only words we exchanged for the entire walk. Upon reaching my house however, he turned towards me and just as he was about to open his mouth, the door to my house opened and my mother and father appeared at the steps. I quickly let go of Gerard's hands and turned to face them, my brain already working to find an excuse as to why I had left school early. "Don't touch him." My mother barked at Gerard. "Wha-" Before I could get a word out my father cut in. "Tell us it isn't true Frank." I looked at Gerard who was staring down my parents with his hands in his pockets. "What isn't true?" I asked confused. My mother put her hand over her mouth, composing herself before answering me. "Your principal called, you were in a fight? You.." She trailed off and took a deep breath before continuing. "You kissed Gerard. You kissed a.. a boy?"

    I felt the heat spreading to my cheeks. "What? No. That.. What? I did not.. It was.. No." I was stammering, unable to form a complete sentence of any kind. "Yes that's true, what the principal said is true." I froze and slowly turned to look at Gerard who had decided to speak up. "We dated, it ended, and then today, not even half an hour ago, he kissed me." Gerard was looking directly at my parents and I knew that no matter what I said would make them forget the clear sincerity in his voice. "What?" My mother looked at me and then focused back on Gerard. "Frank. Is. Gay." He said, spelling out for my parents what I had never wanted to even admit to myself. I was sure now, I regretted the kiss. I regretted Gerard. And so I did what I do best, I ran away.
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    Stripes, thank you.
    I've been waiting for an update of this story because it's one of my favorites I've read through the years. And I can tell you, I've read a LOT frerard/slash. This one is sort of special, it has something AU over it. Because, not to be mean, but how many guys like your Gerard are there during high school? The class clown and sort of The Joker, and he's gay. There are too many (horrible) high school fanfic that start like: hi, I'm frank, I'm 16 and gay and I'm in love with my best friend. They piss me off because it holds nothing to it.

    You did write a high school fic, with the ingridients from above, but you made something entirly new. I love that you involved Church in it as extra factor for Frank not wanting to be gay. And I love the bound and chemistry Frank and Gerard have. they are sort of ying and yang, but togehter they bring up the best out of each other. Gerard can be the leader, yet he sort of needs someone (other then Mikey) to guide him into his life. Someone to show him his wrongs I guess and someone to be there for him. Because he's troubled and a f**k up and I love that about him. I really LOVE this Gerard you made, if I'd be a guy I'd marry him in Vegas, now that's what I call love!

    Seriously if you ever need some support or kick to get back working on this story, PM me or whatever. I'll sprinkle with compliments, love and thoughts. I love this story and you made my (snowy) day AWSOME by updating. seriously I saw you updated while I was talking to my ma and i sort of made a high five in the air. Try explainging that;)

    X Nuky, big big big fan!!!
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    loving it :D i think im addicted more more more when you can fanku x :)
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    I just adore your story,everything seems like it's in the right place,i mean all the stuff that are happening are like a rollercoaster but they always seem in their proper place and this chapter was down-up-down-up-down,amazing:)

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