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    Thanks for even considering to read this, I'm new here, I'm not much of a writer but I got an idea so I thought I would give it a shot. Please be harsh if need be, I don't expect anything. There will be sexual content, call me sick, I say I'm just very open minded. Hope no one gets offended, because it's not intentional. This is my work, I don't know whether it measures up to the others, but that's for you to decide.
    Title: Speak Of The Devil
    Rating: 15+
    Main Characters: Gerard/Frank, Bob, Ray, Mikey
    Summary: Frank has always been told what's right and wrong, and he's miserable. What happens when someone wants to make him happy in the worst way?
    Genre: Romance/Drama/Humor

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    Speak of the Devil.


    Rebel. That's what my friends call me. I don't think I am, with all things considering. You know those weird kids that go to bible camps, attend church every Sunday and say grace before eating, my name is Frank Iero, and that is me. My parents are totally involved with the church, and I am the perfect choir boy. As for my friends, they are useful when you don't want to stand alone, but that's it. We're friends because we are all tightly wound catholic boys. I'm the rebel of the group apparently, because of my occasional piercing and tatoo. Every time I get a tatoo, the whole church prays for my soul. I don't know what their problem is, I do all my home work, have never missed church, and I do everything I'm told. Some rebel I am.

    Reverand Stanley has just announced that it's time to sing. My friends and I stand up the front and sing with some other teenagers. I find it extremely strange that the old people and parents find these songs so uplifting, I find them down right depressing, not that I would ever tell anyone that because then they'd have to start praying for me all over again.

    When I was finally able to sit down after the hundredth song of 'we love Jesus,' the Reverand introduced new members of the church and I clapped on cue. Afterwards he started reading a passage from the bible. I sat up like I was supose to the whole time, pretending I was actually listening. I don't see the point of these stories, they have different people mentioned, and contain different circumstances, but the main message is, if you don't obey the Lord, you're going straight to Hell. Maybe I should take over passage reading one time, I'll keep it short and sweet, no one will even have a chance to nod off, I'll just say it's God's rules or the Devil's pitchfork, I think that's a pretty clear message. When Reverand Stanley finished it was time for morning tea. I never chanced eating any of it though, you don't know how many old people could have coughed on the biscuits. I stood next to one of my 'friends' Corey, he was telling me how he won his tennis match yesterday and then had a lovely picnic in the park with his parents to celebrate. He actually used the sentence 'lovely little picnic in the park.' I was nodding on cue, pretending I cared. For normal people, after church you would go home, hang out with some friends, maybe watch some TV, you know whatever it is you do. For me, I stay at the church and work on my Bible studies. Church starts at nine, finishes at eleven thirty, and then bible studies goes until about five. So my Sundays suck. Not that I'd tell anybody that. I left the church hall and entered our study room. The room was for bible studies only. It had a row of shelves containing biblical books, and rows of desks where we could sit, I hated this room. I sat in the back row by myself, there were about ten other kids in the room. I took some of my books from out of my bag and started to read over my notes. I was concentrating hard when someone calling my name pulled me out of my thoughts.

    "Frank could I please speak to you for a moment?" I looked up to see the Reverand smiling warmly at me. I got up and sighed. The only reason he would want to speak to me is because my mother told him something again. I was trying to think about what it could be about. Had she complained about my music again, or was it the tight jeans thing? No, couldn't be the tight jeans, I'm wearing them now, which caused quite a problem. But as long as I wore a shirt and tie, my father allowed it. So what was it? I decided it was best to just get it over and done with and find out.

    "Yes Reverand?" I asked once I had reached him. "Frank son, do you remember the Way family that I introduced during the service today?" No. "Yes, but I didn't get to meet them during morning tea." Whatever it was, it wasn't me. I didn't speak to no Way family. "Oh well their oldest son is nineteen and there youngest is seventeen like you Frank, they are new and are going to be joining in with bible studies, and I was just wondering if you could help guide them during their transition." No. "Yes of course Reverand." "Good boy Frank, they've only just moved here, and I want them to feel as welcome as possible" He looked concerned as he said this, like he really was worried about them not feeling welcome. "Okay well I better get back to my studies." I said politely. "Yes of course, off you go Frank." He said and left the room. I hated that. I could never say no, I can't even remember any of their names but I'm suppose to be helping them with their transition. What does that even mean? I don't want to befriend some kids, I just want to be left alone. What sucked even more though is that at the moment it's holidays, so now I have Bible studies all day every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday including Sundays. So I was going to have to spend all that time with two strangers. Why did the Reverand have to ask me?

    That night as I lay in bed I thought over what my parents had been discussing at the dinner table. When I had told them about what the Reverand had asked they were so proud. The oldest one who I found outs name was Gerard, is the definition of trouble. Apparently they believe I am going to help him get back on the 'right' path. The Reverand asked me because I am the most likely to be able to relate with them, stupid rebel thing again. This is worse then I could have imagined. Instead of dealing with some goody two shoed dweebs, I am going to be trying to be friends with a criminal and his brother. Gerard isn't going to want to study or pray with me, his going to want to punch me in the face like the other kids at school. "What'd I do to deserve this one?" I whispered to myself. "God if your listening, I'm kind of getting sick of this poop." I cursed. I was due to go and confess soon, so I might as well add that to my already long list. After using what my parents call a 'Devil's word', I figured that it was now finally time to go sleep.

    So that's the first chapter, let me know if it's worth continuing

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    I love it!
    Update as soon as you can!
    I love the theme of this story!
    I call #1 fanspot!
    Can't wait for more hon!
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    Hi, welcome to the forum :)

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    It surely is worth continuing.
    I'm hooked already, in alot of ways I can relate to Frank.

    Cant wait for more!
    Very well written too, might I add.
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    ooooh me likey!
    i'm lovin' frank already
    i feel his pain with the whole rebellious religion thing
    Cant wait for more!
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    i likey very much!!!!

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    As Rachel said, you need to get a Rating and Chapter Index in there.
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    Thanks for your comments, at the moment things are pretty mellow and the characters are just being introduced, but hopefully it will get better.


    Sitting at the table eating my nutritional breakfast that my mother tells me I need, while listening to her discuss who I should date: not a fun time. She thinks that this girl from church is perfect for me. Her name is Nina O'Day and we have nothing in common. The only reason my mother likes her is because she is so polite and well-behaved. In other words boring. "So what do you think Frank? I know Nina has a soft spot for you. You could ask her to a movie." I'd rather die. "Good idea mum."

    I walked the short distance to the church, trying to take as much time as possible. To be honest, as aweful as this sounds, I'd rather someone just murder me on the way, then I would never have to see that holy place again. I arrived at the steps too soon, once again disappointingly safe. I tried to shuffle quickly into the study room, but apparently I wasn't quick enough. Reverand Stanley once again was here to make my life difficult with that friendly smile. "Aah Frank, just in time. I'd like you to meet Gerard and Michael Way." I looked up to see two boys taller then me. One was lanky with brown hair, he seemed friendly enough. The other was shorter with black hair, he seemed too friendly. I could immediately tell which one was Gerard. Gerard looked like an angel gone wrong. He was pale, and had quite delicate feautures, but the evil smirk adorning his face told you that it wasn't safe to stand too close. I wanted to run away and never look at those boys again. "It's a pleasure to meet you both." Being polite always left a bad taste in my mouth. Michael nodded at me in response, Gerard didn't respond at all. Maybe this won't be so hard, seeing as they won't say anything to me.

    Inside the study hall it seemed they finally learnt to speak, just not to me. They were having their own whispered conversation next to me. "Hey Frank." I looked up to see Nina standing in front of me. Maybe if I ignore her she will go away. "Hi Nina, how are you?" Dam you super polite Iero. "Fine thankyou, who are your new friends?" What do you care? Get lost and find someone else to talk to. "This is Gerard and Michael, they've just moved here." "Hey Nina, actually I prefer to be called Mikey." Looks like the Ways can talk, just once again, not to me. "Welcome then, I hope you like it here." Yuck, she was doing that thing where she tries to giggle all cute. When she walked away I felt a set of eyes on me. I looked up to find Gerard smirking at me again. "So Frank, how often does old Stanley check up on us?" I can tell that no good will come of my honest answer. "He doesn't, we just study here all day, and take breaks when we want." "Perfect, let's go Frankie." I couldn't say no to that, leaving sounded like a perfect idea to me.

    Gerard, Mikey and I walked all the way to what I assumed was their house. "Guys, won't your parents be mad that you skipped bible studies?" If they saw me they would probably tell my parents too, brilliant idea Frank, follow the criminal and his brother. "Nup, they're never at home." Gerard couldn't help but wince as the words left his mouth.

    Mikey and I sat in front of the TV setting up DVDs while Gerard was in the kitchen. He was singing loudly and making what sounded like quite a mess. "So how come you guys decided to move?" Because Gerard murdered someone back home? "My parents moved here for work, hold on a sec, Gerard you better not break anything." He was yelling when we heard another bang. "What is he doing?" I doubted he was cooking anything. "Who knows, his always up to something." Gerard eventually came out carrying a huge bowel filled with what must have been five packets of lollies and sat in between us.

    "So Frank, Nina your girlfriend?" I pulled a face in disgust without even meaning to and the Ways sniggered. "You don't like her?" I could hear by the tone of Gerard's voice that he already knew whether I liked her or not. "No she is very nice girl, but she is just a friend." More like a leech. "So how come Stanley decided you would be the one who would help me on my path to righteousness?" Gerard was smirking again and Mikey looked curious. "Well, they think that out of all the other guys at the church, I am the one who is going to get along with you the easiest." Yeah right. "And why would that be?" I don't know quit asking. "Well they think that I'm the most rebellious and that that will help." Gerard laughed when I said that. "Frank you are no where near rebellious. But don't worry baby, you will be by the time I'm through with you." Gerard winked at me and continued to watch the movie. My parents and the Reverand are going to be very sorry for introducing me to Gerard Way.

    I don't like the story at the moment but I will continue.

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    jeesus christ X_X

    i've never actually read a story so christian.
    This story made me happy not to be in a school like that.
    I know a person who does, though.
    ahhhh X_X

    but i believe its going to be a good story
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    I like it a lot. More please!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I'm curious now. Please continue!
    Gerard is gonna turn Frank into a bad azz.:D
    Update, Update, Update!



    Amazing update.
    I adore Frank in this, already he seems like theres alot to him.

    Gerard seems like a little trouble maker...

    Cant wait for more.
    I adore you for writing this, I kind of know the position the characters are in, especially Frank.
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    Hey sorry for taking so long to update, life keeps getting in the way. Here's chapter 3, enjoy it if you can.


    So I may have been too quick to judge the Ways. As much as I hate to admit it, the criminal and his brother are actually quite fun. Mikey is really good to talk to, especially because it's not about his parents or picnics. Gerard is a challenge, he's always asking strange questions and coming up with odd ideas. Today was Friday, and not once during this week had we even so much have mentioned Jesus, well at least not in the right context. Tonight I'm staying over their house which is new for me. I've never liked someone enough to sleep over their place.

    "Hey Mikey, there's money on the counter for pizza, go get it." Gerard was laying on the couch counting his fingers, just incase they weren't all there. "Your so lazy Gerard." I laughed. "Am not, I'm just preoccupied." He was smirking at me like what he said was a good excuse. "Hey Gerard I'm going to go get the pizzas, Frank make sure he doesn't trash anything." I laughed, until I notice Mikey's serious face. "Mikey leave Frank alone, hey Frankie wanna see my drawings?"

    "This is the one I drew of a vampire, and this is the one of Mikey, ohh look at this." Gerard had dragged me down to his room in the basement. He was talking so fast and I was having trouble following. It seemed his brain was running so fast that Gerard himself was also having trouble keeping up as he would stop during a sentence, to start a new one which would be completely off topic. I had asked Mikey when we were alone why Gerard was known to be trouble because not once had I seen Gerard do anything that I would call really bad. Mikey had said that it wasn't that Gerard went looking for trouble, it's just that when he got bored, which was often, he would always come up with crazy ideas to entertain himself. The ideas were what got him into trouble.

    "Come, we're going outside." Gerard tugged me all the way to his back yard where we sat down in the grass. I watched Gerard bring a cigarette to his lips and light it up as he hummed a random tune. The only time I have ever seen Gerard quiet was when we first met, even during movies he is always fidgeting, or mumbling something under his breath. "Here." Gerard reached the cigarette out to me. My parents have never condoned smoking, I didn't want to take it. "Thanks." I put the cigarette to my lips and inhaled. I immediately started to cough, which caused Gerard to giggle. "Try again but take a bigger puff." Yeah because it was so good the first time. After trying a couple of times I actually did start to relax, it was quite nice. "Hey Frankie let's go do something." Crap, he was bored. "Like what Gerard?" "Ummm, the park, let's go to the park."

    It was dark, I could see faint objects in the distant but nothing was clear. I felt very odd being outside so late, actually I felt completely out of my comfort zone since I have never been out this late. Gerard's humming was comforting though. Gerard began to swing on the swings when we reached the park and I watched him from the slide I sat on. He looked so innocent as he swung mindlessly, but I know better. Mikey told me he was gay the second day I went over their house. He only told me because Gerard makes it very obvious when he hits on me. At first I felt really uncomfortable, I had never met a homosexual before. The church had always told me that homosexuality was a sin. But as I spent the day with him, watching him make his brother laugh, making me smile, I decided that it didn't matter. It makes me sad though, to think that a sweet boy like Gerard is going to hell, but after all Gerard is an angel gone wrong.

    After a while Gerard noticed my silence. "Frankie babe, what are you thinking about?" You, and how you're going to hell. "Nothing Gee, shouldn't we be getting back, Mikey's probably back with the pizzas." "Yeah, I don't want him to come home to an empty house." He looked sad as he made his way over to the slide. "Why is your house always empty Gerard?" I always felt nervous to ask about the never ending absence of his parents. "Because me, being the bad boy I am, murdered my parents, and now I'm going to get you." He giggled and pulled me off of the slide. I slid out of his grip and started running around the park laughing as he chased me. He was just about to catch me when I tripped on something. He walked his way over to me still giggling while I laughed on the ground. "You kay Frankie?" I was never better. "I'm absolutely brilliant Gee."

    When I did manage to get up I had actually rolled my ankle. Gerard ended up piggy backing me home, singing to me and spinning me when he felt like it. When we walked in the door, Mikey was already watching a DVD eating pizza. "What happened to you?" Mikey giggled as he looked at me still clinging to his brother's back. "I tripped 'cause Gerard was chasing me." Gerard giggled and sat me down. When it had gotten really late I noticed Gerard had fallen asleep on my shoulder. "Mikey, hey Mikey." Whispering to someone like Mikey is like doing hand gestures to the blind. "Mikey!" "Oh my god. What? Who died?" Okay so that was a little louder than neccessary, but Gerard is still asleep and I now have Mikey's attention. "Calm down, can you just help me move Gerard?" Mikey looked over to his brother and smiled. "He's is just one big baby." He chuckled. I smiled back, it was nice to just admire Gerard as he lay there still. He looked so peaceful. "Okay we're gonna have to carry him to his room."

    Halfway through struggling to get Gerard to the basement I noticed an evil smirk across his face. "Oh my god Gerard, you're awake." I said laughing and dropping his upper body on me. He started giggling and Mikey started tickling his feet. Gerard kept wiggling and wiggling on top of me. His back was grinding a certain area of my body and I couldn't help it. I started getting hard. I tensed up as soon as I realised but Gerard had another idea in mind. He looked back at me still giggling, but once again his evil smirk had come into place. He started grinding harder and in quite a precise way. I tried to move but he had me pinned and Mikey was too busy wrestling with Gerard's feet to notice. I bit my lip as hard as I could and kept trying to convince my self that I wasn't enjoying this but it was very hard, no pun intended. Just as I was about to fall over the edge Mikey stopped tickling Gerard's feet and Gerard stopped rubbing. Mikey, still giggling, got up and helped Gerard and me up. Fortunately for me the hallway wasn't bright enough to show a certain part of my anatomy and it's current state. Gerard gave Mikey a punch in the arm and a hug to say goodnight. For me I got looked up and down, his eyes lingering on a certain area, and then he blew me a kiss.

    After Mikey set up the couch for me to sleep on, I tried my best to drift off to sleep. It didn't work. I nearly came in my jeans just from Gerard rubbing up against me. It wasn't my fault though, he was rubbing a certain area, it's a natural reaction. I hope God understands, Jesus was a boy once, didn't that ever happen to him? No Frank, of course it didn't. He is the son of God you idiot, you are the son of a bank accountant. After hours of willing myself not to think of Gerard and the incident, I fell into a very uneasy sleep.

    Okay third chapter up, I will post soon, promise.

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    hehe update soon!
    Poor Frankie hehe<33



    Haha, that was funny.
    Gerard's pretty naughty though=]

    Cant wait for more, I love this story.
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    Hey thanks a bunch if u r still reading this, I know I take forever to update. Anyway sorry if it's a bit short but I am already starting chapter 5.


    The following days after the 'incident' that I dare not think about have been hell. Gerard has made it his hobby to try to make me as uncomfortable as possible. For example, he has a habit for all of sudden losing his shirt when I'm over, he is always leaning on me, whispering in my ear, accidently grabbing my butt, and whatever else he can think of. I try to ignore him, but he makes it extrememly difficult. This week is the last week until school begins again. Usually this would be quite a depressing thought, going back to school on my own. But this time is different, this time I would have Gerard and Mikey with me. Gerard isn't in Mikey and my year, but he knows some people already so it seems.

    Today's Sunday, and we actually have to turn up to church today because our parents are going to be there. I have to make a mental note to take a good look at the Way parents this time. Standing at the front singing seemed to be a blessing in disguise. I got a clear view of the Way family. The Way parents were sat next to Mikey, with Gerard on Mikey's other side. They sang with their heads firmly facing the front and with no expression. They looked as if they had never cracked a smile before. I let my eyes wander onto the eldest of the Way sons. He was staring at me as he sang. I watched his mouth as he let his tongue slowly pass over his lips. There were no doubts in my mind that that was for my benefit rather than him having dry lips. I kept singing but sound was no longer coming out. Gerard was now mouthing words to me, I worked out he either said 'I want to f**k you' or 'I want to suck you' and neither of them were good.

    After the service I stayed close to my parents as they talked with some of the oldies. I watched Gerard from a distance, he was standing talking with Mikey. I watched as Nina approached them. She was wearing quite a low cut top for church. From a distance I could tell that most of what she was saying was directed at Gerard, she was obviously flirting with him. I don't know what it was but I felt so angry at her. I quickly sauntered my way over to them, making sure she clearly saw me. I placed myself next to her close to Gerard. "Oh hey Frankles." She just called me Frankles. What the f**k? "Hi Nina." I looked over towards Gerard but he was smirking at Nina. Nina continued to talk and Gerard kept his eyes on her the whole time. Not once did he even glance in my direction. Gerard was always trying to get my attention and now it's like he doesn't even care.

    Finally when she left Gerard turned to me. "So Frankles, enjoy the service?" Gerard asked sarcastically causing Mikey to laugh. "Oh so now you decide to acknowledge my existance." I have no idea why I was so mad. I wasn't jealous, I was just annoyed because I am his friend too."Don't worry my Frankie, you have a way better butt." I was shocked with myself when I felt a wave of relief wash over me when he said that. I couldn't have cared less about Nina. I just didn't want her near my criminal.

    "Hey Frank wait up." I had gone outside to get away from Gerard when Mikey started following me. "Hey Mikes, what's up?" Mikey and I don't usually leave Gerard alone when we're at church, basically because we don't want him getting bored and deciding to have a water fight using the holy water, so I knew he had something he needed to tell me. "Listen, I wanted to let you know that Gerard was just trying to make you jealous when he was talking to Nina." I was shocked, why was Mikey telling me this? "Um, thanks for letting me know, but it doesn't bother me that much." I was lying, I know I was, but I didn't want to admit that it upset me. "Okay whatever you say Frankles."

    Sorry it's so short

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    Here's the fifth chapter up


    This is the worst day of my life. Today we are actually at the church studying. Well I am, Mikey is reading a comic and Gerard is constantly talking to Nina. His gay for goodness sakes, why is he even bothering. I started to notice that I myself wasn't getting any studying done, all I was doing was watching Gerard and Nina talk. I didn't even notice my foot tapping the floor urgently and my pen hitting the paper constantly.

    "Hey Frank come help me find a book." Mikey said while starting to get up. "But your not even study.." Mikey pulled me up before I could finish. Shoulders and head down I followed behind Mikey dramatically. "What are we looking for?" I asked, not really believing that we were looking for a book. "We're not looking for a book." Oh shock horror, we're not?
    "Yeah I gathered that so what are we doing?" Mikey better have a good reason for making me get up, I was content where I was wallowing in self pity. "Can you do me a favour?" "Depends what it is." Never agree to do something for a Way without knowing what it is, last time I did that I ended up having to stand still for two hours as Gerard painted me, and I mean actually painted ME.

    "Can you stop acting like such a drama queen, if you want Gerard's attention all you got to do is give him a reason to give it to you." What reason could I give Gerard? "Trust me, he's only talking to Nina to get a rise out of you, Gerard likes to tease." Mikey smirked as he said this, he finds his brother amusing. "I don't want his attention I just thought we were better friends than..." "Frank save the excuse, tell yourself whatever you want." I'm sick of Mikey implying whatever he is implying. "Fine, but how am I suppose to get him to look." I can't beleive I care so much about having Gerard's attention. "Come here." Mikey pulled me close and whispered what I had to do in my ear. "No Mikey I am not doing that, no."

    After finally convincing me that what he whispered was a good idea we went back to our seats. Instead of sitting down though I came and stood beside Gerard on the far side of Nina. "Hey Nina can I borrow a pen?" I tried my best to sound relaxed as I asked her. "Yeah sure which one?" Instead of answering I leaned over Gerard and reached over to her side of the desk. Doing what Mikey said I made sure that my crotch was directly in Gerard's face.

    When I stood back up I watched Gerard, he sat in the exact same position he had when I leant over but he was smirking. "I'm just gonna go put some books away." I said. "I'll help." Gerard quickly said. I couldn't get rid of him for the rest of the day. And I loved it.

    "What did I tell you Frank?" Mikey said when Gerard finally left to go to the toilet. "Well let's just say Gerard Way isn't the only one who knows how to tease." I couldn't help but laugh at myself, because I never would have thought that I would ever be able to do something like that, and be able to smile about it.

    Sorry for such long delays between posts, things are really busy right now

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    Frank's already changing !!
    i can smell the rebel thing :D


    Amazing updates.
    I love this story.
    Frank trying to get Gee's attention was great man, classic.
    I wonder how rebellious he's going to be by the end of this.haha.

    Dont apologize, take your time.
    Your updates are worth the wait.
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    Here's more, thankyou for your comments


    School starts today. I like the idea I won't be alone, but now that I think about it, I don't want to share Mikey and Gerard. What if they decide that I'm lame and go hang around with someone else? Someone more interesting? Someone better? I'll be alone again. I'll be just one of those catholic boys. I'll be a no one again.

    "Frankie come on what's taking you so long?" Mikey came over this morning so we could walk to school together. Gerard is meeting some of his other friends at school. I at least thought he would walk with us on the first day, I guess it's starting already. I really will be alone again. Mikey and I walked to school just talking about the random things that pop into his head. He has some crazy ideas, he's just as insane as Gerard, he just has better control. Once inside school Mikey and I began to head around one of the buildings when Jason and his army of jerks decided to remind me why my school life was close to hell. Jason and his friends are a bunch of cruel kids that love to beat me up on a regular basis. One of the perks of being a catholic fag according to them. I don't even know how that works if I am catholic and a fag.

    "Hey fag, who's the nerd?" No please don't do this to Mikey. "Hey Frank, who's the f**kwit?" Ok, Mikey just called Jason a f**kwit, we are officially dead. "What did you just say?" Oh my god they're really mad. Lord why now? Please don't let Mikey die. Ok a little bit overdramatic but I am f**king scared shitless right now. "I asked Frank here, who the f**kwit, as in you, are." Mikey talked to Jason like he was a two year old. "A f**kwit huh? Well how bout me and my boys here teach you what happens when you call me a f**kwit." They started to advance at us but Mikey still appeared relaxed, almost smug. "I wouldn't do that if I were you." Mikey stated once they were about a metre away. "And why's that?" Jason asked, he was trying to look confident but I could tell that Mikey's demeanor was confusing him. "Because you'll make him angry." "Who angry? the guy lover over there?" I bet they don't even know my name, I'm just referred to as the guy lover.

    Jason grabbed me by the neck, "This little guy lover can't do poop." Mikey smirked again, I am being half strangled for god sakes and he's smirking. "I wasn't talking about him, I was talking about him." Mikey pointed behind us to where a very evil looking Gerard stood. He looked sadistic as he smirked at Jason, running his finger along the blade of his pocket knife. Behind him stood two other boys who I recognised from Gerard's year. One had a big afro full of brown curls, and the other had blonde hair and piercing eyes.

    "Let go of him." Gerard stated in a childlike tone that was threatening none the less. Jason did as he said eyeing Gerard's hands. I quickly shuffled my way over to Gerard who rested his hand on the back of my neck. Mikey strolled over to where he stood as if he were bored with what was going on. "Jason is it? I'm Gerard Way, that's my brother, and this is my Frankie. You touch them, you die." Gerard said all this in such a calm manner that if it weren't for the fact I knew him I would have ran away screaming already. Jason looked between us and managed to give what looked like a nod. "It was nice meeting you Jason now run away before I change my mind about letting you run away." I watched in awe as Jason and his friends backed away from Gerard. Never in my life would I ever have expected to see Jason run away from someone. I looked up at Gerard who was still making sure that Jason and his friends were leaving, he really was an angel gone wrong.

    The rest of the day was perfect. Mikey and I were in all the same classes, and during breaks if Gerard was around, we would go and sit with him. Gerard's friends were there as well. Ray and Bob. Although they looked menacing the first time I saw them, they truly are the nicest of people. During lunch we sat outside in the grass. Well everyone else did, I had to sit in Gerard's lap because he wouldn't let me go. He grabbed me around the waist when we got outside and walked holding me like that. He has no shame. If anybody else did this they would get beat up, but it seems on the first day Gerard has already managed to live up to his past reputation. But little does everyone know, that that criminal is the most perfect person I have ever met and will ever meet.

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