Songs You Hate by the Bands You Love

Discussion in 'General Rock Discussion' started by Ellie, Jan 20, 2008.

  1. Ellie

    Ellie New Member

    So There is a possibility that you adore the Band...But they made that one song that drives you crazy and you hate with a vengeance!

    But you still love the band anyway!

    Mine is

    Are We The Waiting-Green Day

    I can't stand that song...I wish it would DIE!
  2. Sarah!

    Sarah! Guest

    I love AFI, but I really don't like Death of Seasons. =/
  3. trasheey

    trasheey New Member

    i love Blackflag but cant stand their song depression....
  4. Madden

    Madden Faut souffrir pour ĂȘtre

    Love My Chem. but detest Helena =/
  5. Sarah!

    Sarah! Guest

    ^ Really?
    I like pretty much all of they're old stuff, but hate the new stuff.
  6. Madden

    Madden Faut souffrir pour ĂȘtre

    It's the only song on Three Cheers that I have to skip. I never really liked it when I first heard it, but then it got over played, and over played, so it just fueled my dislike for it, really.
    And I've thought of another one;
    Underneath It All by No Doubt.
  7. Thea

    Thea Guest

    Shower your love - Kula Shaker
    I don't love you - My Chem
    If you tolerate this your childen will be next - Manic Street Preachers
    Sweet Sunshine - Beck (not a band but..)
    Purple Haze - Hendrix
    It's not okay - The Enemy
    Starlight - Muse
  8. TheNickiOfDoom

    TheNickiOfDoom Time Lord

    MCR - Cubicles and Drowning Lessons (I hate them both with a fiery passion)
    HIM - The Heartless, Heaven Tonight, and Dark Light
    GlassJaw- Tip Your Bartender

    There's more, I'll just keep adding on as I think of them.
  9. Lenore

    Lenore Inked and Sexy Staff Member

    I love that song.

    and One Last Time annoys me pretty much too.
  10. Nate

    Nate New Member

    Disenchanted Lullaby by Foo Fighters. and... well, can't remember right now.
  11. Thumbelina

    Thumbelina Administrator Staff Member

    Cancer - My Chem.
  12. Thea

    Thea Guest

    Meh its so poppy and it sounds like Coldplay =/
  13. xFrankieLove

    xFrankieLove Member

    American Nightmare - The Misfits
  14. XOMBIE

    XOMBIE Guest

    ewww i hate cubicles too.
  15. Ellie

    Ellie New Member

    I like that song to...

    And I like One Last Time the one I hate is Gone With Sin :p
  16. Lenore

    Lenore Inked and Sexy Staff Member

    I totally adore GWTS.
    but I don't like When Love and Death Embrace.
    it sounds the same, throughout the whole song. =/
  17. King Matt

    King Matt New Member

    Welcome to the black parade - MCR (shits me off BIG time)
  18. RIOT!

    RIOT! Active Member

    ^ I have to agree.
    it's well annoying.
  19. Sarah!

    Sarah! Guest

    Anything off The Black Parade.
  20. Baskest Case

    Baskest Case Guest

    after listening to it numerous times...
    it gets shitty.

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