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    okay so I read this update a while ago, stared at the screen in a kind of disbelief, re-read the chapter a few times and then stared at this little 'post quick reply' box with an absolutely blank mind.
    It's taken me a while to think of something to say in response to the chapter, and I still probably don't really know what I"m saying, but I'm going to give it a go.
    First of all: Gerard seems a lot more crazy than I previously anticipated, I thought he would at least care about Mikey in some way, but that point of the story made me wonder whether or not he really actually cares about Mikey at all.
    Maybe it's just Mikey's possibly biassed perspective but Frank seems a lot less confident then he did when he first saw Mikey in the basement. Maybe Gerard's broken him or something, I don't really know.
    This leads me to wonder what kind of relationship Mikey and Frank will have in the future. Seeing Mikey being treated like that should hopefully allow Frank to realise that he isn't the nutter like his brother is, but just someone who was dragged along for the ride.
    And lastly,
    Aow did Gerard find out about Mikey and Frank? And was he pissed because of the fact that it was Frank, the fact that Frank's a guy?
    I have no idea,
    and that is why I love this story so much.

    Oh, and happy new year!
  2. well, Ursula
    i know it seems like i abandoned this story completely but i didn't
    i read every chapter even if i didn't comment and i am sorry for this;honestly i DIDN'T forget about it;never ever

    this is getting more interesting and amazing chapter by chapter and as you already know i love your style of writing because it it very original and i appreciate you for this
    hope you will forgive me but i still love you, my friend:)
    i wanna hug you right now...hesitate...*hugs*

    it's 2010, bitches!

    Alex, honey. just a detail.. i love your username.

    think about it. there is this guy who raped you (god, that sounds horrible) and your yonger brother falls in love with him.. or at least has a crush on him. that would so totally piss anybody off. and if we add a little bit of Gerard's not too high endurance it's a war zone. and it's also kinda hard to take if you are straight (or at least he still thinks he is) and your little brother turns out to be "a flaming homo". haha :D

    ** i just realised how twisted this story is. but dear readers, it's getting even better! ** - just a remark.​

    Gee kinda lost control.. but he must care about Mikey cause he could have gone worse on him. In Gee's POV he kinda wanted to show Mikey that Frank's a loser and that it's bullshit to have a crush on someone as downscale and repulsive as he is.. and of course show Mikey that he doesn't support love between two people from the same sex in any way (he is SO going to break that belief!)

    BiBi, dear. it's okay if you haven't commented on the story for some time. i've been a witch myself and have been really lazy on updating so there's no point in saying you're sorry. <3 *gives bibi a HUGE hug*


    and some info:

    I HAVE A JOB! blaaaaaaaaaaaaah. so i'm not sure if i can update. >=S

    terrible, terrible person i am.

    but i'm still really exited on writing further cause it's always such a pleasure to find out what's going to happen. and i really wanna see how i'm going to make it into a FRERARD.. but i just love twisting stuff so i'm probably going to pull it off just fine. i'm not insulting anybody but:


    love, ursula. X
  4. *jumping*
    *still jumping*
    ouch...i've hit my head against the ceiling
    happy that you got a job, btw
    and you're not a terrible person
    there are a lot of writers who doesn't update in f**king years(no offence)
    so don't worry:)
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    New reader.

    I just have to say that I love how dark and twisted and bloody this whole thing is. As you probably know from reading mine, I love dark and bloody stories, so this is GREAT!

    You're an awesome writer!
    Keep it up!
  6. Memory gap

    I sat in the bathroom floor - crying. Why was Gerard acting like this? I thought he cared about me. Well, he acted weird sometimes but I thought I was more important than the show he made me perform in the basement. I just don’t get him.

    “I told you to kiss him, guy lover!”

    How did he understand that I liked Frank? I never did something to show that out. I thought it was my little secret. What does Frank think of me now? What does Frank think of us all? His kidnappers made a complete butt of themselves in front of him. I guess that’s something that runs in the Way’s family. And Bob is just a lost soul in our madness. Lets not even talk about Ray, he’s just complete psycho. He could have done this entire thing alone and make Frank dance with bears or something else in that kind.

    “Mikey, where the f**k are you?” came a very drunk voice from the hall. Gerard probably didn’t content with only eight beers.

    “Michael, I swear to god, if you don’t get your butt out now-“

    “I’m here,” I tried to sound calm, but failed hard. I heard some footsteps come at the bathroom direction. I unlocked the door but didn’t open it.

    The door was brusquely opened and Gerard was standing on the doorway. His expression changed as soon as he saw me on the floor.

    “Why are you crying?” God, he wasn’t even able to stand.

    “Whatever,” I mumbled.

    “Don’t be such a cry-baby. What’s wrong?” and now he cares?


    “f**k you, Michael. I’m your brother, you have to tell me.”

    “Now you are my brother? First you made me do THAT and now you come here and start playing a big brother?” I felt rage grow inside on me. I never had the courage to yell at Gerard.

    “What are you talking about,” he looked like a deer in the headlight.

    “You, c-word, made me... kiss Frank! Who does that?” I started sobbing again.

    “I did what?”

    I looked at him.. bemused.

    “Mikey, what did I do?”

    My jaw was probably hitting the floor by this point.

    “Y-You made me... kiss Frank.”

    Now was Gee the one whose jaw hit the floor.

    “I-I did THAT?”

    “What the f**k is wrong with you?”

    “I-I never knew.. it would make me... lose it.” He just stood there, lips moving, probably talking something I couldn’t hear.

    “You pulled me by my hair to Frank and started raging when we didn’t kiss. Then you did it again and Frank... kissed me,” I felt ashamed. I hadn’t done anything wrong but I still felt like it was entirely my fault.

    “Frank kissed you?” it seemed like his bubble popped up, “I’m going to kill that son of a witch!”

    He let go of the door and disappeared from my view. It seemed like he had sobered up in a second. I sat there for a moment to take everything he said in till I understood where Gee had vanished. My eyes got as big as pizza plates and I got my butt up faster than I should have. Everything went black for a second.

    “f**k,” I almost fell into the bathtub and drew some things down for the nearest shelf I tried to hold on.


    I sat on MY chair. It’s not like I really had anywhere to go. And the chair was probably my best friend in that basement. It started to feel like a home already. I had been there for like 3 days? It should be something around afternoon if I’m correct.

    I’m not quite sure what’s up with Gerard. I don’t find it the best way to show how tough they all are if he makes his little brother kiss me. What a f**ked-up place this is. Like that isn’t already enough that they kidnapped me. I don’t find it very professional to develop feelings at your hostage.

    The last thought made me grin. But it vanished with the basement door flying open.

    “You son of a witch,” it was Gerard. And he pretty much flew at my direction. What did I do this time? I know that something painful was coming so I pressed my eyes shut.

    And like I though. Two powerful hands crabbed my neck.

    “This time, I’m going to kill you, twat!” as the last air left my lungs, I started to choke because there was no air coming back.

    “G-Gerard?” I chocked out.

    “Don’ you even dare to use my name, you pedo. I’m God for you!” I saw the most rare kind of rage in his eyes. His face was deformed. All the kindness that he ever had, that was very little, was gone and rage took him over... completely. What had I done?

    My neck hurt like hell. His fingers were pressed into my skin.


    On the edge of passing out.

    “... What had I ever done to you that you had to ruin my family?” was the last thing I heard.


    “Gerard! Leave him alone!” I ran through the door to see a very dizzy Frank and Gerard with his hand around the others neck. I pulled Gerard away from him and slapped him in the face.

    “You were the bastard that made him kiss me! He should be strangling you not the other way! Get the f**k out of my sight,” I yelled, furious as ever.

    He just looked me with his fury backing down. Slapped me back and walked up the stairs. I stood there like I didn’t feel it, but it f**king hurt; it’s going to be red tomorrow.


    Frank had dark red marks on his neck and it was only now, what would there be after some hours? He was passed out, but his pulse was still there. I got some cold water in a glass and threw it in his face. He opened his eyes immediately and looked at me wide-eyed.

    “I don’t believe in angels,” was all he said with a hoarse voice.


    A/N: *cough* update.

    it didn't turn out like i wanted it to. paramore was taking over. i'm never ever going to listen to them while writing something "not nice" again.

    your comments get me high, so please be my heroin.

    love, ursula. X
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    i loved it :)
    poor frankie and mikey=[
    Gee confused me; he couldn't even remember what he did!
    that's bad.
    anyway; yeah; awesome... another update?=[
    pweeeeeeeease, pretty pleeaaasseeeee.
  8. thanks Jasmine.

    well, i try to update more. i feel really bad for keeping you all dry for such a long time.

    love, ursula. X
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    uhm..could I start saying that I'm a complete butthole? yes, I think I can. I'm feeling like poop for leaving this..really, really bad. And if it was any other story belive me , I wouldn't feel this bad...but this is your story...this is THE story and you don't just stop reading it...but it seems like I did and I don't really think I had a good reason. I hope you're not really mad at me :(
    I think you know how good were the chapters I missed but you know that in the author's eyes, what he/she writes is worse then the reader I can't express what I felt while reading them. It's getting more twisted than I imagined and that surprised me in the best way anyone can think of. I remeber this line “Don’ you even dare to use my name, you pedo. I’m God for you!" . Jeez how can you come up with such amazing things...I like Gerard more and more even if that seems sick. He's captivating, I always liked twisted characters because you find or discover something new about them everytime . On the other side Frank has the right to act like he does (not like he has a cance to be different) and I understand that what he's going through is true hell but idk I just feel half bad for him, like I do with Gerard and Mikey and that's because every and each of them is right in a way and everyone is sick and evil in the back of their minds...
    Now, what I also remeber very clearly was the scene between Frank and Mikey. That's when I saw you are a real writer. I have no idea why but when you wrote that, with all the feelings mixed together I felt like you have that special something that makes attractive everything you write. Maybe it's just me but I like that it's not a frerard or anything else yet...I think it's been said but we need something great like this fic from time to time.And belive me I'm soooo damn tired of using the annoying "amazing", "awesome", "great" but I just can't stop myself for putting them at 2 sentences. I feel like I need to point out what I think about what I read...and also I feel bad cause I can't remember all I wanted to say, for example Mikey. God, Mikey is so out of this world..and this makes him so special and sweet? in a strange way.
    yes, everything is perfectly put together and you never stop to amaze me
    I'm craving for an update, so maybe I'll read one soon??
  10. Listen while reading: Framing Hanley - Hear Me Now.

    It isn't murder if it makes the world a better place - it's excision

    “Don’t get me wrong. I’m not here to be your buddy, entertain you or save you again. There will be a point when Gerard kills you and you must understand it,” Mikey talked standing in front of me, considering every word.

    He looked so much older than 12 or 13 - so much more responsible. I had never seen him like this; it’s like he turned into something totally different – that’s not something new, when you’re trapped in this nuthouse.

    “You have to understand that it’s all for the good,” he had been looking at his shoes when the silence was hanging over us and rose his sight when he started talking again. He suddenly looked so innocent again. Like he actually did believe that killing somebody makes the world a better place.

    “Mikey, you’re not a bad guy, but Gerard is. You can get away with it if you let me go now,” he turned his sight away and stared at the picture on the wall, “Listen to me! Killing somebody doesn’t make the world a better place! It makes you as bad as you see.. us, the ones you and your brother want to abolish.”

    He didn’t look at me but still stared the picture stubbornly. I saw that he was trying to find something to say.

    When he finally turned to me again he talked even more deliberately, “You don’t know what we have been through. You know nothing about my or my brother’s life. If somebody had put you through such a hell you would have killed yourself a long time ago. My brother is still alive – that makes him strong. And I’m thankful for that.”

    He was pressing tears back.

    “I-I don’t know what I would be if I wouldn’t have my brother and his support. He’s my everything,” he probably understood that his vision was getting blurry and he came out of his little dreamland, “Frank Anthony Iero, Gerard has been waiting an eternity to square some thing up with you.. and I’m not going to stop him, no matter what I personally think of you. I’m sorry but you’re worth your fate.”

    And he started walking up the stairs again.

    “Mikey, wait! Your brother is going to kill YOU one day if he continues like that,” I called out at him.

    He froze on his steps on the staircase and didn’t turn around right away.

    “Then let it be. It’s all for the good,” and I was alone in the basement again.


    I was drinking the eleventh beer of the day and it wasn’t even 5 pm yet. Did I really make that c-word aka Frank kiss my little brother? Why did he do it? What kind of pedophile would do that? I remember some bleary things of the event. The last thing I clearly recall was when I was smashing my head against the wall for some unknown reason. Well, at least I know the reason now. I had had a huge pile of sleeping pills at that point, plus loads of beer. I wasn’t myself anymore. Had I ever been myself while the last few years? I still wanted to kill Frank for what he did. It’s like he couldn’t even stop annihilating my family when he was under my control.

    The basement door got kicked shut. Took him forever to finish his humbug with the wussy pussy. Mikey entered the living room and froze when he saw me. He looked like a car wreck.

    “Mikey, I’m sorry for slap-“ I wasn’t even able to finish my apology when he barged in.

    “It’s okay,” he sat down on the nearest armchair and crabbed the last beer on the coffee table. He never drank beer, but he sure looked like he needed one. I didn’t ask any questions.

    “Gerard,” he stared out of the window and waited before he got my attention, “when are you going to finish him off?”

    I got taken aback for a second but then a contented grin conquered my face.

    “When the time is ready.”

    “You know, I think you should have already done it. You have wanted to do it for so long and now when he’s there for you to take, you just sit here and get wasted. Gerard, even if he’s in the basement, he’s still there. Everything he has done to you, I don’t know how much, but it must be something big if you want to demolish someone as bad as you want to erase Frank from your memory-“

    “That’s enough,” shitface, don’t act like you know something. You don’t even know the verge of everything I have been through.

    “But, you must do it before the police or something else breaks into the whole plan-“

    “It won’t happen,” he really doesn’t know when he should keep his cute little mouth shut, does he?

    “I don’t want to go to jail-“

    “AND YOU AREN’T! And even if you are, it’s the fate, you can’t change the fate,” I’m brainwashing my own brother, I can’t believe it.



    “He said you might kill me in the future,” so much trouble from that stupid puppy!

    “And you actually believe him?” I got up from my chair. The world seemed to move with me. I was drunk as shitf**k. I made my way to my brother and pulled him up by his collar.

    “I would NEVER,” we looked into each other’s eyes for a long moment; “EVER do something bad to you.”

    “I love you, Gee,” and he really did mean it. I never said those words; I just gave him a kiss on his cheek and let go of him to take a seat again but changed my mind.

    “This is actually getting ridiculous,” I walked out of the room and into Bob’s bedroom. He wasn’t there, weird. And took my trace at the huge cupboard facing Bob’s bed. The doors were already open so I just had to push the clothes away to pull out a double-barrelled.

    “I’m going to fly this motherf**ker’s brains against the opposite wall.”


    A/N: i find it a really good update.

    roxie made me get it up so soon. i love that girl. (i didn't forget about your comment.. i just need some sleep first).

    it's also the 13 chapter and 13 page.. i love that number. if me getting married should happen some day - it will be on the 13. and friday.

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    Oh dear God. I swear sometimes I wonder if you're not a real author, like the ones who publish ? books and stuff. You have all the rights to like this chapter. It's useless to say how much I loved it because you already know that so I'm gonna make it short and say what impressed me this time. First it was the fact that Gerard seemed to confused about everything like he forgot all of it in a second....and when he told Mikey he wasn't going to let anything bad happen to him I was like "Daaaamn, I forgot Gerard was human too"..for me he started to be gErard . Not a person , not a ghost but Gerard. The one who played with the others lifes, the master if that's the right word. It's a big thing that you can express that just through some simple but meningfull words. Yes, I'm addicted to this story as much as a cliche this may sound and belive me everytime I start reading an update everything around me just fades away and all I see or think of is the storyline, the charaters and what I read seems like reality to me...sounds strange I know. Anyway, if this is gonna make any good...this is one of the few stories worth reading
    Okay, too much talk for now
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    OMMMG i feel bad for missing that update.
    i hadn't realised=[ oh dear.
    but it was awesome.
    and yeah! Framing Hanley are awesome! *high five*
    sorry off topic a bit.
    t'was a good story; and omg :| what's gerard doing?
    NO!!! he can't do whatever he's planning on doing =[
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    I read last chapter last night and now I have finaly time to do a little reply.

    So Gerard won't kill Mikey huh? Yes and pigs fly. I think with every hobbie, lifestyle, mental disorder and fetish you keep going if you can't control yourself. It starts mild, innocent maybe but you go a step further every time. And gerard can't control himself (yeah I act like I know him) he's drinking to much to give me the impression he can control himself. And making his dearly beloved brother kiss his worst enemy to --what get even or something-- show his control, nop doesn't make me think he has control. Sure he has love as he has a lot of hate, thin line I must say.

    I like the psycho's I like this story and will be looking forward to read more,

    X nuky
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    Lol seriously? I kind of hate it. When I got my account I was like 'OMG ILY MIKEY WAY' and decided that it was pretty damn awesome. Funnily enough I got over it in about a week... XP

    So anyways, onto this next chapter, which, I dunno, was interesting. Mikey seems way more mature than I thought he was, which is good because in most stories (mine included, unfortunately) he's a pathetic whiny witch. Okay so maybe he cried, but he was.. I don't know, more dignified. I like that, it builds character.

    The whole "Gerard forgetting the whole incident" thing was cool as well! Did he seriously forget or did he just want to give the illusion of it. Or is his memory deteriorating? It's interesting, he seems to be cracking up. Which is kind of good in my eyes because as you, and Nuky, and probably everyone else here said, Pointless happy love stories are kind of boring.
    Then when Mikey told Gerard that he made him kiss Frank he seemed nice, like a protective brother and it was really... I don't know, nice.

    ...I still don't see how this will turn out to be a Frerard, but this story is full of surprises!

    Oh and Mikey's really nice.

    Aaaand on a completely off topic finale I have to try out this thing. :shock: ... I didn't know that existed >.<
  15. hey, my dear readers.

    welcome, molly! X

    roxie, i'm sorry for taking so long to reply to your comment. now i feel like an butthole. and you have no reason to feel guilty at all, you're my muse and i love your reviews. after you brought the '...i'm god for you' line out i actually understood how twisted it sounded. i may go all psycho that i'm writing so twisted poop and don't even find it... THAT twisted anymore. XD and we share the love of twisted stories. the blood and mindgames and controlling other ppl is so much fun! WHY IS IT THAT EVERYBODY FEEL SORRY FOR GERARD INSTEAD OF FRANK? =[ you gotta love that dude in the basement.. he's going to get really hurt in the next chapter *some evil laughter*. it makes fun to me that you say that it's all "perfectly put together", i went all AWW for that, and i have written the last 2 chaps without any storyline. (i actually came up with some kinda storyline for about 10 chaps.. but it's really fainth, like all my storylines). that 'i love you, gee' thing was really weird in my head.. and i wanted to, i dunno, make mikey get hurt after that or something, so he would start doubting Gee's love. but it turned out kinda caring.. and it's better, i guess.

    i love this quote...

    well, Frankie's going to get really hurt.. REALLY HURT. i mean 'we-have-to-let-some-doctors- step-in' kinda hurt. *grinns*


    hey, alex! Gerard is actually a really caring person. and he loves his brother.. he used to love everybody until he got raped and beaten up regularry.. and all other stuff you don't want to happen to yourself, like never. the progress of getting this story to frerard takes some time. but it's gonna happen, eventually.

    love, ursula. X
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    **new reader**
    This fan-fiction is soo awesome!!
    fan alredy! ^_^
    needs more! *W*
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    This one is also amazing! Such an original plot line. Talented you are...
  18. c'mon girl
    send me some shivers with your awesome updates
    Love, bibi:wub:
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    new reader alert
    this is so awesome...i loved it
  20. f**kit . you make me want to update again .

    to be honest.. i've kinda forgotten this site .

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