Secretly In Love With You (Frerard)

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    Secretly In Love With You (Frerard)

    12+ (kissing)

    Main Characters:
    Gerard Way, Frank Iero and Mikey Way, Bob Bryar, Ray Toro (Bob and Ray become bigger characters further in the story)

    Franks life was a wreck all up until Gerard moves in across the street. Then both their lives are turned upside down. Frank has a new best friend but Gerard has a secret.

    Friendship, Romance, Drama, Tragedy (there are a couple tragedies in this story)

    I do not know nor own any members of MCR or any other famous person in this story.

    Chapter Index:

    PageOne|Chapters 1, 2
    PageTwo|Chapters 3, 4
    PageThree|Chapters 5, 6, 7
    Page Four|Chapters 8, 9, 10, 11
    PageFive|Chapters 12, 13, 14, 15
    PageSix|Chapters 16, 17
    PageSeven|Chapters 18, 19
    PageEight|Chapters 20, 21, 22
    PageNine|Chapter 23
    PageTen|Chapter 24
    PageEleven|Chapter 25
    PageTwelve|Chapters 26, 27, 28
    PageThirteen|Chapters 29, 30
    PageFourteen|Chapters 31, 32, 33
    PageFifteen|Chapters 34, 35, 36
    PageSixteen|Chapter 37, 38
    PageSeventeen|Chapter 39
    PageEighteen|Chapters 40, 41
    PageNineteen|Chapters 42, 43, 44
    PageTwenty|Chapter 45
    PageTwenty-one|Chapters 46, 47
    PageTwenty-two|Chapters 48, 49
    PageTwenty-three|Chapter 50
    PageTwenty-four|Chapters 51, 52
    PageTwenty-five|Chapters 53, 54
    PageTwenty-six|Chapters 55, 56
    PageTwenty-seven|Chapter 57
    PageTwenty-eight|Chapter 58, 59
    PageTwenty-nine|Chapter 60, 61
    PageThirty|Chapter 62, 63, 64
    PageThirty-one|Chapters 65, 66


    Fanspot One: Lorraine
    Fanspor Two: Linda
    Fanspot Three: Amy
    Fanspot Four: Lillie
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    Chapter 1

    Gerard's POV

    "Mom, I'm moving out."

    My mom stared at me with a blank stare. "What!" she blurted out.

    "Your only 19",

    "But mom I'm sick of living inside a box, I want to see the world."
    she stared at me with an angry glare with her arms crossed. "Young man! you are not living in a box and your seeing a heck of alot more of the world than you would living by yourself."

    "But mom do you really want me living with you forever, I mean I have to move out sooner or later." I said with a small tear running down my cheek.

    "I choose later" she said in a sharp tone of voice.

    "I don't even know why I came to you I'm leaving" I ran upstairs and slammed my bedroom door jumped on my bed and shoved my face into my pillow. I've never been that mean to my mom before, I felt terrible, but it wasn't fair I had no freedom and I was 19.

    Frank's POV

    My life was terrible right now I was failing every subject but music (normally I was a straight "A" student) , only because I named my guitar after my dog Pansy who just recently passed away and I been writing songs about my beloved grandmother who had recently passed away. I miss my grandmother terribly I cried everyday for a week after she died. Another bad thing was that my girlfriend Jamia is out sick with the flu and won't be back til' next week. One of the worst parts was that my bestfriend Hugh was moving to California.

    My life couldn't get any worse than it was, or could it. Oh s**t I hope I didn't just jinks myself.

    From out of nowhere my mom burst through my bedroom door.

    "Frank Anthony Iero!" she shouted

    "What mom?"

    "I saw the 'B' you got on this quiz, I am very ashamed of you your a straight 'A' student whats going on?"

    "Mom, ever since grandma passed away its been harder to keep my grades up."

    "Honey its okay, just promise me you'll do better next semester" she said in a soft voice.

    "Ok mom I promise"

    "I love you sweetie" she said in the nicest voice

    "Love you too mom" I said back

    I got so freaked out when my mom came in, I thought I was in big trouble.

    special thanks to my friends Lorraine (Lureka) and Sam (XxCorruptedxX)
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    Ooooo...this soundz like it could b good! :) Can't wait for the next chapterrr!!
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    ohh awsome, when does it continue?
    also, i just joined like today an could u tell me how to start my own fanfiction?
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    Good job Bailey :clap:
    :eek: I know some-one famous =]
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    Chapter 2

    Gerard's POV


    The next morning I woke up early to go house hunting. I was looking for a good and nice neighborhood. I didn't want a neighborhood with crime, but I didn't want a quiet and boring neighborhood.

    The first neighborhood I looked at was so trashy the yards were full of litter and seemed like the cleanest things were the dumpsters.

    The second neighborhood was to clean. I could sware I saw the road twinkle in the sunlight.

    It was getting close to twilight which meant I would only have time to visit one more neighborhood. The last neighborhood was perfect, the houses weren't sparkling, but they weren't filthy. You could hear all the children laughing and playing. There was a house on the right side of the street with a nice yard right in my budget.

    The next morning I called a realistate agent to show me the house. It was perfect! Time to start packing.

    Frank's POV

    I saw a guy with black hair looking at the house across the street, he looked nice.

    "Hey Mom" I called into the other room "There was a guy checking out the house for sale"

    "I know honey, he looked somewhat around your age"

    "Mom I'm 15, he was probably three or four years older than me."

    Ok honey, that doesn't you guys can't be friends if he does move in."

    I am not going over there if he does move in, sure he looked nice but he could be a psycho or something." I said while giving a little chuckle.

    "I never said you had to go over there Frank, I was just saying he looked like a nice boy" she said while giving me a smirk.

    "Ok Mom no need for you to go all psycho, looks can be deceiving" I said very sarcastically.

    "What did you say to me Frank?"

    "I love you Mommy"

    "Thats what I thought you said to me Frank. Now go wash up its time for dinner"

    "Yes Ma-am"
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    this is GREAT!!! :clap::clap::clap:
    more please? :)
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    hey guys im goin to school and i'll update when I get back
    I'm glad everyone likes it
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    -New Reader-
    I like this one...
    Love how Frank's close to his mother.
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    I really like this, so far.....

    moreeeeeeeeeeeeeee soon?!
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    Chapter 3

    Gerards POV

    The same day I was leaving for the new house, I remembered that Mikey had been staying the night at Ray's house the past two nights. I hadn't even told him that I was moving out. I walked upstairs and knocked on Mikey's bedroom door

    "Mikey you in there", I opened the bedroom door, Mikey was crying.

    "Mikey whats wrong?"

    "Mom told me your moving out, why?"

    "Mikey I'm 19 now it's I get my own place" I felt terrible for leaving, I didn't think Mikey would take it this hard.

    "Gee, why did you choose now to move out?"

    "I-I don't know" I stuttered. Mikey it's gonna be okay you still have mom, dad, and you still have me. My new house has two bedrooms you can come and visit any time you want, okay?."

    "Okay" Mikey replied

    Mikey leaned over towards me and gave me a hug, I enjoyed it.

    Frank's POV

    The next day I saw the same guy with black hair pull into the driveway driving a shiny black Volvo.

    "Dang, he has a nice car". I muttered under my breath.

    My dad walked in the door and said "Hey son, we have a new neighbor, he looks around your age."

    "Dad, I already went through this with Mom, he's atleast two years older than I am."

    "Ok Frank no need to go all crazy on me" he said in a sarcastic tone."

    "Sorry Dad I'm just having a rough week"

    "Ok Son, tell me if you want to talk about it. Have a good day at school"

    "Bye" I shouted as I raced out the door.

    See ya later Frank." my parents called.

    I had to get going early 'cause I had to walk to school today."
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    this is awsome so far!!
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    Well lets see
    Frank has to walk, and Gee hase a nice shiny car
    Why don´t he give him a ride :D

    mooooooore,sooon !!!
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    i'll add chapter 4 tomorrow
    im really glad u guys r likin it
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    Love itt! Cant wait till tomorrow for the update!! :)
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    Can't wait for more!
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    Chapter 4

    Gerard's POV

    This seemed like a nice neighborhood.

    "Ahh help!" I heard someone scream outside my window.

    There was the cutest guy ever outside, getting beat up by a couple thugs. I raced out the door to go help.

    "Leave him alone!" I yelled.
    They turned around, looked at me, and went back to beating him up. Those thugs were almost twice the poor guy's size.

    Once I got closer I yelled out again, even louder this time.
    "Get the f*** off him!"
    I joined the fight. All of a sudden a guy like a half a foot taller than me, pulled the victim out of the fight, he pulled back his hand and BAM! he punched me in the face and with that the thugs ran off.

    "Ouch!" I yelped.

    "Bob!" the victim called.

    "What!" he said in an angry voice.

    "That guy was trying to save me".

    "Really, oh my God" said the guy named Bob "I'm sorry, I'm Bob"

    "Hi", I said, I'm Gerard, but you can call me Gee."

    "Hi", Bob said while helping the guy on the ground up.

    "And I'm Frank" said the cute victim, "But you can call me Frankie".

    Frank's POV

    That Gerard guy was really nice.

    He told Bob that he could go home while he helped me in my house, maybe he didn't wanna get punched again. I had a black eye and my left leg and both my arms were all scraped up. I am really thankful that he moved in or I could be hurt worse than I was. I thought I would go over there later and thank him, so I did. I asked him if he wanted to hang out later. I told him I had two tickets to a Smashing Pumpkins concert. He said yes and we had a blast.

    I had a new bestfriend and he was only 19, well I mean he was still about four years older than me, but who cares he was nice.
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    Still lovin it Bailey, even though I already read this chapter =]

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