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    Chapter 4

    Now, it was the second day of the tour, and I was extremely happy. I had new friends, I had my boyfriend and I get to see the guys from backstage. It was one of my dreams when I was younger, and I couldn't believe that it came true. I woke up and immediately went into the shower, which didn't seem much like a shower, but it had to do. Once I was done, I put my clothes on and did my make-up. By the time I finished, some people had woken up.

    "Good morning." Frankie said.

    "Good morning." I said.

    "So, how do you like things on tour, so far?"

    "I love it. I've always wanted to do this."

    "That's awesome!"


    "Your welcome." he mumbled while kissing my lips.

    "I love you."

    "I love you too."

    I hugged him and kissed his cheek.

    " cute!!" I heard not too far from me.

    It was Vee. I blushed.

    "How much did you see?" Frank asked.

    "I saw the 'I love you' till the time you hugged and she kissed your

    Then, Frank blushed. As we all talked more, everyone else woke up. That afternoon, I began to feel ill. I didn't think much of it, so I just went on with my day. At 4, I was talking to Cinthia when I became sick again.

    "Jenna, are you okay?"

    "Yeah, I'm fine."

    "You sure?"

    "Yes, I'm sure."


    Right after I said that, I fell to the ground. I woke up in Frank and I's bunk feeling slightly dizzy and seeing Frankie's face.

    "Do you feel better?"

    "A little bit. What happened?"

    "Well, you were walking and talking with Cinthia, when, all of a sudden,
    you collapsed to the ground."

    "Whoa. Maybe I should've sat or stayed on the bus today."

    "Wait a minute. You were sick earlier?!" he was getting angry.

    "Yeah, and you're point is?"

    "Something worse than this could've happened to you!!!"

    "I'm sorry, okay?! I thought that I felt better." I started to cry.

    "That's not good enough! You should stayed here!!!"

    By then, a crowd was starting to form around us.

    "Stop it!!!!!!! You're acting like my parents!!!!"

    "I'm not going to. You need to be safe."

    "I don't love you!!"

    I ran off of the bus and began to sob. I couldn't believe this. Was this really happening?
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    what just happened?!
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    ahhhh their first fight, no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    nice update, and haha i imagined the part of "how much did you see"
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    I missed so many updates! :0
    They were great though.
    Update soon again ^_^
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    wow kl story!
    *gasp* wahdt?!?
    btw if there are any gf spaces left can i b in it ???
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    you can be in it. i just need you to tell me what you look like and what kind of person you are.
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    o0o me too pleaseee xD

    im kinda a fun, hyper person but i can be serious a lot too. i have kinda a short temper. im not too tall with dark brown hair and yeah thats kinda it haha. i wear a lot of eyeliner and mostly pink and black clothes xD
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    i'll put both of you in soon.
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    yay =]
    cant wait for the next update
    will it be soon?
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    Chapter 5

    Frank's POV

    I couldn't believe what I had just done and what she said. I never planned to make someone cry.It feels like a crime; she was the victim and I was the person committing it. I could feel everyone staring at me. Gerard was looking at me like he was going to kill me.

    "I can't believe that you yelled at her like that!!"

    "I didn't mean to." I said looking down.

    "Will you look at me?"

    I looked up.

    "You have a lot to do if you want her back."

    I nodded.

    "Good. Now, go!"

    I ran off the bus, pushing some people on the way and saying sorry too.

    Jenna's POV

    I was shocked that he yelled at me like that. Yet, what was almost as bad as that, was saying I didn't love him. I feel so guilty. I ran off to an alley. I knew that it wasn't the best place to be, but I was too full of emotion. I just want a hug, but I can't go back onto the bus, Frank was there. I heard Frank, and I could smell Frank coming closer, so I tried to stop crying, but it didn't work; he found me. I ignored him.

    "Jenny, I know that's you." I ignored him even more.

    "Do I have to tickle you?" Oh no.

    "Alright." I said defeated, but angry and sad.

    "I knew that would work."

    I was giving him the evil look.

    "You're an a-hole, you know that?" I said.

    "Yes, and you had every right to say that you didn't love me."

    "That was wrong though."


    "Why did you have to yell earlier? We could've just talked about it.
    You know that I hate when people yell, especially at me."

    "I was just worried about you. You know how much I love you and
    need you."

    "I love you and need you too." I said as I began to cry.

    "Please don't cry."

    "Ok." I said wiping tears.

    "So, do you forgive me?"

    "Yes. Are you going to control your anger?"


    "Good. Can we go, and can you carry me? My legs are cramping."

    "Of course."

    Frank's POV
    We talked and forgave each other. Right now, I was loving carrying her because she looked so cute sleeping. Soon, we arrived back at the bus, and I amazingly, opened the door, single-handedly. Once it was opened and they saw us, everyone smiled, while the girls awwed.
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    aww yayyy <3
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    Great update!

    More soon?
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    Chapter 6

    Jenna's POV

    I'm glad that I came back. What I did was cowardly. Seeing the faces on everyone and hearing the girls say aww definitely made me blush.

    ''Aww...she's blushing!" Jackie said.

    We crawled into our bunk and started kissing. He began to kiss my neck and I giggled.

    "Stop it!" I said playfully while hitting him.


    "Yes. Really."

    He pouted.

    "I was kidding."

    "Ok then."

    He went and kissed me quickly. There was no denying that we loved each other, especially now.

    "I love you." I said.

    "I love you too."

    We laid down with him on top staring at each other trying not to laugh, but it was no use. I ended lying my head in the crook of his neck.

    "You smell good."


    "What is it?"


    "I love it so much."

    "More than me."

    "No. You're way better than it."

    I began to fall asleep.

    "Are you sleepy?"

    "A little, but I don't want to sleep."

    "What do you want to do?"

    "Can we play Karaoke Revolution?"

    After I said that, I fell asleep. The next morning, my Frankie wasn't there. He was out making coffee.

    "You left me!" I said fake crying while wrapping my arms around his neck.

    " I'm sorry. You want some?"

    He knew that I hated coffee; so typical of him.

    "Eww!! No thanks."

    He laughed, and I playfully hit his shoulder. Today was going to be an awesome day.

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    woot!! two updates in a row!
    Chapter 7

    Frank's POV
    We're back from our break, and we're in Philadelphia. Jenna's really excited, but
    scared because she's nec er been here before and she's heard of all of the bad things that happen here. I'm not because of where I'm from, so I'll protect her if anything happens to her. Yesterday was hectic, but it ended great, and it seems as though things are back to normal. I was going to make sure today was a great day for us.

    "What do you think we should today?" I asked her.

    "Can we dance in the rain?"

    "Of course."

    "YAY!!!!!!!!!" she cheered and danced around.

    20 minutes later, and it started to rain. After dancing for a few minutes, she fell and hit her head. I looked at her face and could tell that she was trying not to cry.

    "How bad does it hurt?"

    "VERY BAD!!!!!!"

    "Alright. Show me where it hurts."

    She pointed to the back of her head, and it was bleeding.

    "Let's go to first aid."

    She nodded.

    "I'm such an idiot."

    "No, you're not. I've done worst things."

    Walking into the venue, Jenna was getting dizzy.

    "Are you okay?"

    She shook her head. I put my arm around her in case she fainted.
    We reached first aid, when I spotted Gerard and everyone else 40 feet from where I was. They all walked over to where we were.

    "What happened?"

    "We were dancing in the rain, when she fell and hit her head; she' s bleeding."

    "We were all scared." Mikey said.

    She was soon better, and she sat down on my lap in the back room, while we waited to play Karaoke Revolution. It was soon her turn, and she was singing Dance, Dance; one of her favorite songs. She was really good actually, and it was on the hard setting too.

    "You sounded really good."


    She kissed me on the lips.

    "You're so sweet."

    I blushed.

    -Hours Later-

    We were 5 minutes from playing, and I waiting impatiently to go on.

    "Will you stop being so impatient?" she asked.

    "It's in my nature. I can't help it."

    "Stop saying that. I used to, and now I've stopped."

    "Do you I get anything if I do it?"


    "What is it?"

    She kissed me, and we started to make-out, but she stopped.


    "You got a deal."

    "I thought you'd see it my way."

    By then, we were called to go on.

    "I've have to go. Love ya."

    "Love ya too."

    "Is the deal still on?"


    I smiled widely and walked onto the stage and played my best show ever.
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    amazing :)
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    i'm wondering if this hit on her head and all the dizziness (sp?) will have their consequences....
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    sorry it's so short, i'll have longer updates later on.

    Chapter 8

    Jenna's POV

    I stood and watched him play while I was backstage. He was too energetic for his own good, but it was good for me. When they were done, I gave him a sweat rag. Boy, did he look sexy tonight.

    "Can I have a kiss?" he asked.

    "When you wipe off your sweat, maybe."

    Once he was done, he asked again.



    I gave him a quick kiss, and he was stunned. I love having that effect on him.
    It's like I make him helpless. I giggled.

    "You played great and you look sexy."

    "You're not the only one who looks that way."

    I blushed. Walking back, I spotted Vee and Cinthia making out with their
    respective boyfriends. Maybe I should make-out with Frankie?

    "Do you want to have some fun on the bus when we get there?"

    "Why wouldn't I?"

    "I knew you would. Just thought that I should be polite."

    When we reached the inside of the bus, that's just what we did, but we moved to our bunk, of course.

    2 Months Later-Frank's POV

    The tour was over, and now Jenna was being targeted in the tabloids. She was really upset, and I hated seeing her like this.

    "Why can't they just leave us alone?!" she cried, ready to throw her
    compact lying on the bed.

    "I don't know, but will you calm down?" I said grabbed her shoulders.


    She then threw her compact and snapped it in half.

    "It doesn't matter, as long as we're happy."

    With a hug, a nod and a kiss, we got up and left to go out to dinner.
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    aaww poor jenna <3
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    that's the price to pay.... i guess...
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    I missed three updates :0
    They were great though!

    Please write more soon.

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