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    Rating: 15+

    Title:Real or Fake
    Characters: Frank/OFC, Gerard Way/OFC, Mikey Way, Bob Bryar/OFC, Ray Toro/OFC, Alicia Simmons
    Summary: A woman named Jenna meets the one and only Frank Iero at a show. Will this be the only time they see each other or will there be much more?
    Disclaimer: This is fake, so I don't own anybody but myself. This will never happen, so please don't sue.

    Chapter Index:

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    Chapter 2-Page 1
    Chapter 3-Page 2
    Chapter 4-Page 3
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    Chapter 17-Page 6

    Chapter 1-Frank's POV

    I was actually at a local show. It's been too long since I last went to one.
    I needed a break from my friends, so, I went out by myself. I suddenly saw this girl limping and bruising. 'Must be from being in the moshpit; I thought to myself. 'f**k.' I heard her whisper. She sat down not too far from me, and I heard her swear again. I looked at her, and she looked at me.

    "Sorry about that." She said

    "Don't worry. I've been in moshpits a lot, you?"

    "10-20 times at the most. They scare me, but I love being close to the band.
    It's such a thrill."

    I was liking this girl already.

    "I see. I'm Frank."

    "Jenna or Jenny, if you like."

    "Ok. Jenny."

    She giggled.

    "I wish that I didn't get hurt."

    "What happened exactly?"

    "I pushed through people to get to the front. I ended up hitting my head, getting kicked and being tripped."



    "So, is your fun ruined?"

    "Nope. I'll just enjoy it from over here, I guess."

    "I'll stay here with you if you want me here."

    "You don't have to, but I'd like that."

    I blushed and started to enjoy the show with her.

    Sorry that it's short, I just wanna see if you guys like it.
  2. I like it so far.
    easy to read. =]
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    this is good :)
    Update soon!
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    Interesting.. Care to share More??Please!!!!!!:clap:
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    thanks!! i'll post more asap!!
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    here's the 2nd part to Chap 1

    We sat together and watched bands together. Halfway through, our hands touched.

    "Sorry." I said

    "You don't have to be. I mean I did it too."

    "Ok then."

    Soon, the show was sadly over.

    "Did you have friends that came with you." I asked

    "Yeah, but they have probably left by now."

    "So, do you want a ride home with me?"

    "If you don't mind."

    "Of course not. I really like you."

    "I really like you too."

    I helped her, and we got into my car. She gave me directions to her apartment
    once we got going.

    "Are you going to be okay?" I asked

    "Yeah and thanks for the ride." she said as I pulled out front.

    She kissed my cheek, and I blushed.

    "Can I have your number?" I asked

    "Yes. Here."

    She gave me her number, and I drove off back to my place. I couldn't stop thinking of her, and it drove me crazy. She's amazing.

    My time with Jenna was really fun. I guess that I was getting sick of being around guys. I woke up the next morning and saw that I was a little late, but I didn't worry too much about it. About a half hour later, I left hoping that she'd be there and didn't forget about me.

    Jenna's POV

    My ankle still hurts from last night, but I enjoyed the show, especially since I met
    a guy last night, and I was amazed that he talked to me. Taking me home was
    amazing. I barely knew him, but I let him do that. If I go anywhere today or tomorrow, I have to use my crutches, which really sucks if you think about it.

    Frank's POV

    I arrived at Jenna's apartment around 1 that afternoon. To be funny, I decided to
    call her and then ring the doorbell.


    "Hey. It's Frank."

    "Hey Frankie. What's up?"

    "Not much. I just needed to talk to you."

    "What do you need to talk about?"

    Before I had a chance to answer, I rang the doorbell.

    "Just a sec. I have to answer the door."

    "Ok." I said trying to hold in my laughter.

    She opened it and shouted at me.

    "That wasn't funny." she said as she began to laugh.

    "Yes it was."

    "Whatever." she said shaking her head.

    Then, I noticed her crutches.

    "How old are those?"

    "They're about 9 years old."

    "Why would you have those here from your childhood?"

    "Anything can happen."

    "Like this?"

    I was going to go for it. I kissed her, and she was shocked.


    "Well, did you like it?"

    "Of course I did."

    "Perfect. Would you like to be my girlfriend?"

    "Yes!! " she cheered.

    We kissed again, and this time, it was deeper, and there was a clear connection in it.

    i need girlfriends for these guys:
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    Chapter 2

    Frank's POV-Three weeks later.

    I've been with Jenna for a few weeks, and I couldn't be happier. She's one person who is one of those people that gets judged by her looks. Boy, are they wrong. They've never been around her for long periods of time like me, her friends and her family. I've learned that she plays the drums very well, but she doesn't have a band. She told she did that to scare the living poop out of people in her hometown. It was pretty funny, but cool. I'm glad that I'm going to spend time with her today. She's actually coming bowling with me, although, I suck at it. We'll see how things go.

    "Hey babe." I said as I picked her up at her house

    "Hey."she said sexily(A/N:Is that a word)

    I kissed her and wanted to stay in that position forever. She noticed, obviously, because she got me out of my trance.

    "Frankie, hello?"

    "Sorry." I said embarassingly

    "It's nothing to be embarassed about." she said kissing me on the cheek.

    We talked the whole way, and we kept each other laughing. Within 25 minutes, we arrived, got shoes and bowling balls. As we started, I noticed that I was really good, but Jenna wasn't. It was cute because she was pouting.

    "I thought I was good! What the hell happened? This isn't fair!!"

    She kicked her feet and made her cute little face.

    "Come here, sweetie."

    She slowly walked over.

    "It's okay."

    "Why the hell are you so good, and I'm not?"

    "Who knows, but I can help you if you want."

    "Well, if sucking means that you can help me, than it's okay then."

    I smiled. I helped her and as I was I showing her a good way to throw the ball, we kissed. We just let the ball go in the gutter and made-out, but we were soon kicked out, and it was really hilarious.

    "Did you see the looks on those people faces?!" she said laughing

    "I think that they were just jealous."



    "That was a little conceited, wasn't it?"

    "Yeah, but we're not like that all the time."

    As soon as we got to my car, we made-out in my car for so long, that it felt like we were there for 5 hours at least. When I dropped her at her house, I wanted to go with her.

    "Frankie, would you like to stay the night?"

    I thought that she'd never ask.

    "Would I say no to you?"

    She shook her head.

    I shut my car off and got out of my car once Jenna was out of the car. I locked it, and we went inside. I've been there only a few times and never have spent the night, so I was happy to be here. We immediately went into her room, since it was around 1 am. Being in her room, I felt nervous, and she was nervous also.

    "Can I trust you not to look at me when I change?"

    " Yes, of course you can."

    I dropped down to my boxers while looking away and waited for her okay to look at her again.

    "You can look now."

    I looked at her, and she was even more gorgeous.

    "You look beautiful."

    She blushed.

    "Thank you."she whispered.

    "You don't have to whisper. It's only us."

    She nodded.

    "You want to get into bed?" she asked.


    We slipped into bed and immediately, Jenna had her lips on me.

    "Frankie, are you ready?"

    "Yes, you?"


    "Are you sure that it isn't just because we're in bed together?"


    After a fun-filled night, we slept soundly, with her head upon my chest.
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    your story is amazingg!
    I love it!
    Update soon?
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    I like this.
    It's cute.

    And if it isn't taken, I'll be Gerard's girlfriend. :)
    any of them is okay actually...:)
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    aha,dude.i wanna be a girlfriend?!
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    awww so sweet!
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    i'll update soon. i'm not dead. lol.
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    well its a damn good thing your not dead!
    cant wait for the update XD take your time
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    sorry it's so short. i'll have more later.

    Chapter 3

    -Fast Forward to A Few Weeks Later-

    We were about to go back on tour, and I wanted to ask Jenna to go.

    "Jenna?" I asked.

    "Yeah?"she said sipping on lemonade.

    "How would you feel if I asked you to go on tour with us?"

    "I'd feel great!!! Why?"

    "I want you to come."

    "YAY!!!! I love you!!"

    "I love you too." I said laughing.

    We packed our things within an hour, and the bus came in front of our apt.
    Getting on the bus, I realized that Vee and Cinthia are going to be here. I knew that we are going to hear a lot of girltalk. Oh boy.

    Jenna's POV

    I walked onto the bus and put my things away in a drawer before venturing into the back where everyone, but Frankie was. I saw two girls, who I knew that I would like. The one girl had black hair, brown eyes, was dressed in black, she had mascara and her eyes were lined in black eyeliner, had on blue jeans. She was also tan and Mexican. The other girl had dark brown hair that went to the middle of her back, wore little eyeliner, mascara, wore glasses and was quite pale.

    "Hi, I'm Cinthia." the girl with the black hair said.

    She nudged the girl beside her.

    "Oh, sorry. I'm Vee."

    "I'm Jenna."

    "Do you know where Frankie is?" she asked.

    "Last I checked he was right behind me."

    "Alright. You wanna sit down?"


    I took a seat, and I was introduced to the guys. I found out that Cinthia was with Ray, and Vee was with Gerard. Frankie came in soon and was relieved to see that I was talking to everyone. Then, I had a feeling that this was going to be an awesome tour and the best time of my life.
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    update soon please?!
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    update soon please?!
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    aww,cute story!! ^-^ update soon.
    oh and can i be bob's woman if someone isn't already?? xD lol.
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    Hey awesome update^^
    too bad Ray is taken!! I wouldve loved to be his girl!!
    *Gives Cookie*
    Cant wait till the next update.
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    sorry hehe he's taken by the mexican girl lol me hehe

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