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Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Viktoria Kaulitz <3, Jul 6, 2012.

  1. Viktoria Kaulitz <3

    Viktoria Kaulitz <3 New Member

    A little bit depressive but meh...I'm in one of those moods :/

    The moonlight shines through the glass
    Lighting up the room and what has come to pass
    On the bed lies a broken form
    Her wrists are slashed, her veins are torn
    No one can save her, it's far too late
    She has left this world of pain and hate
    How long will it take them to notice she is there
    The crimson blood is flowing and matting in her hair
    She thought that no one loved her, she was constantly alone
    She couldn't go on by herself, she was just flesh and bone
    Her family seemed to hate her, her friends just didn't care
    And so she spent her final moments and died with no one there
    She doesn't believe there is a god
    If there is she doesn't want to know
    Because how could he have left her suffer, when she was one of his own
    She prayed at night and begged, for help that never came
    And because of this, that lonely girl will never breathe again.
    A life cut short, too young to die
    She felt it was better, than living in a lie,
    The ones that ignored her, shouldn't mourn, for that they don't deserve
    They drove her to her demise with the abuse that they would serve
    Her eyes are going dull, as she looks up to the stars
    The moonlight shining through the glass, illuminates her scars.
  2. Strong moods, feelings, emotions, can often cause very powerful and striking work, like this one here. I very much like the poem even though the content is dark, but I can tell that you're pretty passionate about it, which makes it all the better. You have a real gift for this
  3. Alma

    Alma Member

    I'll say goodbye to this one last time. Kiss your lips and tell you goodnight. Whisper to you that everything will be okay. But knowing I can't make it through another day. Look at me the harm you've caused. The pain unbearable. And the tears that fall. You always said you cared. Yet I always got the feeling you never did. It lives within me. It runs through my blood. But i can't go on this way. so I'll say goodbye to this one last time. I'll kiss your lips and tell you goodnight. Whisper to you that everything will be okay. But knowing we can't make it through another day.

    Wrote this over a year ago. Reading it makes me remember what I was going through a year ago.
  4. MissNothing

    MissNothing New Member

    You dont know what you're doing until its far too late,
    you just want stop all of the constant pain and hate.
    They hurt you, just to see you bleed,
    to see just how much you can take, before you fall to your knees.
    Then you find yourself whispering, to people who arent even there,
    "This is it, I have taken all I can bare,
    I'm tired of living, tired of breathing,
    sick of this pain, I'm done."
    But please, just remember this,
    If you die, then they have won.

    That was something I wrote a few weeks ago, it's a really meaningful peice to me and I hope that you guys liked it :)

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