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  1. WhySoSerious?

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    Me too. It's my favourite
  2. Xxmad_hatterxX

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    "Love what you do and who you truly are. Be willing to die for it. If you are true to yourself, you can never go wrong." -the lovely Frank Iero
  3. Deathwish.

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    Love this one. :)
  4. AMB

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    Franks Quote in my sig V.V I Love it.
  5. Xxmad_hatterxX

    Xxmad_hatterxX Active Member

    ^I love that quote. It's so true. xD
  6. Paranoya_Destroya

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    Frank Iero.

    I dunno if anyone has posted this quote but oh well

    Camera operator: Have you read the new Ellen DeGeneres book yet?
    Frank: Mhmm. Yeah.
    Camera operator: How was it?
    Frank: It made me a lesbian. I only date girls now.
    Camera operator: I can't hang with that.
    Frank: You need to have an open mind, my friend.

    This is an awesome quote. Frank Iero is amazing :D
  7. crescendo.

    crescendo. il mio amore

    Gerard: Mikey I remember when he was a baby, we've always been really close
    Bob: I think Mikey keeps us from losing our minds
    Gerard: In having him out, it's kinda like he's everybody's kid brother
    Gerard: He inspires me in so many ways. He is so talented. Sometimes I think he doesn't realize how special or talent he really is.

    Ray: Frank, he really plays with all his heart. When he plays it looks like he is really putting every ounce of his body and soul into that performance
    Frank: I get hurt every f**king day, I'm an idiot. The worse when when I broke my f**king toes.

    Ray: What would you consider me, in part of the band?
    Bob: The quiet genius
    Mikey: the mastermind
    Bob: the mastermind
    Mikey: The man with the plan
    Bob: The man with the plan, Ray Toro

    Bob: It's an honor to play with Ray Toro, I think he is truly like a genius, he cares so much about music and not about being famous or being a rockstar

    Frank: Bob is such an amazing person, him and Toro are the hardest working I've ever met.

    Ray: Bob is
    Mikey: the muscle
    Ray: the muscle

    Frank: Bob will tell you when you're wrong

    Ray: Bob is definitely the take no poop
    Mikey: he doesn't take any poop
    Ray: he doesn't take any poop from anybody
    Mikey: and he teaches us all never to take any poop from anybody

    Frank: I've fallen into him and almost killed him a few times and he never ever gets mad at me

    Mikey: Gerard, he's always been my older brother, and it's not like that he's always been my best friend

    Ray: Gerard is sorta like the slightly off center leader I guess

    Mikey: I dunno, he;s like a genius I guess and is now looked up to by hundreds of thousands of kids as like a cult icon, I'm really proud of him


    Matt: Just so you know, we've run out of gas
    Frank: At least we are in a populated area... and there's stuff to do
    (Sorry I was watching LOTMS)

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