Ones Left Standing (Killjoys)

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    Y'all are the best. The last few days have been crazy busy since I was at the Supernatural convention here in Toronto. Just wanted to let you know that it might be a few days before the next update...partly because I have to create some epic rainbow cake for my niece, but mostly because the next couple of chapters are going to be the hardest to write. There's so much I want to happen a certain way, it's all a matter of building up to it and putting it all together.
    I also have been slacking on updating a couple of Supernatural and Supernatural/Multi-Crossover fics over at and livejournal since I basically destroyed my main computer. So I'm trying to get it all done in a timely manner, but I have pieces written for this just...out of order. So don't worry, it's coming.
    Thanks again!
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    Thank y'all kindly for the wait. Things have been crazy hectic here as I'm planning a trip overseas. I'll be gone for 3 weeks (heading to Ireland, Scotland and London!) so if you don't hear from me before Monday...then you won;t for another three weeks. :/ Sorry, but I will try to complete this story at least before I go. Key word in that is 'try'. We're getting closer to the end. Here is the next chapter for you, and I hope you enjoy it!

    Chapter Ten

    Ray awoke when everyone was asleep. It was dark and quiet and for a brief moment, he feared that he had been locked up for torture. That was until the door opened a crack and he caught sight of writing on the walls. He watched the woman (because as groggy as he was, there was no mistaking her silhouette for anything but a woman) come close to him. He tensed, automatically reaching for his gun and finding it gone along with most of his clothes. The woman forced a smile at him, pushed a hand on his shoulder to keep him from rising and checked the machine by his head.
    “Your friends have been worried about you,” she said quietly. He watched her eyebrows furrow as she started to remove the bandages.
    “My—” his voice cracked. She walked over to a trolley and brought back a cup of water, helping him drink it. “My friends?” She nodded. “They’re…?”
    “They’re alive and well. Poison and Kobra are mobile. Ghoul will be soon; they all just need to keep taking it easy. You on the other hand gave us a bit of a scare.” He frowned and tried to remember anything he could have done. The last thing he recalled was getting shot.
    “What happened? Where’s Gracie?”
    “She’s fine. She’s with the Doctor and Show Pony. You can all go to her once you’re healed. As for what happened, you went into cardiac arrest. We had to restart your heart.” He felt the blood drain from his face. He died, if only for a minute. “Get some rest. I’m sure the others will be awake the next time you get up. They’ll fill you in.” She walked out, closing the door behind her and he was left wondering what the hell happened.

    The next time he woke up, voices surrounded him.
    “Her friend’s hot.”
    “You sure you’re not just over reacting?”
    “No, I know…there’s something else. It can’t be that she just wants the information for the sake of it. She’s planning something. I want to know what it is.”
    “Why?” The room went silent as he spoke up. He doesn’t know what’s going on, but the easiest way to find out was to ask. It seemed though, that the others had something else in mind.
    “RAY! You’re up!”
    “Finally!” Gerard’s face appeared above him and he shoved him away. Ray tried to sit up only to be shoved back down by Gerard.
    “No no no, Prez says you need to stay resting for at least a couple of days.” He could see the earnestness in Gerard’s face.
    “Prez. About yay high,” Mikey lifts his hand and motioned in the air somewhere by his shoulder. “Scar by her eyes, short dark hair. She said she spoke to you before.”
    “Maybe, it was kinda dark.” He stopped talking and half listened as they filled him up on everything he missed. It wasn’t much more than what the girl had already told him the night before, so he used the time to really look at his friends.
    Frank looked more relaxed than he had in a long time, even though he was connected to machines like Ray was. Mikey kept moving between glancing at his brother and looking like he was thinking about something that troubled him. The boy paid enough attention though that no one else seemed to notice. Gerard on the other hand looked happy. It almost sent Ray into shock. His best friend hadn’t been happy in a long time and while Ray wasn’t sure what was going to happen when he was healed, he wasn’t sure he wanted to lose this.
    “You okay?” He looked up at Gerard. “You know you can sleep right? This place is secure.” Gerard smiled at him before turning back to the conversation with the others. He had spent so much time fighting…he almost forgot what it felt like to really rest peacefully. Who were these girls who could pull this off? He closed his eyes and drifted off while listening to the murmur of his friends’ voices.

    Prez sat at the kitchen table with her feet propped up. The girls were asleep and since the last of the Killjoys awoke, the boys hadn’t left their room. She relaxed into the chair as best as she could, enjoying the peace and quiet while she could and mentally listing everything she would need for her mission. Her only distraction, which she was trying hard to ignore, was the sound of Ace opening the fridge, sighing and closing it again, only to repeat the actions a minute later. It was beginning to grate on her nerves…and Ace knew it. Prez refused to give in and ask Ace what was wrong. She probably didn’t want to hear it.
    Another sigh. She wondered when Ace would just give up and start talking. It wouldn’t be long knowing Ace. She went over her list. Mask? Check. Disguise? Check. Backpack with supplies? Check. Transportation? Check. Communication? Che—she’d have to double-check that one with Tech. Plans? Check. Back up plans? Check. Everything was nearly ready. She’d have to go soon, before she lost the nerve.
    “When are you going to f**k him?”
    Prez was startled out of her reverie by Ace’s question. It wasn’t so much that Ace spoke, she was expecting that, but she didn’t expect the vulgarity of it. “What?”
    Ace sighed and plopped into the chair on the other side of the table. She leaned forwards with a grin. “Poison. When are you going to sleep with him?” Prez blinked at her.
    “Where the hell did this come from?” She wasn’t too surprised that sleeping with someone was high on Ace’s priorities, but she thought that they had gone over this before. “I have no plans on sleeping with anyone.”
    “Oh come on,” Ace said, “it’s obvious he wants you. Take advantage of this! You haven’t been laid since before BL/ind took over! God knows you could use it.”
    “Gee, thanks,” Prez answered wryly. This was the problem of surviving the apocalypse with your best friend. “Why don’t you just worry about yourself?”
    “Oh I am. I’m just waiting for the right moment to make my move…and see who’s interested. I’m just figuring out where’s the best place.” Ace looked away, thoughtful.
    “Nowhere the girls can find you,” Prez snapped. She didn’t need that on her plate now.
    “Obviously,” Ace rolled her eyes. “But this is about you.” Prez ignored her and instead started strategizing exits. She prayed none of the guys nor any of her nieces came out now. “Come on, he’s been following you around since you saved Jet Star.” Actually, she thought, it had been since she asked him about the city. Ace could think what she wanted but Prez knew from the way that he acted that Poison only wanted to find out what she was up to. Once he realised that she avoided his questions with either distracting him with her nieces or changing the subject, he stopped answering her questions. The standstill got them nowhere until she sent in Ace. Eventually everything just started repeating and they all agreed that there was nothing new that the men could tell them. It was only luck that Jet Star had awoken now and distracted them all from finding out what she was going to do. She needed to go before they fully healed. She looked at Ace.
    “I’m leaving tomorrow.” She watched as Ace paused in whatever she had been saying.
    “What?” Her face paled slightly and Prez ignored the warning signs of panic as she swallowed the lump in her throat.
    “Tomorrow. I just have to double check the IDs and communication with Tech and then…I’m going.”
    “What? You’re still going to go?!” Ace’s voice rose and Prez glanced at the hallway to ensure her nieces didn’t come out. She watched Ace stand. “Come on Prez! This is f**king useless!”
    “Don’t.” Prez’s tone was low. She didn’t want to get into this fight again. “It’s the last one. I’ll be careful like I always am and I’ll be back before you know it.” She stared at her best friend, silently pleading that she didn’t make a fuss out of this. Ace knew it was something that she needed to do. “I’ve got to prepare.” Prez stood up and walked out, leaving Ace alone in the kitchen.

    Gerard found Ace crying in the kitchen. They had thought they heard yelling but it hadn’t lasted long. Using food as an excuse, Gerard left the others to try and find out what had happened. He didn’t expect this.
    “What’s wrong?” He asked, reaching out to touch her shoulder. He stumbled back as she threw herself at him, crying into his chest. She started speaking but it was rushed and barely made any sense. It didn’t help that she was talking into his shirt. He stroked her hair and wrapped an arm around her. “Shh…it’s okay.” He waited until she had calmed down a bit before asking again. “What happened?”
    “It’s Prez,” she sniffed and he prayed she didn’t cry more.
    “What about Prez?” He froze at her next words.
    “She’s going into Battery City!”
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    Ohhh snapp what going on?! And yay, Ray's okay :D xx
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    YAY Ray's awake!
    And oh dear, I have a feeling Prez won't be returning as planned.
    Great chapter though :)
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    Well that was quite the hiatus. I had the 3 week trip (which was awesome) and then it took some time to get used to being back home and going back to work. Thank you for waiting. I certainly hope you think it was worth it. Enjoy!

    Chapter Eleven

    He watched his brother pace. He had stormed into the room, taking the rest of them by surprise and waking Frank in the process. He didn’t speak at first, just paced and made frustrated noises. Mikey sat back, knowing that his brother would speak when he wanted to. Finally, after watching Gerard head towards the door for the fifth time before stopping himself, Mikey spoke.
    “What’s wrong?”
    “She…the city…crazy! Argh!” Gerard flung his arms in the air in frustration. Mike looked to Frank and Ray, both who were looking back in confusion.
    “Prez!” he pointed to the door. “She’s going to the city!” That got everyone’s attention. Mikey felt his eyes widen and he saw out of the corner of his eye Ray attempt to force himself to sit up.
    “To find her sister…the girls’ mom.”
    Mikey looked at Ray and voiced what he thought was on everyone’s mind. “Why do you care?”
    “Because—” Gerard faltered for a second before recovering, “it’s suicide!”
    “Oh come on,” Frank interrupted. “Like you’ve never done anything stupid to save someone.”
    “Exactly. I wont let her make the same mistakes.”
    “I don’t think you really have a choice,” Ray said. “You don’t know what she’s planning and you’re injured. How are you going to stop her when moving fast still makes you sick and one good shot to our head will knock you out?”
    “I’ll figure it out.”
    He didn’t doubt that. Gerard always figured something out.

    Gerard left the room in search of Prez. He found her in the room she shared with the little ones. He stood in the doorway and watched as she put them to bed.
    “Tell us a story!”
    “Yeah!” The youngest bounced on the bed before settling. He saw Prez smile at the girl’s antics.
    “A story?” She sat down on the edge of the bed. “What about?”
    “…tell us about you.” Ariel answered quietly. “And the world.” He leaned against the doorway and waited to see what Prez was going to do. To his surprised, she finally nodded.
    “Okay…” He strained to listen as she spoke softly. “Once upon a time, there was a girl. Now she wasn’t anything exceptional, but she had a sister who had two beautiful little girls. These girls were everything. One day an evil corporation took over the world…and when the girl didn’t hear from her sister, she went to go look for her. She didn’t find her sister…” her voice cracked and he automatically moved to comfort her before he stopped himself. Her nieces reached out for her hand and Prez took a deep breath before she continued. “But she found her nieces. The two little girls had hid and stayed strong and waited for her to save them, and she did. She took care of them, protected them as best as she could and vowed to find her sister.”
    “What’s vowed mean?” Ariel asked.
    “It means to promise something.”
    “Then what happen’d?” Belle asked, curling into her sister as she lay down. He watched Prez force a smile.
    “Well, after years and years of searching, she finally found her sister, and they lived happily ever after. Now it’s time to go to sleep.” He stepped back away from the door as she bent to kiss their foreheads and waited for her to leave the room.

    She looked startled to find him leaning against the wall opposite the door. “What are you doing here?” She was already on the defensive, he noticed.
    “What happens when their aunt doesn’t return?” He asked quietly. “What happens to them then?” He watched her stiffen and her eyes narrow.
    “She told you.” It almost sounded like an accusation. “I don’t expect you to understand.” She walked away from him, heading towards the kitchen. He caught up with her quickly, grabbed her arm and pulled her back to face him.
    “You can’t go.”
    “You’re in no position to tell me what to do Poison, so mind your own business.” She yanked her arm back.
    “The girls need you!” He didn’t realise he was raising his voice until she screamed back at him.
    “They need their mother! Not me!” She took a deep breath and shuddered. “I can’t do this, I cant be their mother when I know she’s out there. She has to be.” She sounded broken and it sounded wrong. Prez had always been strong and so sure of herself. He reached out to touch her.
    “Let me help you.”
    He sighed in frustration. “You can’t leave them to go on some suicide—” She cut him off by pushing him back.
    “What do you know?!” She snarled at him. He blinked in shock before fury rose in him. “You know nothing of what this feels like!” He grabbed her arms and pushed her against the wall.
    “Don’t,” he warned softly. “Don’t ever assume that I don’t know what it’s like to lose someone. They took everything from me. Everything! They stole my wife and child from me, so don’t assume you’re the only one to lose something to them.” He took a deep breath and reigned in his anger. She was staring back at him in fear and anger and something else he couldn’t place. He moved without thinking and kissed her. She responded slowly, and he pressed his body against hers. It had been so long since he’d felt something other than just regret and anger. She broke the kiss first, pushing him away until he finally stepped back. She was breathing hard and he watched her lick her lips unconsciously.
    “What was that?” she asked, staring at him like she had never seen him before.
    “What do you think it was?”
    “You can’t do that! There…there are kids nearby!”
    “Relax,” he smiled at her. “It was just a kiss.” She shook her head lightly and moved away.
    “It doesn’t change anything.” He frowned at her words and reached out for her again.
    “Don’t go.”
    She smiled softly, “I’m sorry.” He didn’t even see her fist fly towards his face before he blacked out.
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    Holy crap!!
    She punched him and he kissed her!!!
    Drama drama hah
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    ^Lol yeah what you said :)
    Ooer, what happens if Gerard's wife and kid turn back up again?! Unless they're not going to that is...
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    Hey all,

    Sorry for the massive delay in updates. There's been a lot of stuff going on recently and aside from that the extra hard drive that I had the documents of my writing for this site died for some reason so I have to see about getting that fixed. I also have copies on my laptop but I had to give back the power cord I borrowed and now it's currently dead.
    So, I'll have updates for you soon once I go through it all and get it all organized. Again. I haven't forgotten about everything, but I just wanted to update you on what's happening. Thanks for your patience!

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    It was rather easy getting back into this, especially when I found that I had another copy of this file. We're getting to the end. Thanks for waiting and I hope you enjoy it.

    Chapter Twelve

    She left Poison in the hall. He was passed out on the ground and she knew it wouldn’t be long before someone found him. She had just finished the final check with Tech and there was nothing left but to get her gear and leave without another word. It was a rule that they never said goodbye. She’d be back.
    She walked until she came across the small garage where they had hidden the stolen Bl/ind vehicle. It wasn’t much, but it would be enough to get her into the city and out again in one piece. She pulled on the white jumpsuit, tossed the extra mask onto the passenger seat and threw the bag in the back before getting in. She took a deep breath before starting the car. There was no turning back now.

    He paced. It was stupid and annoying but he couldn’t help it. She was out there alone, on a suicide mission and no one would go help. No one would let him leave to help.
    “What she needs,” Ace said, “is to work alone. If you go in there, guns blazing, you’re going to get her killed, not to mention yourself.” So he waited, and waited, and waited. It was killing him. He tried to distract himself by making plans, trying to entertain the children and talking to the Doc on the radio. Ace wasn’t doing much better. She was listless, and worried. He’d catch her staring out one of the windows, this look of fear and resignation on her face when she thought no one was looking. She only seemed to cheer up around the girls and he was certain it was just to hide her worry.
    It didn’t seem to matter though. As much as they tried to distract the children, Ariel and Belle knew something was wrong. They all heard them cry at night as Ace tried to comfort them. It seemed to echo through the house bringing with it memories of everything that was lost. If they couldn’t protect the children, what use were any of them? He left. He didn’t go far, knowing he was monitored by Tech on the cameras but left just far enough that he felt free of the despair that seemed the claim the house. The desert was empty and cold. He took a deep breath, soaking in the silence that had become so familiar, and looked to where he could see the lights of the city in the distance. “Come back,” he whispered. He looked to the sky and closed his eyes. He dragged up whatever remained of his faith in a higher power and prayed. “Please…bring her back. For them.” Nothing answered.

    She wasn’t sure at what point things had gone wrong but this was not part of the plan. That was a lie. She knew exactly what had gone wrong and why.
    Everything had started out as usual. She went in, the IDs matched and she didn’t have a problem getting access to the building which held the central headquarters. She checked the lists and the books of those living in the city and found nothing. She refused to leave with nothing. This was the last city. If there was anything to be found on her sister, this was it. It had to be here. It had to. She ignored the panic racing up her throat and slipped in to where one of the offices where. Some excuse of the higher power looking for the officer stationed there and she had been left alone. It had been too easy. She opened the mainframe and did a search. Listings of the dead popped up quickly and she searched by city under the old name and the new ones. It showed her brother in laws name as deceased. It took an expansion of the search to the country and finally, her sister’s name popped up under the deceased list of another city. One of the firsts they had checked when they started looking. She didn’t know how long she stared at those words but she felt a sob threaten to burst out. The ache grew in her chest as she realised it was all for nothing. She was alone in this. How was she going to tell…? She needed to get back to her nieces. To her family. She started to close everything she had opened when something caught her eye.
    The Sanctium. Her breath caught as she scanned the document. Horror froze her as she read before it was replaced with rage. It wasn’t possible. How could they--? The door clicked and the worker walked back in. She forced her expression blank, leaving him to his duty. She kept her pace and ignored the people who passed her until a shout sounded out behind her. She looked back only to see the worker pointing in her direction and soldiers being called. f**k. She stayed calm as they walked towards her.
    “ID?” One of them asked, voice muffled by the mask. She handed it over and watched as they scanned it. They looked at each other and one of them grabbed her arm. “Come with us.” She stared at them for a second before she shook her head. She moved faster than they had expected. She broke out of their hold, running while she mentally mapped out the nearest exit. She needed help.
    “Tech!” She called out, ducking as someone shot at her. “Fifth floor, west wing of the town hall. Exit!” A voice answered in her ear.
    “Hold on, there’s stairs just after room 523. You’re pass should get you through the security on them. I’ll see if I can jam it once you’re through.”
    “Awesome,” she muttered, checking that she just passed 514.
    “What happened?” He asked. She ignored him. She lifted her badge and the door unlocked. She fled down the stairs, praying she didn’t end up breaking her neck. Ace would kill her if she died here. “Prez?” An alarm sounded and she swore to herself.
    “Turn that off will you?” Ground floor. She opened the door just as the alarm went silent. Soldiers appeared from one of the hallways and she took off running.
    “Prez!” The voice echoed in her ear and she winced.
    “Do me a favour, okay?” She felt something hit her side and she fell. She took a deep breath, ignoring the pain and the smell of burnt flesh and got up. “Tech listen!” she ducked again and hit the door as it didn’t open. She grabbed her gun, covered her eyes and shot. The noise startled the drones and she broke through the glass. She took off running again. Her skin stung with cuts from the glass. “Whatever happens, don’t tell the others. Alright?”
    “Prez, what’s going on?” There was urgency in his voice that she hadn’t heard before.
    “Promise me!” She weaved through the crowd and mentally planned her escape. Her car would be useless, but she needed the bag from it if she was going to make it on foot. “TECH!”
    “Okay! Jeeze, I promise…as long as you make it back okay?”
    “Don’t worry,” she reached the car and grabbed the bag, hissing when glass broke above her head. “I’ll be there.” It went silent around her and her heart stopped for a second. She looked over her shoulder to see the dark figure standing amongst the white. That was a first. She usually wasn’t worth the effort of a Scarecrow being activated. The Killjoys must have rubbed off on her. She gave a strangled laugh.
    “Prez! They—”
    “I know.” She cut him off. She moved around the car. Something grazed her ear and she was electrocuted lightly as the communication device was hit. “poop!” she threw off the ear piece. Her side was killing her from the exertion and the injury she got on her way out. Footsteps seemed to echo as they got closer.
    “There’s no escape,” a low voice sounded. “Surrender.” She scoffed inwardly but peered over the car. The Scarecrow stood ahead of the drones, but they were all armed and aimed towards her.
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    Great update :) So glad we didn't lose you.
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    Oh dear this is not good....
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    Wow. It's..uh...been awhile. I'm very very very sorry about the wait. I could tell you things have been hectic (which they have), and that my grandma lives with me now and I'm back at school...but among all that, I've also just been putting it off and forgetting at times. So, I'm sorry.

    At last, here is the next chapter for you. I think I've left you in anticipation long enough. Enjoy.

    Chapter Thirteen

    It was too long. She had been gone too long. The girls were barely speaking now. They didn’t want to play, didn’t ask a billion questions and ignored everyone’s attempts to cheer them up. Ariel at one point screamed at Ace for losing her aunt. For killing her.
    The men walked on eggshells around them. Poison would draw for the girls, when he wasn’t checking the windows and doors, looking for some sign. His mood seemed to blacken each day. The others were quiet. Jet Star was finally up and walking around. Ghoul tried to crack jokes with Kobra and the others, but mostly they talked amongst themselves. She joined some of the conversations, but it wasn’t the same. There was only so much distraction she could take.
    Ace stood in the basement, staring at the wall of plans. It was extensive. It listed every possibility, the best entrances and exits and a variety of back up plans. Prez had plans for every possible outcome, including a sudden zombie apocalypse. Her lips twitched into a small smile before she could stop herself. She was likely dead, and it was her fault. If she had stopped her...she shook his head. No point on dwelling on it. Prez did what she wanted and let nothing hold her back if she thought she was right.
    She wanted to go after her. Ever since someone mentioned hearing Tech swear through the door and Ace paled, ran to his door and demanded he tell her what was happening. Tech never answered. She almost left on her own before one of the men stopped her. Kobra reminded her that the girls needed her. She collapsed when he told her that, cried for what felt like hours before finally picking herself up and going to the girls. Kobra kept looking at her differently. She would have used it to her advantage...but things changed. She felt her throat tighten. Prez would be fine. She had to be. She got them out of the city alive when things first went to hell; she saved her nieces and her cousin. She’s pretty sure if it wasn’t for Prez, she would have been a drone. She would have cracked from the pressure and just taken the pills. It would have been so much easier....
    Ace took a deep breath. It was time to show the others this room, time to reveal it now that they were all mostly healed. They would look over Prez’s plans and she would break down Tech’s door if she had to. She’d get her best friend back.

    It was so close. She had walked through enough mirages already but this was different. This one was real. It had to be.

    The girls were asleep, and the guys were sitting in the living room, waiting. All they ever seemed to do was wait. Frank was sitting on the floor, cleaning weapons. Ray looked like he was asleep and Mikey was staring at him. He could feel his eyes boring into his back from where he was drawing on the wall. Gerard was tired. He was tired of staying in this small house, of the tension that felt like it was swallowing them alive each day that Prez didn’t return. He hated sitting stagnant. It felt too vulnerable, like at any moment they were going to catch them all and there would be no escape. He was angry too. She had left, regardless of what was said, she punched him and left. And now she wasn’t coming home and it felt like it was all his fault. He turned back to the comic he was drawing. A wall wasn’t his preferred canvas, but he’d work with what he had. Anything to pass the time.
    Someone coughed and he looked behind him to see Ace standing in the doorway. Her arms were crossed; blond hair loose and she looked as tired as he felt.
    “I need your help,” she said softly. “All of you.” She looked towards Ray and waited while Mikey shook him awake.
    “What is it?” Gerard asked. She seemed to hesitate and he was suddenly curious. Was she going to toss them out now? She had been more of their supporter than Prez ever was.
    “It’s—” she was cut off as a bang sounded down the hallway. Gerard and the others were up in seconds, and Ace moved towards the sound. The girls’ room was there. She didn’t get far. Tech came running out of the hallway, pushing past Ace and running out the front door. Gerard, Ace and the others followed. “What’s...” he didn’t hear the rest. Something was in the distance, a dark blob against the sand. He ran faster until he caught up with Tech and then he saw it. The dark blob had a shape, and hair...he ran faster. He sided to a stop next to the body. It was her.
    She was covered in sand and blood, and she looked burnt, but it was her. The others appeared next to him. Ace fell to her knees next to him. Hands reaching out but stopping before she touched her.
    “Is she...?” Frank stopped himself from saying the rest, but Gerard understood. He checked for a pulse. He grinned up at them.
    “What are you waiting for? Get her inside!” Ace demanded. He reached down, slid an arm under her knees and another under her back and picked her up, careful not to hit the wound on her side. She was lighter than he thought. The others headed back towards the house, but Ace stayed next to him. Prez stirred as he stood up, and her eyes opened a bit. Her brows furrowed. It looked like she was glaring at him as usual. He almost laughed in relief.
    She opened her mouth to speak.
    “The...” she broke off coughing.
    “Don’t,” he murmured. “Rest, I got you.” Her head moved to the side before she looked back at him.
    “Got...” he leaned closer to hear her. Ace noticed and stopped walking. “Got a tail,” she whispered. He looked up and around. There was nothing in the distance. “They’re coming.”
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    Great to see you've got this on the go again, I've missed your work :)
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    ive missed it too, excellent update finally!! Ooo, Mikey and Ace!!
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    I missed this story haha :)
    Oh dear I hope Prez will be okay...also they just have to kick the Scarecrow's butt haha :) great update!

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