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    great update poor frank
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    I loved it!
    f**king amazing.


    thanks for the comments you guys are amazing.
    i really do appreciate each comment=]
    and psh, parents.
    mines are like frankies too. in a way...

    Chapter Fifteen.

    The awkwardness of the silence that followed was enough to choke on.
    I f**king hated it.
    I stood there looking at him puzzled, he just sat on the edge of his goddamn bed, most likely feeling sorry for his sorry butt.
    I couldn’t blame him.
    Suddenly I found that I wasn’t too f**king concerned with what just took place, me ripping that filthy wh**e to shreds.
    Suddenly I wanted to know more about what Frank was saying.

    I cleared my throat.
    Just to make sure he knew I was still in the room.
    The almost trance like look in his half lidded eyes made me doubt he knew I was still present.
    He looked up at me.

    “What’s stopping you from just leaving then, Frank?” I asked, moving slowly closer to him.

    “Its not even that Gerard, its about what’s starting me to” he countered.
    I didn’t really get what he f**king meant.
    But I’m a stupid butt from a trailer park, how the f**k could I understand someone else’s point of view if I rarely understood mine?

    “What do you mean?” I asked, honestly.

    He smiled, a bitterness was left lingering on his lips from it as he continued.
    “Like look, I have all this poop here, everything…even if it means nothing to me. Like a place to live, a job, a f**king car. And some of the stuff I have here does mean something to me, at least. Like Mikes, my parents still. I don’t have the f**king heart to just leave if its not for a reason, you know?”

    I sat down next to him on the edge of his bed.
    Although I felt it repulsive to be sitting on a bed that two men possibly f**ked in, I didn’t really care.
    My goddamn motherf**king knees would give out if I continued to stand.

    I actually had no f**king clue what Frank meant.
    I didn’t come from a environment like him.
    Sure his parents were Bible-beaters or whatever but they must’ve still loved him.
    I mean if the f**ker wasn’t willing to walk out on his parents, he must’ve loved them too.
    And Mikey, his brother.
    I knew they loved each other.
    See Frank had that, a family.
    I didn’t.
    My parents…or parent, my mother was a f**king wh**e who banged f**kers on the living room couch, while her son was still inside the house, trailer, even if I was sitting in the living room watching a goddamn cartoon when I was ten she’d f**k them there.
    And my other parent, my real dad, I mean…f**ker left so long ago.
    Ed wasn’t even worthy enough to be considered a human being let alone a father, so I didn’t even let him cross my mind…when thinking about my ‘family’.
    And my brother.
    I wasn’t even sure he was alive, let alone if the f**ker would even like me.
    Nobody f**king liked me.
    So no, I didn’t ‘know’ what Frank meant.

    “But I thought you were tired of this poop?” I asked looking at his pale face, confused.

    “I am, I really am. But what more does the outside world have to offer? I don’t even know what this inside world, my world has to offer…you know? Like yeah, maybe my parents are f**king annoying and don’t get anything about me…maybe they even f**king break my goddamn heart because I know they see me as inferior…but that’s just the thing Gerard. If my own flesh and blood think I’m inferior…what the f**k will the people in the outside world think?”

    I wanted to laugh out f**king loud.
    Poor little Frankie, whining his life away about how his parents mistreat and misread his guy lover butt.
    That’s nothing.
    Try having a drugged up wh**e mother, losing your brother and pretty much being able to consider yourself a bastard…

    “I cant just leave if I have nothing on the other side waiting for me, no guarantee” he finished off, his eyes narrowing as he made somewhat of a point.

    I just nodded.
    I didn’t really know how to feel about Frank at that point.
    He seemed so different once you talked to him, I mean really f**king talk to the kid.
    The one I met before at the gas station, the one who talked to me in the coffee shop, the one who gave me his number for if ‘I’m ever back in town’ seemed like someone entirely different.
    Frankie no longer seemed like the middle class, happy-go-lucky, bragging in my face, f**ker he seemed like then.
    This Frank was different.
    He was broken, a guy lover, he felt pain.
    Different than mine, yes, the f**ker couldn’t last a second in my shoes…but still I couldn’t help but understand what he meant, feel for him.
    But the thought of him staying because he supposedly had nothing to leave for made me angry.
    The f**ker would remain stuck in Jersey.
    I hated that for some f**king reason, just hated it.

    “So how long do think it will be before you f**king find something to make you leave?” I asked, just curious to what his answer would f**king be, really.

    He shrugged his shoulder and let out an exaggerated sigh.
    “Too long”

    I only nodded.
    Seems he had nothing to say, neither did I though.
    After another uncomfortable f**king silence he asked the question I f**king forgot, the one I didn’t want him to ask.
    He reminded me of why I was here, somewhere in Jersey, sitting on a fag’s bed.

    “What did you mean when you said you hurt someone?”
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    Poor Frank...
    Loved the update!

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    omg update wow i feel sorry for frank and Gee but whats he gunna say to frank
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    I love Gerard's personality in this!
    Great update.
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    Ooh, cliffhangerrrr.
    I wonder if Gerard's gonna lie or not.

    Loved it <3
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    I hope Gerard tells him the truth xD To 'see' Frank's reaction xD

    Frank should like totally run away with Gee, and they can murder people across the country. And Mikey can be their sidekick ( and wear a maid outfit as he cleans up after Gerard and Frank's sexy messes)

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    oh dear....what is gerard going to say.....
    I love this story...


    thanks kids.

    Chapter Sixteen.

    “Huh, what?” I asked Frankie, my eyes wide in shock.
    I shifted in my place next to him, almost squirming…hating him for asking such a question, although I set myself up for it, telling him in the first place that I did something horrible, hurt someone.

    “You said you hurt somebody, what did you mean?” Frank asked, moving slightly so he could stare me in the eyes.
    Damn f**ker.

    I looked away, looked down, anywhere.
    “I…she…I…don’t know” I struggled, a jumble of words that barely made sense.

    He looked at me for a long time.
    Too long.
    The f**ker was making me nervous, he might have even known…he had some damn look in his eyes that made me think he f**king knew something.
    Suddenly however, he shot up from the bed.
    I let out a sigh, a breath of air…I wasn’t even aware that I was holding my breath.

    “You know what? Its cool you can tell me in the morning” he said, before inching his way to the door he didn’t let me open.

    “The morning?” I questioned.

    “Yeah, you’re staying here tonight aren’t you?” he asked, turning around, his hand now on the door knob.

    “I guess” I responded flatly.

    “Kay, I’m gonna get you something to eat from downstairs, stay here” he commanded before exiting his own room.

    I was baffled.
    Frank was a pretty good kid, easy going even.
    I liked him to a certain extent, I really f**king did.
    But what I didn’t like was the damn f**ker commanding me to stay in his room, I almost got up off the bed and left out that very door just to piss the guy lover off, by I decided against it last minute.
    Frank was giving me a place to stay.

    But I wanted to leave, maybe in the f**king night, be on the run again before the cops come looking for me.
    They would have a lead, me signing into that filthy motel under my government name…and the dead body being in my very room, me gone.
    I didn’t know what the f**k to do, but I had to think of something before it was too late, too f**king late.

    I wanted to barf at the fact that if I stayed Frank would surely question me about the slayings. Me hurting someone. But there was more than just someone.
    I killed three people, sure the first two were f**king slime bags and shouldn’t even be considered people but they were technically.
    I didn’t want to say too much tomorrow, but I knew there was no getting around this curious f**ker Frank, if I did indeed stay.

    I crashed my body against his bed violently, just laying there wishing I was a f**king corpse myself.
    Blood covering my dead body, while my pale skin went even paler.
    Cuts and stabs all over myself, it would surely be a work of art, a masterpiece.
    But I couldn’t kill myself that way, could I?
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    Wow I loved it! Both of them that I happened to miss! :]

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    wow an update i still wanna know what hes gunna tell frank
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    Great update.
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    this is so great............................................
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    Wow, I missed so many updates!
    They were sooooo good!
    I love this story!
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    I seriously loved that chapter.
    It was f**king brilliant.
    I'm still wondering about what Gee's gonna say to Frank. If he's gonna tell him the truth or not.

    Amazing <3
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    Very nice.

    I think that I am in love with the way you are showing Gerard.
    You have so many catchy lines, it's amazing.



    thanks guys<3

    Chapter Seventeen.

    I laid on Frankie’s bed, thinking just f**king thinking about how horrible everything is.
    My life was a f**king waste.
    But it wasn’t my fault, it couldn’t f**king be.
    It was that mother f**king c-word Donna’s fault.
    I had no control over anything, except lives.
    No, I didn’t have any f**king control over my own life, so I had to have control over other peoples.
    f**king had to.

    “Frank?” I heard that same nasally voice, that so familiar one.
    Just then the door opened, it was Mikey. The mute f**ker I adored.

    I half sat up instantly leaning on my elbows.

    “Ger-Gerard?” he was f**king confused.

    “Yeah come in here” I said, in a harsh whisper.
    He looked even more confused but did as was told.

    “What’re you doing here?” he asked, his voice high, shock f**king apparent.

    “It’s a long story, keep it f**king down” I spat.
    He looked uncomfortable.

    “Do mom and dad know you’re here?” he asked, sounding like a goddamn child.


    “I should go tell them…” he trailed off.

    “No, Frank said-”

    “You cant tell them” Frank’s voice was firm.
    I usually didn’t f**king like being cut off, but hey I wasn’t going to get in the way of this.
    He had a plate with something in it and a Coke can in his hands.
    He shut the door behind him as he entered his room.

    “Here Gerard” he gave me the plate which had a f**king powered jelly donut on it.
    And the Coke.
    What a fine choice of food, f**king diabetes, much?

    “Why cant I tell them?” Mikey asked.

    “Remember last time” was all Frank mumbled as he took a seat uncomfortably close to me on the bed.
    “Oh…What’s going on though?” he pressed.

    “I’ll tell you tomorrow okay? When mom and dad aren’t here, just go to your room” this f**ker Frank, he didn’t know when to stop pushing people around did he?

    “Kay Frank” and with the Mikey was gone, shutting the door behind him.

    “Why didn’t you just tell him?” I asked while biting into the donut.

    “I don’t even know why you’re here” he spat back.

    I didn’t reply, I didn’t f**king feel the goddamn need to.
    A part of me however wanted to tell Frank, just so I wouldn’t be the only one who knew.
    And just because they, Frank and Mikey, were being good to me again.
    But I couldn’t trust Frank, could I?
    There would be a slight possibility that he’d tell the cops.
    And I didn’t want to take another innocent life…least, not so soon.

    We didn’t talk much after I finished up eating but I wasn’t really complaining.
    We didn’t really have much else to talk about.
    I knew Frank wasn’t content with his life, he was gay, and he wanted a start, a reason enough to leave Jersey.
    Frank knew I hurt someone.
    That was all we f**king needed to know at that point.
    And I was actually feeling f**king tired.
    Whenever, when the f**k ever I eat I get tired after it. Especially poop like donuts, f**king weird, huh?

    “I’m kinda tired” I stated, my dead voice flat as we both just f**king sat there.

    “Oh” he looked at me, his eyes wide. He sucked at being a ‘host’.

    “Um…you can sleep on the bed, I’ll get the floor” he mumbled, getting up and taking one of the many pillows he had off the bed.

    “Nah man, its your f**king bed” I was actually trying to be nice.

    He looked at me and shrugged his shoulders.
    “Its fine Gerard, I like sleeping on the floor” see I wasn’t going to f**king argue all day…or night, rather because I wasn’t f**king noble and I didn’t really care where the f**ker slept.

    “Kay” I said, settling in.
    It was awkward, I mean sleeping on their couch that one time was fine.
    Why? because it wasn’t on someone else’s bed, not to mention that this someone else was a homo.
    I mean who know who’s butt he f**ked in that bed?
    I was tired though so I barely cared.

    Frank got an extra sheet out of his closet, and settled in on the floor.
    I almost felt like a jerk, but he didn’t seem to mind.

    “Promise you’ll tell me in the morning Gerard?” he asked, right after he turned out the light.

    I didn’t f**king make promises.
    Frank and I weren’t friends I knew I couldn’t trust him with that secret, that I killed three people.
    I didn’t even want to be there, but I had nowhere else to go.
    No where f**king else…and here I was in some stranger’s house…where he f**king helped me.
    I knew that I’d f**king mangle this kid if he told and that was closure enough, knowing that I would be able to f**k him up if he did tell…

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    Poor Mikey...
    Oooh, is Gerard gonna tell?
    Loved it!!!
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    Mikey! Dun let Frank be a bossy witch!
    D: But I still lurve you Frank!

    And ohohohohooooooo~ I can't wait for Gerard to tell Frank whatever he's gonna say!
    I love how 'rude' Gerard is in this xD

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