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  1. Kaley

    Kaley Active Member

    Creepy dream.
    I think it's a sign.
    He's cracking.
    Amazing, as always.

    MCR_SAVED_MY_LIFE_ New Member

    wow that is one creepy dream poor Gee
    awesome updates
  3. Toybox Trash

    Toybox Trash New Member

    that was amazing.

    i love how you described every aspect of it. mann, i wish i had your imagination. hahaha [:
  4. Dreamerism

    Dreamerism New Member

    That was bone chilling. The symbols were genius, I love that reference to Jesus.
    That must have been an awful dream.

    I sincerely applaud you, that smacked me square in the face :)
  5. myXfrankieXromance

    myXfrankieXromance New Member

    Woah, that was epic. =o
  6. spikenike232

    spikenike232 Guest

    Wow. I think the thorns on his head, him sort of being Jesus, represents something. But I don't know what! Those last few updates had left me at a loss for words, and this one is no different. Wow<3
  7. MCRxParader

    MCRxParader Active Member

    Oh my f**king Gee.
    Where you get these ideas from, I don't know...but I need your brain Cindy!
    Your writing is sheer, pure genius. End of story.
    I don't even know what to say.
    You're f**king incredible.

    Just...you amaze me.
    That was flawless <3
  8. Christine

    Christine Guest

    Oh wow... That was absolutely breathtaking. I don't know what else to say.
  9. Rosa

    Rosa New Member

    I love that dream. It was amazing xD
    Loved it all :]
  10. punkemogirl0

    punkemogirl0 Guest

    It was amazing *.* i love it<3


    thank you all so much=]
    you're amazing, your comments never cease to amaze me.
    first off sorry updates are taking longer than usual, my situation is kind of f**ked.
    family wise and poop, people are always fighting around here and crap and i'm not online as much as before. so apologies!
    theres only like a chapter...or 2...maybe even 3 and than we're done.so ch'yeah:


    His arms were around me in an instant, before I even knew I was awake.
    My eyes seemed to adjust to the dark normal room, quite a differ from what was just before my eyes, moments ago.
    It wasn’t so dark in here, the sun must’ve been dying to rise out there filtering light in through the blinds…

    “Hey, its okay” I heard Frank’s voice, comforting, sure.
    I wanted to tell him to get the f**k off me, I was f**king fine.
    But obviously I didn’t.
    Still, my throat seemed dry, parched, burnt.
    I couldn’t find my voice…not at all.

    “Its okay Gerard” I heard him whisper once more.
    His voice a gentle cooing.

    I tried hard not to think about what had just f**king happened in my…dream.
    It couldn’t be an omen could it?
    A foreseeing of things to come.
    A way for me and the guy lover to pay?

    “G” Frank pulled me closer, even.
    And that’s when I felt it, shaking.
    Why in the f**king world was Frankie shaking?
    I tried hard to pay closer attention to these…tremors and realized it was me who was shivering, shaking, trembling.
    A whimper escaped my mouth involuntarily which cause Frankie to bring his lips to my sweaty forehead.

    “Hey, Gerard. Stop it, please?” he sounded scared.
    But his fingers gently stroking my hair told me he was not.
    He’d surely fix this, right?

    We stayed there for a while it seemed.
    My shaking and Frankie’s stroking and touching seemed almost like a rhythm.
    I kind of wanted to shake forever, if only to have him touch me that way.

    “Its over now” I heard him say, his voice just above a whisper.
    Firm, strong.
    What was over, Frankie?
    Surely he wasn’t stupid enough to believe we were actually okay…
    Surely he wasn’t idiotic enough to think somehow we’d make it…

    No, he wasn’t.
    It was over.
    Again, I had his permission.
    We were over, maybe soon, maybe later.
    It had to happen.

    “It was…I cant…believe….it was terrible, Frank” I told him, my word choppy and pathetic.
    I could almost laugh at this picture we probably painted right then.
    A rape victim holding his guy lover lover close. His guy lover lover who happened to be a killer, grieving because of a little f**king nightmare.
    I was a joke.

    He kissed me again, this time on the face.
    My cheeks felt even hotter under his touch…

    “Frank…they were…they hurt…both of us…and you-” he cut me off by bringing his mouth to mine, in a soft chaste kiss.
    Surely he didn’t want to hear about what ‘they’ did to him.

    “Gerard, it doesn’t matter” he told me, his grip loosened a little on me.
    My eyes found his in the still somewhat dark room.
    Those gorgeous greens shining, that intensity, that majesty, even.

    “I still love you G” he told me, his eyes not leaving mine.
    I found that I couldn’t look away, in his eyes were nothing but an awe, an admiration.
    And f**k, even a truth.

    I moved closer to kiss his lips.
    And he allowed me entry as my tongue traced over his bottom lip.
    I was taken aback at how passionate his kiss was.
    His tongue moved painfully slow against mine, but with the same exact want, almost.
    I couldn’t help but kiss him back just the same.
    Forced to enjoy?…every second of this. Every part of him.
    Well almost.

    My hands moved slowly down to his pale chest, that was still exposed.
    I let my hands just glide over him there, feeling and feeling.
    His skin was so smooth, so amazing.
    But I pulled away, I knew there wasn’t anytime for this, no not now.
    Not after the omen.

    “You still love me Frank?” I asked.
    He looked confused, that deep line showing between his brows.

    “Yes, Gerard, I do. I always will” he replied, his voice perfectly sure.
    A differ from the expression on his breathtaking face.

    I looked down to notice he was clothed, at least halfway.
    His jeans were already on, as if he knew what to expect.
    I studied his face once more, before I made another decision.
    His face looked worried, worn, still confused. f**k, even conflicted.
    But those eyes shined brighter than ever.
    Where I went, he’d surely follow.
    He wanted me to stay with him.

    My hand found his and I tugged on it a bit before I opened my mouth to speak.
    “Frank?” I asked.

    He raised a brow, and I swear I saw a hope in those greens.
    A false f**king hope, though.

    “Come with me” I commanded.
    I got up off the bed, he obviously followed, his hand linked with mine.

    “Where’re we going now?” he asked, his voice somewhat harsh.
    Obviously the guy lover was expecting something else.

    Its over now” I replied.
  12. Amelia

    Amelia strangeness and charm

    Woah woah woah, the first thing that came to mind was "suicide" for some reason.
    That line scares me, hopefully he doesn't mean what I think he means.
    2 or 3 chapters? :'(
    I'm really going to miss this story, I'm in love with it.
    Beautiful update.
  13. spikenike232

    spikenike232 Guest

    You keep leaving me to a point where I can't articulate myself after your chapters. Only proving how they just get better. I look like a bloody idiot! That, that was an amazing chapter. Just, wow, and how you left it at the end? Genuis. I haven't the slightest idea what G's got in mind. The fact we're near the end is heartbreaking. Thanks for the update, love. It was sheer perfection. More when you can<3
  14. floydpink

    floydpink Active Member

    Omfg, I predict I'm gonna cry with the ending of this story.

    Again, a breath-taking chapter.
    What I loved the most about this one was seeing the broken, weak Gerard being comforted by Frank.
    This time's been the other way around. Gerard was the scared one. And I somehow like seeing Gerard like that. It shows he's got other feelings apart from hatred, rage and such...

    And I loved Frank's confession as well. God, that boy is sweet.

    But I know the ending is gonna be f**king sad... T_T
  15. awake-and-unafraid

    awake-and-unafraid New Member

    Ohh no... what Gee gonna do... When he said “Its over now” my mind immediately went to suicide also.... i glad he's kinda accepting that Frank loves him... even thought he didn't say it back.
  16. Roze<3MCR

    Roze<3MCR Member

    no it cant be over! i love it too much!

    amazing chapter, seriously. its weird seeing the tables turned, and somehow, deep inside, i think gerard knows it and i dont think gerard likes it too much.

    'its over now' - that is scaring me way too much. yet i cant wait to read the rest
  17. Toybox Trash

    Toybox Trash New Member


    i hope everything is okay. i can't wait to see what happens at the end. [:
  18. MCRxParader

    MCRxParader Active Member

    Shaky breathing.
    Unsteady heartbeat.
    Shocked expression.

    Those are all the things that could describe me right now.
    Astounding Cindy.
    You're writing is pure perfection.

  19. Kaley

    Kaley Active Member

    What's Gee gonna do?
    I have a feeling either suicide, or he's going to kill Frankie.
    I hope neither. :(
    Amazing <3
    As, always.
  20. Evenstar

    Evenstar New Member

    Whoa, G was the scared weak one and Frank was all strong? wow, just goes to show how much G's changed and how the dream f**ked him up. It's sad that G didn't admit he loves Frankie yet; Frankie's little confession made me go 'aww' inside, and he's still loyal to G, even to the end. this worries me because I predict a heartbreaking end for these two. (he's gonna kill frankie, I've been syaing this for a while now)

    I will miss this story, this is definitely one of the best stories I've read =]

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