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    KILL ME MOTHERf**kER! Shut me down, witch. That chapter was the most beautiful poop in the whole f**king world. Why? Why do you have to be such a damn good, amazing motherf**ker, babe? Thank you so frigging much!

    My ears were doing all the work.
    f**king waiting.
    He cares. He f**king stopped, he f**king retained himself from exploding, just to be able to hear his baby. To f**king hold him close, dreading the answer that could fall from those lucious lips, and the pain but still love in those greens. He's changed drastically, for better. He still makes stupid mistakes, like leaving his baby alone, but he still cares. And he came back, he came back for his baby. f**king amazing.

    I took a deep breath.
    Decided it was time to just look at him.
    Look at the broken f**king useless mess in front of me.
    Take it all in, in a way he was my creation.
    Did I not make him this way?
    It hurts him to realize all the damage he has put his baby through. It hurts to see such perfection completely smudged. But he feels aliviated, because at least he knows he isn't the one who really broke Frankie down. He knows that somehow, he rescued his baby. He saved him, he took him. He demostrated he cares for him, he demostrated an action filled with the most deep, pure but denied love. And here goes the pansy of the year. I have to stop watching The Notebook. I'm being a guy lover.

    “I wouldn’t change it for anything. Everything that happened that day, I’m glad it did, Gerard”
    “I wouldn’t change it for the world” he whispered, and then let his eyes drift to meet mine.
    “That night, G…when I came back to you, back home I mean….you looked like you just f**king cared. You looked….at me…like how I wanted you to look at me ever since I f**king met you. You looked at me like nobody f**king else ever did” he said.
    I've fallen in love with ol' green eyes. G thinks Frankie is unaware to the world around him, f**king frail. Sure, he is vulnerable, he doesn't fight back, he takes everything in and he doesn't manage violence. But the way he analyzes situations stuns me. How he would be there for his G. How if it means he has to get butt-raped to get his f**ker back, he'll take it. He's loyal, of course, but he stands up for himself in a different way. He fights back, but he isn't violent, he doesn't punch, he doesn't kick. But he defends what he wants. And he keeps the faith.

    I looked at him in spite of myself.
    My eyes widened, in shock?
    f**k, I already knew that but here I was with this f**king pain in my chest.
    This hole? Like a bullet pierced right through my motherf**king skin, pierced right through the heart I thought I didn’t f**king have…and made me bleed all over that goddamn floor.
    He touched him.
    But this was different than before…before Frankie wasn’t mine. But now…he f**king was.
    Wasn’t he?
    Tell me he is a cold, heartless motherf**ker; tell me he doesn't love Frankie. And I'll smack your head against my bedroom's wall, witch. Seriously, G can express his feelings in a roughly romantic way that seems so beautiful and pained at the same time. Not just only the fact that his baby was raped, but the fact that it wasn't just his, now. He was tainted... by somebody else. He was corrupted, destroyed by another human. He was like... taken away from him. And he feels devastated, it hurts, it f**king hurts so much. Damn Gary.

    He smiled. Before getting up out of the tub.
    Water dripping off his naked white body.
    I got up too and got the homo a towel.
    “You’re so f**king stupid” I muttered as I wrapped the towel around him.
    It was more like a way of saying "I'm glad you're okay. I'm here for you. I'll catch you, baby." Obviously, he doesn't use the exact, right words, but if you're really paying attention to the lines and catch everything. You can see he is mentally thanking any God up there, for keeping his baby safe. For making him going back to that town, for making him realize how much he loves him. He's mentally slapping himself for being so f**king slow and stupid himself. And even if he can't express it correctly, Frankie can see it in his eyes and in his actions.

    “Guess what?” I could feel his breath on my face now, the stench of alcohol and vomit coming off of it. “I’d do it again. Every f**king day…any f**king body…as long as you’d just f**king stay…never f**king leave-” I cut him off this time.
    Finally after so f**king long crashing my lips against his.
    This was stupidly sweet. Not the way it was written, but the way they express their feelings. None of them can use the exact words, but they can read the other's eyes. And they can feel the love radiating from their irises. And G finally admitted to himself that he can't stay away from Frankie. Because since the beginning of this journey, Frankie was sure that G cared for him, but he wanted G to accept so. Fan-f**king-tastic!

    I missed this more than anything…I swear. Being away from your baby, knowing he could be in danger, which he was. Feeling alone, drowning and suffocating in a everlasting solitude. Being the jackass, smartass, butthole and denial f**ker that you've always been. Lead you to this. To love, to love that man in front of you. And you don't see him as the guy lover right now, you see him as your lover, your drug, your life and maybe even your death.

    I let my lips stay this time as my hands found his f**king face.
    Held him there, f**king felt him there.
    This was real, he was back.
    XD MegaLulz at G. How pathetic he can be right now? I laughed, I awwed, I stared at these lines. I f**king bounced afterwards. It was like, he said everything he felt in that simple kiss. The way his body, his soul, his self feels while having Frankie this close. f**king close. It's Friday, I'm in love. That echoed in my mind, and plus, I was listening to that song while reading and that line sounded in that part. f**king spectacular.

    “I missed you so much” I said breathlessly pressing my forehead against his. It was like saying "I love you." For the first time in the whole story, G spoke out loud his feelings. Like seriously, they rolled out of his tongue. And that was f**king sweet and adorable. Because, he doesn't know how much it means to Frankie. All those little actions. Those words, that gaze, it's beautiful. He doesn't know how much of a man he is right now. Because no matter if he prefers dick, he's now acting like a real man. Becuase he accepted himself, he accepted his feelings.

    Finally, a f**king long comment. But this chapter... I had to analyze it, because this is epic. f**king G, finally accepted it! The first step to admitting his love for Frankie, just a bit more and fluff! But... there's something that is bugging me. Okay, everything's going well, but... G left his jacket in the motel room where he killed Faggy Jason. And that's not good. So, everything's too good to be true right now. I still have that bugging inside. Or I'm being paranoid, too much time with G and you begin to lose your sanity. Heck.

    I loved this update, I've re-read it three times. I can't get over it. I'm so proud of G, so f**king proud of him, of his courage. He deserves to be happy for once, like Frankie.

    I love you, baby. Thank you so freaking much. You're perfect dear :wub:

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    i was like WTF.. i wasn't on for like 3 days and i missed like SIX uptates!!! SIX!!!!! anyway they were all amazing!!! Gee finally realized how much he needs Frankie... i wonder when the police are going to catch up with them, its bound to happen..... and Gee is right, Frank is an IDIOT and has a very strange WAY of looking at things.... Rape = Gerard... WTF r u thinking Frankie?!?!!?
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    It's about damn f**king time G.

    wow that update was incredible. I'm really happy now. Finally G admits his f**king feelings for Frankie, even though Frankie always knew he felt the same about him. G broke that tough guy facade. He loves his baby *throws confetti* and I actually understood why Frankie did that, yeah it's a f**ked up in the head reason but I get it.
    I can't believe this is super close to the ending. This chapter was Epic, yes with a capitol E. You're amazing =]
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    That. Was. f**king. Amazing.
    Seriously, not many people can write like you can. How the hell do you think of this stuff? Genius. Pure genius. When Frank said he wouldn't change his getting raped for the world, I was absolutely blown away. It was definately unexpected, and the way he explained why he wouldn't change it was awesome.
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    I know i had al ready commented but, I had just re read the chpater, I was f**king crying again!!!1 I think I had waited the whole story to hear G said those final words...that i missed you so much!
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    I most certainly can. It's funny how Gerard still refers to Frank as a homo.
    Newsflash, Gerard.. thou ist one thyself :p

    This is literally one of the only stories I'm eager to check for an update these days.
    If only slash was more widely accepted, this could seriously be published into a short novel. Really. :)
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    You know what? I could be reading this chapter over and over again. That's been my favourite chapter ever, f**king ever!
    I could say hundred of good things about it but I'm kinda speechless now.
    Let's see if I can come up with a good feedback *gonna read it again*

    I like how in this chapter they kinda changed roles. This time Frank has been the brave one, letting all his feelings go out in an... acid way? being firm, strong, leading the conversation. And Gerard has been the worried one, waiting for Frankie to confirm what happened to him.

    ^ That is probably one of the best things I've ever read. It's just... so f**king well-written I don't even have words.

    The whole chapter is perfectly written actually. We can feel the tension, the silences... I can really picture their faces, the room, everything. And that's f**king awesome. It's like being there.

    I also really liked when Frank talked about Gerard as a drug and he realised he also felt about him the same way. How Gerard realised Frank is not just his puppy, that he also has his own feelings and that those can even been the same or alike to his own.

    And then, the whole scene of 'you're a f**king idiot' and the kisses in the middle... I adore it. I f**king love those things. Always. It's not the typical 'romantic' poop.

    And the 'I missed you so much' coming from Gee's mouth is been... heart-taking. Never ever expected, to tell you the truth and I loved it so much. He f**king let Frank know (and also admitted to himself) what he really feels for him. He wasn't scared of his feelings for once and he let the emotion of the moment talk by itself.

    Truly awesome. I loved the whole thing <3

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    AWWW Gerard missed Frankie.
    that chapter was truly brilliant poor Frankie getting raped again his luck really is bad.
    But Gerard better admit that he actually loves Frankie soon.
    Awesome update.
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    i did love that kissing part. that was quite amazing. im so glad gerard finally has semi confessed to Frank. poor frank, tto think the only time he'll be shown affection by gerard is to be raped. that kids f**ked up- psycological trauma and all. fix him, please? xxx
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    -New reader-
    after 3 whole days i finally made it.
    wow. i dont know what to say. the whole story, every chapter was just amazing. i loved it. i love how everything is descriped, the attention to detail, its like your there watching it. G's really f**ked up but who knows, maybe frankie can change him for the better, you can already see the changes in his behaviour especially after that last chapter.
    this should so be released as a book or even a film, its awesome, i don't know how you think of this, yay for frerardness :clap:
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    that was so beautiful.

    i love your writing, <3
  12. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY! Now I get to kill Gary *winks*

    Amazing update, like always.

    I like the part when he said: so (kiss) f**king (kiss) stupid (kiss)

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    That was so incredibly beautiful.
    The last sentence made my eyes tear up.
    But in the good way.

    That chapter just made the rest of my week.
    And since I'm gonna be having a very stressful one, I thank you Cyndi for making it that much better :D

    You're wonderful.
    And that was astoundingly incredible.


    you're all precious=]
    you dont know how happy those comments make me.
    if it wasn't for you guys i probably wouldn't have gotten this far into this story.
    i love you all.
    somebody tell me when Frankie said his last words in this before;


    “I was kind of hoping you did” Frank whispered.
    For once, just f**king once he sounded sure of himself….f**king confident.
    And believe it or f**king not, I think I was the one who blushed at that.

    He seemed to take notice as a small smile crept onto his red lips right before he let them meet mine, again.
    It wasn’t as rushed this time, it was slow…but still so f**king tempting.
    The only thing stopping me from turning him around and f**king him up the butt was that rusty color I just saw.
    The damage Ol’ Gary did.

    Was I going to let him get away too?…I wondered.
    Surely I didn’t f**king want to.
    I wanted the good-for-nothing guy lover to pay for doing that to Frankie.
    But in a way, in the twisted way Frankie described it…Gary kind of got us back…together?
    No. f**k that.
    Of course he didn’t, I did.
    God determines all futures, not some homo in a Motel 6.
    Still though, that could wait all I wanted now was to be with him…

    He pulled away to slip his boxers back on and ruffle his hair with the generic white towel, that was hanging on a bar above the toilet.
    When he seemed content enough, f**king dry enough he walked out of the too-small bathroom.
    Without another f**king word….?
    Guess the homo was tired.

    I followed him to see him fall carelessly on the bed.
    Kicking the throw-up stained sheets to the floor.
    He laid there then emotionless, licking his lips staring at the damn ceiling.
    The sudden silence was making me nervous…

    I sat down on the bed, near the foot of it.
    My eyes fixed on Frankie.
    Tracing their way down his smooth body.
    I noticed some nail marks, fresh ones.
    I cringed, picturing that old fat motherf**ker touching such beauty…

    “Y-you…you were with somebody else, weren’t you?” Frank asked.
    His voice was robotic.
    No emotions could be hear, unless you f**king tried hard to hear that emotion.
    Unless you told yourself there was a sadness behind those dead words.
    Unless you f**king wanted to hear that hurt. I sure as hell wanted to.

    “Frank…no…I…what…how’d you know?” I stumbled.
    I moved closer to him on instinct.
    Don’t tell me this got f**ked up so quickly…

    “I could just tell” he whispered, moving his eyes from the ceiling and on to me.
    That stupid intensity I’ve seen before, radiating.
    I looked away, unsure of why the f**k he was looking at me like that.

    I furrowed my brows before I thought of something to make it…better…?
    “Frankie…it wasn’t like that…its not what you think…” I told him.
    Stalling here and there.
    I wasn’t sure why the f**k I cared so much that he knew.
    It wasn’t like I belonged to him.

    “What does it matter anyway?” he asked.
    Rhetorically, I kind of think he was talking to himself more so than me.
    But I answered any-f**king-way.

    “Frankie. No! Okay? I’m really f**king sor-” he cut me off. Stupid f**ker.

    “No Gerard. You’re not f**king sorry!” I could hear the emotion now.
    Dripping from each f**king word.
    Or was it just jealousy?

    The silence returned as I just stared at Frankie.
    He had his eyes shut now, willing away…tears? No.
    Pain? f**king probably.

    “You’re not sorry G” he whispered.
    “We both know you’re not. You never f**king are”

    I couldn’t even respond to that.
    I just found myself moving closer to him.
    I took his hand that was laying limply on the bed.
    So f**king warm…

    He opened his eyes.
    Those greens didn’t look so curious…

    “What does it matter anyway?” he whispered.
    I still didn’t reply, just gripped his hand tighter.

    Then those too familiar words slipped through those lips I was dying to kiss again.

    “It doesn’t even matter anymore, G. We’re together now”
    with that he brought my hand up carefully to his lips. Before he placed them against my skin.
    His eyes shut again as he kissed me there…
  15. Amelia

    Amelia strangeness and charm

    Oh God. Why do I think Frank just died right then and there?
    Hopefully I'm just paranoid.
    Amazing update, m'love.
    Freaking sad/epic.
  16. Kaley

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  17. Evenstar

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    I could hear the emotion now.
    Dripping from each f**king word.

    Wow, this chapter was so well written, the way you described how G saw/heard Frankie's pain was amazing. I could feel it; I love when stories are able to do that.

    Don’t tell me this got f**ked up so quickly…
    G in a panic now, he just got his baby back and then boom he asks about Jason. I'm glad Frankie did because this forced 'God' himself to apologize, even if Frank thought he was lying the words did escape from G's mouth. He truly is sorry, the damage is evident; I think Frankie just needed to let that out and confront G with it.

    “It doesn’t even matter anymore, G. We’re together now”
    This line is a little eerie. This can mean two things: 1) he's dying and is glad G found him before he passed or 2) they're together again and can try to patch their shattered hearts.
    I am hoping it's choice 2 in my weird theories for an ending but nonethless the update was awesome =]
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    It's so f**king heartbreakingly beautiful, babe!

    Jeez, I kinda understand Frankie, but something behind that voice tells me that... this is too good to be true. Yes, he might forgive G, but I don't think Frankie is too loyal. I mean, ....ugh! I think he isn't the stupid guy lover G has always understimated. f**king Jesus.
    G, sweet Maria mother of our Messiah (...and I don't even believe in God :/), he's hurting. He's hurting because the person he most cares in this world, has been damaged. f**king broken, left, dismissed. It's a shame that G can't bring himself to say those three words out loud. But I'm sure, I'm so freaking sure, that Frankie knows G means it. He knows his G loves him and cares for him. But there's always the tinniest of hopes of hearing those f**king beautiful lovey-dovey three words.

    This comment is so f**king short. But my dad is here, I'm moving with him and... and other people. And just practically the world is crushing down right now. Thanks for making me smile in the whole day with this update, and I'm so f**king sorry this comment is crap.
    I don't know if tomorrow I'll be able to comment or even read, because well I'm taking the car-trip towards my new "home." So, I'll be f**king tired at the end of the day. But, I'll make it up to you. I promise, fo'sho, babes. I'll make it f**king up.

    Love you, too much for my own sake, but heck, I love ya' :D :wub:
    Paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaansy [:

  19. That was just wonderful! You're an amazing writer :).
  20. floydpink

    floydpink Active Member

    Oooooh, I loved that, I loved it! I love how Frank f**king stands up for himself, how he makes Gerard blush, how he's not that innocent anymore.
    And I also love to see Gerard is caring about Frank. It's funny how he still tries to kinda refuse those feelings of care, how he still wants to make himself see that 'Nooo, I'm God, I don't care, I'm just... trying to f**k him, that's why I need to be nice', but he doesn't get it anymore. He can't help being worried about Frank, he can't help needing the boy and... loving him? yeah, at least liking him so much.

    I'm loving each chapter more and more every day.
    Great job! xx

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