On The Run Romance

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  1. spikenike232

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    I loved the lines
    "Mikey must've been an ugly baby"
    "f**k Jersey"
    They made me laugh so hard! xD great updates. More when ya' can:)
  2. MCRxParader

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    Aw, I don't want Gee to leave yet. :(

    That was awesome! :)
  3. do*OR*die

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    Gerard don't leave!!!
    What we gonna do without frank and mikey?
    Really good update though.
  4. Tara

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    How did I miss this thread?
    I kept looking at the title and going 'oh, I've read it so far' and then I realised I haven't.
    It's f**king awesome! But gee's character is so harsh. =[
  5. Pretty.Odd

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    hahahaha my Mikey idea is right *does dance* and aaww gee's such a smartass with his ugly baby comment ( in a good way)


    Chapter Seven

    We were all ready to go to this f**king gas station to pick up my car.
    I guess.

    “Guys, I have to pee…you can wait in your car for me” I said awkwardly.

    “Yeah, sure” Frank replied and walked out of the house, Mikey following.
    They shut the door behind them.
    Quickly I made my way to their kitchen where I noticed a rather sharp looking knife, earlier that morning.
    I couldn’t waste my goddamn money on things such as weapons so I figured I’d steal the damn knife.
    I doubt two what…teenagers would notice a kitchen knife missing.

    I rolled up my pant leg, and swiftly slipped the knife inside my high topped Frankenstein-esc boot, then rolled the leg back down.
    Nobody would f**king notice.
    And it may come in handy, soon?

    I then quickly made my way to the car, where they sat there waiting for me.
    We made little conversation on the way there, except for random things Mikey and Frank were discussing, I wasn’t interested however and I found myself thinking a lot about the future, and my knife and …bloody New York?

    “I’m actually really gonna miss you man” Frank said as he pulled into the gas station, Ted was outside standing by my step father‘s….my car.

    “Aww” I said sympathetically.

    “Me too” Mikey added quickly.

    I couldn’t help but smile at that, I’d miss mute Mikey also.

    We got out and Ted explained everything to me…why the car f**ked up in the first place, and how to be more careful driving over three-thousand miles.
    I nodded, not caring just wanting to leave…a part of me longed to be on the run again.
    He gave me the keys, and naturally I paid the sad f**ker.

    “If you ever need anything or are back in town” Frank paused and smiled “Like that’ll ever happen….don’t hesitate to call” he handed me a piece of folded up paper which I’m certain contained his number and pulled me into an unexpected hug, not an intimate one though, don’t worry.

    “Thanks, for everything” I mumbled, sure it was repetitive poop but I was thankful to both of them.

    “Bye Gerard” Mikey said too, he looked sad, don’t know why the f**ker would be.

    “Mhmm” I gave him a quick hug too just because it felt like the right thing to do.
    Wait, Gerard doing the right thing? Theres a f**king sight to see.
    I really was going to miss those f**kers, I actually could stand them and they did seem like good people taking me in like that…but I figured I’d have that knife to remember them by.
    I smiled at the thought of ripping into someone’s flesh with a knife Mikey and Frank’s parents used to cut like meat or something with, for dinner.
    “Bye” I said and before the goodbye got too long, went inside to start the car, and floor the f**ker out of Belleville, and soon out of dirty Jersey altogether.

    The roads were long like they had been on my journey so far, and I felt again like I was escaping…theres a certain comfort about being in a car alone…driving…its as if you can be anyone you want to be…a star, a big f**king deal, a nobody, a killer, God?

    The tolls drove me crazy but I was sure New York was worth it.
    It better be f**king worth it, I thought with a heavy sigh…

    he leaves right now, but dont worry the end isnt near;]
    at all.
  7. spikenike232

    spikenike232 Guest

    YAY YOU UPDATED! Gahh! Geebear, don't leave! Haha, just hearing about the knife makes me grin evily *weirdo* Anywho, love love loved the update! I just noticed you updated on your other story that I love too! So I like, REALLY have to go and read that 'cause it's just so good and I love it and I couldn't wait for the update and now it's hear and and and ahh! Okay bye!
  8. Pretty.Odd

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    ^ ditto i loved it
  9. Tara

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    I love how you described the knife.
    ANYWAY... awesome update! =]
  10. MCRxParader

    MCRxParader Active Member

    Oh Geeeee, go back! :(
    You have to go back to Frank and Mute Mikey! xD

    That was awesome, I loved it. :)
  11. Rosa

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    A tad late, but that line was awesome x]
    I LOVE this story.
    I call #3 fanspot, I think thats the next one.
    Can't wait for the update :]
  12. MandaMaru

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    ^ Fourth Fan spot for moi?

    xD A tad creepy but awesome xD
    Mute Mikey FTW! = <3
    And nuuuuuuu Gee ! Why did ya gooooo!?!??!
    Frankie should so totally follow him xD
  13. do*OR*die

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    Oh this is sweet!
    Wonder whats gonna happen in NYC...
  14. Nephilim

    Nephilim Give me love.

    Love ittttt.



    thanks loves.

    Chapter Eight.

    New York, New York, anit nothing like it in the goddamn motherf**king world.
    I finally got there with little to do, but I checked into another dirty motel, somewhere on the outskirts of the dirty city.

    I got some allergy medicine on the way there because I was unable to get sleeping pills…the witch that worked at this Rite Aid in the city said I needed a doctor’s prescription for the ones I wanted…instead I got this allergy medicine that used to knock me out when I was a kid.
    I used to take more than the recommended dosage so I could drown out mom’s sickening moans coming from her bedroom…and fall into unconsciousness.
    It worked again.

    I woke up the next day, the routine making me feel like I never stopped in Dirty Jersey and met Frank and Mikey.
    I almost missed the f**kers, not that much though.

    The whole day I had poop to do, absolutely nothing.
    So I started to feel bad for my sorry butt.
    What ever happened to this ‘starting new’ thing?

    I rushed to this gross dirty bar and downed glass after glass of beer…and shots of stinging vodka.
    Drunk, I stumbled out…I met this one guy named George, the f**ker wanted some money for drinks he couldn’t afford…but I didn’t help him out.
    He gave me his number anyway, I think the f**ker was a guy lover…and wanted to f**k me.
    Why do homos always want to f**k me?

    I drove Ed’s car carefully back to the motel, but got lost, vision blurry, head spinning.
    I noticed this pretty little thing on the side of the road.
    A hooker, dirty blonde, short skirt, big butt boobs.
    I slowed down and rolled a window down.
    She came up to the car, unsure.

    “Heytherbaby” I slurred.

    “Hi?” she sounded unsure.

    “Howmuch darlin?” I asked, her eyes widened as if this was new to the witch.

    “One hundred” she stated, raising an arched brow.

    “Getin” I ordered, she did.

    Only a drunk f**ker would pay that much for a sl*t.
    We got to the motel, after the pretty little ho directed me.
    What was about to happen wouldn’t be so pretty, however.
  16. do*OR*die

    do*OR*die New Member

    Uh oh, I have a bad feelin about this,
    But kinda good too.
    This story makes me happy because I love reading about crazy murderer Gerard.
  17. Rosa

    Rosa New Member

    Uh oh, an innocent murder maybe?
    Ah. I love this story :]
  18. Kriss

    Kriss Mrs. Sherlock

    I missed a lot=o

    I loved it. :)
  19. MCRxParader

    MCRxParader Active Member

    Oh God, SUSPENSE.
    This isn't gonna go well, not well at all...

    That was amazing <3
  20. Pretty.Odd

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    "Why do homos always want to f**k me?"
    lol it's cuz your soo irresistible, and Gee's gonna murder the hooker isn't he?
    ah well that's the price you pay...

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