On The Run Romance

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    Oh cool!
    I really like this story,
    and i'm glad it won't be all lovey dovey fast, that doesn't even make sense in terms of real life.
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    Hah, I loved it. The gay murderer part was funny. I like the Frank/Mikey thing. poop, I can't wait. More when you can<3
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    i love the story and i think i have an idea bout Mikey but i could be wrong..
  4. Kesya

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    LMAO @ Gay murderer xD
    Oh and this is the first time I read a story where Frank and Mikey are brothers.. good on them. :D
  5. Nephilim

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    LOL loved it.

    Cant wait for moreeee.


    thanks for the comments and patience,loves.

    Chapter Four

    Naturally fine things aren’t really worked into your life when you live at the trailer park…so naturally I was shocked when I saw that house.
    It was like middle class suburbia, the poop you see in movies…

    Frank and his goofy, mute brother walked up to the front door while I trailed behind them, it was weird for me to be staying in such a fine house although it seemed kind of familiar.
    I could almost picture living in a similar neighborhood…before we moved to California but I didn’t know if I should trust myself to believe so, memories tend to get over-exaggerated as you grow.

    I walked in and inside was like I’d imagine any fine home to be, your normal poop…pretty big screen television, nice couches, a clean carpet and for a second I regretted the career I chose…’should’ve chose thief instead, Way’ I thought with a dark smile as I took in my surroundings.

    “This is it” Frank smiled.

    In a lot of ways it seemed like the f**ker was trying to rub his what seemed like nice life in my face, but how could he?
    He didn’t know what a complete f**k up I was.

    Framed pictures of the boys decorated the almost creepy movie set perfection of a room.
    I could tell their parents loved them, just by how many pictures they had.
    I’d bet their f**king parents wouldn’t invite me in if they weren’t ’out of town’.

    “Its nice” I thought out loud, causing the boys to just smile awkwardly.

    I plopped down on the couch without really realizing I did so.
    “Make yourself at home” Frank smiled, his voice pleasant but sarcastic.
    I just faked a laugh.

    The tall skinny one…Mikey went upstairs, I wasn’t quite sure why.
    Frank sat down next to me.

    “So where did you say you were headed?” he asked, seemed the f**ker couldn’t just shut up for two seconds.

    “New York” I informed him.

    “Nice, you got family there?” he asked, I really didn’t like his curiosity.

    I just nodded slowly, lying to him.

    “Cool, so your parents… are they still in California?” Frank asked.
    “They died” I simply replied not really wanting to go into detail.
    What would I say anyway, my mother and my drug dealing step father got killed like the dogs they were…at my hands of course.

    Frank being a polite f**ker mumbled a “sorry” as his eyes moved from my face to the floor.
    A moment of silence?
    I suppose that’s the appropriate thing to do, but believe me those f**kers didn’t deserve to ever be mentioned again, I thought.

    Just then the skinny long boy came back down sheets and a pillow in his hands, he placed them next to me.

    “Thanks” I muttered, f**ker nodded…he was a mute.

    “You can sleep in the guest room if you want, its upstairs…” Frank trailed off.

    “Nah, its okay..” I replied, to be perfectly honest I was just glad that I wasn’t sleeping in some run down motel room where the beds smelled like dirty sex and the sheets were itchy.

    “Okay…well if you need anything me and Mikes sleep upstairs…so don’t hesitate to come up there and ask, kay?”

    “Sure, Frank…thanks guys…really” I tried to sound grateful but it didn’t seem to work very well, my voice just sounded flat instead.

    They both stood there now awkwardly as I sat on my couch.
    “Hey….is he a mute, your brother?” I asked Frank, really just out of curiosity.

    Mikey’s cheeks turned red, reminding me of a child and Frank just giggled.
    “He’s just shy” Frank spoke for his brother.
    I forced a smiled.

    “So goodnight Gerard” Frank said as he turned off the living room light, it was then dark inside the house, only dimly lit by the outside light shining through.

    “goodnight” Mikey added, only mumbling.

    “Goodnight guys, thanks” I muttered, as my head hit that pillow they gave me, they both disappeared upstairs after that.
    I realized the last time I really wished someone a ‘goodnight’ must have been when I was five years old, about the last time I saw my own brother, I always made sure I gave him a kiss goodnight.
    Sleep captured me soon after I cursed my dead mother silently for getting rid of the only sibling I had.

    The night was spent with beautiful bloody fantasies.
    I was reliving that perfect day of slaughtering the witch and her drug dealer.
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    Oh wow, that was really good.
    I also have an idea about this... but I don't wanna say.
    I'll just let everyone know if I end up being right. hehe
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    I chuckled at the last part, how cynic. I have an idea too, and I won't say it. Gahh, amazing update. It was funny when he asked if Mikey was mute xD more soon?
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    This is so good!
    I love stories where they don't suddenly fall in love...even though that's how mine's going. But this is so so so so good!!
    Please update soon!!!
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    Loved itttt.

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    OHH. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
    Great update!
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    New reader.

    Amazing story so far. :)
    Looking forward to read more.
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    Whoa, Gerard has a really twisted mind.
    Loved it! <3
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    I love Gee so much in this story he has a very cynical mind and the mute Mikey part was really funny..great work


    thanks alot guys<3

    Chapter Five

    I was woken by the bright sun breaking open my eyelids.
    I groaned as I rolled over falling off the damn couch…I had forgotten where I was…for a second I wondered “where the f**k am I?”
    But then I looked around and saw the pictures of Mikey and Frank…and realized I was still stuck in “Belleville”.

    I picked myself up, heavily.
    And inched my way around until I found a bathroom located near the stairs.
    There I washed my f**king face and took a piss, making a mental note to myself to get a damn toothbrush once I made it to NY.
    I couldn’t help but stare blankly at myself as I looked in the big mirror.
    Something seemed so different about me…but what was it?
    My black hair was still long as f**k, my cheeks still round as f**k but my eyes they seemed different, even after the good amount of sleep I had gotten on that couch…my eyes were bloodshot.
    It looked as if I haven’t slept in days…or as if I were a crack addict…the blood in my eyes reminded me of my hideous mother and I shuddered at the thought of a close resemblance to her.
    But then it hit me maybe the reason I looked different was because I won. I killed her off, in a lot of ways I felt like God.
    In a lot of ways I felt like I had the power and maybe even the authority to take lives and maybe those red lines in my eyes were a reminder of the two pathetic lives I had already taken.
    I threw some more water on my face and shrugged off the thoughts.

    To my surprise as I came out of the bathroom the front door swung open.
    Frank came in alone, carrying some bags…I assumed they were groceries.
    “Hey sunshine” he smiled when he saw me, I shuddered at that too.

    “Frank” was all I replied, he was a little guy this Frank and he seemed to be struggling with these bags so I decided to take some off his hands and help him get them to the kitchen…just to be polite? I guess.

    “Thanks” he mumbled as he shut the front door behind him with his foot.
    We made it to the kitchen and he unloaded the poop.

    “I got up early and I saw you were asleep, I was gonna wake you up but I figured you were probably tired” he said with what looked like an apologetic smile.

    I just nodded and made my way back to the living room, plopping down on the couch again, the couch was still covered in those sheets Mikey had given me, they were ruffled up however.

    Frank made his way back and just stood there, watching?
    “Want any breakfast?” he asked me awkwardly, from the way he acted it seemed as if he’d never done this kind of poop before, like been a host or whatever but also by the looks of it it seemed he kind of liked it.

    “Nah, I’m good…got any coffee though?” I asked him.

    “Actually no. Mikey gets really hyper when he drinks coffee so we aren’t allowed to have any here. Serious” he told me.

    I just raised a brow.

    “I’m totally lying…but still we don’t have any and I forgot to get some…but if you want I can take you to this diner down the street…?” the whole thing seemed like some stupid f**king awkward gay date but I said okay only because I wanted some f**king coffee.
    See the thing is whenever something like that happens, when I contemplate getting something I have to have it or I either throw a fit or…get really depressed even poop as petty as coffee.

    “Wait here then, I’m gonna get my hoody its pretty f**king cold out” Frank said before running upstairs again.

    I sat there awkwardly waiting, my eyes couldn’t help but wander around the room.
    There was something that got me however, the fact that there was a shitload of Frank babies pictures and no Mikey ones, sure there was toddler pictures, him at maybe 3 or 4...but no ity bity baby pictures of him.
    I shrugged it off when Frank came down and told me to “come on, man” and just told myself this Mikey must’ve been an ugly baby.
  16. MCRxParader

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    That last line had me in a flood of laughter! xD
    Totally priceless!
    Can't wait to see what's gonna happen at the diner... :)

    Awesomeeeeee update!
  17. do*OR*die

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    "the whole thing seemed like some stupid f**king awkward gay date"
    Haha, that line cracked me up!
    This is a very good story.
    I'm wicked excited for more!
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    hehe Frank is cute. Hrmmm was Mikey adopted?
    oooo I have a theory.....anyways
    This is so good, more when you can.
  19. MandaMaru

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    -new reader-


    And I'm pretty sure that the idea I have concerning Mikey is right :D


    yeah,the whole mikey thing is kinda obvious...and it will unfold alot as the story progresses,thanks for the comments and poop.

    Chapter Six

    The diner was okay, nothing special.
    Frank explained to me that they had a poop-bucket of these 24 hour diners, here in Jersey.
    I didn’t really care though.

    “What’ll you get?” he asked.

    I felt like a charity case, but he insisted that he’d pay…he said I should save my goddamn money ‘cause New York is expensive and all…I doubt the f**ker’s ever been there.

    “Just a black coffee, with a lot of sugar” I told him truthfully.

    He giggled at that and ordered the poop for me and also got a coffee for himself.
    We sat down at one of those like f**king couple tables, for two people and it felt awkward as f**k, I felt like a fag.

    “I’d rather drink in the car” I told him.

    “Kay” was all he managed and we got up and went to his car.
    We sat there for a f**king while parked just drinking, not really talking too much…

    “So, Mikey sleeps in a lot?” I asked Frank, just out of curiosity and boredom.
    His eyes seemed to like light up a bit, I guess he was glad I started conversation this time, I could tell this Frank guy knew I wasn’t really fond of him.

    “Nah, well sometimes but it’s usually the fact that he cant sleep at night, whenever he sleeps at night it like…results in nightmares” he told me, squinting his eyes…I could tell these ‘nightmares’ must’ve been horrible.

    “Aww, why’s that?” I asked, actually finding myself concerned for the geeky mute f**ker.

    “I’m not quite sure…like um I think it might have something to do with when he was a baby or something….” Frank told me seeming rather f**king confused himself.

    “Oh” was all I said flatly, I found my interest lost.

    Frank could tell and it seemed like he wanted to talk to me more about it, I didn’t have much to say but I’d listen anyway.
    He opened his mouth a few times just to close it even f**king quicker, he was debating on whether or not to continue, I’d say.

    “Like…My parents…adopted Mikey when he was like four years old, from some weird hippy lady” Frank said, the way he explained it made me want to f**king laugh, he sounded like a five year old.

    “Oh?” I said with more interest this time, no wonder Mikey was a mute.

    Frank just nodded.

    “So he has nightmares about this hippy?” I asked, I fought back the smirk that was playing on my lips.

    “Nah, nah…she wasn’t his real mom or anything that’s the problem…we think…and…and he thinks that the dreams are about his real mom….and his real family” Frank said, furrowing his brows.

    “That must suck” was all I could say, I tried to sound apologetic…and I guess it worked ‘cause Frank gave me a little smile.
    Like one of those ‘thanks’ smiles.
    Poor Mikey though, I forgot all about the whole story as the day progressed.

    Finally at 7 that evening after spending a whole day with Frank who didn’t know when to shut up and Mikey who didn’t know when to stop shutting up, we got a call.
    My car was ready, New York here I come.
    f**k Jersey.

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