Now I Wonder How Old Whatsername Has Been...

Discussion in 'Completed Fan Fictions' started by mabbii, Dec 11, 2007.

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  1. mabbii

    mabbii New Member

    alritey m'dearies!
    early christmas present for
    duddie, bliss, </3sofie</3, CrAzY, Ferard Rox, Cubicles, TaintedxRose, kadoodle, Annette, demolishedx, blondie, afjh, x-Lucie-x, Jo, Lokeriel, xXmcrangelXx, Miss.Vampire and KeepMeAlive.
    *gives cookies to everyone and gives extra special ones to Miss.Vampire, KeepMeAlive and CrAzY 'cause they never got new reader cookies for If You Took the Time to Notice Me...*
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    I promised you a sequel right? Well here it is, baby! Enjoy!!
    Chapter One

    Christmas. I hate Christmas. It’s so boring without the Jersey side Christmas Trees...

    “Emma!” my mom called from downstairs.
    “What?!” I shouted down the stairs.
    I heard my mom mutter something like ‘No need to scream’ under her breath before answering my question.
    “The present from Frank is here!”
    A smile immediately spread across my face and I ran down the stairs, almost tripping and falling down them.
    I ran to the kitchen, where I found my mom with a package in her hands.
    I ripped the package from her and clucthed it to my chest.
    I ran back to my room to have a look at the letter that was plastered to the package.

    Dear Schmallow,
    Merry Christmas! Hope you’re having a good time in CA. Life in NJ is just about the same as usual. Regular beatings, verbal abuse from Dean and Chad, but you’re not here to protect me. I have the band and Dee to help, but I still miss you a lot.
    I went to get a Christmas tree with my dad yesterday! I haven’t seen him for about three years!
    How have you been?
    Any special people in California?
    I want to come visit you and then we’ll go do something special together.
    Miss you
    Love you
    Lots os love from
    your Angel

    His beautiful handwriting adorned every single corner of the small piece of paper in my hands.
    Again this year, he had included a poem in the letter. Last year I received one called Lloyd Dobbler.

    Last year. That Christmas was meant to be the first Christmas I spent with Frank. And it was never to happen. He had sent me a letter including a poem and a nice Green Day T-shirt.
    He knew me all too well.

    I wondered what he had gotten me this year. Last year I sent him a black hoodie with pink comcial skulls and crossbones on it. And the pink belt I wore to school after out first date. He had always loved that belt.

    I had a look at the poem. It was called Florida Plates. I nearly cried while reading it.

    Hold you as waves crash down on the Jersey Shore

    Stall one last moment before goodbye

    I remembered that night so well. I remembered our last kiss. The feeling of it. How I'd wanted that moment to last forever. How sad and torn I felt when I realized I wasn’t going to see him for a long time.

    Never write all the letter with good words
    Better intentions
    Paper words could only cheapen the moments we shared

    Oh? He doesn’t want me to write any letters?

    That hurt. It really did. But if he felt that way then I’d stop sending letters and let those moments remain distant memories.
  2. duddie

    duddie New Member

    I love the present!! :D :p
    It is nice!
    but poor Emma...

    U wanna give us a nother present ?! :p
  3. Claire.

    Claire. Photographic Disorder.

    How sad!! They must not stop sending letters!! Or *drammatic music* everything will end...

    Thanx for the update!!
  4. mabbii

    mabbii New Member

    glad you like it mwahaha

    you're going to have to wait for the next update muhuhahahahahaha
  5. Bliss

    Bliss Guest

    Awh, I love it!
    It's great so far.
    Can't wait for more<3.
  6. mabbii

    mabbii New Member

    haha. you can wait for 24 hours..!
    it's not that much...

    updating tomorrow and that's a promise
    [vampires will never hurt you 'i promise' face]
  7. xFrankieLove

    xFrankieLove Member

    This is great :)
    Update soon again?
  8. mabbii

    mabbii New Member

    thanks =D

    *gives new reader cookie*
  9. </3sofie</3

    </3sofie</3 New Member

    Yay Mabbiiii You Rock
  10. Kate

    Kate New Member

    MUAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! yey for the present lvoe you Mabbii!!!!!! xD okay now the moment is over, gorgous start to the sequel and poor Emma he does want you to write he loves you Emma! Yes i am in one of them odd moods at the moment much love Kate xxx
  11. </3sofie</3

    </3sofie</3 New Member

    oo mabbii is the name from watshername by green day ????
  12. Claire.

    Claire. Photographic Disorder.

    I was wondering the same it?

    'cause it's one of my fave songs from AMERICAN's so sad...
  13. Kate

    Kate New Member

    Yes the title is from lyrics from Whatsername by Green Day and it is on the American Idiot album
  14. </3sofie</3

    </3sofie</3 New Member

    thought so ...... YAY i win :D
  15. xFrankieLove

    xFrankieLove Member

    Thanks for the cookie :)
    *eats cookie*
  16. duddie

    duddie New Member

    I Cant Wait For The Next Update!
  17. mabbii

    mabbii New Member

    yes sofie. you were right

    and the next 4 updates are already writeen
    BUT. i am making you wait for them MUHUHAHAHAHA!
  18. Kate

    Kate New Member

    *groans a lot* MABBIIIIIIIIII pretty please *puppy dog face* please, your making it worse, youve told us some but not all, lulled us into a false sense of security! please Mabbii!!!!!!!!!
  19. KeepMeAlive

    KeepMeAlive New Member

    Oh wow! I got mentioned AND I got a cookie! =] I'm liking this!!! And you're such a tease =O
  20. xXmcrangelXx

    xXmcrangelXx New Member

    I got mentioned too. WOW >.< UPDATE adn I'll give you huge, gigantic double chocolate chip cookies! PLEASE
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