Not in this world (Panic at the Disco Rydon fic)

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    yesh stick arround it shouldnt take too long for the next update to be posted so not a long wait
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    awwww............ cant believe Brendon's like this.... and... (beware) WHY THE f**k DOES RYAN'S DAD HAVE TO COME IN AT THE MOST PERFECT TIME?!?!?!?!?! LEMME AT HIM!!! *raises fists*
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    i have plans for the next chapter evil plans :devil: mwhahaha. you might not like it, it wont be too long before its up maybe tonight so look out for it!
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    Chapter 7

    "Was that your boyfriend then" He stumbled foward, I coward back against the wall, everything had been going so well until he came in and rewind it.

    "No, how dare you, can't I have friends now without you thinking their my boyfriends" I shouted back at him, I saw anger flash across his face, he slapped me "nothing new" I muttered

    "Oh so you want more then I'll give you more" He punched me across the face, I reggreted what I had said. He didn't stop punching me he carried on. I was crying so much I didn't think there was anymore tears left inside me, I just wished brendon would come in and take me away from this hell.
    I thought I was gonna puke at the amount of times he had punched me in the stomach, I gave up fighting I slid down the wall.

    "Huh given up ay? To scared ay?" He sneered, I coughed and spat out blood ok this was bad very bad. I felt darkness consume me...

    Brendons POV:

    I knew something was wrong I just couldn't put my finger on it, I decided to walk back to Ryan's maybe I forgot something? Once i reached Ryans house I noticed the door was open I stepped into the house and looked up the stairs no one, I looked in the kitchen no one in the living room was Ryans dad passed out on the couch.

    I crept upstairs to Ryans room, I gasped at what I saw, there slouched by the wall was a very beaten and bruised Ryan, his face covered in cuts and bruises but the thing that worried me the most was that blood was trickeling out of the corner of his mouth.

    "Ryan?" I wisphered shcoked, I kneeled down beside him his eyes opened slowly and moaned in pain "Don't worry I'm here, come on your comming back to mine" I picked him up carefuly

    "Jordan" He wisphered "He aint safe" I nodded and nocked on his bedroom door he opened it, his eyes wiened as he saw his older brother being carried by his brothers best friend

    "Come on" I wisphered "your comming to mine It's too dangourus here" he looked at me skeptly but followed me down the stair case. Just as we reached the door I heard a bottle drop on the wodden floor, knowing who it was I pushed jordan out of the door;

    "RUN!" He legged it down the street.

    "Takin my boys away are"

    "I'm not taking then away im saving them, from you" I jabbed my finger at him, he grabbed it and twisted it as far as it would go. I yellped and he let go and sniggered showing the very few teeth he had, it made me want to vomit.

    "T...take him then see if I care" He stepped foward I took this as my que to go, I held Ryans helpless body closer to mine as I ran as fast as I could, I saw Jordan waiting for me at the end of the street.

    "Right I'll lead the way back to my house you and Ryan can stay at mine ok?" He nodded

    "What happened to Ry?"

    "Err, I don't actualy know but I have an idea. Come on lets get Ry out of the cold" I lead the way back to my house. Once inside I led the way to the kitchen so I could get a wet cloth on Ryan's inguries. I gave Jordan the directions to the spare bedroom. My mom wandered into the kitchen when she saw the state Ryan was in I sware she almost fell to the floor in shock

    "What happened?"

    "His dad, I think I was at his house I left after you phoned me and I had a feeling that something wasnt right so I went back and found him slouched against the wall blood bruises cuts everywhere" I explained, my mom rushed over and grabbed the wet towel from me and started to clean Ry's face.

    I was close to tears, I wondered how Ryan coaped with this proably everyday, I hopped that he would come through this, I had only just found my true feelings for him I couldn't loose him.
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    f**k you (what every ry's dads name is) YOU f**kING BASTARD
    #hurt him again and i will ninja up you butt so bad you dick#
    anyway loved the update it was amazing moreeee when you can (of course) haha
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    ^I AGREE!!!!! KILL THE MOTHERf**kER!!!!!! *grabs nearest machine gun*
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    your comments make me laugh :)
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    woooo!!!!!! lolzz and update soon? oh and have you seen the pics of mcr at big day out?! Gerard's hair is BLONDE AGAIN -_- seriously that man needs to make up his mind what he wants his hair colour to be :L btw i cant update on mine tonight ive got a poop load of revision and homework crap sooo....... anyway..... (finally on topic) i loveit!!! i need an update!!!!1 :) :)
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    Its fine and there is another update comming im starting to write it now so yeah. And about gee's hair, well what can i say? i dont realy like it i prefer red or black, maybe he should do a jared leto and have black on top and red underneeth i dont know, but its about the musicas long as they make music thats all im happy about :)
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    so when the next update????
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    So guys never guess who I met last night!
    I MET PANIC! AT THE f**kIN DISCO!!!!! They are so lovely sweet guys :wub:. For some odd reson Brendon rolled off his chair onto the floor and stood up I laughed so hard and him and ian kept on singing every 5 seconds best weekend of my life cuz I also saw ALL TIME LOW on sataurday :clap: They were amazing. Oh, anyway off topic :eek:fftopic: enough rambling, Adrenaline Can't update so I am taking charge of this update all her work though well here it is:

    Chapter 8

    Once cleaned up, mom instructed me to take him upstairs into my room, my mom always knew I liked Ryan; she had this way of telling that I liked him, but anyway I need to get him sorted.

    “Hey Ry you okay?” I asked hoping I would get a positive answer, also hoping I didn’t wake him

    “Yeah I am great thank you, and before you moan I was already awake” Ry answered

    “Oh and why…” I started to say

    “What were you going to say?” he asked me quieting his tone

    “Oh I was just going to ermm ask you if you oh hang on I will show you” I started to explain before I laid him down on the bed slowly, got on top of him and kissed him lips softly, but quickly pulled back…

    “I…I am so sorry, I don’t know why I did that…” I started but before I knew it I was being pulled into Ryan’s arms and he started to kiss me so passionately, I pulled back and smiled at him, he smiled back his smile made me melt inside. All I cared about at that minute was that Ry was happy and that he didn't feel uneasy, he felt free and that was all that I was fine with.

    "Are you gonna carry on day dreaming or are you gonna kiss me?" Ry giggled as he pulled me out of my mini-trance.

    "You asked for it" I pushed my lips to his, giggling and laughing as we kissed.

    time skip

    Ryan's POV

    After a little make out with Brendon we decided something had to be done about my evil dad so we went down to talk to his mom

    “Hi Brendon, what’s up?” she asked.

    "About Ry's dad, what do you think we should do about him?" He asked, I glanced quickly at me, I felt so awarkard right now.

    "Well, I see your awake" Brendon's mom gestured toward me "What do you want to do?"

    "Well, call the cop's so that I know he wont hurt Jordan" My voice was so small I'm suprised she heard me.

    "Well for now you can stop here, Brendon im going away to see your aunt Samantha, her huspand is very sick and she wants me to be there with her so dont burn down the house I'll tell you if I'm going to be there longer or if I'm comming home early, and I'll ring you every day and NO SLACKING OFF SCHOOL OK?" Her voice raised a bit the last couple of words.

    "OK, when are you going?"

    "Tomorrow morning early I don't want to wake you on a Sataurday so I'll just leave a note when im gone, now time for bed go scram" Brendon nodded and lead me to his bedroom.

    He gave me some spare PJ's from his closet, we got dressed I felt the warm PJ's secure my body I finaly felt safe I hopped into Brendons bed, he put his arms around me I put my head on his chest and soon enough I was asleep.
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    now i have just slipped a bit of time to come on here so yh
    i am SO sorry i couldn't update for those reading i just f**king busy so
    hope you enjoy i promise i will make time to update the next time
    i feel so bad but f**ked busy so yh :( *hides in a corner so she don't get ninja'ed*
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    Awwww they need to call the cops... And i wonder... Theyre gonna bunk off school when Brendon's mum's gone arent they??? :p hahaaa lol im in a random mood :D
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    okay time for an update

    Chapter 9
    Ryan's POV

    I woke with a start realising it was 8:30 am I was already late for school, I noticed Brendon had woken up, I pulled the covers away from my warm body and made my way down stairs I saw Brendon in the kitchen cooking something, he turned round as I entered the kitchen.

    "Why hello Mr. Ross" Brendon put his arms around my waist and kissed the top of my forehead.

    "Hello Mr.Urie, where's Jordan?"

    "He's gone to school"

    "Isn't that where we should be?" I asked, he smiled.

    "Well, your ill and to be honest I really can't be arsed to go" He kissed the top of my forehead again and gazed deeply into my eyes, I suddenly became aware of burning.

    "Ermm Bri, Burning"

    "Oh poop!" He ran over to the pan and dumped its contents into the bin he sighed as he dumped the pan in the sink, I giggled as he went round the kitchen swearing and moaning that he was hungry.

    "Do you want to have cereal?" I asked looking in his cupboard.

    "There isn't any cereal" He sighed again, I pulled out 1 box of Lucky Charms and 2 boxes of Captain Crunch.

    "Err these" I waved the boxes in front of his face

    "Ok cereal it is then" He picked the Lucky Charms box up and poured some into 2 bowls, I watched him and shook my head: "What!?!"

    "Nothing, while you’re doing that I shall call the cops" I left Brendon eating his bowl of cereal and I wandered back up the stairs wincing at the pain in my ribs.

    "Hello" A Woman answered after a couple of rings

    "Um yeah Hi, I want to report an abuse" My voice was shaky and my palms were calmly.

    "Alright can you tell me what happened and who it was?"

    "My dad, and it all started when my mom left when I was 15 my dad would come home every night drunk he would lash out on me and hit me smack me, these last few months it has gotten worse in fact a few days ago he smacked me over the head with a bottle and repeatedly smacked and punched and kicked me he managed to knock me out if it wasn't for my friend then he probably would've taken it to the next level" I couldn't believe I was telling a random woman my life story, what if my dad found out it was me who reported me? He would sure try to kill me he would find some way.

    "Alright, how old are you now?" she asked

    "17, 18 in a couple of months." My palms were getting more and more clammy every minute that passed.

    "Ok, has anyone else been affected?"

    "I have a half brother called Jordan but my dad hasn't hurt him" I informed her.

    "Ok and what is your dad’s name"

    "George Ross" My mouth went really dry.

    "Ok, I think we have that name on record, we will see him and chat with him don't worry we won’t tell him that you have reported him, we will let you know what we are going to do with him ok?"

    "Ok thank you" I hung up and went back down stairs to join Brendon on the couch. "All done" I smiled.

    "Awesome now we won’t have him ruining anything for us anymore" Brendon brought me into a one armed hug and went back to watching TV, if only I believed what Brendon had just said.

    enjoy reading
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    wow... i forgot to comment... oops :L

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