Not in this world (Panic at the Disco Rydon fic)

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    Not in this world

    Genre: 15 (swearing, violence, kissing etc.)

    Characters: Brendon, Ryan, Spencer, John, Jordan (other characters will probably appear but there just main characters)
    I don’t own any of the members of panic at the disco or any of their family members mentioned in this story

    Summary: After suffering countless beatings from his drunken farther, Ryan seeks help from his three closest friends Spencer, John and Brendon. However Ryan grows closer to Brendon but dose Brendon feel the same for Ryan?

    POV: mostly Ryan if it changes then it will be mentioned

    Disclaimer: Story title came from ‘kids in glass houses song not in this world’

    Also writing this story will be adrenaline 2019

    Chapter index:​
    Chapter 1 page 1
    Chapter 6 page 3
    Chapter 2 page 1
    Chapter 3 page 1
    Chapter 4 page 1
    Chapter 5 page 2

    Chapter 1: Another beating another day

    “Where the f**k have you been?” My drunken farther asked me as I dumped my bag on the floor

    “Err at school where every kid goes for 6 hours every week” I grumbled.

    “don’t be cheeky with me boy cus you might regret it” the last few word he spat whilst grabbing my arm hard and twisting it as far as it would go, I tried to hold in a yelp but failed miserably “scared are we? I can do much worse and you know it boy” he never called me by my name anymore ever since my mom left he started drinking coming home drunk every night abusing me… I should probably introduce myself; my Ryan Ross im 17 almost 18 I live in Las Vegas Nevada with my 10 year old half-brother Jordan and my drunken excuse for a dad. Even if he if my half-brother Jordan means everything to me, strangely enough my dad hasn’t turned to Jordan and I swore on my life that I wouldn’t let him. I will never let Jordan go through what I’ve been through. A sudden stinging sensation spread across my cheek as my dad slapped me

    “What was that for?” I asked in half shock not because he slapped me because it was sudden.

    “you will pay attention when im speaking” he punched me in the stomach, I doubled over in pain “told ya I can do worse and you know it” he whispered in my ear I could smell the strong smell of alcohol on his breath he punched me in the stomach for the second time, I fell to the floor in pain he kicked me in the ribs and went out slamming the front door shut behind him, probably gone drinking or something me on the floor my stomach and ribs bursting in pain.

    I finally managed to get up and escape to my sanctuary, my room. The one place where I could find peace just me and my beloved guitar which I got brought for me on my 14th birthday. What a good age to be, 14? I put my head on the desk and started to cry when I heard footsteps coming up the stairs I wiped my eyes and sniffed a few times, I saw my brothers face appear at my door, I monitored for him to come in he sat on my lap I winced slightly and hopped Jordan missed it he didn’t:

    “Dad beat you again Ryry?”

    “No, just some kids at school…”

    “Im not stupid Ry I know what he does to you and it makes me scared” his voice was muffled by him putting his head on my chest.

    “Look, I promise on my life that I won’t let him touch you ever okay” he nodded “you go to your room do your homework or whatever you have to do and I’ll make tea” he nodded for the second time and walked out of my room shutting the door behind him.

    I walked up to my mirror and lifted my shirt surveying the damage, to fist shaped bruises almost overlapping each-other were forming on my stomach another on the side of my ribs I poked it regretting it instantly, I fished out my phone and searched through the contacts

    “Hey, Brendon you might want to come and have a look at this” my voice broke at the last few words.

    “Why what’s wrong” his voice was full of concern

    “I’ve been beaten”

    Hope you like it adrenaline go go go!
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    Kool I like and if I have f**ked up ideas then I shall tell you and I command you to f**king update
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    Chapter 2:

    I flipped the phone shut with promise from Brendon that he would be right over, tears started to well up in my eyes, a few stray tears rolled down my cheek. I slowly made my way downstairs and waited for Brendon to come. I could always rely on Brendon. Me and him had always been close I could always trust him and he could always trust me. The door bell rung through the house I wiped a few more tears and opened the door where Brendon instantly embraced me in a massive bear hug.

    “what’s up what’s happened?” his voice full of concern and worry he pulled back slightly, I looked him in the eyes, his beautiful brown eyes…hang on I’m straight and even if I was gay Brendon was my friend and he wasn’t gay either.

    “Come in first all will be explained” he walked into the living room and sat on the couch I followed pursuit

    “Ry, what’s happened?”Brendon asked for the second time. My eyes started to fog with tears as I slowly lifted my shirt I heard Brendon gasp at the different array of bruises that were on my stomach and ribs, anywhere that mother f**ker could hit me.

    “Ry, who’s done this to you?”

    “My…my…d…d…dad” I was now crying freely Brendon rushed over to me and held me in a tight embrace, he held me while I cried. Once I calmed myself down enough to answer the endless questions that were sure to follow I wiped my eyes and sniffled a few times.

    “Brendon I don’t know what to do I’m scared and Jordan is starting to catch on now…”

    “There is only one solution call the cops”

    “No, no cops please my dad is more violent than you think, he’s capable of doing this to me” I pointed to my stomach

    “Okay no cops got it, are you sure you’re going to be okay with him?” Brendon asked

    “Yeah as long as he doesn’t touch Jordan cause if he does” I clenched my fists at the thought

    “Well I got to go any problems, ANY problems no matter how big or small call me okay” Brendon put a comforting hand on my shoulder

    “Promise” I said in a small voice, he gave me a one armed hug

    “I’ll show myself out” he stood up and walked toward the door. I remembered I had to do tea for Jordan I slowly got up and made my way to the kitchen

    Time skip

    Hours later

    With Jordan in bed dad still not home even at 1:30am. I sat on my bed the small TV playing to itself I stared at the ceiling with the events of the day in my mind, they way he spoke to me the bruises that he had added to my growing collection over my body I can consider myself lucky at least I can hide my bruises and scars, at least it wasn’t emotional scaring. As I felt my eyelids droop, I heard the front door slam shut quickly followed by footsteps storming up the stairs...

    update and going to have to make you wait to see what comes next mwahahaha :devil:
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    Chapter 3, it's small but the next chapter will be longer

    Chapter 3

    My door was almost knocked off it's hinges, the figure of my dad apeared at my door. He stumbled into my room, even from where I was standing I could smell ciggarettes and alcohol, it was so stong it made me want to heave.

    He stumbled toward me, when he was about 3 foot away from me he slapped he hard across the face, I was shocked, not because he had slapped me because he did it randomly.

    "What the f**k was that for?"

    "Now now no need for that lanuage is there?" he grabbed a hand full of my hair and pulled my face closer to his, to be totaly honest with you I was shitting myself not knowing what he was going to do next. "Dont f**king ignore me, I said there's no need for that lanuage is there?" He punched me but because of how much he had drunken it was sloppy and he compleatly missed anyway givong up with puching me he kicked me instead, I let out a whimper.
    "Scared ay? Well what do you expect me to do? Eyeliner, stupid hairstyles, I didn't raise you like this" He looked me up and down in discust "I raosed you to be a man not a pussy f**ker"

    "Look who's talking, your the one drinking yourself to death, leaving me to look after Jordan because he's scared of YOU!" I jabbed me finger in his chest " You didn't raise me at all, at least mom let me be who I wanted to be" I whispered the last few words to myself. He hit me even harder than before in my stomach, him holding my chest prevented me from doubbling over in pain I sucked in a deep breath and held back the tears. I didn't want to show any weakness toward he.

    "Pathetic. Why do I waste my time on you?" He punched me again in the stomach and stumbled outof my room, leaving me gasping for aor holding me stomach in absoulte pain. Why was I taking this? He was just a stupid drunken idiot who thinks abusing me is a joke. No more, tomorrow I'm going to the cops, Brendon was right I need to go to the cops before things get seriously out of hand.
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    oooo we need more suspicion in this and ooooo
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    wow i really like this.... i wonder whats gonna happen..... more anytime soon? :)
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    oh yeah more updates soon dont worry about that ;)
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    I think it is time for an update :w00t:

    Chapter 4

    "Happy birthday son" my dad patted me on the shoulder a huge smile on his face

    "Moms got a surprise in the other room for you"
    just then I heard the sound of my brothers exited footsteps echo through the house

    "Ry Ry it’s your birthday today"

    "Yeah Jordan it is my birthday, moms in the other room” he bounced off into the other room; I couldn’t believe I was 14 today.

    "Ryan come on its prezzi time" my mom came through the kitchen and guided me through to the living room. There in the living room was the most awesome guitar I had ever seen.

    "Is this for me?" I asked bewildered

    "Yeah of course it is, happy birthday son, I’m so proud of you..."

    I woke with a start; I looked at my stomach and saw more bruises forming. I looked at the clock.

    "Crap!"10:30am well at least I miss school. No bashing or chucking stuff around my dad must be out. I stood slowly and made my way out of my room; I headed down stairs and noticed that there was 1 new message on the house phone.

    "Message one"

    "Hi Ry its Brendon are you ok? Why are you not at school call me as soon as you can" I laughed at Brendon’s concern for me, I wandered slowly into the kitchen and grabbed a bowl of lucky charms and sat back in the sitting room sat on the couch. I flicked through the channels, I settled on some kids TV show when my phone went off.

    "Hello?" I asked unsure on who it was

    "Hi Ryan its john, Brendon is having A spaz, where are you?"

    "Oh hi john, I slept in till 10, I can't be doing with school today anyway"

    "Oh right, do you want us to come round later after school?" I could here Brendon in the background
    "Hang on Brendon, gezz. Sorry Ry you know Brendon?" I laughed in response

    "Yeah I think it will be ok to come round, my dad won’t be home for a while I could do with some company anyway"

    "Alright keep safe, I think Brendon wants to talk to you"

    "Ry, you’re all right thank god"

    "Well duh, bri if I wasn’t ok I would of rung you would I?"

    "Yeah, has he done anything to you" his voice dropped so that the others couldn't hear him

    "Look, Bri I don’t want to discuss this over the phone, later"

    "Oh right, okay I’ll see ya later tell me"

    "Ok, bye"

    "Bye" the line went dead. I remembered what I said to myself yesterday I reached for the house phone and dialled 911. I went through a series of stupid questions when suddenly the door burst open my dad stumbled through the door I quickly hit the phone but my dad saw it

    "Calling the cops ay? Gimme that” he snatched it off me
    "Hello, sorry my son likes to tell little white lies sometimes, sorry for wasting your time" he hung up and chucked the phone across the room, I yelped a bit and bolted it up the stairs into my room I heard the front door slam again, I peered out the window and saw him stumbling down the road. I was scared luckily I had Brendon, john and Spencer coming round later so he shouldn't do anything if he does come back.
    A car came bolting down the street I noticed as soon as it stopped outside my house whose it was.
    I ran down the stairs and opened the door, Spencer and john hugged me and stepped through to the sitting room, Brendon quickly followed I lead him into my bedroom while the guys watched TV.

    "What’s he done now" Brendon asked is voice full of concern.

    "He came in last night and pushed me against the wall he strangled me not to hard and hit me like 3 times in the stomach and ribs and kicked me in the legs, I was knocked out that’s why I didn’t go to school today" I looked at Brendon his face a picture of pure horror

    "Oh my god why didn't you call the cops like I said?" he brought me into a hug

    "I tried but he came back and caught me he told them I was lying and he chucked the phone across the room" I looked back up at him into his eyes full of care and compassion, I leaned I further and further until our lips met he lingered for a few seconds but pulled back.

    "What the f**k Ryan?"

    "I...I I’m sorry" I stuttered shocked on his reaction

    "You know what forget about it excuse me" he pushed past me I heard him storming down the stairs I sunk down the wall and sobbed into my hands. What had I done?

    okay injoy and stick around if you want to know what happens next ;)
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    thank you adrenaline the next update should be up soon hope you enjoyed the last update :)
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    it is perfectly fine ;)
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    wow.......... i really like this...... i want to know whats gonna happen..... :)
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    things shall be unveiled in the next update dont you worry
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    i have alot of ideas for this story up my sleeve, dont you worry :devil:
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    aaarrrrrrghhhh!!!!! i like it i like it i like it... just thought id say that i like it :)
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    There will be an update tonight if not tomorrow :)
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    the next few chapters will have dreams and flashbacks in them.

    Chapter 5

    The days went by slowly, Brendon had avoided me since I kissed him. Right now I wasnt sure on who I was anymore I didnt know myself, John and Spencer didn't know anything as far as I was conserened, I haddnt been to school for the past 2 days, the day after I kissed brendon I went over to him and he ignored me the whole day and when I tried to speak to him he ignored me or told me to f**k off, I had skipped the last 2 periods.

    I haddnt seen my dad either which was probaly for the good, Jordan knew something had happened but he didnt say anything which was the best for both of us, I had stayed in my bedroom all day my phone went off constantly, just a few hours ago I had swiched it off it realy started to f**k me off.


    I was so scared, I was starting my first day at elementry school I knew no one here. My mom had dropped me off at the gates and left me standing there like a compleate dork lunckbox in hand. Some of the other kids pushed past me like i wasnt even there. I heard a car pull up behind me

    "Alright Bri, I'll Be hear straight after school to pick you up, be good for me. I cant believe my Brendon is going to school already."

    "Yes mom ok, love you see you later" I turned around and saw 'Brendon getting a big kiss on his cheek he wipped it off his face had the look of discust it made me giggle, he got out of the car swung his bag over his shoulder books in hand and foucused all his attention on the sidewalk I started to walk into the gates when I heard a 'oh no' from behind me it was
    'Brendon' he had dropped his books on the floor I went over to help him.

    "Thanks" he said as i handed him a book

    "Its alright, im Ryan by the way Ryan Ross"

    "Brendon Urie" He held his hand out for me to shake I took it smiling at how I had made a friend that quickly. We stood up and walked side by side with eachother into school. We introdouced our selfs and got to know eachother a bit more, soon enough we heard the school bell go and we slowly wandered into the building.

    "I think were going to be best friends for life infact i know were going to best friends" Brendon smiled at me as we walked into the brightly coloured classroom.

    "Me too" I returned the smile and sat down at the desk with my name on it

    "Forever" I Wisphered repeating brendons words.

    I awoke with a start tears running down my face I wipped the tears from my face with no luck light streaming through my curtins told me it was mid-morning. I pulled the covers from my body and went downstairs to get some breakfast.

    While waiting for the toast I rembered the dream I had last night and why I woke up crying this morning, This was getting stupid I needed to talk to Brendon no matter if he wanted to or not.

    The pink of the toaster brought me out of my mini-trance I went to sit down on the couch, I flipped through the channels nibbeling at my toast when the door bell went, I sighed put the toast down and looked out the window and saw John and Spencer there. They must of skipped school I opened the door for them.

    "He's alive!" Spencer said sarcasticaly as he hugged me John did the same.

    "Where have you been?"

    "I haven't been feeling very good" I lied, it would get them off me back.

    "Oh right, Brendon has been acting strangly latly almost skitish you know why?" John was the one who always knew if one of us was upset or there was something wrong with one of us.

    "Skitish? No" My heart was beating so loud I sware they could hear it, I hopped they didn't suspect anything I didn't want them finding out now.

    "Anyway its good to know you are alright, weve got to get back to school my mom is gonna kill me if she finds out I've bunked off" Spencer laughed slightly John nodded his head in agreement, they said their goodbyes and left. Now I needed to talk to Brendon and soon.
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    AtomicDetonator New Member :O i liked the dream that was really sweet ;) Ryan really needs to talk to Brendon....
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    RYAN YOU GET YOUR butt TO BRENDAN NOW AND SPEAK TO HIM OR I WILL GO NINJA ON YOU butt you really have to sort things out and explain things so he understands
    i loved the update by the way
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    haha i agree!!!!! :)
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    chapter 6

    I sat back down on the sofa my eyes started to drop as I fell into a peaceful sleep:

    "So Ryan how was school?" My mom asked as I got into the car.

    "I met a new friend today, he's called Brendon" I announced happily.

    "Oh really that’s good" she smiled at me, I was so happy about meeting a new friend so quickly and I knew no matter what we would always be best friends.

    End of dream

    "This has got to stop" I rubbed my eyes and stretched another dream. I sat up slowly and made my way upstairs to try and find my phone. Once found I noticed that there were several messages and voice mails on there as I had guessed. I searched through the contacts and found Brendon’s number
    When a call came through, it was Brendon’s number I almost dropped the phone out of pure shock. I put the phone up to my ear.

    "Hello?" I asked in a shaky voice.

    "Ryan, we need to talk" He sounded like he had been crying.

    "Okay I was going to say the same thing too" I was slightly relieved.

    "I'll be right over" The line went dead; I put the phone down and went back downstairs. The toast from earlier was still on the floor cold. I put it in the bin when the door went, I was so scared I slowly opened the door and saw Brendon standing there his eyes red and puffy, what happened next shocked me. Brendon pulled me closer to him and kissed me I pulled back surprised.


    "Ryan I’m so sorry, I didn't know how I actually feel about you" His eyes showed so much love and compassion I didn't know it was humanely possible. I leaned in and kissed him he lingered for a few moments, he shut the door and pushed me against the wall, he kissed me deeper my hands roamed his body he let out a moan. I smiled slightly.

    "Come on lets go upstairs" Brendon nodded and we ran up the stairs almost falling over a few times once we reached my bedroom I shut my door and our lips met again, Brendon’s phone suddenly went off he sighed and answered it. Allot of "yes's" and "okay's" later Brendon put the phone down.

    "Mom, I have to go speak later" he smiled and waved goodbye I returned the smile.
    I was so happy Brendon wasn't mad at me and he loved me. But just as soon as life looked any better my door was kicked open, my dad appeared at my door way. I'm in deep poop now.
    wonder what happens next stick around :p ha ha

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