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Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Archive' started by Akrobat, Jul 31, 2007.

  1. Akrobat

    Akrobat Guest

    I hope you like it, I put my heart and soul into this work and I want it to continue as long as possible.


    I glanced over at Gerard and was like "omg he's well hot!", which is what i thought. I didn't say it, 'cause i was in the middle of a class at "high school", which for some reason we've adopted as the "cool" new way of saying Secondary School. I was totally madly in love with Gerard. He had black hair, and sung in a band called Your Element Relationship. Totally original name.
    However, Gerard was in love with a guy, because that's the cool thing to do these days, and his name was Frank. Often they'd kiss in front of me, and hundred of annoying girls would scream the most ear-piercing, horrible scream you've ever heard. It sounded like a rape whistle.
    So yeah, I went over to talk to my friend Alicia, who was going out with this ttly buff guy called Mikey, who was also in the band which I've forgotten the name of. "Can u set me up wiff dat hot guy over dere plzkthx?" i asked. "Yes. Now stop talking like a weirdo." came the reply. "Chrz."
    I was gonna go on a date with GERARD WAY. OMG.
    I didn't know what I was gonna say. Probably something really uninteresting or cliche.
    We'll have to wait and see.


    Updates coming by popular demand.
  2. fullmetalnin

    fullmetalnin New Member

    ooh sounds interesting
  3. Alexxis

    Alexxis New Member

    "Yes. Now stop talking like a weirdo."

    i like the beginning.
    can't wait for more. :)
  4. Madden

    Madden Faut souffrir pour ĂȘtre

    I bloody worry about you.
  5. Ditte

    Ditte New Member

    I'm already a fan!

    Now update!! XD
  6. Shannon

    Shannon Active Member

    I agree with Ditte. I'm already a fan. Sounds gooooood. Update pweety pweez.
  7. Chi

    Chi New Member

    it sounds good, update soon, please!
  8. Alicia-Way-

    Alicia-Way- Guest

    im interested where u will take this..
  9. Chinook.//.

    Chinook.//. New Member

    yah sound cooli havent seen a fic of gerard going out with ffrankie but wanted by a girl that is diffrent :)
  10. Akrobat

    Akrobat Guest

    :( I haven't annoyed anyone yet.
    Updates coming later. :p
  11. Ditte

    Ditte New Member

    you kinda annoyed me with the whole talking weird thing..
    but that's only 'cause it makes it harder to read when you don't know english that well :S
  12. fullmetalnin

    fullmetalnin New Member

    yay...updates later!
  13. Nikki Marie

    Nikki Marie New Member

    haha yeah, i was wondering if this was serious or not, coz you were doing msn talk and stuff.
    but if this is serious. keep updating :D
  14. Akrobat

    Akrobat Guest

    Whoever said this was...

    I mean YEAH, YEAH, this is 100% serious. (Y)
  15. Akrobat

    Akrobat Guest

    chapter 2

    "Omggggggz." I said when I got home.
    I ran upstairs, away from my mum, who was single, as that's the cool thing to be these days, for mums.
    then my phone rang, and i picked it up, as you tend to do with phones. "Hey?" i said?
    "Uh, hi, it's Gerard."
    I promptly fainted, as I realised I shouldn't be writing fan fics, I should be getting dressed.
  16. Heart_Broken

    Heart_Broken New Member

    ha ha this is hilarious!
    i like it <33 lol
  17. Ditte

    Ditte New Member

    Nice :p
  18. Akrobat

    Akrobat Guest

    Chapter 3

    When I regained conciousness, i picked up the phone again.
    "Hello? Hello?!" came the voice from the phone.
    "Hi, I'm concious again now."
    "oh. Good."
    "Yes. Yes it is."
    "So uh... nice weather?"
    "Nah, it sucks."
    "Yeah, same here."
    "I know, you live down the street from me."
    "Oh yeah... Well, i'd better go-"
    "WAIT!" I called. "Uh... wanna go on a date some time?"
    And that was that.


    I'm sorry if there wasn't enough dialogue in this chapter for you.
  19. Thumbelina

    Thumbelina Administrator Staff Member

    You're a proper f**king idiot, Tom.
  20. Akrobat

    Akrobat Guest

    Right then, who wants to be in this story? :p

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