My Chem dreams.

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    The first one I had, they weren't actually in. I've never been to a concert before and in my dream, my sister and my cousin (funny because they don't even like MCR) both had tickets to go see them in Portland (the nearest big city to where I live). It didn't bother me all that much until I realized that MCR would be a few miles from me and I WOULD NOT GET TO SEE THEM. Then I flipped out and woke up feeling like my heart was physically breaking. I was actually crying.


    The second one I had was last night actually, my best friend Terri and I were in this mansion type place on an air mattress. I didn't know where I was but it was a dream so of course I didn't find that odd at all. There were two messy twin beds behind us (like someone had slept in them), and I was petting this really friendly striped cat.

    Well, about the time the door opened, I figured out the cat's name. Bunny Marie Way. I was petting and loving on Mikey Way's cat right as he walked in the door with Gerard. I acted totally natural even though I was flipping out inside.

    Apparently we all went to sleep because; in my dream, I woke up the next morning as Frank threw open the door wearing nothing but a towel around his waist as he started looking for clothes. So I, naturally, dragged Terri out into the hall (I'm seventeen and she's sixteen people, raping him was SO not an option). I was beet red and she was kind of... drooling?

    We got out into the hall and there was one door on either side of us, both of them wide open. On the right side, Gerard and Ray were in the shower together (in the dream it wasn't sexual at all, it was like a communal shower in my mind). On the left? Mikey Way in the bath tub.

    Since I still had no idea where I was or what I was doing there, I bolted for the stairs and just sat down and tried to ignore the fact that there were four naked men in the rooms behind me. Mikey got out of the bath tub pretty soon after that and I discovered something that became my first hint that I might be dreaming.

    There was an oven in that bathroom, and Mikey was baking bread and rolls. With a towel wrapped around his waist. Pretty soon he and Terri got to talking pretty animatedly about baking (which was weird and upsetting for me because between the two of us, I am DEFINITELY the cook. She's not bad at it but I do it far more often and have a lot more experience). Then the jealousy kicked in because I'm totally obsessed with Mikey and while I found it odd and uncomfortable to be talking to him while he was in a state of undress, that didn't stop me from wanting to smack Terri.

    Then I realized something else, I vaguely remembered talking to everyone in the house but Mikey at least once. But Terri's shy, and I hadn't even once seen anyone speak to her. Then I was really grateful to Mikey and just like that all the envy melted away.

    Now to the exciting and freaky part. Terri and I were chilling on a chaise sort of thing in what seemed to be a sitting room when this weird old gardener walked in. Not "one foot in the grave" old but definitely on in years, maybe mid-fifties. He came in and said something to us and I said something back that likely sounded like I was trying to be a smartass but I meant it as a serious comment (I can't even remember what I said anymore). He picked me up and then threw me back down on the other side of the chaise.

    This alone wouldn't have upset me. The pain on the other hand... I was kind of paralyzed in the dream, but my mind registered that I was in agony apparently; I think it was supposed to feel like every part of my body was shutting down and dying. Then Mikey, Gerard, and Frank came running in because they heard Terri and me scream.

    Keep in mind that in the dream I'm still incapable of movement. They start explaining how this guy has a rare type of cancer that he won't die from and that something in his genetic makeup makes him able to transfer that pain to others through touch. This whole time I'm thinking, "AND YOU STILL EMPLOY HIM?! WHAT THE HELL!!"

    Then they tell us that he'll be targeting me now because I pissed him off, I'm still trying to figure out what the hell it was that I said that made him decide to freaking kill me. So we work out a watch system. I, as the innocent and the victim, get to take the first night. Thanks guys, really.

    So I sit in front of these huge, floor length windows ALL NIGHT LONG. I heard something at the door at one point and considered waking Mikey or Gerard up but it stopped quickly and everything was quiet and uneventful the rest of the night. I recalled an earlier conversation with Mikey; he'd told me that there were three cats around the mansion, Bunny, another full grown female, and a kitten that was at the clinic while we were there. He said it was his responsibility to keep them fed and safe, medicated, etc. So I teased him and said, "You know you love it," and he smiled and agreed.

    It was probably around seven in the morning when Gerard started shifting like he was waking up, so I figured I could leave the room again. I opened the bedroom door and there at my feet, was the other adult cat. Dead. The shuffling I'd heard the night before had been crazyassgardener putting her there. This next part should tell you a little bit about where my life ranks on my list of priorities.

    I burst out of the door and down the hall, immediately screaming for Bunny. The only thing on my mind was that I couldn't let another animal get hurt because of me. Bunny in my dream reminded me a lot of my cat, Daisy. So the idea of her being hurt terrified me. I found her a couple of minutes later. Crazyassgardener was about ten feet from her. Staring me down.

    I froze until he made a move toward me, toward Bunny. I grabbed her and ran as fast as I could toward the house again, I kind of knew instinctively that I wasn't being followed. The first thing I saw when I made it back to the house was Mikey standing in front of the door, trying to figure out either which way I went, or where Bunny might be.

    I handed Bunny to him and told him we should probably keep her in a safer place until it all blew over. He agreed. He took watch that night so when we went to sleep, Bunny curled up next to me in my sleeping bag. I'll go ahead and be truthful in saying that, while I had no desire to rape him, I stayed awake all night; watching Mikey by the windows and petting his cat. Hey, I'm sure Bunny didn't mind.

    I woke up after that. It sucked, I kind of wanted to know if I was supposed to die or not.
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    I can only remember one MCR dream at the moment, although they sometimes stop by just to say hi or something...

    Dear Stupid Subconscious,
    You could have pictured me saving their lives or something, but no. You just made me dream of meeting them on the street, gawking at them, and asking for their goddamn autographs. And I woke up before I got the signature. F you, subconscious.
    Angry disappointed dreamer.
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    I had a dream that I got into this taxi to go home from school and Gerard was sat in the corner and he was like 'I'm so tired, Connie' so I was like 'aw' and I sat in the other corner and then he just fell asleep in my lap like a baby *shifty eyes* and that was all. It was so great
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    Years ago I had a dream that I went to their concert and afterwards I went out to get nachos with the band. I believe sometime that week I went out and got nachos because of it haha.
  5. princefrankie

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    OHMYGOD I forgot about my other dream. I was at an MCR show and nobody was really paying attention, so I jumped down from the seats to the crowd and went to the barrier, to the far right. Gerard and Ray were making sandwiches for their fans and so I started talking to Ray and he made me a marmite sandwich, and then Gerard came over and I leaned over and touched his hair and HE DIDN'T EVEN NOTICE but it was so aw. Then Mikey came and sat on his lap and they talked to me for ages and said Frank was at some baseball game, and eventually I was like 'guys you should probably go and play a song now?' so they played Last Christmas by WHAM :')
    and then at the end, Gerard was like 'hey Connie, can I have your email address?' and then when I got home he'd added me on MSN. Everything was wonderful
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    I often have these dreams where I'm at one of their concert in the front row. The most I get from it is making eye contacts with Gerard or Frank or Ray or Mikey. When I wake up after that I'm in a shitty mood for a long time cause it always feels like it's real.

    Only once I had a dream with a weird scenario, like someone told me they were coming to see me and I was getting f**king nervous... But I woke up before I reached the door to let them inside my house. Since then I remain highly frustrated.

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