My Chem dreams.

Discussion in 'General Rock Discussion' started by MorbidVampFaery, Sep 19, 2006.

  1. ZeroToHero

    ZeroToHero Guest

    Recently I've had one,

    I walked on MCR's tour bus. To see Bob and Ray playing Mario Kart, on Nintendo64. (YESH, 8D) Mikey and Gerard jammin' to some music, Gerard was dancing... o_o And Frankie, sitting on a tabel, singing something and swinging his legs back and forth, back and forth.
  2. Make-Me-Ill

    Make-Me-Ill New Member

    i had one once, the night of thanksgiving, the night i made a wish on a wishbone to meet and be friends with mcr. lol. anyway, my dream was that my borther and i were at a M&G adn my brother got shot. it was kind of like the part of the ghost of you where mikey is shot. except it wasn't in a war, but a driveby. anyway, Frank offered to let me stay with them for a few days and me and him became really good friends. so in my dreams i met and became friends with mcr, like my wish.


    Its weird I dont dream about them that often anymore...its only when I miss them alot or dont listen to their music enough, whatever.
    So I've been dreaming about them alot recently. I dont remember the details too hot but in my one last night I was at a signing Frank was doing. It was like a book signing though and it was in some house. And he looked all young like Revenge era young. But when I got up it made me feel better. But miss them in general more, I think...
  4. Georgia

    Georgia Guest

    I had a dream about them last night,
    I have never hated alarm calls more
  5. AdaliaWay

    AdaliaWay New Member

    I had a dream once, in my sophomore year (TBP came out that year) and i was walking the halls in my school and the halls were PACKED and it took me a while but i realized that everyone was wearing the same thing, the Black Parade uniforms and then everyone turned into Gee, Bob, Mikey, Ray, there were tons of them......and then one of the Gees came over to me and was like "why cant you just leave us alone, we dont want you, we dont need you!"

    The next day at school, i was really sad cause of the dream and i was holding hands with my girlfriend and this jock and his girlfriend came over and said the same thing!....i cried so hard!
  6. awwww tht so sad *hug*
    i had 2 MCR dreams-one was i was @ a concert-but it was sooo f**ked-up like we were in a shoebox and stuff-which ruined it!
    and the other one was when Gee was driving i was next 2 him in the passneger seat and he just started screaming @ me!!!! it was really sad :(
    i hope i have a good mcr dream one day-and i dont care how teeniesh tht sounded! :p
  7. Picture, if you will, a gym. I am lounging across Lyn-z's legs, and she keeps saying "I'm pregnant, I'm pregnant, Im pregnant!" Over and over. So I put my hands over my ears and scream "I DON'T CARE, I DON'T CARE!!" Over and over.
    And then it switches scenes to me standing in an empty room of a house I've never seen before. And I walk towards this couch and look behind it, and there's Gerard and Frank sitting down licking their knees...o_o
    So I joined them.
    And that's all I remember...xP
    It was one of the WEIRDEST dreams.
  8. once, i had a dream that frank was wearing an apron and a chef's hat, and was serving chicken to matt dillon, who was sitting at frank's kitchen table.
    he was like "would you like your chicken marinated, matt dillon?"

    ...except the chicken was a rubber chicken :S

    i also had a dream that i was in america and my family died (oh no!)
    but then gerard and lyn-z adopted me. and i had personal guitar lessons from mikey XD
    it was a truly horrible dream, except for the part where i lived with gerard and lyn-z, hehe.
    no, but it was bad >_>
  9. aww. what a horrible dream. i doubt that would ever happen. you're safe :)
    and i'm assuming that jock in america is like the really tough and popular guys, so they're all stupid anyway >.< you don't need them, haha.
  10. bobsgirlfriend

    bobsgirlfriend New Member

    i had this weird one long ago...

    i dreamt that i was in the same class as the rest of mcr was. i wasn't paying attention at all and instead just staring adoringly at bob. and then frank and gerard were throwing paper balls at each other and ray was just snoozing on his desk. can't remember where mikey was though...

    i wish i'd have that dream again. i only had it once and i still remembered. woohoo.

    :) :) :)
  11. I had one when I was in France, I was reading a newspaper, and there was that picture of Gee and LynZ where they're holding hands and both wearing red, and the article was about the baby, but... It was kinda like was reading it, but I wasn't reading it, y'know? I could tell the baby had been born, but I didn't know if it was a boy or girl or the name, etc.
    Then about two weeks later, Bandit came along
  12. Jenn

    Jenn Active Member

    So I had a My Chem. dream last night. It's been awhile since I had one, and I wasn't thinking of MCR prior to falling asleep. Anyway,

    The whole band was at my house, and they were staying there for some unknown reason. Frank, Gerard, and Mikey all alternately would sleep on one of the beds in room. In my dream, I'd known this. Mikey looked really different. Like he had long hair and was quite chubby. While I was using my laptop on my bed, Mikey was playing with his bass on the other bed. Here's the thing: I was a fan, and they were def. My Chemical Romance. I wasn't supposed to talk to them or anything, like, I wasn't supposed to be all "gimme your autograph" or "take a picture with me." Mikey started talking to me though, and it was just about stuff. Like I ended up asking him, "I'm thinking about getting another laptop, but the mini ones, which one would you like?" And, I'm not making this up, he says, "I like you." It was a joke though, and he made me blush..and I had a camera with me and wanted to take a picture with him really badly, because nobody knew they were at my house. Then Frank walked in and he was grouchy. Like, he looked at me as if I was a piece of poop or something. Some of the dream is a blur, but I remember that while I was talking to them, Gerard was in there, too, and I kept acting like they just normal non-famous people that I knew absolutely nothing about. Until I looked up at the walls in my room, there were MCR posters everywhere (i have not one on my wall, in reality). They knew that I was a fan. When I looked at the posters again, I noticed that they signed them and wrote notes and stuff. There were tons of things they drew, too. It was really awesome. I was excited and couldn't believe this was really happening. I was about to walk into the living room where all five guys were and ask them for a picture, they were all smiles, including grouchy frank, and then I woke up.

    IT FELT SO REAL. Darn dreams.
  13. Shannon

    Shannon Active Member

    ZOMG I had a Mikey and Alicia dream!

    Okay, so.. I was on here and I saw you all talking about Mikey being at the kerrang awards. Then, all of a sudden, I was there in this studio... And the kerrang signs were everywhere and Mikey was posing on a red carpet and he signed an autograph for me, it was cool. Then, Alicia and another random girl were sat on Jerry Springer-style chairs, and she started singing Stand By Me. SO WEIRD!
  14. Kate.

    Kate. Guest

    I can't remember this clearly but the other night I remember Gerard was in my dream but he looked really feminine more like Yuki from 'Fruits Basket' x]
  15. Niamh

    Niamh New Member

    A few weeks ago I had a dream with Mkiey in it.

    So I came in from school and Mikey was sitting on the couch, I just sat down beside him like it was normal for Mike Way to be in my house. We chatted for a while, like we'd known eachover for years, all of a sudden he says something like; 'Dude I gotta go, Alicia's cooking this huge dinner for us and she'll kill me if i'm late!"So I said goodbye and he says; "Ray'll call you later 'kay?"

    That was an awesome dream.:D
  16. Alannah

    Alannah Guest

    I had a dream last noght that Frank lived near me. We were like best friends. He played guiatr for me, and we played with his dog.
  17. I had two dreams in a row, and they were pretty similar...

    In the first one I was trying to hitch a ride to one of their shows, at this really small venue called GRV in Edinburgh (AWESOME place, btw). A black limo pulled over so I leaned in to ask for a lift, and the driver said yes, I think. So I walked round and got in, only to realise Gerard was in the limo as well. He was going to the gig on his own, I don't know why. He was talking NON STOP to the driver, and I just sat there like :]. Then it cut to Me jumping in the second row, Gerard singing right at me. That was pretty cool. I think I said to one of my friends, "This is why I love them", or something like that about them playing small venues.
    Then in the next one, I was, again, hitching a ride in a limo. This time there was a group of four or five other fans in there all talking. I sat on the left hand side with one dude who I thought was a fan infront of me. He turned out to be Frank. Then when we got out we were on this big hill, and I tripped and fell over a pile of dirt. I looked up and Frank was standing there, quietly giggling at me. I was so mad, I was like, "Stop laughing at me!", and he stopped, but was still grinning.
  18. i had to come to this thread today! i had the best dream.

    it went like this:
    my friend sally and i were on a road trip around america, and one day we decided to go to this desolate, but fully running carnival. it had so many rides and we were the only ones there. until gerard, frank, ray and bob showed up. they were in line behind us, and when we realised we ran up to them and hugged them all XD i glomped ray a little too forcefully, and he fell over. they told us mikey and alicia had taken a different road and weren't there yet :sob: after that, they went on rides with us; i was on a giant rollercoaster with frank and sal was with gerard. ray and bob were on it together. it was really big; giant vertical drops and long dark tunnels, underwater 360 loops were all incorporated. it was awesome.
    afterwards, mikey showed up and sal and i took pictures with all of them, before we went our seperate ways. the two of us met up with an old friend of mine and some really cute people and told them all about our encounter.

    it was an epic dream, so i'm sharing.
    and kate, gerard and yuki weow :D
  19. howidisappear1996

    howidisappear1996 New Member

    my dream was REALLY short, but here it is: I was at a My Chem concert, and it was a meet and greet. I was with Mikey at the time, an had an asthma attack, so i got use his inhaler! haha! (i think that using Mikey's inhaler is the closest i'll ever get to kissing him.....)
  20. Phantomchild

    Phantomchild Guest

    I can't remember the last time I had an MCR dream
    all I remember about my last one was it involved me, Gerard, my mate Emily and a whole lot of Goldfish

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