Mom and Dad Think You'll Be Saved

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    I totally forgot to PM you, I just left a message on your profilee. Thanks for adding mee <3. I need to sleepp.. I have to go to school tonorrrow which I think is secretly hell and we teenagers are forced to live through it. And I have big testing tommrow... And my ex boyfriend is on the same testing room as me. Ugh. Okayy well i'm gonna go slleep. Night, update soonn?
  2. I saw :] School isn't secretly hell, it's just flat out hell dear. I'll send the update to Jill in the morning, as I have to go to hell(school) too.....ew
  3. Chapter 8

    “Looks like the emo has a boyfriend.” Abigail sneered at me.

    “Maybe I do, what’s it to you?” I fired back. I was trying my hardest to avoid the cliché ending to this conversation, but I knew it was coming anyway.

    “He’s very cute. I’ll have to add him to my list.”

    “If you so much as f**king come near him….” I threatened, fearing for Frankie.

    “You’ll what? Cut my wrists for me? I’m going to do whatever the hell I want, and there’s nothing you, or anyone else can do.” She snickered, and walked away.

    A sickening feeling filled my stomach, like there was nothing I could do to stop her from stealing Frankie from me. I didn’t want him to be tortured by her, I really didn’t. I vaguely remembered swapping numbers with everyone yesterday and I pulled out my phone to text Frankie, noticing the little heart he put by his name in my contacts. Careful, Abigail has put you on her list. I’d watch my back if I was you. XoBowie, I texted. I walked to my next class, the smile gone. I sat by Mikey and tried my hardest to pay attention, but ultimately failing, because my thoughts continually drifted to what Abigail could do. I felt a soft vibration in my pocket, automatically knowing it was my phone. I glanced up to make sure the teacher had her back turned-she was writing pointless formulas on the board-and I pulled out my cell phone. The small screen lit up and an unread message notification sat on the bottom, “Text: Frankie <3.” I opened the text after glancing up again; I think I’ll be okay babe. Thanks for caring. Don’t worry so much, it only makes it worse. *xoFrankie. I sighed and tried to pay attention again, drifting in and out of day dreams.

    I felt Mikey tapping my shoulder as everyone stood up and walked out of the room.

    “Are you okay Bowie?” he asked, concern filling his eyes.

    “What?” I looked up startled.

    “It’s time for lunch. Are you alright?”

    “No, Mikey. I’m not okay, I promise.” Mikey was great to talk to, he always listened and gave advice and now was the time I desperately needed it.

    “Abigail is such a witch. She saw Frankie kiss my cheek earlier on my way to class, now he’s ‘on her list,' whatever the hell that means. I’m scared for him Mikey; I know the things she can do to people.” I looked down, remembering the past.

    “He can take care of himself, promise. He would never do anything to hurt anyone on purpose, unless they hurt his friends first, then whoever it is will be injured. A light brightens in his eyes when he sees you, he wouldn’t do anything to take that away. Can I ask how you know what she does?”

    He looked at me, a caring look in his eyes behind his glasses and I sighed, figuring it was easiest just to tell him.

    “In the sixth grade I moved here, and I desperately wanted to fit in and be popular. Abigail and I became friends, we went shopping and all the stuff girls do in cliché teen movies. I had never felt accepted before, so I gladly did whatever she wanted me to. I would help her tear people down, just to be popular. It felt awful, I had never felt so masochistic in my life until I began ruining lives with her. I wanted to die sometimes Mikey, it hurt that much. Around freshman year, I got tired of her bullshit. I stopped being friends with her and found Aubs. I quit caring what she thought of me, or what anyone else did. She has hated me for it ever since, that is why she tries to make my life a living hell.”

    I could feel the pain again; it began building in my chest twisting my stomach.


    I decided to finally be myself after all those years. I grabbed the rugged Converse and worn skinny jeans from my closet, slipping into them with ease.

    “Ahh, it’s good to be back.” I sighed and got ready for school how I wanted. I entered the building to see Abigail waiting for me by the fountains, “What the hell are you wearing?” She gasped. “What I want to. I’m tired of your poop, Abigail. I refuse to make people’s lives a living hell with you. I’m just like those kids….I love black, metal music, skinny jeans and Converse. I only wanted to be popular, and I’m not proud of what I did to make it. I’m not gonna be friends with you anymore, if I have to hurt people to do it. We’re done.” I turned on my heel and started to walk away.

    “f**k you Meagan! You’ll regret this day, I swear it!” She shouted and I turned back, noticing the people staring.

    “Not likely. Sayonara witch.”

    I walked to a table where no one was sitting and set my stuff down. I felt someone sit beside me.

    “Great job. I’ve hated her for a long time. I actually began hating you too, for doing things like that with her. But today, you changed all of that. Thank you. I’m Auburn by the way.” I looked to my right and saw a dark brown haired girl wearing a Mindless Self Indulgence tee shirt and purple jeans.

    “Meagan. It’s nice to meet you. I’m so sorry for what I did. I feel like a heartless witch for that.” She hugged me.

    “You did act like one for a while, but I noticed the pain in your eyes when you would do things like that. I forgive you really.”

    I grinned, “Thanks.” I was so glad I found someone who accepted me right after my falling out with her, if Auburn hadn’t come talked to me, I would be alone.

    *End Flashback*

    “It’s gonna be alright, Meagan. Frank won’t deal with her bullshit for long.” He grinned at me and pulled me into a hug. I was so thankful for Mikey; he truly was one of the greatest friends you could ask for. We finally got up and made our way to the commons, I tried to calm myself and put it behind me but every sense was on hyper alert. I saw Frankie worriedly sitting beside Gee and Aubs, and I got an idea. I snuck up behind him and grabbed his hips, making him jump.

    “f**k Meagan!” I knew that was a good idea.

    “Haha got you!” I giggled and kissed his cheek.

    “So what’s this about Frankie being on Abigail’s ‘list’?” Aubs asked, looking confused and concerned. She knew what I had gone through with Abigail.

    “She saw Frank kiss my cheek earlier, and she said he’s cute and he’s on her list. I have no f**king idea what she means but I’m going to guess she means that she’s going to try to steal more boyfriends, just like the 7th grade .”

    “That’s what I am, your boyfriend?” Frank asked, grinning at me.

    “Only if you want to be.” I beamed back.

    “Oh definitely.” He kissed my cheek again. I felt a glare on me and I glanced up, seeing Abigail’s eyes on us from across the cafeteria.

    Frankie followed my stare,“Just ignore her babe. Remember what I said, I don’t have a thing for cheerleaders,” he winked at me.

    “I’m into musicians myself.” I winked at him in response.

    “I guess it’s my lucky day.” He murmured with his lips against my cheek again.

    “Ugh get a room! Trying to eat here!” Mikey said from the other side of the table, sitting down with his tray, “I’m happy for the both of you, but seriously, if all you’re going to do is kiss each other’s cheek and talk all mushy, I’m leaving.” We all burst into laughter.

    “Fine, we’ll behave. Just remember it could be a lot worse.” I laughed.

    “Please, don’t remind me.” He said around a forkful of lasagna. Frank and I sat talking all of lunch, neither of us bothering to eat.
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    Gillian. I hate you.
    Your gonna make my charecter ad make her punch that biatch!!
    Jk I dont hate youu :) I lovee youu! Great update!
    Update again Soon?
  5. Love you too Abbie :] I can make your character punch the witch if you like :]
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    :D I'm editing all of this, so I see it before you all do. HAH!
    Aha, but I completely forget to come in here and comment
  7. Haha Jill :] you even see the final before I do! Its okay, I forget to comment on things all the time
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    Great update.
    *hint* Stick your flashbacks in italics, it makes it a bit easier to process what's happening. :)
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    *New reader :D
    This is really good!!!
    You should post another chapter! :thumbsup:
    Hehe lol Love the whole Mikey thing at the end! :clap:
    Keep writing well :)
  11. I've been having some serious writers block lately, so I'll try to finish the update for you and send it to Jill.

    Abbie: What have I told you about CALMING THE f**k DOWN? Lord, I might have to call your father.

    IDon'tLoveYou666(sorry I don't know your name):Welcome! Thank you! I love writing it, its just I've had some major writers block for this next part.....but I do have over 17 pages of it typed in word on my school laptop -.-
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    ooooo upate
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    HEY, GILLIAN, ABBIE HAS NOT CALMED DOWN. UPDATE. *holds wooden spoon meneceningly* D:<
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    That's okay. Name is Tiarna :)
    And I can't wait to read the next chapter :D
    Love the story! :hearts:
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    *new reader*
    HEY TIARNA DARLING!! Thank you for getting me to read this! Awesome fic!:clap:

    Lol i hope Bowie and Abigail get into a cat fight. :D And then i could totally imagine Frank jumping in the middle and screaming "STOP THE MADNESS FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!"
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    Haha I know i'm amazing :)
    I just got you another reader xxConverseKidxx (Gillian)
    And thank you Emily Darling :$: hehe lol
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    Lol i don't know what your obsession with "Darling" is Tiarna, you little crazy f**ker you :wub:

    Please update soon!! :)
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    Haha Lol
    My Big Hubby! You're the one that works at Subway, you need to make me a sub! :p
    Can't wait for the next update!!!!! XD :^_^:
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    Update, dammit. >_<
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    GILLIAN, dammit. Update. Sorry for double post. >_<

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