Mom and Dad Think You'll Be Saved

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  1. Chapter 4

    Welcome Live4LyricsCM! *gives Skittles*
    I'm going away for National Competition for Choir this weekend so I'm trying to post as much as possible in the next 2 days. As always I hope you enjoy!
    We made it into the room, and I walked up to our teacher and told her about Frank and Gee. She took roll and allowed us to work on our various projects like normal. I pulled my lyric book from my bag, my guitar from the instrument room and went to sit in the corner with Frank and Gee. Frank asked for my guitar and I handed it to him, he carefully took it out of its case. It was a blue acoustic, nothing special, but I thought it was gorgeous. He began playing an unfamiliar tune softly while I was writing in my book and talking to Gee.

    I was working on a new song, “Starlight, Star Bright”, I wrote swiftly, the words flowing. Starlights fade and darkness rise, I cannot stand to see you cry, a mutilating sigh again. You’ve been so strong, but even the strong have to fall, but I don’t understand at all, why the stars fade during my fall. Someone save me, I’m falling down, I hate me, but you love me. These sighs you’d cry, made me wanna die. I looked up and saw Gerard creeping over my shoulder, reading my song. “Creeping are we?” I asked raising my eyebrows. Frank giggled and kept playing, “maybe just a little. Its good, don’t be self-conscious of it. The stars are a metaphor, right?” “Yeah, for people. Because the light inside people can sometimes fade and darkness overwhelms them, causing them to fall from where they were.” I responded, watching Frank play. “Very insightful. I’ve had that happen once, it was awful. Luckily I had Frankie, Mikes, and Toro to pull me back.” He smiled at Frank, and Frank pulled his face into one of those weird expressions he had, causing Gee and I to crack up.

    “You know you are an amazing guitar player. You’d be great for a band.” I smiled at Frank. “Thanks. I’m already in a band…..the four of us are My Chemical Romance.” “Whoa, that name is totally kick-butt.” Even some of the professional bands didn’t have that good of a name, this one had a nice ring to it. “Thanks, Mikey got the idea from an Irvine Welsh book. He’s one of those people who are great at naming bands.” The rest of our class passed in a flash, Frank and Gee gave me a double hug, causing me to be unable to breathe, “Guys-….can’t-….breathe!” “Oops, sorry.” They went off to their class, leaving me to walk to mine.
  2. Chapter 5

    I'm trying to get as much of the story posted before I go to Orlando for Choir National Competition. Here's another chapter!!! Enjoy!
    I sighed and walked swiftly to my class ignoring the calls of “EMO!” and “GOTH FREAK!” in the hallway and smiling hugely all the way, gaining a few strange looks from the Populars.

    I finally made it to my class, only to see Mikey looking uncomfortable in a huddle of cheerleaders. I went and sat by him, “Hey, Mikes.” “Oh, hey Meagan.” The look in his eyes screamed ‘Help Me!!!!’, I responded with a slight nod. The cheerleaders looked from me to Mikey, “why don’t you take a picture? It lasts longer.” I said, getting slightly pissed which gained the stink eye, as I like to call it, from the head cheerleader. “Why are you talking to the Emo?” the leader, Abigail, sneered. She was like any other stereotypical cheerleader, obviously dyed bleach blond hair, fake tan, stick thin, and a group of followers who probably have never thought for themselves. “We met this morning, she and Auburn have been showing me around.“ he smiled. “Would you rather be popular on your first day, or hang with the losers and talk to her?” She sneered once more, making me clench my fists.

    “I believe the question is….do you like Star Wars?” she looked disgusted “Ugh, no! It’s such a nerdy movie!” he then turned to me, “do you like Star Wars?” “Of course! On the rare chance it snows, I pretend I’m on Hoth and that a stick is my light saber.” I smiled and he smiled in response. “I’d rather talk to her, thanks anyway.” “UGH!” She turned on her heel and stomped away, “One more thing!” I called “Emo doesn’t exist! It’s a stupid stereotypical label. I’m me and I’m sorry you don’t accept it. But, quite frankly, I couldn’t care less what you think. I’m perfectly fine with the way I am.” I smirked, I felt totally bad-butt, nobody has ever stood up to her like that.

    “See what we tried to warn you about? She was trying to seduce you Mikes!” “I do now! I thought she was going to kidnap me for a minute. Thank God, you showed up.” “You probably would have given a makeover and been forced to ‘come to the dark side, Luke’” He smiled and opened his mouth to say something, but the teacher had walked in and brought the class to order.
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    ^ haha i love Star Wars, so the references are great! :)
    I like how you made them already be in the band, thats a cute touch.

    THANK YOU FOR THE SHOUT OUT (and the skittles)!!!!!!! You get a shout out (and skittles) in my next fanfic update. :D

    Good luck at your choral thing!
  4. thank you! I own every Star Wars on DVD....and my dad is an addict. Yay! A shoutout AND skittles! :D Thank you!

    Edit: I won't be able to update before going to Florida. But expect a shitload of updates when I return :D
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    My name is Abigail... D: but people call me Abbie..
    I'm not like that! Dxxxx I dun like being tan. >____>
  6. I actually just chose a name I thought was girly. I don't refer to her as Abigail when I talk to my friends about the character, I just call her 'The witch'. I didn't think you were like that, I'm sorry you don't like being tan. I'm really quite pale and it's really annoying.
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    Now I feel like a witch. Dx
  8. you shouldn't really. It's a common name. I apologize for making you feel like a witch.
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    It's okay :)
    Hahaha I don't like my name. Blahehrh.
  10. I'm not a fan of mine either, everyone pronounces it wrong. It's pronounced like Jillian, but I get called Julian, and sometimes's really quite strange. I've met very few people who pronounce it right on the first try.
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    Wait, what's your name? Because my real name is Jillian.

    If you need an editor, I can edit stuff :)
    my email is [email protected]
    I'm in "Wild and Wonderful, West Virginia." -.-
  12. mine is Gillian :] thank you for your offer! My editor abandoned me :[ I will be taking you up on that. "Smiling Faces, Beautiful Places" South Carolina isn't that great. My mom is from West Virginia, and I'm actually from Maryland.
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    ^ Dude, my parents came so close to naming me that, after some actress named Gillian Anderson. But my mom thought I'd want to shorten my name to "Gill" someday, and people would pronounce it with a hard g instead of a soft one. And that did end up happening, I go by Jill now. But yeah. I'd be happy to be your editor!
  14. thank you! I do sometimes shorten mine, but I change my G to a J so I don't get called Gill with a hard G. As soon as I get home, I'll email you the update
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    Hello, love.
    Please make sure your index is in the right order;

    And please add one of the following genres.
    Thanks! :)
  16. Chapter 6

    As promised Abbie this one is for you :] Anywho I hope you all enjoy this because I have so much fun writing it. Updation!
    Mikes and I met Gee and Frank at the end of the hallway, and now we only had to find Aubs and Ray. I saw the ‘fro from the other side of the lunch room and pulled the guys towards it. “Ooh forceful!” Frankie yelled, causing people to turn and stare.

    “Hey Aubs!” Gee yelled and gave her a hug. I got the feeling that he liked her.

    We sat and Frankie put his arm around my shoulders, I blushed a deep scarlet red.

    “How’s your day been guys?” Auburn asked, almost sounding anxious.

    “Well, if I hadn’t found Mikey, he would have been pulled to the Sith. The enemy kinda had him cornered.” I smirked at him

    “For real?” Gee asked, shocked

    “Yup, Abigail and her Barbie clones tried to seduce him. Just as predicted.”

    “Why, did you expect it?” Frank asked.

    “As Aubs said earlier, the four of you are cute. Abigail will try to get you. It’s not just that though, you’re also the shiny new toy everyone wants to play with. She’s like a black widow. It's all fine and dandy at first, but then, in the end, she destroys you.”

    “But Meagan was a total bad-butt. She told Abigail off. I couldn’t have put it better myself. Well, there probably could have been expletives, but it was still wonderfully put.” Mikey said, smiling.

    “You stood up to her? Holy poop dude!” Aubs yelled and held out her hand for our handshake. I grinned widely.

    “What the hell was that?” Frank asked a confused expression on his face.

    “Secret handshake dude. We’ve been doing it for years.” Aubs grinned.

    “Can we get food? I’m sooooo hungry!” Gee complained and began tugging on Auburn’s arm.

    “Fine, fine. Come on.”


    We went to the various lines and got what we wanted, Frank and I chatting the whole way. I discovered he was a vegetarian and he discovered my dislike for milk. We spent the rest of our lunch period laughing and eating. I concluded that this had been the best day of school I’d had in a long time.

    As soon as the bell rang, signaling the end of school, I walked swiftly to find Frankie, Gee, Mikes, Ray, and Aubs. They were sitting on the lunch table we ate at earlier, talking, and getting the stink eye from Abigail.

    “You do know if looks could kill the five of you would be so dead right now?” I pointed out when I walked up.

    “Wanna come to band practice?” Gee asked Aubs and I.

    “Band practice?” Aubs asked. poop, I forgot we hadn’t told her about MCR.

    “Yeah, we’re in a band.” Mikey grinned.

    “Sure.” I said smiling and I pulled out my phone to text my mom.

    Going to a friend’s house, should be back around 7. Love you. I got a message back and she agreed. Gerard texted someone named Bob, and we headed off to his, Mikey’s, and Frankie’s house. We entered their house; it was one I’d seen many times on my way to school with a certain charm to it.

    “Hi boys!” Gerard and Mikey’s mom called, and I heard footsteps coming from the kitchen.

    “Hey Mom” Mikey said when she entered the entryway.

    “Oh, who’s this?”

    “Mom, this is Meagan, and we call her Bowie,” he gestured to me, “and this is Auburn.” He sort of pointed to her.

    “It’s nice to meet you Mrs. Way.” I said politely shaking her hand.

    “Please, call me Donna. I’m glad the boys found friends on their first day. Is Bowie like David Bowie?” Mrs. Way asked.

    “Yes ma’am. I had this strange obsession with David Bowie for a while, and I would always listen to his songs. Auburn ended up calling me Bowie and it stuck.” I smiled at her

    “We’re gonna go downstairs and practice a little. Bob should be here in about five minutes.” Mikey informed his mom.

    “Have fun! Don’t fight. " She reminded the boys.

    “Yes Mom.” Frankie giggled and led us downstairs to the basement. Upon entering my eyes immediately flew to the guitars.

    “Holy poop.” I whispered awestruck.

    One guitar was white with “Pansy” written in silver stickers, another was a matte black color, and finally a red and white bass sat in the corner on stands each showing their own glory. I’ll admit, I’ve got a thing for guitars; they’re one of the greatest instruments in my opinion.

    Frank looked at me and followed my stare, “Ah, you’ve seen the guitars.”

    “First thing I saw. They’re beautiful. I’m going to guess Pansy’s yours.” I asked innocently.

    “Yep, good guess.”

    We heard a knock on the door.

    “It’s open.” Gerard said, helping Mikey with his pedal. A blond boy, who I assumed was Bob, walked in and immediately rushed toward the drum set. Frank told Aubs and I we could sit on the couch in the corner and went to grab his guitar. After getting all set up, they began playing. I felt my jaw drop as Gerard began singing.

    “We could be perfect one last night.
    And die like star-crossed lovers when we fight,
    and we can settle this affair.
    If you would shed your yellow take my hand,
    and then we’ll solve the mystery of laceration gravity,
    this riddle of revenge. Please understand it has to be this way.
    Stand up f**king tall, don’t let them see your back, and take my f**king hand, and never be afraid again.”

    Frank and Ray’s hands flew on their guitars for the rest of the song, Bob beat the drums, Mikey’s hands swiftly moved across the bass, and Gerard’s voice carried the tune. When they finished, Frank looked at me expectantly. I knew my jaw was still dropped.
    “Only three words could describe that,” Frankie’s eyes filled with hope, “Holy f**king poop!” I smiled, “That was amazing! I’ve never heard anything like it, it’s like the Smiths and the Misfits got together and this musical child was the result”
    “Agreed. That was intense.” Aubs nodded.
    We sat downstairs listening to them play until my phone buzzed with a text from my mom. I glanced at the clock, it was after 8.

    “poop I’ve got to get home!” I squealed.

    “I’ll walk you.” Frank got up and walked Aubs and I to my house, she went in and left Frank and I alone on the porch. He wrapped me in a vise tight hug.

    “Okay Frankie….Can’t…..Breathe...”

    “Oops, sorry.” He looked down timidly. I put my arms around him.

    “It’s fine, really.” He slowly placed his arms around my waist trying not to crush my lungs again, I giggled softly at his caution.

    “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

    “'Kay.” He and I waved and I walked into my house following him with my eyes.
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    SOO SORRY FOR NOT COMMMETING!! I read this on my E-mail when you first posted it, and I didn't think to comment. I loved the update, AND I FEEL SO LOVED! IT WAS FOR ME! YAYY. <3 I loveee youu. :]]
    More soon? :DD
  18. Chapter 7

    of course Abbie :] love you too dear! I actually got the edited update from Jill Friday night, but I was out at a show. I actually didn't get home until 3:30 in the f**king morning, so I was tired as hell and unable to post. But as a special Easter present from me to you lovely readers, I have an update!!!!
    *throws Skittles and Starbursts in the air while playing Planetary(Go!)*
    I walked in and saw my mom and Auburn looking out of the window from behind the curtain.

    “Creepers much?” I asked, and they both looked down.

    “Who was that?” Mom asked.

    “Oh God here comes the talk,” I thought. “My friend, Frankie. I was at his house with Aubs along with our new friends Gerard, Mikey, and Ray.” I explained. Auburn blushed when I said Gerard’s name, and it was apparent that she was in serious crush mode.

    “You could have at least texted me to let me know you were staying later.” She looked a little pissed, but not like she was going to ground me.

    “To be honest, we lost track of time. Aubs and I were listening to them play.”

    “Okay. Auburn you may stay the night if you want. It's late and I don’t want you walking home alone.”

    On my way past her, she grabbed my arm, and asked me at a whisper, “Is that boy your boyfriend?”

    “No, mom. I do like him a lot, but no.”

    We finally made our way up to my room and I sat on my bed, looking out of the small glass door behind it. Something small hit the door, making a sharp tapping noise. I stood up and walked over to it and saw another small object hit it. I opened it and stepped out on to my porch; in my backyard was Frank and Gerard.

    “What are you doing?” I asked incredulous.

    “Throwing pebbles at your window, reenacting Romeo and Juliet, that sort of thing.” Frank smiled.

    I grinned. “In that case, Frankie, Frankie, wherefore art thou Frankie?” I placed my hand over my heart, and mocked, “But soft! What light through yonder window breaks? It is the east and Meagan is the sun." We laughed.

    “Is Aubs up there?” Gee asked, hope filling his brown eyes.

    “Aubs, you have a visitor.”
    She walked over to where I was standing.

    “Hi Gee! Hi Frankie!” She waved.

    We talked for a long time, until it got very late and Gee and Frankie had to go home. Frank parted with a final line from Romeo and Juliet, "Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow, That I shall say good night till it be morrow".

    We woke up and I did my normal routine, this time grabbing an Anthrax tee shirt from my closet. Auburn borrowed an iwrestledabearonce tee shirt and purple jeans since we were around the same size. I know, I have one of the strangest tastes in music. We pulled up to the school and walked in, seeing the guys sitting at the table where we met yesterday. I noticed Mikey and I were wearing the same tee shirt.

    “Hey hey!” Aubs said, plopping down beside Gee.

    “Nice shirt” I commented to Mikey, smiling and sitting beside Frank.

    "Now we’re Anthrax and we take no poop” he said.

    “And we don’t care for writing it.” I said back.

    “The sound you hear is what we like. I’ll steal your pop tarts like I stole your...socks.” he said, smiling.

    “Yo, man, what’s the matter with you?”

    “I’ll get it next time, I mean it.”

    “Charlie beat the beats, the beats you beat”

    “The only thing harder is the smell of my feet.”

    “That’s the truth.” Gerard said, lightly punching his brother in the arm. We all laughed, gaining a few stares.

    “So what was with the Romeo and Juliet reenactment in my backyard?” I asked Frankie and he blushed a little.

    “Romeo and Juliet?” Mikey asked.

    “He came to my backyard and threw pebbles at my window; we kinda started reciting the balcony scene. Until someone,” I emphasized someone, “interrupted asking for Auburn.” I glanced at Gerard accusingly, causing a slight blush to fill both of their cheeks.

    “We came to make sure you didn’t get in trouble for staying late, and I thought it would be a nice gesture.” He looked down, timid and embarrassed.

    “I didn’t say it wasn’t cute.” It was my turn to look down, blushing a little. A chorus of “AWWWWWW!” was yelled by Gee, Aubs, Mikey, and Ray.

    Frank and I glanced up at each other, a pink blush on both of our cheeks, and I saw the emotions clear in his eyes, irritation towards the others for their outburst, embarrassed because of said outburst, and something that wasn’t quite love shone brightest in his green-brown eyes. I’m sure the same shone in my pale blue eyes by the smile on his face. He grabbed my hand and I intertwined our fingers, feeling the soft skin of his palm change to hard callouses on his fingers from the guitar.

    “Finally! How about a round of applause for the happy couple?” Mikey applauded, and so did everyone else at the table. I looked at our intertwined fingers and how they fit perfectly between one another, the pale skin of my hand next to his tattooed skin.

    “Bowie and Frankie sitting in a tree!” Auburn shouted.

    “Really? Are we that immature?” I asked her. A short silence surrounded us until she spoke.

    “Yes. Didn’t you get the memo? Today is 'Be As Immature as Humanely Possible Day.'” We all laughed.

    “Okay.” I reached across the table with my free hand and pulled on her hair.

    “OWWW! Geeeee! She pulled my hair!” He rubbed her shoulder blades.

    “But seriously,” she said, pulling out of her fake crying fit, “It’s about time. You’ve known each other for-,“ she cut off, looking at the clock, “Two days, exactly. You met at this time yesterday, there was something in both of your eyes when you looked at each other, we all saw it.”

    I glanced at Frankie and he grinned, nodding. I nodded in return, smiling the biggest smile I had in a long time. The bell rang again, “Only me.” I thought grudgingly.

    “What is with that damn bell?” I muttered to Frank as we walked down the hall, our hands wrapped around one another's.

    “What about it?” He asked.

    “It keeps interrupting the fun at the table.” I said, glancing at his green brown eyes.

    "God, he has the most beautiful eyes.” I thought.
    We met Gerard in the music room again, going back to our corner. I went back to writing and singing quietly to myself, Frankie sitting beside me.

    “You sing?” Gerard asked, hearing me.

    “A little, but I don’t think I’m all that good. I do it because I love it.” I explained.

    He dug in his bag for something; I was guessing a piece of paper. He pulled one out and muttered an “Ah,” and handed it to me.

    “Vampires Will Never Hurt You?” I asked.

    "Yeah, sing it. Frank, could you play Ray’s part to go along with it?” Frank nodded and I looked taken aback.

    “Oh come on, please?” Both of them put on begging eyes, and I couldn’t resist.
    “Fine, only because I can’t resist the Bambi eyes.” I sighed.

    Frankie began playing next to me.
    “And if they get me and the sun, goes down into the ground,
    and if they get me take this spike to my heart and...
    And if they get me and the sun goes down.
    And if they get me take this spike and
    You put the spike in my heart!!!“
    I noticed the pause on the paper and let Frank play.

    “And if the sun comes up,
    will it tear the skin right off our bones?
    And then as razor sharp white teeth rip out our necks,
    I saw you there.
    Someone get me to the doctor, someone get me to a church.
    Where they can pump this venom gaping hole.
    And you must keep your soul,
    like a secret in your throat.
    And if they come and get me,
    take this spike and....
    Can you take this spike?
    Will it fill our hearts with thoughts of endless night time sky?
    Can you take this spike?
    Will it wash away the jet black feeling?”

    I sang the song loud enough for them to hear, but not too loud as to disturb the others. I finished singing and looked at Gerard. who was staring at me. I also felt Frankie’s eyes on me.

    “What?” I asked.

    “Wow.” Gerard said.

    “What wow?”

    “You have a great voice.”

    “Aw, thanks. It’s nowhere near as good as yours though.” I grinned at him.

    “Bullshit.” They said simultaneously.

    “Thanks guys.” I gave them each a hug and Frankie’s lingered. We continued sitting in our corner listening to Frank play, until it was time to go. They both walked with me to my hallway and double-hugged me again, but on Frankie’s side, a soft kiss was placed on my cheek, the cold metal of his lip ring brushing my skin.

    “See you later,” He whispered in my ear before gliding his fingers down my cheekbone, then he walked with Gerard to his next class. I felt a lot of eyes on my back as I walked down the hallway, smiling the biggest smile I ever had. I was on top of the world, until my dream walk was shattered when I felt a tug on my sleeve . I was quickly pulled aside.
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    Loved itt hunn :)
    I feel awful for asking this, but if there's any room for being in your story... I would gladly take it :D I have platnium blonde hair.. Pale... And I usually wear vans/converse with a band tee and skinny jeans. Lots of times I wear REALLY weird thing like too too's to school... If there's no room, I conpletly understand.. but I feel rude for asking... :[
  20. Oh Abbie, you should never feel rude for asking! I think I have a perfect role for you :] would you like any specific details for your character? You can P.M me or email if you wish :]

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