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Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Miz Erie, May 6, 2013.

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    So honestly, I suck at writing poetry. Most of my poems are freeverse. And most of them are som sort of response to some happening or occurrence in my own life or around me.

    But seriously, I suck at poetry. And I rarely write it, which means this isn't going to be the most active thread. I suppose I'll post each one as a separate post.

    So here goes...


    Nocturnal Love

    Even though the sun has just begun to set,
    I can see a thousand stars twinkle in your eyes.
    Your smile mimics the crescent shape of the waning moon.

    Like the night wind, you flitter through time and space,
    never once stopping in one place for long.
    As darkness grows, so does your light.

    I touch your cheek.
    You lower your face into my palm.
    I can't stop a shiver.

    Too soon the sun will break free of its sleep,
    and like the night, you'll be gone again.
    And I will once again be alone.


    I don't remember now why I wrote this. I know it was for my sister... I think. Anyway, this one of my crappy ideations on love.
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  2. Miz Erie

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    The Visual is in Your Head

    I am an artist.
    I create beautiful things.
    But like all art,
    each individual finds something different in my works.

    I guide my brush across the page, dragging my paint into the brushstrokes I desire.
    Yet my brushes do not exist.

    I diligently choose my colors to evoke the perfect mood.
    Yet all is black and white.

    The melody sways you as it dances in your ears.
    Yet I am silent.

    My art touches you,
    makes you smile and weep,
    makes you cheer and scorn,
    makes you love and hate.

    As colorfully bold as any other,
    as painstakingly sculpted as any other,
    as sweetly sung and passionately played and extraordinarily lived as any other…

    My emotions are my paint.
    My voice is my melody.
    My words are my brushes.
    My thoughts are your visions.

    I am an artist,
    for I am a writer.


    So I wrote this in response to Gerard's art contest. He says "all mediums" are acceptable, but he implies visual mediums. I m not a visual artist. I play around with Photoshop, but I pretty much just do little stuff with it.
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    I really like the second one. I couldn't agree more with it.
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    I loved the second one. It's spot on.

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