Marijuana Does No Good, Frank. [Frerard]

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    Chapter 127.

    Gerard's POV.

    "Frank?" I murmured, as my eyes flickered open. Swallowing hard. Realizing he wasn't by my side. As I heard silent whimpers, or, gags come from our bedroom. Concerned highly - I stood to my feet. Regaining vision, walking into the room.

    "Frank?" I repeated, as I saw the bathroom door creaked open. I had that churn in my stomach, while I knew I heard his cries. A panic flew into me as I saw him there, on the floor. Inches away from the toilet. He hadn't even noticed me..

    "Frank!" I gasped out, widening my eyes, as I ran toward him. He finally looked up at me. Tears in his swollen eyes. What was going on?

    I wrapped my arms around him instantly, while he did the same, only in a loose manner. My heart began to pound quickly.

    "Hey, hey, what's wrong?" I asked, whispering, while rubbing his back in a comforting motion.

    "I.. I don't feel good." He stuttered, pulling back from the hug, looking into my eyes. I could tell. Taking my thumbs, I removed the falling tears, away from his eyes.

    "What hurts?" I stared harder at him, while whimpers continued on. He motioned his index finger toward the toilet. I followed, and my heart stopped, as it leaped into my throat. My eyes only growing wider.

    It was blood. f**king blood. All blood. Throughout the rim of the toilet, it was full of blood. I looked back at Frank, as he stared at my response.

    "Everything." He mumbled, loosening his grip from around me, holding his stomach. The first thought that had hit me was to go to the hospital.

    "C'mon." I stood up, he didn't move. He only looked up at me. As if I spoke a different language.

    "Where?" His voice cracked.

    "The hospital." Was all I let out, leaning down to pick him up.

    "Noo." He shook his head, pushing himself back, away from me. I narrowed my eyebrows.

    "Frank, somethings wrong."

    "I'm scared." He admitted, my heart fell, as tears of my own began to form. I sucked it up, holding it in. I knelt down infront of him

    "I am, too. But sitting here isn't helping, right?" I whispered softly. He let out another whimper, nodding. I wiped yet, another tear from his eye. Concerned for his health, more than ever - while I gave my hand to him, he gripped shortly after. Wincing, groaning, moaning, while he finally got to his feet.

    "Want me to carry you?" I didn't care what I had to do, I just, hoped he was okay...

    He shook his head no, while continuing to hold my hand. I gripped it tightly, while leading the way.
    Author'sNote: x3 Thank you guys.
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    *huggles Frankie*
    Poor Frankie.. :(
    is he stil doing drugs or what?
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    dont tell me its aids or something D:
    if it is..Imma..Imma..DO SOMETHING!!
    Ruuuuuuuuuuuun Gerard!
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    I'm happy Gerard's there now. I hope they can fix him up at the hospital.
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    Pooor Frankie !!!

    I hope he will be ok, pretty please ???

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    Frank'll be okay right?RIGHT!?!?!?
    I hope he is
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    Frank's ok, right??
    I started crying alittle :'(
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    Dx! Please, please, let Frankie be okay.
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    I'm glad Frankie's going to the hospital.
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    Chapter 128.

    Gerard's POV.

    My coos did no good in this case, as I drove on back streets, quickly, while Frank slumped in his seat. His moans of pain sent heartache into my chest. Along with fear to flush it away.

    My mind was leaping from thought to thought, while my hand crawled toward Frank's. Slowly, but surely, he entwined his fingers with mine, in a loose manner. Barely gripping. I felt a lump in my throat.

    "Gerard.." He groaned, pausing at a redlight, I turned to him.

    "We're almost there." I brushed the hair out of his face swiftly, feeling sweat wipe across his head, onto my hand. Hotflashes? I swallowed hard.

    "I have to throw up." He spoke through his teeth, as if he spoke one more word, it would just all fly out. I cringed a little. What to do? What to do?! Pull over? That would be a good idea, but it would delay time of getting him to the hosp- oh f**k it!

    Swiveling out of the redlight, ahead of the rest of the cars, pushing hard on the gas pedal, honks of annoyance was released while I stopped the car on the side of the street.

    Before I could even let go of Frank's hand, he had already pushed his head out the window, gagging viciously, as I heard nothing come out, I let go of his hand, rushing to his side, moving to the side, while he continued to gag.

    I put my hand upon his chin, opening the car door, that way he had enough space, of course. His hands trembled while he bent over to gag.

    His small, fragile spine shivered as he put pressure to release. To release absolutely nothing, except some spit, here and there. I wanted to cry, cause something was wrong with my husband..

    "Shh.." I cooed again, kneeling down, tears streamed down his face, when he finally stopped. I knew those tears. I knew that look, I knew that cry.

    "You're breaking my heart. Sh. Don't cry." I whispered, pulling him into a deep embrace. Much deeper rather than a hug. His arms wrapped around me, as if this were our last touch for eternity, his face buried in my neck, as if it were his last action.

    "I'm scared." He mumbled, barely audible. I felt the tears prick. No, I couldn't cry. Not infront of him. I have to seem like, everything is okay- I have to be the positive one here...

    Me too. I mouthed, but didn't speak the words.

    "We're..- everythings gonna be okay." My lip quivered. He was my life. If something happened to him, I don't know what I would do. Time flew by, in the embrace.

    I realized, we couldn't just, continue on, without knowing what was wrong with him. I gently pulled back from him, while he looked at me with those Bambi hazel eyes, those guilty, innocent ones he wore when he did.. that stuff..

    He pulled his legs, in, with the same tears, as I shut the door, and raced back to my side. I was wasting time.. I thought while I shut the car door. Taking the car out of gear. Driving quickly, we'd arrive there anytime now..


    Pacing up and down, I was unable to sit in the emergency room, while they took Frank in to examine. My mind was in a daze I couldn't escape. It kind of brought back memories, I wasn't the most mature, smart kid in my past before I met Frank...

    The concrete floor was cold. Not a sound was made aside from the sobs that escaped my lips. As my mind echoed into the room, whatever it felt like, just to defeat me.

    And break me down. And it did, every-f**king-time. I had, this, this rage, and, this hurt, and feeling of helplessness, uselessness. Like, I was down here, wasting life away, day by day with the blade that began to rust on me. I should note to self to search or buy a new one..

    My mind was right. Who's gonna love me? Who's gonna, who's gonna stare at me without bragging to the next person about how they hate me? It was just, not even me.

    Cause my mind was against me aswell, it was just this being, in the world, and the world was my enemy, that I stared at day after day, after day. I thought back to what some of them said earlier that day. 'Might aswell just kill yourself. Nobody will care.'

    The high pitch of their voice caused me to clench my fists together, while I grinned my teeth together. Staring at the object on the floor, watching as the dim light beamed against it. It was, calling my name..

    That caused me to freeze in position. But, I only stiffened more, when I saw a doctor make eye contact with me. The look on his face was tough to read. But the feeling in my stomach already gave away the answer to something tragic, something bad..

    "Mr. Way?" He spoke with his heaviest voice.

    "How is he? Can I see him?" I jumped ahead of the gun. The doctor pinched the bridge of his nose.

    "Well.. uh.. he wants to talk to you.." The doctor released.

    "What's wrong with him?' I paused for the moment. Glaring hard at him.
    Author'sNote: x3 Thank you guys! This chapter broke my heart to write. ._. Sorry about the cliffhanger. :ninja:
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    What Wrong?!
    Is he dying OMB!
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    Ehhh, I wanna know what's going onnnnnn!
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    great update tho
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