Marijuana Does No Good, Frank. [Frerard]

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    meep meeep, ive missed like 5 bazillion updates, but there awsome, SHOPPING XD
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    shower lol woop
    should be fun
    more soon
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    Great update!
    I LOL'd at the part that he fell while staring at Frank.
    Update as soon as you can, I like this very very much!
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    *new reader*
    I love this
    I laughed so hard at that
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    -New reader-

    Awesomness!! I love it. Poor marijuana addicted Frankie. :(

    *can't wait till your next update*
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    I loved it xD <3
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    oooo Vans yay...

    i sense some Frerardness on its way right?
    i cant wait for more xD
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    Ooooh, shower... This should be good.
    More soon?
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    Chapter eight

    Gerard's POV.

    On our way out from the mall, Frank noticed the lingerie store, otherwise known as Victoria's Secret.

    Frankie, for some reason wanted to go in.

    "Oh c'mon, c'mon. Let's go in here." Frank pulled my arm.

    "What? Why? Do we need bigger bra's?" I raised an eyebrow.

    "Just come on!" Frank pulled me in the pink, sweet smelling store.

    "Gerard," Frank snorted.

    "look at these." Frank smiled, lifting up a pair of Dark pink & Purple underwear for women that said, "Pink." On the butt.

    "Good afternoon boys. Could i help you with anything?" A lady asked in yet another black suit.

    "No, just looking for some odd reason." I stared at Frank.

    "Aw, looking at something for your girlfriend?" She asked.

    "No.." I said.

    "Mother?" She said.

    "No.." I repeated.

    "Grandmother?" She raised an eyebrow.

    "Dear god, no. I'm here with my boyfriend. Him. Right over there." I pointed to Frank, him still holding the purple and pink underwear.

    "Oh, right. Well, if you need help with anything, just let us know." She said backing away.

    Frank went over to the perfumes.

    "Gerard, Gerard, lick my hand." Frank said, holding his hand for me to lick.

    "Why?" I wondered.

    "Just- lick it." Frank said.

    I did as said and licked.

    "Mm." I said, it tasted like bubble gum.

    "They have all kinds!" Frank said excitedly.

    "Chocolate, vanilla, cherry, bubble gum, strawberries." Frank went on.

    *In The Car*

    I turned on the car, as Frank sat back in the passenger seat. Half way down the road, almost at our house, Frank fell asleep.

    I smiled at him as we pulled in the drive-way.

    "Frrraannnnkiiie. C'mon, we're home." I said.

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    HAHA! Oh god...Frankie wanted to go into Victorias secret. XDDDD
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    ok im going to sounds so stupid but Victorias secret? I hear of ann summers but not Vitorias secret
    anyway great update
    more sooon
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    Nice update, more soon please.:)
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    The sales lady made me crack up...
    More soon?
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    That was so f**ken hilarious!!

    Ugh, Victoria Secret.
    I only like one of their perfumes.
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    For some reason I could imagine Frank going into VS
    And wearing thos pink undies
    Great update
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    Hahaha great update <3
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    Chapter nine

    Frank's POV.

    I woke up in the middle of the night in bed. Staring around to my surroundings. I noticed Gerard on the opposite side of me sleeping. Shopping bags on the floor. And a clock that read 3:33 AM.

    I yawned as i thought.

    You know he isn't up..

    You could go in your coat, grab that bag, head outside for a puff and back in..

    I'd never do that to Gerard. I promised him. I thought, fighting with my thoughts.

    But it's not like he'll know about it if you do it now.

    Just one or two puffs is all you want..

    Would he catch me? Would he know about it the next day? Would he be mad if he knew? I know i want it, but-

    I stared at Gerard thinking.

    "f**k it." I whispered, getting out of bed.

    The floor cracked as i walked. poop poop poop was all i thought.

    I made my way out of the room, grabbing my coat, heading outside the house, right on the steps.

    I looked down & around the streets, then looking back at our house, making sure Gerard wasn't up.

    Reaching into my pocket, i grabbed the little white wrapped 'cig', lighting it with the lighter, placing it upon my lips into a deep drag.

    I exhaled.

    Staring at the little white wrapped addiction, i felt guilt run through my body.

    Feels good though, right?

    *Fifteen Minutes Later*

    I entered the house dizzy, shutting the door, sitting in our living room.

    You're such a f**king f**k up, you know? The other half of my mind spoke.

    I ignored my thoughts and turned on the t.v.

    Flipping through the channels, finding nothing interesting.

    I stopped at a channel with a girl with blond hair and she was on stage singing..her voice was...gah! Horrible.

    "Nehaanh." I said holding my head, turning off the television.

    I laid down until i felt my eye lids get heavy.
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    What will Gee say
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    Bad Frankie
    *steals weed and runs*
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    NOOOO!! Bad Frankie! *steals drugs and hides them* Muahahah!

    OMG..girl with blonde hair...Uh..Random Thought..Hannah Montanna?? Haha...

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