Marijuana Does No Good, Frank. [Frerard]

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    Complete and proud.
    Special thanks to my readers. <3

    Fanfiction Of The Month;
    January 09'

    The following thread is rated 18+. Sexual content, drug use, language, etc.

    This is completely fiction. None of this has ever happened before..sadly. This whole story is just me and my imagination.

    Main Characters:
    Gerard Way & Frank Iero. [Sometimes others]

    His name was Frank Iero. On Frank's 15th birthday. Frank was introduced to peer pressure. He always did something he was forced into. Entering high school; of course.. one of the things he was brought to was drugs. Something someone showed him into. He always went along with the trends and what everybody thought. He felt as if the same with every being. That was.. until he met a boy, one day. Gerard Way. Who would have known, one boy, could change Frank's life completely?

    Romance, Fantasy, Hurt/Comfort


    Chapter index:
    Chapter One|Page One
    Chapter Two|Page Two
    Chapter Three|Page Three
    Chapter Four|Page Four
    Chapter Five|Page Five
    Chapter Six|Page Six
    Chapter Seven|Page Six
    Chapter Eight|Page Seven
    Chapter Nine|Page Eight
    Chapter Ten|Page Nine
    Chapter Eleven|Page Ten
    Chapter Twelve|Page Eleven
    Chapter Thirteen|Page Twelve
    Chapter Fourteen|Page Thirteen
    Chapter Fifteen|Page Fourteen
    Chapter Sixteen|Page Fifteen
    Chapter Seventeen|Page Sixteen
    Chapter Eighteen|Page Sixteen
    Chapter Nineteen|Page Eighteen
    Chapter Twenty|Page Nineteen
    Chapter Twenty-One|Page Nineteen
    Chapter Twenty-Two|Page Twenty
    Chapter Twenty-Three|Page Twenty-One
    Chapter Twenty-Four|Page Twenty-Two.
    Please IGNORE pages Twenty-Three through Twenty-Four.. it's just spam
    Chapter Twenty-Five|Page Twenty-Six
    Chapter Twenty-Six|Page Twenty-Seven
    Chapter Twenty-Seven|Page Twenty-Seven
    Chapter Twenty-Eight|Page Twenty-Eight
    Chapter Twenty-Nine|Page Twenty-Nine
    Chapter Thirty|Page Twenty-Nine
    Chapter Thirty-One|Page Thirty
    Chapter Thirty-Two|Page Thirty-One
    Chapter Thirty-Three|Page Thirty-One
    Chapter Thirty-Four|Page Thirty-Two
    Chapter Thirty-Five|Page Thirty-Three
    Chapter Thirty-Six|Page Thirty-Four
    Chapter Thirty-Seven|Page Thirty-Five
    Chapter Thirty-Eight|Page Thirty-Six
    Chapter Thirty-Eight CONTINUED|Page Thirty-Seven
    Chapter Thirty-Nine|Page Thirty-Eight
    Chapter Forty|Page Thirty-Nine
    Chapter Forty-One|Page Thirty-Nine
    Chapter Forty-Two|Page Forty-One
    Chapter Forty-Three|Page Forty-Two
    Chapter Forty-Four|Page Forty-Two
    Chapter Forty-Five|Page Forty-Three
    Chapter Forty-Six|Page Forty-Four
    Chapter Forty-Seven|Page Forty-Four
    Chapter Forty-Eight|Page Forty-Five
    Chapter Forty-Nine|Page Forty-Six
    Chapter Fifty|Page Forty-Seven
    Chapter Fifty-One|Page Forty-Seven
    Chapter Fifty-Two|Page Forty-Eight
    Chapter Fifty-Three|Page Forty-Nine
    Chapter Fifty-Four|Page Forty-Nine
    Chapter Fifty-Five|Page Fifty
    Chapter Fifty-Six|Page Fifty
    Chapter Fifty-Seven|Page Fifty-One
    Chapter Fifty-Eight|Page Fifty-Two
    Chapter Fifty-Nine|Page Fifty-Two
    Chapter Sixty|Page Fifty-Three
    Chapter Sixty-One|Page Fifty-Four
    Chapter Sixty-Two|Page Fifty-Five
    Chapter Sixty-Three|Page Fifty-Five
    Chapter Sixty-Four|Page Fifty-Six
    Chapter Sixty-Five|Page Fifty-Seven
    Chapter Sixty-Six|Page Fifty-Seven
    Chapter Sixty-Seven|Page Fifty-Eight
    Chapter Sixty-Eight|Page Fifty-Nine
    Chapter Sixty-Nine|Page Sixty
    Chapter Seventy|Page Sixty-One
    Chapter Seventy-One|Page Sixty-One
    Chapter Seventy-One CONTINUED|Page Sixty-Two
    Chapter Seventy-Two|Page Sixty-Three
    Chapter Seventy-Three|Page Sixty-Four
    Chapter Seventy-Four|Page Sixty-Five
    Chapter Seventy-Five|Page Sixty-Six
    Chapter Seventy-Six|Page Sixty-Six
    Chapter Seventy-Seven|Page Sixty-Seven
    Chapter Seventy-Eight|Page Sixty-Seven
    Chapter Seventy-Nine|Page Sixty-Eight
    Chapter Eighty|Page Sixty-Nine
    Chapter Eight-One|Page Seventy
    Chapter Eighty-Two|Page Seventy
    Chapter Eighty-Three|Page Seventy-One
    Chapter Eighty-Four|Page Seventy-Two
    Chapter Eighty-Five|Page Seventy-Three
    Chapter Eighty-Six|Page Seventy-Three
    Chapter Eighty-Seven|Page Seventy-Four
    Chapter Eighty-Eight|Page Seventy-Five
    Chapter Eighty-Nine|Page Seventy-Five
    Chapter Ninety|Page Seventy-Six
    Chapter Ninety-One|Page Seventy-Seven
    Chapter Ninety-Two|Page Seventy-Eight
    Chapter Ninety-Three|Page Seventy-Nine
    Chapter Ninety-Four|Page Eighty
    Chapter Ninety-Five|Page Eighty-One
    Chapter Ninety-Six|Page Eighty-One
    Chapter Ninety-Seven|Page Eighty-Two
    Chapter Ninety-Eight|Page Eighty-Three
    Chapter Ninety-Nine|Page Eighty-Four
    Chapter One-Hundred|Page Eighty-Five
    Chapter One-Hundred&One|Page Eighty-Six
    Chapter One-Hundred&Two|Page Eighty-Six
    Chapter One-Hundred&Three|Page Eighty-Seven
    Chapter One-Hundred&Four|Page Eighty-Eight
    Chapter One-Hundred&Five|Page Eighty-Nine
    Chapter One-Hundred&Six|Page Ninety
    Chapter One-Hundred&Seven|Page Ninety-One
    Chapter One-Hundred&Eight|Page Ninety-Two
    Chapter One-Hundred&Nine|Page Ninety-Three
    Chapter One-Hundred&Ten|Page Ninety-Four
    Chapter One-Hundred&Eleven|Page Ninety-Four
    Chapter One-Hundred&Twelve|Page Ninety-Five
    Chapter One-Hundred&Thirteen|Page Ninety-Six
    Chapter One-Hundred&Fourteen|Page Ninety-Seven
    Chapter One-Hundred&Fifteen|Page Ninety-Eight
    Chapter One-Hundred&Sixteen|Page Ninety-Eight
    Chapter One-Hundred&Seventeen|Page Ninety-Nine
    Chapter One-Hundred&Eighteen|Page One Hundred
    Chapter One-Hundred&Nineteen|Page One Hundred&One
    Chapter One-Hundred&Twenty|Page One Hundred&Two
    Chapter One-Hundred&Twenty-One|Page One Hundred&Four
    Chapter One-Hundred&Twenty-Two|Page One Hundred&Five
    Chapter One-Hundred&Twenty-Three|Page One Hundred&Six
    Chapter One-Hundred&Twenty-Four|Page One Hundred&Seven
    Chapter One-Hundred&Twenty-Five|Page One Hundred&Eight
    Chapter One-Hundred&Twenty-Six|Page One Hundred&Nine
    Chapter One-Hundred&Twenty-Seven|Page One Hundred&Eleven
    Chapter One-Hundred&Twenty-Eight|Page One Hundred&Twelve
    Chapter One-Hundred&Twenty-Nine|Page One Hundred&Thirteen
    Chapter One-Hundred&Thirty|Page One Hundred&Fourteen
    Chapter One-Hundred&Thirty-One|Page One Hundred&Fifteen
    Chapter One-Hundred&Thirty-Two|Page One Hundred&Sixteen


    "Aw Gee, c'mon!" Frank yelled in a giggly voice.

    "Frank, you're high again. You promised me you'd stop that." I said in a flat- somewhat mad tone.

    "I'll...i'll start tomorrow, GeeBear." Frank slurred on my lap.

    "But for now.." Frank stopped his sentence, put his hand on my thigh and looked into my eyes.

    "f**k me, that's all i want, GeeBaby. I wanna make sweet f**king love to Gerard Way!" Frank shouted laying on my lap.

    "I don't want our first time 'doing it' while you're high outta your mind." I said returning a glance into his eyes.

    "But i've waited so long, sugar!" Frank whined.

    "Wait a little long--" I said before Frank pulled my mouth to his. Into a kiss- closed mouth.

    Frank licked my lips begging to be let in. His mouth tasted like Marijuana. I pulled away.

    Frank looked at me with eye's that would have killed an immortal vampire.
    He got up from my lap and went to my bed. Put the covers over his head, i saw his tiny body shake with sobs. I made him cry?

    I.. i didn't mean to. I went over to my bed, picked up the covers, and saw a red-nosed-teary-eyed--can't-catch-his-breath shaking Frank.

    "Angel, why are you crying?" I asked. He looked at me with his big Bambi eyes. I took my thumb and wiped away a tear falling from his hazel eye.

    "You don't love me." Frank put his hands in his face crying. It was the drugs talking.

    "Yes i do, sugar. I love my Frankie, not the one who gets high." Frank sniffed through his nose, moved his hands from his face.

    I pushed myself close to him, wrapping my arm around his stomach so he couldn't escape my grip in the middle of the night.

    Frank buried his face in between my shoulder and collarbone.

    "I promise i'll stop, Gee." Frank said in my shoulder. I kissed his smelly but beautiful head.

    I heard his breath even out, and then heard him snore. I smiled and shut my eyes.


    [[Kinda short, i know. Comments? :x]]
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    awww. poor drug addicted frankie.
    I love this so far!!!
    can't wait to see where this goes!
    *calls number 1 fanspot*
  3. Noemi.

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    Ugh, stupid weed.
    I've seen what that does to people -annoyed-
    I really like this story.
    I can't wait for more.

    The title caught my attention.

  4. </3sofie</3

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    awweeeee, this is sweet, dont do weed it BAAAD, ive seen what it does to people *wells up*
  5. Amelia

    Amelia strangeness and charm

    xD @ Frankie.
    I think you got the feelings of drugs spot on, a lot of people act like that.
    Looking forward to reading more.
  6. REASONx346

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    :'( x 1000000000000000!
    Just that little part made me tear up. You've DEFINITLY got something incredible going here.
    I'm in love with it already<3333
    Thankyou so so much<333
  7. ObscureUrban

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    Thank you so much.
    & You're welcome.
  8. Gaby

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    Oh, I really like this.

    Its good so far!!!

    More soon?
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    I'm in like with this =]
  10. spikenike232

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    ^xD. Agreed :p "i seen his tiny body shake with sobs. " I notice you do this a lot Jess. I don't want to be harsh and I don't like sounding mean correcting people; it's "I saw his tiny body..". Present tense:] Anyways I'm looking forward to more:)
  11. ObscureUrban

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    Lol. Understandable.
    I corrected it now x}.
    I'll update tomorrow.


    i love this so much so far=]
    aww Frankie=[
  13. Someone

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    This is really good. Poor Frank.:( I know I'm gonna keep reading this one. =]
  14. ObscureUrban

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    I'll update some time today, i promise. My mom's just been on my laptop all day.
    But i'll make it my business to update today.
    I have the story line all in my head already.
  15. levena93

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    I love it so far. Update soon! XD
  16. REASONx346

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    I'm so f**king siked for the rest of this!!
    LMFAO<3333 I love your icon by the way.
    It made me smile and laugh soooo hard!
  17. ObscureUrban

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    Chapter two

    Gerard's POV.

    Frank brushed up against me, wrapping himself tighter around me, embracing his shape into my body causing me to awake from my sleep.

    I opened my eye's. Greeted by an asleep Frank. His hand wrapped around my shoulder- holding me tight. His legs wrapped and twisted with mine. His dread locks fell into his face, blocking his hazel eyes.

    I smiled to every detail i took in.

    Reader's POV.

    Five months ago, Frank was kicked out of his house by his parents. For the marijuana of course. And also other drugs. But it wasn't just the drugs.

    His family was very religious and was all into that, "If you're gay or bi-sexual, you're going to hell with the devil." Frank came out to being gay with his family, along with Gerard by his side holding his hand, being Frank's little protector.
    Seeing Frank finally speaking of his sexuality scared Frank deeply.

    After Frank told his sexuality, there was a riot. Arguing, yelling, and in fact, hitting. Of course Gerard protected him as much as possible.

    That's when Gerard realized it was time to get their own place and live together. Gerard handled his life on his own.

    His brother Mikey was no help. Donna [Gerard's mother] was always drunk. Donald was always yelling and fighting with Gerard.

    He never got a break. But that one night, when Donald had a fit, literally almost killing Gerard. Gerard did it. He moved himself and his boyfriend, Frank out.

    Frank's a high school drop out along with Gerard. They live together and have no plans into the future as to what life will bring them.

    Back to Gerard's POV.

    I slowly crawled out of bed, making sure not to wake Frankie up. Into the kitchen. I went to the coffee pot, got a coffee filter, placed it in the coffee top thingy, along with four scoops of coffee. I filled the coffee maker with water, and let that work it's magic.

    I looked over into the cabinets, i pulled out the Pancake mix. Turned the frying pan on, put a little butter in the pan and let it melt. I poured the mix into the frying pan, waiting and watching the pancakes rise.

    I cut up some fruit into a bowel as well. The coffee was finished. Along with the pancakes. I platted everything on a tray and went into our room.

    "Frankie.." I said in a soft voice.

    "FrankieBaby wake up, i made you breakfast sugar." I spoke a bit louder so he could hear me.

    "Uh..mhm.." Frank said waving his hand in the air.

    I put the tray of food down and went on our bed next to him.

    "Sugar. Wake up." I turned close to him, moving the hair from his face kissing his dry lips.

    "Mmm." I heard out of him, waking him up.

    I climbed on top of him. Sitting on his lower torso.

    "C'mon, wakey wakey. I made you breakfast and some coffee." I smiled. His eye's were big and hazel. Swollen from sleeping. They looked amazing- like he always did.

    "Aww. Thank you, Gee." Frank said in a weak voice then smiled.

    "You're welcome, baby." I said bending down to him, kissing his neck.

    "And. Today. I'm. Giving you. A makeover." I said in between kisses.
  18. Athena

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    you never told me you had a new fic =[
    i love it,
    frank you really should give up the drugs
    and gee i envy you i really do
  19. Noemi.

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    Damn, their parents suck!
    I'm glad that they finally moved out.

    Ooo, makeover!!
  20. famousXdeadX

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    hmm,, now I'm gonna piss myself in anticipation!

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