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    Title: Broken Lives

    Rating: U,PG,12,15,18+, i guess it does have violence in it, but not sex or drug usage.

    Disclaimer: these words and people are all from my head, as far as I know.

    Main Characters: Natosha, Brady, Taylor, Kolt

    Summary: Two children see something they're not suppose to see and now their aunt and uncle team up to keep them together and fight for their families.

    Genre: Action, Suspense, Tragedy

    Please enjoy, comment good or bad...

    Chapter Index:

    Chapter One-Page One
    Chapter Two-Page
    Chapter Three-Page
    Chapter Four
    Chapter Five
    Chapter Six
  2. Rory Wenzel

    Rory Wenzel New Member

    chapter one

    “Aunt Tosha?” called a little voice from the hall way. I shot up from my computer and looked around. What on earth.

    “Tylar?” I said as my little eight year old niece came into view. “What are you doing here?”

    “Mommy and daddy are fighting again.” she said flinging herself on the chair next to me. I shook my head trying not to look so mad. I wasn’t really mad at her, just at my sister and her husband; they can’t even call me when something like this happens. I started for the phone.
    “Please don’t call; I don’t want to go back. They yell all the time, Kerri and I don’t like it.” she said and my heart hurt as I pictured my nieces listening to horrible things that could be said in that house.

    “Alright let’s go.” I said grabbing my keys off the stand in the hall way and walking out the door with niece behind me. I walked over to Nichole’s place and knocked on the door. It only took her a few moments to answer. She looked at me then at Tylar and smiled.

    “How long this time Tosh?” she asked

    “I’ll be back in half an hour, if I’m not call the police.” I said leaving Tylar there and speeding off towards my sister’s house. As I got out of the car I could already hear the shouts. I slammed the car door and raced through the front door. I watched as the two of them keep it right in front of Kerri. Neither of them noticed me and I stood there waiting for some attention.

    “You can’t even stay home long enough to talk about anything and when you are home you always scream at me and girls! That’s great parenting.” said Jaclyn

    “Yeah well who’s screaming now!” yelled Michael

    “What the hell is the matter with both of you?” I asked breaking up the spat.

    “Oh wonderful, you called Natosha!” he said

    “No one called me, but I’m pretty sure that the police would love to hear how you two can’t stop fighting long enough to watch your children.” I said picking up Kerri and walking into her bedroom grabbing a bag off the floor.

    “What the hell does that mean?” asked Michael

    “Where is Tylar?” I asked packing Kerri’s clothes and favorite stuffed animals into it. My sister looked at the room then ran out of the room.

    “Don’t bother sister; she’s at my place with a friend.” I called after her. She came back into the room looking ashamed, but also pissed that her baby sister had to bail her out once again.

    “Look you two need to get this straightened out, I mean soon, leave, go somewhere far away from here. Take a vacation, do something for the two of you.” I said

    “If we don’t?” asked Michael

    “Well if you don’t the first thing that I’m going to do is call the cops and let them know how great of parents you really are, then get a lawyer and find out the best way to go about getting custody of my nieces.” I said sternly.

    “Come on Michael, it may not be such a bad idea to get out of the house for a couple weeks.” she said looking from him to me.

    “Yeah whatever.” he walked over to Kerri and kissed her on the top of the head.

    “The girls will be at my house, when you get back.” I said shutting the door with their bags. I couldn’t believe I actually did that. That was amazing and I felt safer at least for the time being anyway. I got back to Nichole’s and Tylar was sitting up watching a movie. I told Serrena thanks and took them back to my pace.

    “Aunt Natosha, what happened?” asked Tylar

    “They decided to take a trip you and you’re sister are staying with me for awhile.” I said

    “That’s a relief, I don’t like when they fight like that. I have another question, Tosha, can you be the chaperone on my field trip next week?” she asked as I put Kerri down in her bed and gave her a sippy. I was shocked to be asked, but I didn’t see how it would hurt. “I would ask Mommy or daddy, but I don’t want them to go.” she said “All the yelling would make my class mates look at them all the time. I knew how she felt and I knew I feel just as ashamed as Jaclyn would right now. I wanted to cry at the hurt in my nieces’ voice she desperately loved her parents, but she didn’t want them to embarrass her. She was eight how she was already feeling these feelings. Maybe she knows more than she’s letting on.
  3. Rory Wenzel

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    chapter one contiuned....

    “Baby girl, I know that it’s hard to hear them shouting all the time, but they love you, I do know that much.” I told her.

    “Aunt Natosha, I know that, I just don’t want to be around them right now.” she said

    “Okay little girl, if you want me to go with you I will.” I said smiling at her. She beamed at me and hugged me tightly. “Where are we going?” I asked

    “The down town Chicago, some museum or something.” she told me.

    “Well that should be fun.” I said

    “I can’t wait to tell Kolt!” she cried

    “Who is Kolt?” I asked raising my eye brows. She got red and gave me a little frown.

    “My friend, in my class.” she said

    “Aw, is he cute?” I asked making her blush even more.

    “Aunt Natosha!” she cried even louder. I laughed and she stomped off into her room. As soon as I knew she wasn’t coming back out I went back my computer and sat down. I was looking over the reports and all the research for the portfolio due on Wednesday, but I just couldn’t stop thinking about my sister or what my niece was saying.

    My phone went off and I grabbed it up.

    What’s up?
    Nothing, just working.
    On what?
    Just work stuff, boring actually.
    So what’s up with you?
    Just thinking.
    Well that doesn’t happen often.
    Hey now.
    Oh what’s wrong with your sense of humor?
    It’s with my broken spirit.
    Oh wow, so dramatic
    Well just wanted to see what you were up to. Better get to bed.
    Night Topher

    He was so different, but I haven’t figured out what made him that way yet. Toper was my boss and I don’t even know why I wanted to work for a law firm, but it seemed like a good way to get my feet on the ground. I think the other reason was that Topher was extremely good looking, even for having a little extra weight; he just made you feel welcome and apart of the group before you even were.

    “Aunt Tosha?” said a small voice from the bedroom. I pushed the chair into the table and shut down the lap top. It was going to be a very long two weeks. I shut the lights off and walked towards my niece’s room.

    It was two days before the big trip with my niece. I wasn’t even sure what I was going to do Kerri yet. She was only five and went to school half the day. I think I should just ask to take her with me. I think that my cousin Angela would be able to take her for the night. I get off in about an hour, the girls will be at Pink Punks, and that would give me time to run to Angela’s and be back before they get out.

    “Natosha, what are you doing after work?” asked Topher as I grabbed my bag off of the desk trying to locate my keys. I don’t remember where I’d left them.

    “I have to run to the South Park, quick.” I said snatching up my keys as I saw them dangling from the light next to the coat rack. I didn’t think about what he had asked, until I opened the door I really wanted to go out with him; I would ask Nichole to watch the girls tonight. When I looked at his face it was a kind of sad expression.

    “After that what are you doing?” he asked

    “I don’t really have any plans as of right now.” I said he grinned and thought I hadn’t caught it.

    “So what would you say to dinner around 8:30?” he asked I turned away and smiled to myself. I couldn’t believe I was actually doing this, he was after all my boss and I didn’t want it to be a bad date and then something happen to my job, because we didn’t hit it off.

    “I would like that Topher, it’s just I have my nieces and--” I said but he intervened

    “Well let’s get a pizza and rent a couple movies and take them back to your place. They can be kids’ movies, I love kids. Got a few nieces and nephews myself.” he said with a smile. That was very sweet of him, but he didn’t know my two, they would eat him alive.
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