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    This is so cute, I love it.
    I wish a guy would write to me like that, lol.
    It seems so formal and old-fashioned and not ruined with slang and internet speak. I like that about this story, it's like you could imagine reading these as actual letters back and forth between people.
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    That was fantastic.
    Tell her she's a magnificant writer.
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    This is amazing.
    I love how at every new letter, they become more friendly and open and loving with one another!
    It honestly makes me warm and cuddly!
    She's an amazing writer!
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    Aw, that was amazing.
    She's a wonderful writer. I really like this story.
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    That was wonderful, I love it. =]
    She's an amazing writer.
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    Just...amazing. Words won't do. Just amazing...
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    =O This is such an amazome fic! I'm seriuosly addicted, I think...
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    Aww the reply was really beautiful, simple and honest. Loved it.
  9. Julia

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    February 21, 1998.​

    Dear Gerard,
    Despite being a bit depressing, your letters have the same effect on me. I like depressing though. Ehh! Call me weird.

    Without sadness in life, you don't really have life. Of course, some have more sadness in their life than others. By making you happy, I feel like I have a little purpose. I'm happy that you're happy. And nothing is more exciting to me than getting your letters. I just wish they didn't take so long.

    And for that whole men crying thing, if you want to cry, then cry! I never really understood the concept of that belief. Why isn't a man or boy supposed to cry? It doesn't make them look tough. It makes them look like a hard butt… I guess some cultures like that though. It's like a lot of the things men were taught ages ago. Like keeping their woman in line or something.

    I'm glad the times have changed. I would have been one of those woman put to death for killing her husband. My idea of love is a lot grander than marrying some man and being forced to be his slave anyway. I guess I'm some what of a hopeless romantic.

    And as for my family, I'm just waiting for things to improve… and if they don't, it's like you said. I only have one more year of this place, and then I'm free. College bound or something.

    I guess school and learning has always been something I love. I'm a nerd, geek, etc. I never really understood why being labeled as smart was a bad thing either.

    I guess there are just too many things that I don't understand.

    Fate is something that I like to believe I understand. Maybe it was fate that brought us together. And having the same birthday is a sign or something. Maybe we're meant to be or something. Haha. I kind of have a confession to make. I'm kind of like this sad hopeless romantic, if you will. So, I went into this project thinking something like 'letters to a soldier! How romantic!' It was silly, but I do like you and writing to you is just one of those things I really look forward to doing. I guess you can say it's brought a little light into my life as well.

    I have your letters to me all in a little box under my bed, and when Dana and I have a go or I fight with my step-dad I tend to read them. They remind me that more people do have it worse off than me even though it seems like my life it just oh so horrible.

    And if you haven't notices, I kind of go in chronological order from what you last wrote just to make sure I don't miss anything.

    So, the next topic is how beautiful I am. Honestly, I'm not beautiful at all. I'm really not. And as for proof, I'll send you a picture! Then you can be the judge. I'll understand how repulsive I am when you don't reply. And, I'm really not joking.

    My friends say I'm pretty. They say I just don't see it because my mind had been warped by Dana and my step-dad telling me I'm not all the time. That might also be true, but when I look in the mirror, I don't like what I see and I don't expect anyone else too either.

    You make me feel beautiful though. On the inside. I don't think I've ever meant as much to anyone. I'd like to fill up your shell. I'd like to be there for you. I look at it this way; if I fill you up, then you'll be carrying me inside you and I'll never have to feel alone again. I like feeling safe and needed. Plus, you could carry me with you where ever you went.

    I like you. A lot. And I cannot wait until the day I get to meet you face to face and tell you these things.


    PS. Here's your picture.


    My friend has the most amazing camera ever. In person, I look way worse. Being vain, I sent you the best picture i could find. xxoo
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    Aw, that was a great update :)
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    Aw, that was amazing.
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    Amazing. :D She is very pretty.
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    Aw, that was great. I agree with Salvo. Very pretty :)
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    That was amazing
  15. Dumbledore

    Dumbledore glass child.

    That was amazing.
    And that's a beautiful picture.
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    I agree with everyone whom said it was amazing.
    She's really pretty.
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    *New Reader*
    This is just truly amazing,
    continue please.
    Much love.
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    *new reader*

    Oh, do please tell your friend that I love the story so much! ^^
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    Ah, amazing! =D Beautiful picture.

    Can't wait for more. =)
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    Another beautiful update.
    Can't wait for the next!

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