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  1. Angila

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    Oh I loved it. This story is postively fantastic.
  2. Katelyn McFly

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    aww. loved it. ha they have the same birthday. i can't wait for his reply
  3. Sazor

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    awwwwww!!!!!! more soon!
  4. spikenike232

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    Amazing. I love it.
  5. Dumbledore

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    That was amazing.
  6. NuRave

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    that was amaaazing!
    I cant wait for his reply!! XD
  7. ~deadinside~

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    That was reallly good!
    I'm glad they get along so well.
    This is a great story.
    I can't wait for updates!
  8. MarieArt

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    I really like this*new reader btw*
    She is very talented.

    I had to write a letter to a soldier before, it's really fun. Sounds strange, but it is
  9. Kesya

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    Oh I loved the reply :]
  10. XBlackTearsX

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    Oooh, I'm lovin' this story!
  11. darkestnight

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    I loved her reply.
    She is a very good writer.
  12. Julia

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    January 29, 1998​

    Bella dearest,
    You're doing a very good job of making me happy. With just two letters, you've gotten me addicted to you. If that doesn't sound weird. Let me try that again. I look forward to getting your letters, because they make me feel human.

    I've always been taught to hide my feelings and to "be a man about it." It is my belief that even men should be allowed to show their feelings. In today's society, boys are always taught it's wrong to cry. They have since the beginning.

    I can't help but cry these days. As soon as I get my mail from you, I feel happy though. Therefore, you are doing a wonderful job. You have no idea of the feeling I get once I tear open the envelope. I'll admit, the wait for your letters is excruciating though.

    Your family sounds just as bad as mine. You're battling your own war-zone. Don't worry, love. I like to believe that with time all things get better. Then again, I have been waiting twenty-one years for an improvement on my part. I don't want to discourage you though. I wasn't given many chances in life. You have the chance to strive for a real life. You should take that too. You just have to get through the next year.

    It seems that we have the same birthday. What a coincidence; or maybe it was fate. Maybe it was by fate that you got the chance to write to me too? Because, well, my world is suddenly a lot brighter than it used to be.

    I look forward to doing this. Sitting here in the bunks writing to you. It's like we're having a real conversation. I've shut out the whole world just to be with you for these spare moments.

    You sound like a beautiful girl. I bet you're more beautiful than you describe yourself as. You seem like a very modest girl, and, I have to say, I like that about you. You do leave some things for the imagination. And right now I am thinking out how you would look sitting right across from me.

    I can almost envision all of you, and I really wish I was looking at you instead of this seemingly endless row of metal bed. Which aren't really comfortable. It's like sleeping on sheet rock. You would think that they would want to provide better for the people who were defending their country. I think I've come to the conclusion that they just don't care anymore. If they're not going to care, neither am I.

    I could be at home or any where other than here, but no! I am here. Reality really f**king sucks sometimes! The sad thing is, I've never really had hope for anything like a normal life, but hearing about life from you has made me want that.

    Over the years I've become nothing but an empty shell. It feels like you're filling me up. I know this sounds so weird, and I know I'm probably freaking you out with this, but I've never felt like this before. I've never felt like I could just write to someone and spill everything. If feels amazing.

    You kept thanking me before, but I now realize that I should be the one thanking you. I've gained a new out look on life. Well, not fully yet, but I'm beginning to see some colors instead of just black and white!

    So, Bella Jean Sanders, thank you. And to me, you're more than nothing, and you make me very happy. Happy in ways I thought I'd never be happy.

    Yours truly,
    Gerard Arthur Way​
  13. Dumbledore

    Dumbledore glass child.

    That was so beautiful.

    Tell her I loved it?
  14. Lexi

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    That was beautiful <333

    Oh, and Jools, I think I found her profile in Mibba :)

    I subscribed to her story Disenchanted, see.
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    New reader.
    I love this! It's so sweet! The author is an amazing writer.
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    This is amazing. <3
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    Another beautiful update. Jools, tell her she is amazing.:)
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    Aw. :D I love this. She's an amazing writer.
  19. Katelyn McFly

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    that was beautiful
  20. Elena

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    Aaah, beautiful. =)

    Tell her she's an absolutely phenomenal writer.

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