Kissing Spent Cigarettes [Frerard] - Sequel to "Crash Into My f**king Arms"

Discussion in 'Completed Fan Fictions' started by 0punkrocker0, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. FrerardLove5

    FrerardLove5 Member

    i might re-read this some time.
  2. mollyxmadness

    mollyxmadness Active Member

    I think I might do that this week.
  3. lucyxfrerardforever

    lucyxfrerardforever New Member

    The only reason I've actually become a member on here is because of this. It really shattered my heart sat here in tears.
  4. FrerardLove5

    FrerardLove5 Member

    it really is heartbreaking. but beautiful nonetheless.
  5. zombiiiee

    zombiiiee New Member

    I just registered to say that this story had me at the border of tears. I've been reading it on my blackberry so it took me a while to read both of the stories. This was literally all I would do, before going to work, after work and while doing something else. The ending had me wanting more out of it and what you wrote was the perfect filling for it.
    Thankyou for posting this.
    Btw this is the first fanfiction I've ever read :) and I'm glad.
  6. xXNight-SurgeonXx

    xXNight-SurgeonXx New Member

    Oh my god....
    I cannot believe this
    I LOVED it
    it was awesome
    thank you for such a good story
    the epilogue was my favorite part by the way
  7. MrBoggins

    MrBoggins Jesus take the PRNDL!

    The whole reason I made an account on here was because of this story, and I never did comment.

    This story and Crash was beyond amazing. <3 I read it on my phone like it was an addiction and I'm glad I did.

  8. adrenlainedanger

    adrenlainedanger New Member

    dont feel left out i live all the way in Michigan and its freezing.
  9. vanilla_shadow

    vanilla_shadow New Member

    OH MY GERARD, the most beautiful and amazing story :hearts::hearts::hearts:
  10. Miz Erie

    Miz Erie Future Violent Staff Member

    I am SO embarrassed!

    I just finished it. It took me less than 36 hours from Chapter 1 of "Crash" to the epilogue of "Kissing", around my family responsibilities and sleeping (which I'd have skipped if I could have). I've never read anything I was so emotionally invested in! It called to my soul, the deep broken parts of my own soul. I don't know what to say... or why I'm even pouring my heart out to a discussion board... over a fanfic!

    I am viscerally shaken, on the verge of tears. My heart is pounding; I have a physical pain in my chest. I almost feel sick at my stomach. And she just let it end, left us readers hanging... there has to be another, make it a triolgy. Someone else's epologue was great, as Band-aid therapy, but I almost NEED to KNOW Frankie and Gee are okay, happy somewhere.

    I feel so, I don't know, torn. I feel human, lots of people read books for this exact reason, emotional response. But at the same time, who really gets this upset? I'm almost embarrassed.

    (Now, all the MCRmy, I know, is going to think I'm crazy and kick me off the fan page!)
  11. mollyxmadness

    mollyxmadness Active Member

    Don't be embarrassed. We all had the same reaction, Love.
  12. Miz Erie

    Miz Erie Future Violent Staff Member

    I LOVED this part! I don't know why, though. Thanks for reasuring me that I'm not crazy! I'm glad I'm not the only one that was so passionately attached to these characters!
  13. Dust Angel

    Dust Angel Unloveable. Staff Member

    You know, I feel like complete and utter poop for never commenting on this story.
    It was the first completed fanfiction I ever read, and that was back before I even made an account on this site.

    Though this isn't the story that caused me to finally join the site, it played a big part in my decision.

    I'm thinking about re-reading this. It's the length of a decent-sized book and I'm feeling awfully nostalgic. I know it's been over for ages, but I still love it just the same.

    Gah. Such a good f**king story‚ô•
  14. mollyxmadness

    mollyxmadness Active Member

    Just finished re-reading this again.
    I will never NOT cry at the end of this.

    I don't know why I chose to do it.
    Every time I read this, it shatters me. But it's such a beautiful shattering.
    I want to fall desperately and miserably in love, now.
  15. Miz Erie

    Miz Erie Future Violent Staff Member

    So I have to ask... how many people really want to believe the epilogue 0punkrocker0 wrote?

    (I so want to read this again, but I just can't right now. I know how it's going to end, and without that epilogue, I just... ugh... can't bear the thought of him losing Frankie like that!! I just want to cry and scream at the same time!)
  16. PrettyPoison

    PrettyPoison New Member

    You have no idea how much I cried from this story, it was f**king amazing
  17. 0punkrocker0

    0punkrocker0 Member

    hey everybody. =]
    come to my profile.
    i left a message that i want u all to see.
    this may or may not apply to u
  18. GAH! that was so hopelessly perfect I just....there's no words to describe it. I don't know why, but whenever an fic mentions Sunsets in Monroeville, it brings tears to my eyes. But I cried many times during this, I'll definitely give you that. I'm actually still crying. I'm so happy that Frank lived.

    I was already in denial at the end of the last chapter that he was going to die, and thankfully the epilogue cleared it up for me. I have to say, I could never imagine a better way to end this. One of my all time favorites by far. I promise you at one point I'll definitely be rereading this.

    Ps: my sister had an account on this site a lot longer than me, therefore she read more, and she read "Crash into my f**king arms". She told me she read this one too, and I believed her, and I asked her to make sure that they ended up together. She said one of them dies, and I practically cried. Well now, I can see I'm going to have to smack her. I don't know why I said this, I just thought I should because it shows the intensity of the story for me, and how much I really get into them. I wish I would have been there to comment on it before it was finished, but oh well.

    Amazing f**king fic.
  19. Aweee.... I am literally on the verge of tears. I just... Don't even know. It was perfect. I know I've said it about other things, but this is perfect in it's own little f**ked up way. <3
  20. Amp the killjoy

    Amp the killjoy New Member

    Omg I know right

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