Kissing Spent Cigarettes [Frerard] - Sequel to "Crash Into My f**king Arms"

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  1. Kriss

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    Holy f**k, that was just too f**king sad..
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    i really suggest u read this alone in a quiet place...

    Chapter 85

    I cradled his head in my hands, rocking his body ever-so-gently back and forth, murmuring I-love-you-toos and I’m-so-sorrys, wishing with every aching bone in my body that I had done something to save him.

    “Gee, there’s… s-so m-much I have to… s-say… For you…”

    “Shh, it’s okay, baby…” The words felt heavy falling from my listless lips. “D-don’t worry about me. Just don’t worry about me.”

    He gasped for air. “I won’t leave you. I won’t.”

    “It’s okay. It’s okay.” I kept repeating it, over and over, like a machine. “It’s okay.” The weight of everything I had ever done was pressing down on me like lead.

    “Listen, Gee-” he choked. “Listen.”

    Though I could barely hear above the roar of the blood pounding in my ears, I could hear far-away sirens beginning to wail, and I gripped Frankie’s freezing fingers tightly. “They’re coming. Baby, they’re coming.” My stomach hurt. Could anyone save him now? “Hell, Frankie, I never should’ve done this; I have to tell you that I’m s-”

    “Don’t! D-don’t say sorry. I’d… rather d-die… than betray you f-for… that f**ker…”

    “No! No, don’t say that!”

    “If you… hold me… I won’t go…”

    My voice came out as an unnaturally thin and shaky whisper. “B-but don’t you see them?”


    I nodded.

    Frankie struggled to copy the motion. “B-but they… c-cant t-take me… without you.”

    I couldn’t even answer him; I was crying so hard.

    “D-d’you believe… m-me now?” Frankie hissed through tightly gritted teeth, fighting the pain that was slowly taking control of his body. “I f-forgive you. I f-f**king forgive you, Gerard!”

    I nodded breathlessly, and suddenly, I realized that I felt lighter, like a heavy weight had been lifted from my breaking heart. My eyes met Frankie’s, and I could see that he was taking on my burdens again, bleeding my sins out to soak the dirty pavement, letting them go forever. Overcome with emotion that could never be expressed in words, I pulled Frankie’s small body up to my chest, holding him close as he struggled to wrap his arms around my neck. With no other way to show him how much I loved him, I pressed my cold lips to his. He whimpered into my mouth, but just clung more tightly to me, as though I was the one who needed help the most. My Frankie; my angel…so fragile and so innocent… Saving me again.

    And that was how it ended; the two of us clinging desperately to each other’s shaking bodies as I kissed his crimson-painted lips over and over; hard, clumsy kisses that smeared blood, saliva, and tears between us.

    “God, oh god oh god, Gee…” Frankie mumbled repeatedly between heart-wrenching sobs, white as a sheet and still fighting for air.

    “This is it, Frankie, baby, this is what you wanted love to be; bloodstains and handguns and rainclouds and- and-”

    “D-don’t,” he gasped raggedly. “D-don’t… s-say it; I know. I know… I got what I wanted, and that it’s… b-been nothing but hurt… b-but oh, Gee, I… wouldn’t t-trade it for anything, anything!” He choked and broke off into uncontrollable sobbing, pressing his mascara-and-eyeliner streaked face into my chest.

    “God, Frankie; don’t f-f**king leave me; I need you. I need you so f**king bad…” I crushed him tightly in my arms again, ignoring the tears covering my own face. My hoarse voice dropped to a whisper again as I kept rocking him gently back and forth, lips resting just below his ear. “You’re my angel, you always have been… Just hold on. Please, Frankie… just hold on.”

    “I w-won’t die without you, Gee… I don’t wanna b-be alone.”

    “Oh Frankie… Frankie, you’re perfect, sugar. I couldn’t take that from you… even your father could never break you.”

    He gave one more shallow gasp, and then the tension seemed to suddenly exit his shuddering body, leaving him looking all at once peaceful and even more heartbreakingly innocent. Not one of the tragedies he had lived marred his gorgeous eyes now, and as he stared tearfully up at my face, his red-stained lips twisted into a quivering smile. It was in that moment that I knew no matter what, I wasn’t going to lose him, although when his mascara-blackened eyes slipped shut, the faint pulse of life beneath his ribs was just barely enough to keep me from screaming.

    The angels had gone silent, leaving me to wipe the blood and tears from Frankie’s face to the rhythm of his shallow breaths.

    For all of my sins, somehow Frankie’s absolution had finally saved me, and I wouldn’t have to face the world alone after all. I owed my life to that beautiful boy with the green eyes, adorable grin, and perfect laughter, now crumpled, bleeding in my arms. I had ruined him, hurt him, broken him, almost killed him…

    But I wasn’t going to lose him.

    That night meant nothing to the rest of the world; none of the people who had hurt us, tried to ruin everything we were and everything we’d had… none of them knew it, but there in that abandoned downtown alley, covered in blood and choked with tears, clinging so desperately to each other on the cold concrete as the ambulance sirens screamed a shrill crescendo in the distance, were two scared, scarred boys with wasted lives and shattered souls who were learning how to love all over again… Just two desperate, broken boys who finally believed in chemical romance and true f**king love.

    “Mr. Way… Mr. Way, we need you to let go now. Mr. Way, we need you to let go- Thank you. Come on, sir… that’s it. Now listen to me. You’ve seen some horrible things. We’re going to get you cleaned up. Your brother’s waiting at the hospital, Mr. Way… Mr. Way? Yes, they’re going to save him. Don’t worry. Just close your eyes. Everything’s going to be alright.

    Everything’s going to be alright.”

    Everything’s going to be alright.

    The End.
  3. Kriss

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    Wow, that was so powerful. I'm lost for words.
    I'm in tears.
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    suprisingly im not crying... that was cute in a weird way... hmmm...

    will they save him?!?!

    great ending.. to an amzing story
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    ok. obviously u read the last chapter.
    but DONT GO YET.
    this fic is not completed.
    just wait until my very next post..

    yes that was the very last part of the story by elizabeth.
    will frankie live or not ?
    thats for u to decide.
    but my next post will answer that question.
    its NOT by her.
    its something that i made up.
    i dont what u all to keep thinking.
    so yeah. wait until my next post.
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    That was f**king beautiful.
    So f**king amazing.
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    Here I am, dressed in my best-looking suit that I could find in my closet. I looked down on Iero's newly published gravestone. I'm surprised that there were three flowers on it. I sighed as I thought back. Then I realized it. I couldn't believe myself. But I realized that I should be thanking him for what he did to me. Especially for what he gave to me. I could imagine his greenish eyes staring back as he finally listens to me. I slowly gazed my eyes up to the gloomy sky. You're a bad... bad... man..... How foolish was I to believe that. Fffff**k....mmeeeee.... My nightmares have escaped my tortured thoughts. I closed my eyes as I listened to them disappear into the calm wind. Make me... break me........ Finally peaceful... I looked back down to his grave. "You know what Iero? It's because of you that I met my love. It's because of you that we had to go through and f**k everything up ourselves. It's because of you that we realized that you don't know what you have until it's gone... But you were never there... Rest in peace, Iero. Never in hatred," I said to the body behind the casket under the ground.

    I caressed my love's soft hand. Until i felt something hard. I looked down to see what it was. A tiny smile came upon my face. It was the ring I slipped onto his delicate finger back at that gas station. Who knew that so many massive memories can be held in one tiny piece of plastic? "Are you ready to go, sugar?" I asked, still smiling at the ring.

    He hesitated. "No," my Frankie answered. He made an upturned fist with his right hand and slowly motioned it toward his father's name. He raised his middle finger and smirked. I did too. "f**k you," he said. He lowered his hand. Then he slightly lowered his head. "And thank you."

    He looked up at me with his beautiful emerald eyes that I've always adored. Them containing the look of pure love for me. I finally accepted it, and gave it back to them in response. I carefully leaned in to kiss his soft lips. Never deepening it. There's no need to. We slowly pulled away from each other. "I love you, Frank Anthony Iero-Way."

    "I love you Gerard Arthur Iero-Way."

    With that, I've decided. My broken angel is finally whole again. After all that we've been through, nothing can break us now. We walked to the exit of the cemetery. Then with our arms resting at each others waist, protecting ourselves from the world around us, we walked towards the early sunset over a place I would like to call Monroeville.

    'Till Death Do Us Part...
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    :):):):):) rather happy... loved it :) :):):):)
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    that was by me.
    u.. really like it ?
    it took me hourssssss to come up with.
    and that was a little epilogue to me.


    amazing.those last three updates made me cry.
    i believe frankie lived then.
    and the epilogue was great,amazing story.
    i loved this so much.
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    ^aww thanks.
    u have no idea how much that meant to me.

    to everybody,
    if u want to read my new fic, i'll post the link later.
    just... if u want to..
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    Has anyone ever been so sad about something that they actually feel a physical pain searing through them, not just emotions?
    That's how I felt reading these last chapters.
    I can't describe how much I loved this story.
    Thank you so so much for posting it.
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    I read that whole thing today. It's heartbreaking.
  14. Gaby

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    That was great, ACDC.
    Super sweet.
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    thaaaaaaank you thank you thank you thank you thank you !!!
    i love u sooo much.
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    Gah!! It's over!!
    :'( I'm gunna miss it so!!
    I loved it so damn much!!
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    You want me to tell you the truth?
    I cried. I cried like a baby when I read the epilogue.
    I've been up all night just reading from the first post of the first story,
    until the epilogue of the second one.

    It was just beautiful.
    And what you wrote was breath-taking.
    You should come up with a slash or a fan-fiction.

    Well, I'm going to miss this story.


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    the last few chapters had me in tears
    and the Epilogue was just perfect
    thank you SO much for posting this
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    omg thank u all so much. u've been the best readers ever. i've always loved everybody's presence. after i posted the epilogue that i worked on for sooo long, i felt... i dont know. empty ? like 'what am i going to do now that im finished posting ?'
    its weird. like when u move, u dont want to leave. but u know that there's something that u need to do and a place that u need to go to.
    sooo... yeah. im really going to miss u all.
    thanks for reading.
    the epilogue was just a test.
    im going to start on my own fan fic now.
    see some of u there if u want to read it.

    *passes out freshly baked magical cookies*
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    it's the end..
    it's really done...
    I'll forever have that nagging feeling that Frank may be alive...
    even after the epilogue.. strange, isn't it?

    anyway.. I'll post again later when reality sinks in.

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