Kissing Spent Cigarettes [Frerard] - Sequel to "Crash Into My f**king Arms"

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    and btw i think we should make this into a crew.

    was that the end btw?? see im getting all paranoid.
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    ummz how about the 'KillAllDealersCrew' or the 'DealersForTheMurderCrew' ?
    ..i hate that character.
    he shall die in flames.

    no that wasnt the end.
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    or why dont we make a crew for the whole fic? it totally deserves it.
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    lets think of a name...
    a tiny list maybe ?
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    The suspense is killing me.
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    why couldn't Gerard just listen to him
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    strangely enough I have to think of the song never to late and I honestly don't know what to say else, because I'm sort of emo all over the place. Thanks a lot.
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    sorry for everything.
    i just wanted to post this story..
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    please, one more chapter? One more, please its saterday and 'm sad now and... okay, I know whinign doesn't help sorry
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    but i kinda planned the rest out.
    but i promise u that u will be getting 2 chapters + 1 .... something.

    oh and myXfrankieXromance,
    how about if we named the crew the 'CarcinogenicCrew' ?
    'carcinogenic' is, i think, elizabeth's trademark or something.
    what do u think ?
    'CarcinogenicCrew' ?
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    NO NUKY!! it will end too soon!

    sorry it took so long for me to reply. Doctor Who was on and i nearly cried :'(
    but on topic...

    i like it. i dont know how to say it and i dont know what it means but it sounds good :D
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    i think its pronounced 'kar-see-no-jen-ik'.
    but CarcinogenicCrew it is.
    i'll add it right now.
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    I can't believe this story's gonna end, it was one of the frerards that I couldn't stop re-reading. ;(


    it is epic.

    oh frankie=[[[[[[[[[[[[[

    im like f**king crying.why oh why does it have to end?
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    The last chapter KILLED me.
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    :( Frankie.... Geee :( not a nice chapter... :(
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    im adding it now XD

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    AHHH !!!!!!!

    Chapter 84

    One deafening crack… a choir of angels screamed in protest, their chorus of high-pitched shrieks echoing beneath the contours of my skull. With a tortured cry frozen on my lips, I saw Frankie’s head snap back in the direction of the bullet, eyes ripped abruptly from mine, just as the metal impacted his chest, the force of the collision spinning him halfway around before his legs gave out. He crumpled instantly to the ground, his body hitting the pavement hard just as I ran for him, dropping painfully to my knees with a crunch as bone met gravel and pulling his head roughly into my lap. The expression on his face was pure shock, eyes wider than I had ever seen them with agony and maybe even disbelief.

    Emotions so intense that I had never known that they existed were surging through my body, tearing any hope of self-control from me with pain sharp enough to be nearly tangible. I heard the sound of receding footsteps and looked up quickly, immediately startled and sickened as my eyes locked with the icy stare of the drug dealer, his thin fingers still curled around the trigger of the discharged gun. Panicked, knowing only too well what he had done, I started to get to my feet, but Frankie grabbed helplessly at the fabric of my shirt, the pain on his face stopping me as I stared helplessly after the man, who had broken into a run. “F-f**k, Frankie, he’s f**king getting away!”

    “Th-they-” Shudders ran through Frankie’s body; I flinched. “They always… do, Gee… M-my dad n-never got… p-punished for it… The f-f**king cops… n-never even knew…”

    “Oh Frankie… Frankie, what the f**king hell do I do?!” My fingers, numb with cold, fumbled clumsily with the buttons on my cellphone, trying to dial emergency.

    He didn’t answer; he couldn’t. He drew in one shaky breath, and then choked as blood suddenly spilled over his quivering lips, bringing back an overpowering flood of sensory fears as disjointed images from my nightmares began to flicker through my mind like cuts from a bad horror movie.

    I dropped the phone just as the receptionist’s voice broke through the static, watching it snap shut on the pavement but really seeing beyond the ground, falling through my mind and back into the hell I had only really seen in my sleep. “Gee-rard… oh, fff**k me…Break me…” Shuddering, sick with dread and not knowing what else to do, I lowered Frankie’s head down to the pavement again, getting unsteadily to my feet and backing slowly away, my breathing erratic with terror and growing hysteria. I couldn’t take this. I had to get out; to get away… Ghosts were torturing me; the angels knew that I had let this happen. “You’re a bad man… a bad man. A bad… bad man…” My heart was in my mouth; every inch of me was burning with despair that came with the fear of insanity, but I couldn’t tear my gaze away from Frankie’s bloody form on the pavement.

    “No, Gee; please-” he gasped, almost hysterically, struggling to roll over onto his stomach, one hand reaching out towards me, fingers curling with pain.

    I just kept staring, terrified, revolting snapshots flickering continuously through my head. I could still hear the angels screaming. They knew what I had done to him. Afraid that I would vomit, I clutched my stomach, desperate and tormented.

    “You can d-do it… Gee; p-please-” He choked on blood and saliva, pressing his face into the gravel.

    Tears spilled down my frozen cheeks, so hot that they almost burned. How could I ever abandon him now, even with every pore in my body screaming for salvation, telling me that I had the chance to run now, to get away from the fear and the sins I had committed before they finally consumed me? With a broken sob, I let myself drop back down beside him, gathering his body close to mine. In his eyes, even his agony couldn’t dull the light of understanding that had always tried to tell me it was okay to be afraid. Biting my lip to fight the tears, I pulled him into my lap, hands resting comfortably on his thin hipbones, which were shaking as violently as the rest of him as his muscles contracted in painful waves.

    He only whimpered, choking on the thick crimson liquid in his throat as he struggled pitifully to pull his broken body up closer to mine, gasping out barely coherent profanity and spilling all of his hysterical fears to the dirty pavement. “Gee- I’m not f-f**king… d-dying; Gee, I’m n-not; I’m n-not going to hell… God, I d-don’t wanna… g-go to hell!” His eyes were tortured beyond any level of desperation that I had ever seen in them, reflecting all of the pain wracking his small frame.

    “You’re not going to hell,” I whispered as tears splashed from my cheeks onto his, wondering that my eyes didn’t bleed red with all the hurt built up inside me.

    Frankie’s breathing was hoarse and frighteningly shallow, coming in little more than short gasps now, and I slid a shaking hand up beneath his t-shirt, which was torn where the bullet had ripped through it to lodge deep inside his flesh. His heaving chest was slick with the same warm blood soaking his clothes and staining the dirty pavement, and he flinched as my fingers slid up his slippery skin, avoiding the jagged entrance wound as best I could, my hand coming to rest below his collarbone, where I could feel the faint pulse of his weak heartbeat struggling not to fail. As long as I could feel that weak rhythm, I would know I hadn’t lost him.

    “Gee… Gerard, god, oh, god, m-motherf**king… oh-” He whimpered with the intensity of his pain, shuddering violently and soaked with sweat. I was trying not to think, but I was still conscious that there was blood everywhere; saturating his clothing, pooling beneath him on the ground, smeared all over his pale skin and coating my shaking hands; the thinning fluid still hot from pounding through his now-ruptured veins though his body temperature was dropping rapidly.

    With nothing else to do, I only held him as tightly as I could, pretending that I couldn’t feel the blood soaking into the fabric of my own jeans, listening to him fight uselessly for breath that wasn’t there. He was suffering horrendously, and I knew only too well that whoever I had heard screaming, there were no angels here to tear out his fluttering heart and numb the sensation for good. Angels didn’t exist anymore; not if my angel was lying bleeding in a dirty alley… “It’ll all be over soon, baby, I promise,” I choked through my blinding tears, trying to get him to relax, even though I knew his muscles were all pulled uncontrollably tight with pain.

    His wide eyes locked directly on mine, the searing agony burned into his emerald irises so painful just to see that I almost had to look away. He whimpered and gurgled pitifully, blood and saliva trickling from the corner where his cracked lips met, then gasped, “I’m n-not… f**king… dying!”

    I didn’t answer; I couldn’t; just choked back a new wave of hot tears, brushing his bangs away from him face, tucking a strand of hair behind his ear with my badly shaking fingers. My other hand was still resting on his chest, and the barely perceptible pulse throbbing under his breastbone gave me only the slightest shred of comfort. The heart that had been shattered and splintered so many times was finally going to stop for good, leaving me helpless and at last, alone. It hurt worse than anything I had ever been through to see my gorgeous, delicate, fragile little Frankie reduced to this crumpled mess on the dirty concrete, the life slowly bleeding out of his broken body in scarlet streaks as he waited for his broken heart to stop beating and put an end to all the pain…

    He tried to spit; I wiped away the blood on his lips as he forced out “I love you… f-f**k, Gerard, I love you…”

    **u'll know when its the end. and now is not the time.**
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    Frankieee... :'(
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    *back in five minutes, in need of some tissues* There will be some longer reply, just... errrr ... stunned...

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