Kissing Spent Cigarettes [Frerard] - Sequel to "Crash Into My f**king Arms"

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    Kissing Spent Cigarettes

    Rating: 18+
    Main Characters: Gerard Way, Frank Iero, Mikey Way
    Pairing: Gerard Way/Frank Iero

    Fan Fiction By someonesxsweetheart
    (other site)

    this material has been civilian copyrighted.
    (c) carcinogenic, 2006-present.

    Author's Disclaimer:
    (My writing, my sick situations... not my characters. Love these boys, but I don't own them... They own me. Thoughts on Frankie and Gee? Dead sexy. I don't really believe that they have, or ever had, a romantic relationship with each other, but that's a personal opinion.

    Feedback to [email protected] please.


    My Disclaimer:
    I don't own them, know them personally, or hate them, obviously. =P
    This is only a fiction. This IS NOT by me. I found it on a different site. I thought that it was really good, and I thought that I should post it on here so that other people can read this AMAZING story. I asked permission and she said yes.

    P.S. thanks someonesxsweetheart ^-^


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    Chapter 1 - Gerard's POV


    "Yeah, Frankie?"

    "You know I love you no matter what happens, right?"

    Frankie sounded anxious, and I reached reluctantly forward for the remote to turn off his living room television, shifting my position on the couch so that I was fully facing him to show that he had my complete attention. "Of course I do, baby."

    He looked down at his lap and nodded silently, taking a deep breath. His soft pink lips quivered slightly as though they were trying to form words, but then went still without success. There was no sound in the room except for the barely perceptible hum of the lights and the soft rhythm of our breathing, his seemingly louder than mind, as if it took more effort to fill his small lungs.

    Realizing that something was out of place, I stayed silent and studied him for a moment, noticing for the first time how pale he had been looking lately. There were dark circles under his beautiful eyes, and his hands, now nervously toying with the cuff of one jean jacket sleeve, were shaking slightly.

    He looked sick, and I frowned. "Is something wrong?"

    Frankie's pupils darted nervously upwards and he shook his head, too many times to convince me that he meant it. "I'm... I'm just tired. I haven't been sleeping well."

    I knew that he hadn't been sleeping well, because I'd been receiving voicemail messages on my cellphone from him at almost the exact same time every night; two o'clock in the f**king morning. He always sounded exhausted and miserable, his voice thin and often shaky, but he never told me what was wrong. The messages were always similar too; "Just wanted to say hi" or "I couldn't sleep so I thought I'd call," but they never explained the haunted note in his hellos, or why the f**k he was always up at such an unholy hour. However, I also knew him too well to believe that lack of sleep was the only cause for his nerves, and as he started to get to his feet, one hand already in his pocket for his cigarettes, I reached for his arm. "Wait, Frank-"

    "What?" His voice had a hint of defensiveness in it as he sat back down with a soft thump.

    "I'm worried about you."

    "Well, you don't have to be," he snapped, staring towards the dirty linoleum. "I'm fine."

    I couldn't stand arguing, so I closed my eyes and took a deep breath before reaching for him. "Come here, babe."

    He melted obediently into my arms with a little shiver, and I shifted his warm body so that he was lying in my lap, bending over and bringing my lips to his, as gently as I thought I could handle without torturing myself.

    He whimpered. "Gee, I love you."

    I began to kiss him harder, pulling his body snugly to my chest and holding him close as I felt his lips part slightly, allowing me to slip my tongue into his mouth.

    He moaned slightly, but I noticed he was breathing harder than normal, and something told me that I just wasn't that exciting...

    **this is it for now. kk ? i need to get some sleep. bye !! updates tomorrow !! =]]**
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    God, i know what you mean with sleep *insomia all around* thanks for updating, it's so sweet and well put. Thank you!
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    Loved the update/sequel so far.
    What's wrong with Frankie.
    I'm worried now!!!
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    glad you like it so far.
    but let me tell you,
    its so much more powerful than "Crash".

    i say it's worth reading.

    NOW i'll go to sleep.
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    Loved it, but whats wrong with my baby???
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    Love it.

    Something's up with Frank....

    What could it be?
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    I wants moar :B
    Yesyesyes. This history seems to be really good!
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    OMG love it so far! But whats up with Frank? :(
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    done sleepin' yet??
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    lol, impatient are we?
    Edit: Dont worry i want an update too, im just trying not to go crazy!!!
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    but, oh no, what's wrong with Frank? :(
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    What's wrong with Frankie boy?!
    I'm getting all worried now.
    This is amazing, ACDC!
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    Yes. I wanna know whats wrong with Frank
  14. this is great!!
    but whats up with frankiepoo?
    i called him frankiepoo.
    any problems..? :)
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    please update
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    omg dude i read this like a year ago on theimmortalityproject [i think] and on mibba. seriously the best fanfic i have ever read. i dont understand the ending though.
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    Frank's unsatisfied :(
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    Aw. What's wrong with Frank? :/
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    Updating yet??? Please?? We're all waiting
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    OmGee today is silence day, so no one talk!
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