Killjoy Names?

Discussion in 'General Rock Discussion' started by Cryptic KillJoy, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. x_CrunchyCrayons_x

    x_CrunchyCrayons_x New Member

    Accidently send before i was done ._.

    It was really hard getting mine, i reallyed liked the word toxic so my friends and me got some suggestions like:
    'Toxic Burns'
    'Toxic Virus'
    'Toxic Acid'
    and some how 'Toxic Bugers' (dunno, dont ask ._.)
    And in the end i used 'Toxic Virus'.

    Then i forgot i had a Killjoy name and i was 'Silent Runner'. But i didnt think it suited me, and i said i liked the word Toxic and 'Toxic Runner' Became my name :)

    Then i didnt think it suited me to now im Electrick Virus. And i think out of them all It my favourite :3 and i think it suits me. Because i know when to keep my mouth shut (not that im good at it) and in school i'm very quite. And i was once said i was like a 'Nasy Cold' cause no one wanted me around. and a cold is sometimes said to be a Virus. So to show all the girls that bully me i added it in so show them i dont give to sh*ts what they think about and i can over come everything they throw at me :) Not that they'll get it or anything.
    Sorry, im so tired so im babbling .___.
  2. Letterbomb

    Letterbomb New Member

    I think I posted earlier that I was Death Candy, but I changed it to Supernova Shotgun.
  3. YouKnowYouLoveMe

    YouKnowYouLoveMe New Member

    Cellophane Lithium

    That sounds like a new LG phone

    Another try,
    Lithium Annihilation ,which makes no sense.
  4. Moonlight.

    Moonlight. Member

    ^ yeah, but it sounds cool. :cool:

    (My friend came up with several for me, including Mental Fiction. And I liked that one best, so...)
  5. Friday13

    Friday13 New Member

    My killjoy name is Thirteenth Zombie. I have this weird obsession with zombies and I was 13 on Friday the 13th.
  6. XxNinjaFishxX

    XxNinjaFishxX New Member

    My Killjoy name's Aftermath Explosion :3 Not the most creative thing, but it suits me :)
  7. MCRmyGirl4eva

    MCRmyGirl4eva New Member

    My friends and I came up with Cat Burglar for me (after I told them how I got locked out of the apartment one day and had to squeeze through the tiny bathroom window :rofl:)

    My friend Nikki is Caution Tape because she's blonde
  8. MidnightEra

    MidnightEra New Member

    Mines Adrenaline Extermination <3
  9. xyouricybluesx

    xyouricybluesx New Member

    Mine is Lil' Chaos... My mum is also really into MCR and she had fun coming up with Killjoy names for all my roommates!
  10. RitalinxRat

    RitalinxRat New Member

    I found a KillJoy name generator and typed in my name and got Adrenaline Corruption.... I kinda like it but I kinda want something better too... any suggestions for a KillJoy name for me guys?

    EDIT: I have used the generator and came up with more names here's a list

    1. Detonator Extermination
    2.Wolfblood Revolver ( one of my faves)
    3.Ritalin Extermination
    4. Filthy Exploitation
    5. Revolution Bomb
    6. Alteration Surgeon

    what do you guys think of those? :help:
  11. Karma Kid 94

    Karma Kid 94 New Member

    Karma Kid, hence the username. Partially because I have this weirdly overpowering desire for justice (that's the whole "spent my high school career spit on and shoved to agree" thing kicking in I guess) and because I might be just a little bit obsessed with Mikey. Gotta love those awkward knees.
  12. Mine's 'Corrupt Anarchist'
  13. Fellow Killjoy Needs Help

    OK, I absolutely positively SUCK at coming up with killjoy names.:swear2: The only thing I have so far is Spaz Attack. I want my name to be a reflection of my interests and personality. I'm hyper. I'm NOT a morning person, I have more fun around midnight. I like bright neon colours. I'm VIOLENT. Not like anger management kind of violent. I was raised by boys and grew up with them. So I can throw a punch. I'm a joker, I laugh and have a really good sense of humor. I'm loud. I'm really weired and unique. I make sound effects instead of using words to describe things sometimes. I'm spontaneous and I like adventure and surprises. I like to party and have fun. I don't do drugs but I love the names of them. I like the word toxic or acid. Can anyone help me think of some names? It'd be really cool if it could include some of their song lyrics from that album. And I think the coolest killjoy names are short and sweet. So id appreciate it if it was only a couple syllables. Thanks!!!!
  14. mollyxmadness

    mollyxmadness Active Member

    Hmm. I'd avoid the word "toxic" because not only does everyone use that for their killjoy name, but the names were developed to sound like designer drugs, and little to no drugs would have the word "toxic" in it. Acid might work, but it's still pretty popular so you run the risk of having someone else with the same name.

    You could have something simple like "Sour Apple" (i.e. Agent Cherri Cola) or add a title in front of your name, like Captain or General. Hope I helped.
  15. Dust Angel

    Dust Angel Unloveable. Staff Member

    ^ When you mentioned it on the shoutbox, I suggested Acidic Jest. Dunno if that helped any, though :/
  16. x-DemolitionLover-x

    x-DemolitionLover-x New Member

    Mine, is:
    Panda Explosion

    And I am very very proud of it because I came up with it all by myself =') <3

    It's panda, because my nickname is panda (Both because I LOVE pandas, and because I put my eyeliner on before I go to bed because I love the look of 'panda eyes') and explosion because I know a thing or two about making an entrance, along with the fact I have a tendency to "explode" with my emotions. ^_^
  17. CrazyCarnage

    CrazyCarnage New Member

    I know I've already posted here, but I don't think I posted a reason.

    Mine is Crazy Carnage.

    I chose that name to remind me of my darker days. I used to have a self injury problem (which is where Carnage came from) and I was starting to think I was crazy. Having my killjoy name be Crazy Carnage just reminds me of how much progress I've made and how I never want to go back to hurting myself. It's turning something that used to bring me pain into something happier, if that makes any sense.
  18. Moribund

    Moribund Member

    Mine's 'K Chase'
    I wanted follow the whole designer drug theme but couldn't think of anything on the spot, so I did some research into different drugs street names and properties to get some inspiration. I found Ketamine, or 'Special K', and felt that it's hallucinogenic and painkilling qualities were appropriate to the whole 2019/Killjoys AU, so used that as a framework. Then just got thinking about what I could add to it to give it an edge, and decided that 'chase' could suggest both the literal chase between the Killjoys and BL/ind, and an addiction to drugs and the need to fulfill that addiction.
    Hope that helps, I know it's a little deep and symbolic just for a name, but y'know, ...meh.
  19. Dust Angel

    Dust Angel Unloveable. Staff Member

    ^ This may be a little off topic, I dunno, but I really love how articulate you are xD I don't know if that's weird to say or not... Your name's fantastic, nevertheless.

    I know I've posted in here before stating my name and whatnot, but that was almost a year ago, so. Though I honestly don't take the Killjoy name thing very seriously (not because I think it's stupid or over/underrated, but simply because the whole 'nickname' fad has never been for me) I picked Dust Angel because it was mentioned in an @gerardway tweet and reminds me a bit of cocaine, to be honest. Well the "Dust" part, anyway. Angel just gave me the image of someone gaining symbolic wings from using said drug.

    Has anyone used "Kamikaze" in their name before? I think that would be interesting. From earlier posts I've read that "Suicide/Suicidal" is a no, but Kamikaze reminds me more of martyrdom (which is essentially suicide just for a greater cause) which might fit in very well with the Killjoy AU...
  20. mollyxmadness

    mollyxmadness Active Member

    I like yours. It's like a reverse "angel dust" which actually is a drug.

    Mine's Gin Blossom.
    It's because I'm a sweetheart most of the time, but I also like to drink a lot and can be filled with violent rage. I know I've said it, but like Dust Angel, it was about a year ago.

    Kamikaze is a sweet title, though.

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