Killjoy Names?

Discussion in 'General Rock Discussion' started by Cryptic KillJoy, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. Cryptic KillJoy

    Cryptic KillJoy New Member

    Okay, this came about from a conversation that I had with a friend of mine in college.

    If you could give yourself any Killjoy name, what would it be??

    - I'm thinking of going to see them dressed as my own Killjoy, but need a name :( -

  2. BritRevenger

    BritRevenger New Member

    witch-Bot Lithium thats mine :)
  3. xx_insanity

    xx_insanity New Member

    I've given all my real life friends Killjoy names, and I call them by that, any they're all like, What the hell?

    Mine's Metallic Riot. :3
  4. pornshopboy

    pornshopboy Member

    Agent pornshopbaby XD
  5. Chemical 30

    Chemical 30 Just 'That' Girl

    Mine's Trigger Trickster ;D
  6. mollyxmadness

    mollyxmadness Active Member

    Probably Gin Blossom.
    I know it's a 90's band, but I love the name.
  7. Mine is Black Ruby, a friend christened it to me. Think of a word, then something you like kind of thing, or just play around with words.

    Cailin's is Pressure Overload.
    Aidan (who's gay, keep in mind when you read his name) Is Rainbow Dream The Flamboyantly Gay Killjoy. He's not much of a killjoy, he's just mucking around.

    I've found more and more people get there killjoy names from a friend.
  8. AMB

    AMB Guest

    Mine is Veg-O hahaha :D
  9. redconverses

    redconverses New Member

    Mine is Scarlet Cyanide... I used to be Secret Spark, but I changed it cause I thought it sounded a bit naff. XD
  10. BrittMCR

    BrittMCR Active Member

    Mine is Viper Girl ^^
  11. xXxlozzaxXx

    xXxlozzaxXx New Member

    i'm Static Messenger XD still thinking about gun names though...
  12. Cryptic KillJoy

    Cryptic KillJoy New Member

    Yours all sound pretty awesome :)
    Well, I'm known among mu friends for my love of writing... and the colour blue.. Mainly because of my hair colour.. so I suppose I'll have a think og those things together.
  13. AllRejectSam

    AllRejectSam Guest

    Mine's terror flyer
  14. SuperZombie

    SuperZombie New Member

    Super Zombie
  15. BlackWays

    BlackWays New Member

    Greenish jumper:D
  16. BritRevenger

    BritRevenger New Member

    I did mine on a site :)
  17. Lokeriel

    Lokeriel Because Boomerangs Staff Member

    Try maybe a shade of blue with a word for writing? Like, Cobalt Author? Something like that?
  18. Cryptic KillJoy

    Cryptic KillJoy New Member

    Now, even Cobalt Author sounds impressive... I can't remember who mentioned Cyanide, but I like the sound of it. Maybe I'm just awkward.
  19. redconverses

    redconverses New Member

    That would be me with the Cyanide. :D
    When I was coming up with my name, I just made a long list of "dangerous" words and messed around with them a bit - words like Apocalypse, Grenade, Bomb, Bullet... ect, and I tried pairing them up a bit with colour shades, I eventually settled for Scarlet Cyanide. :D
  20. Cobalt Author does sound awesome

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